On signing from domestic rivals


There are limits to how far we can recruit from our domestic market and continue to prosper.  Martin O’Neill preferred to sign players his teams had faced, which meant Hibs and St Johnstone being plundered, eventually leading to decline.  Gordon Strachan enjoyed watching Hibs all his life; it showed in his Celtic signings.

Rumour has it when Jock Stein signed Willie Wallace from Hearts in 1966 his timing was determined by the need to deny a rival Wallace’ signature.  Neil Lennon should find it easy to compete with the likes of Derby County, if he is motivated to do so.

Enjoy the fantastic clips of Willie Wallace below from the 1960s.  You’ll have seen many before but the clip of him beating three Celtic defenders before scoring was new to me.  It might have been the goal which convinced Jock to move.

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  1. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Summa – as far as pickin ‘ fights on here are concerned you’re about a billion miles from the ole podium.



    Unlike ole Mr Johnny Clash, the scourge of ole Shangri La.




  2. The book arrived today many thanks lads.


    Anyone else think were more ruthless this time in moving players on and quickly

  3. Thanks again for the book Paul67/Winning Captains/CQN Books.



    Signed, sealed and delivered today.



    Muchas gracias.

  4. So all Neil Lennon has to do this transfer window is…


    1- Sign a big name forward.


    2- Sign Johnny Russell


    3- Don’t sign Johnny Russell


    4- Get rid of all the deadwood


    5- Don’t buy in squad players


    6- Buy some players from St. Mirren and Hibs


    7- Buy a couple of young unknowns


    8- Buy a few young African players


    9- Don’t sign anyone and play the youngsters…..



  5. mearns 2 milton on

    I would be livid if we lose out to Derby for JR. IMO he is exactly what we need and offers a great finish but also the extra’s that Hooper does not. Get your finger out Pete.

  6. NatKnow - "We welcome the paper-chase..." on

    Paul67 –



    ” Neil Lennon should find it easy to compete with the likes of Derby County, if he is motivated to do so.”



    Paul – This appears to contradict the received wisdom, or at least the accepted narrative, that Celtic can no longer compete with even the Championship Clubs in terms of financial incentives to players?

  7. Our Kenyan monster seems to have dominated the game the other day. People often condemn Celtic for not signing certain players but we have made some terrific signings. Let’s sign a talented Russian as we have not had much success with recruitment from that part of the globe. Everybody is welcome!



    As music is often discussed at this time, I would like to mention the superb Yo La Tengo as well as the wonderful Eccentric Soul label.

  8. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Old Tim- First you want new carpets, now it’s Messi.



    Have you remebered where the bulbs went?



    Next time we meet we must talk about the ole garden, after a late start mine is looking well.




    12:23 on


    6 June, 2013


    Any luck today?


    it’s tainted if PHILS isn’t it!!!!!!!!

  10. OldTim



    Sorry events overtook me last night I’ll call you later this evening.






    He’s not consistent enough :-)

  11. mearns 2 milton:



    You must be Jonny Russell. Gary Hooper is on a different level to Russell. Somebody please explain this fixation about JR.

  12. dontbrattbakkinanger.



    regarding the bulbs.


    I put some in a jam jar then forgot I did that, when I opened it yesterday there was a lovely alcoholic aroma came from the jar,I was tempted to have a wee taste,but decided against it,hope I haven’t poisoned the bulbs.


    With this lovely weather the garden is coming into bloom,Planted 300 odd bulbs just getting onto the plants now, And maybe get some decent tomatoes this year.

  13. John O Neil reply to earns to milton, you beat me to the punch there John, didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read original post.

  14. i believe everyone involved with rangers currently are glorified asset strippers


    they saw a club in trouble and and swooped in for the kill


    like all the vultures involved with portsmouth over the years


    i would say that its morally wrong only for the institution involved is rangers, a bigoted,poisoned sectarian club


    these asset strippers will either finish off the club or leave it division 3 material for generation



    and who said vulture capitalist asset strippers are all bad


    in this case, men i salute ye

  15. John O Neil



    It’s the Steven Fletcher syndrome. We didn’t sign him and he went on to be an EPL standard striker who is worth £12m. The James McCarthy syndrome is less of an issue as he hasn’t made the same money in transfer fees but will be an issue when he does. We missed out on these players by not offering enough in transfer money or wages. I guess most people don’t want JR to be the same.


    The boy can play a bit as well. He knows the league and has proved himself in it. We also need some Scottish lads for the European numbers. Makes sense to me but trust the management team if they don’t take him on.




  16. darwinsbeautifulidea on

    remember the all green strip really liked it


    SKY SPORTS reporting celtic not interested in russell thank goodness

  17. Tooting Tim,



    From previous thread –



    Think the name of the road is Ealing or North Ealing Road, basically if you come out the New Inn take a swift right and the boozer is about two hundred yards down the road towards Brentford – still within staggering distance of the ground.



    The Horse Guards tho’ is if anything smaller than the New Inn – compact and bijou as the estate agents might say.



    Regardless – the welcome there is huge, as always.




  18. unionbearBhind on

    Great video and so refreshing too see strikers do everything possible to stay on their feet, no divers? European football has seen this get worse yearly!




  19. John O Neil


    12:35 on


    6 June, 2013



    Gary Hooper has developed in his 3 years at Celtic to be the player he is now, a better all round player that Johnny Russell and a better goalscorer.


    What’s to say Russell couldn’t become even better than Hooper over a similar period of playing with us? When he joined us Hooper was a similar age to Russell is just now.

  20. mearns 2 milton on

    John O Neil



    Hoops is a box striker. He will score 20 goals a season from 6 yards out. Nothing wrong with that and he isn’t claiming to be anything else. However I feel JR would give us a different dimension, he will go deep and collect. He would be a good link up between midfield and attack. We had the chance to sign S.Fletcher and didn’t, we had the chance to sign McCarthy and didn’t we now have the chance to sign Russell, will we?

  21. I would definitely take Johnny Russell….he’s a steal at £800,000!!



    I would love to see him and Forrest play either side of a central striker.



    The days of 442 are finished. Almost all teams play a 4231 variation nowadays. He would be able to play in two of those positions.



    In my opinion Stokes can only play one position (he can’t play out wide cause he has no pace) and while I would take up the the one year option on his contract (to provide cover) I don’t think he’s the long term answer!!

  22. Just realised Bretntford is 20th and I’ve got Paul Weller on the 21st!!!



    Decisions decisions…..

  23. Corkcelt



    I understand what you say about getting checked for prostate cancer. I’d generally agree, although I just want to say that there is a debate in the medical world at the moment about screening for prostate cancer. There are some very reasonable medics who reckon that the amount of false positives produced may mean that a lot of men go through the stress of testing for and dealing with a cancer which may not lead to anything (as the saying goes, more men die WITH prostate cancer than OF prostate cancer). I’m not saying that one shouldn’t be screened, I’m just saying that it is worth knowing the potential benefits and drawback of prostate cancer. This parallels the debate in breast cancer screening, where it seems that screening in your 40s is not generally held to do more harm than good (although some organisations still recommend this).



    According to Wikipedia, the “American Cancer Society, in its cancer screening guidelines says that it does not support routine screening for prostate cancer. This is because the benefits are unclear or unproven. Instead it recommends that doctors discuss the pros and cons of testing and that men should be offered the possibility of a DRE and a PSA test if they are over 50 with a life expectancy of more than 10 years (or over 40 if they are in a high risk group). It recommends that men should sit down with their physician and weigh the benefits and risks of the test before a decision is made”.



    So it’s complex. And you need to weight the benefits. Certainly as you become older it becomes more imperative. I say that as I’m a 58 year old who had a prostate tumour removed in February. Once someone says the word “cancer” to you, you need a real presence of mind to decide objectively on whether or not you should be treated.

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