On writing Celtic, or their manager, off


Sentiment this week is all so familiar from nine years ago, almost to the day.  15 October 2011 was when Kilmarnock established a three goal lead over Celtic, only for Anthony Stokes (2) and Charlie Mulgrew to save the blushes with a draw.

When an opportunity arose that week I felt I had to tell a ‘senior source at the club’ that his manager was not up to the task and that Rangers were on their way to winning four-in-a-row.  The response included “get a hold of yourself”, “Emilio will be back shortly” and “we’re going to win the league”.

I was wrong about Neil Lennon and the league, it was a lesson.  We have made mistakes every season since, as has Neil, including several this season, but some perspective, Odsonne, Ryan, James, and Christopher will return, as will Hatem, Nir and Mikey, whle Albian and Leigh will reach full fitness.

What you saw at the weekend is not the team who are going for their fourth consecutive treble, or who topped a difficult Europa League group a year ago.  We will improve significantly and I’ve no appetite to be told to get a hold of myself again.  There will be no need for a towel retrieval service.  If you write this Celtic team off – including the manager – you have not been paying attention.

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  1. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on




    The smiles and camaraderie are not exclusive to the players I mentioned, I want them all to smile and play to their best ability in a Celtic jersey. As a united team.



    No one looks happy, no one looks like they want to be there.



    Neil, JK, Broony, Callum et al need to bring that spark back.



    Happy smiling players play their best football. Especially when they trust each other.


    And when that happens, goals are scored, games are won and long unbeaten runs are achieved.

  2. ERNIE LYNCH on 20TH OCTOBER 2020 1:24 PM



    Not sure what your angle is here Ernie. From my viewpoint he’s had a great level of success with Johan, Parker and Thommo aswell as Kennedy and Duff who were already insitu (I think Duff got promoted to Lenny’s coaching team but was already at the club).


    Do you think there’s an issue with the coaches he has assisting him?




  3. I’m as disappointed as anyone regarding Saturday’s performance but I’m of the opinion there were a lot of mitigating factors that contributed to the performance.



    none more so than thems as a club wanting to stop 10 more than we as a club have the desire to win it.

  4. Clearly from today’s leader NL is safe, it’ll be alright when the injured get back, what about McGregors internal issues that are going on with the playing staff, who is dealing with those and the obvious breaches of standards and discipline from Griffiths and Bitton , Boli was sent on loan due to his breaches, to a club in the Champions league groups.

  5. FEEDTHEBHEAR on 20TH OCTOBER 2020 1:40 PM



    I don’t think that is accurate. I’m pretty sure Tommy Johnson was approached by the club about coming back and he declined to take up a role at some English outfit (I think as a scout).




  6. Not as concerned as some regards Saturday’s game, as disappointing as it was. A lot of work to do but I’m confident we have the players and manager to do it.



    but we definitely don’t have the coaching staff

  7. TIMALOY – agree its good to win dirty, but its misplaced to disparage the fans for not having any fight.


    There’s another, smaller, group of folks who havent show any fight recently in those pesky big derbies against a no-more-then-organised mob threatening to stop us winning this league for a record 10 ? HH

  8. DBHOY



    but we definitely don’t have the coaching staff



    don’t think is difficult at all , judging by our lack of tactics/formation/set up/defensive line etc etc

  9. JERSEYBHOYS on 20TH OCTOBER 2020 1:14 PM


    Dearie me , even the clique will struggle to buy that leader!






    I see he’s back talking about a clique again. Ignore him Bhoys. He’ll now sit back hoping he’s sown further discord. I doubt if we’ll hear much more from him for the rest of the day.




    Again your as much entitled to your view as I am, but i am trying to stick to facts.



    “Outplayed by Sevco” to date hasn’t changed a thing neither in cup or league. I could argue that Sevco beat a much weakened Celtic team with 5 debutants in possibly one of the worst Glasgow derby’s ever where two shitty goals separated two bang average teams. I could argue Tommy Burns team were a joy to watch, reluglarly oyrplayedthe Rangers, but ultimately it didnt add up to a hill of beans.



    Brendan Rodgers wim ratio was 68%..Neils is nearly 80%. that’s just a matter of fact.

  11. I don’t know how any Celtic fan can hate a player or coach.



    I think we have 2 league games against Aberdeen and 1 cup game, also Livi and Motherwell away.

  12. ” ERNIE LYNCH on 20TH OCTOBER 2020 1:17 PM


    DBHOY on 20TH OCTOBER 2020 1:15 PM


    I think that’s covered by option 1.”



    If by `covered` you mean 1. makes the same point as 4, then I disagree.



    1 is worded as a negative option; 4 as a positive.

  13. DBHOY on 20TH OCTOBER 2020 1:46 PM



    I don’t have an angle.



    But one thing that struck me about the huns game was the interaction between Beale and Slippy. Beale looked like the one in charge. In contrast Neil Lennon looked isolated.

  14. TIMALOY29 on 20TH OCTOBER 2020 1:44 PM


    It’s amazing how few Celtic fans have the stomach for the fight.




    We’ve had a setback. But we are very much in this title race.




    25 points out of 10 games is hardly a historically bad start. It’s not our best but it’s far from our worst






    There are far too many people in and around Celtic Park who aren’t showing a stomach for the fight.


    The supporters are some of the very few who can’t be accused in that fashion.



    HH jg

  15. squire danaher on

    See this argument that says 25 league points out of 30 means that things are OK???



    That’s fine if your nearest rival has 24 (for Operation Short Head devotees like our board) or fewer.



    What happens when your nearest rival goes and upsets the apple cart and ups their game – by fair means or foul?



    I’m sure I remember Liverpool fans were ecstatic having ended up with 97 points from 114 shattering all known club records. And finished one point behind the winners.



    La la la la la la ….

  16. HOT SMOKED on 20TH OCTOBER 2020 2:12 PM




    Jeez. Call a social worker. They’re proposed points of action, not the agenda for a therapy session.



    Upshot ot item 1 is the same however you phrase it.

  17. “rangers” coaching staff had an idea how they wanted the team to play.



    Went out and bought the players for that system and coached them.We brought in very good players but no system.Our players are very soft.IMO

  18. ernie


    I took your advice and the social worker agreed with me.



    Do you think `hoping` for the best is the same as expecting the best?

  19. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Looks like Celtic fc have their very own version of Jim Traynor.



    Do you ever get scunnered with the pash you write, Peter67?

  20. Ernie



    You’re spot on about Beale. He’s the brains behind the Huns. Gerard is just the frontman. Beale is the head coach, sets out the tactics etc. It wouldn’t surprise me if he also picked the team. Gerrard doesn’t appear to make any substitutions without first of all consulting Beale. As someone astutely pointed out earlier it would be no surprise if Beale became Liverpool manager before Gerrard.

  21. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on









    I’d settle for winning performances.






    Of course that is the number one priority but how refreshing and upbeat would it be for the season ahead if we did it looking like we wanted to win, wanted to play and fight for each other all over the park.



    That is what I want to see.

  22. ERNIE LYNCH on 20TH OCTOBER 2020 2:13 PM




    I don’t have an angle.




    But one thing that struck me about the huns game was the interaction between Beale and Slippy. Beale looked like the one in charge. In contrast Neil Lennon looked isolated.




    In light of the current global pandemic I can’t fathom how anyone could criticise Lenny for social distancing.




  23. Are we saying that Neil Lennon has no input in picking his coaches, if so maybe that is why he looks so p…..d off

  24. Notthebus



    Aye but, we’re right back to where we started in the showers at Hampden.



    The only three winnable trophies are in the cabinet since then, but the same supporters that didn’t want him are hovering.



    Some of them can’t wait for Milan?

  25. Timaloy



    I think the fans absolutely have the stomach for a fight.



    How we go about winning that fight? That’s the sticking point for now.

  26. NOT THE BUS,12.22,



    Bbbbut,Lenny is a diddy,and Stevie and Beale are brilliant.How can these figures be right.

  27. TIMALOY29 on 20TH OCTOBER 2020 1:44 PM



    It’s amazing how few Celtic fans have the stomach for the fight.





    We’ve had a setback. But we are very much in this title race.





    25 points out of 10 games is hardly a historically bad start. It’s not our best but it’s far from our worst





    In this battle the Celtic fans are ‘the poor bloody infantry’. We’ve plenty of stomach for the fight but we can’t get near the battlefield due to COVID. We’re also lions led by donkeys.

  28. For the sake of repeating myself


    Brendan Rodgers left and took 3 of his coaching staff with him


    Leaving behind John Kennedy and Stevie Woods (oh and £9m)



    Neil replaced Brendan


    Damian Duff was promoted to replace a 1st team coach


    Damian has been replaced by Gavin Strachan



    Are we not Still 2 first team coaches short ? Or am I missing something ????


    Who has been Lenny’s choices to join the coaching set up ???

  29. Oh dear it’ll be 10 men won the league next – we all love trips back to previous glories but history will not help us in the current situation – we are too far down the road for that.



    Attitude, application and desire – its been lacking most of the season and was invisible on Saturday and that is simply criminal. If the managers main attribute is managing and motivating then WTF……..



    Our motivation looks non existent and our coaching and style is equally invisible but we had a good comeback 9 years ago so move on nothing to see here……………..FFS no wonder we have been in the slow lane all season.