On writing Celtic, or their manager, off


Sentiment this week is all so familiar from nine years ago, almost to the day.  15 October 2011 was when Kilmarnock established a three goal lead over Celtic, only for Anthony Stokes (2) and Charlie Mulgrew to save the blushes with a draw.

When an opportunity arose that week I felt I had to tell a ‘senior source at the club’ that his manager was not up to the task and that Rangers were on their way to winning four-in-a-row.  The response included “get a hold of yourself”, “Emilio will be back shortly” and “we’re going to win the league”.

I was wrong about Neil Lennon and the league, it was a lesson.  We have made mistakes every season since, as has Neil, including several this season, but some perspective, Odsonne, Ryan, James, and Christopher will return, as will Hatem, Nir and Mikey, whle Albian and Leigh will reach full fitness.

What you saw at the weekend is not the team who are going for their fourth consecutive treble, or who topped a difficult Europa League group a year ago.  We will improve significantly and I’ve no appetite to be told to get a hold of myself again.  There will be no need for a towel retrieval service.  If you write this Celtic team off – including the manager – you have not been paying attention.

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  1. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Didn’t read the article, Ernie, but I’d guess it was Peter Lawell.



    No doubt McNamara wanted a nice, fat new contract that wasn’t forthcoming.



    But, it matters not a jot to me if it was the club or Peter Lawell. He brought the cockroaches of the SMSM to Parkhead’s gates.



    Any player(or manager) who uses the SMSM to gain leverage or score points is no ‘legend’ in my eyes.

  2. BIG WAVY on 20TH OCTOBER 2020 2:59 PM







    No Bobby And the sports science guys are still there, but don’t tell anybody.



    That’s not true – Rodgers took Glen Driscoll, Head of Performance and Jack Lyons, tactical analysis. Plus the 3 coaches.



    *and the day after he left we went tae swinecastle and gained 3 valuable points with a 92nd minute goal, 3 days later we went back tae embra and beat the hibbees in the cup with the same scoreline we had in the previous visit there only this time in reverse. Seemingly JFK was in charge for the first game.



    As for Lenny having the coaches foisted upon him, he was on the broo at the time possibly delighted tae get the gig although I do not doubt he had been tapped when it looked like fraudgers was for the joe the toff at the end of 2018.

  3. 67 European Cup Winners on

    CROPPYBHOY on 20TH OCTOBER 2020 4:04 PM



    You should post more often – hear hear




  4. We’ll know after Thursday and Sunday whether change is needed. If we don’t see a response from the players then Lenny will have to go.



    1) more pressing


    2) faster and more direct attacks


    3) taking men directly on



    If all we see on Sunday in particular is more sideways passing and walking pace football then Neil has to go. Now or never.





    So you’re prepared to slaughter the reputation of a former Celtic captain on the basis of a newspaper article you haven’t read?



    Have I got that right?

  6. Paul you look back at Rugby Park 11 year ago, a game when at half time Lenny admittedly had his resignation letter written in his heid



    If the heifer who had scored their 2nd from a blatantly off side position hunae heidered over from almost the goal line in the closing minutes the later would have been completed.



    Also if the worst manager in deidco/sevcos history hudnae dropped 2 points at home against the buddies a couple of hours later, who knows.



    Fitba is all about ifs and buts.

  7. TONTINE TIM on 20TH OCTOBER 2020 4:24 PM




    Do you think the influence of these guys evaporates the moment they walk out the door?



    And while I’ve no doubt Neil Lennon was prepared to accept the conditions that were imposed as part of his job offer, he question you should be asking is whether those conditions were appropriate. And if they weren’t who is to blame? The person accepting the conditions or those imposing them?

  8. Cornelius and Croppybhoy,


    Two excellent, eloquent posts which, in my view, accurately sum up our current situation. Well done.

  9. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Alright CROPPYBHOY – nice to hear from you.



    That’s been building up for a while now, hasn’t it ?



    I’m really reluctant to have a rant normally, but my guard’s slipped a bit now. A lot of what you say I completely agree with. The thing is, this isn’t just an over-reaction to a one-off result. As big JAMESGANG says, we have had one really convincing performance this season – home to Hibs – and that was very much the exception.



    Looking at our domestic and European performances over the past couple of months compared to those of the International Rangers works team – expecting anything other than what happened was probably no more than blind faith. That’s good to have, but it was shown to be misplaced.



    Is suggesting that change in management might be needed a knee-jerk reaction? There are arguments and opinions about whether Neil can turn it around, but the pattern of form is now long enough to say that a negative view certainly isn’t a knee-jerk reaction.






  10. ERNIE LYNCH on 20TH OCTOBER 2020 4:36 PM


    TONTINE TIM on 20TH OCTOBER 2020 4:24 PM



    Do you think the influence of these guys evaporates the moment they walk out the door?



    *with fraudgers he didnae have the decency tae say goodbye tae the players and staff and sent a surrogate who was allegedly hunted by Broonie KT.



    And while I’ve no doubt Neil Lennon was prepared to accept the conditions that were imposed as part of his job offer, he question you should be asking is whether those conditions were appropriate. And if they weren’t who is to blame? The person accepting the conditions or those imposing them?



    *depends on how badly you want the job. I left a comfort level job, well paid with brilliant benefits, why, I really wanted the challenge. I was foisted staff, and took it but through time only one of them remained and no I didnae have them fired just coaxed them tae move on.

  11. Gerrard is the manager, was brought in to sell season tickets. Michael Beale is the coach, responsible for tactics and a big input on team selection and substitutes. McAllister is the go between guy for players and the manager, por cierto

  12. Some good posts there on reading back.



    We have been Rank since the season started in Europe and in the league.



    A very, very hard watch indeed.



    To have very very few shots on goal in a game or several games for a club of Celtics stature is a disgrace and needs to change.



    Shape/ formation is dire



    Team selection is baffling at times



    Passing across our own 18 yard line whilst letting the attacking team get back behind the ball and then being bereft of any ideas on how to break 2 banks of 5 down, goes what move the feckin ball forward faster.



    Manager and coaching staff sitting on their Erchie in the dugout.



    Oh and another thing every team we play steals about 15 yards from every shy/throw in and not 1 of our players or coaching staff are asking for the shy to be taken from the correct place.



    If we accept cheating we get cheating, question every decision the referee makes, scream for every ball that goes out.



    Some of that stuff is schoolbhoy stuff.



    A big week coming up.






    D :)





    Who would appoint a new manager?



    What’s their track record for appointing managers like?

  14. Ms Elaine Knius on

    DeniaBhoy and Cornelius – Well said.



    We can all benefit from self improvement and support. Surely there is an experienced Manager/Coach (maybe European) out there who could work alongside Lenny short term. No harm could come of having someone review tactics and offer alternatives.

  15. Why is it acceptable to have the best paid CEO in British football when we have a second rate coaching staff who seem to have blown in on a wave of misfortune and favours to pals?



    Also I struggle to understand the data freaks who shout win ratios without detailing who we have been playing and why certain games in more competitive environments have been left out?



    The football this season has been dire and is getting worse.


    At some point — on current form — the elastic will snap and something will be done.


    Better it is done early to maximise the time to repair the damage.



    We are risking a repeat of 97/98 but this time the good guys lose out.

  16. Rubicon on 20th October 2020 4:50 pm



    Cornelius and Croppybhoy,



    Two excellent, eloquent posts which, in my view, accurately sum up our current situation. Well done.





    Have to agree

  17. Martin Fallon anti all seating on

    Long time lurker posting for the first time, Hail Hail.


    I felt a frustration that, no matter how many Celtic fan’s websites there are, and CQN is the best by far, Paul 67 should have a statue, at least, on the Celtic Way, for the God send of a network that he’s provided for all of you Celtic fan’s on here, and I’m sure the huge number’s of lurkers would echo this, although I only speak for myself, I feel that, we as a support have lost our combative voice, since all seated started. We used to have probably the most educated, direct voice, when the real militant edge of the Celtic supporter base, were congregated in the jungle at Celtic Park. All of that focused militancy that was generated from the jungle, is long gone, and it’s effect is felt most a times like this just now, when one of Celtic FC’s greatest heroes, Neil Lennon, is not being heralded to the rooftops by the militant Celtic supporter base, because damningly there is no militancy within the Celtic supporter base. It was gutting, to watch NL in a media conference not long after his return, having to ‘chin’ supporter’s for being spoiled. He was correct then, and it’s the case now. The opponent’s level of ferocity, and indeed their level of quality, is not on the same scale as it was for the opponent’s that, Neil and, Martin, Henrik, etc conquered for us. £100 million Rangers team’s are long gone.


    We have a critique assessment among fan’s that, the manager bought rubbish player’s, so he should be sacked. The CEO brought in a rubbish manager, so he should also be sacked. But that critique, if applied properly, should extend to fan’s as well. Any fan who subscribed to the rubbish manager, and rubbish CEO, should also be sacked! Why not? All the other elements, player’s, manager’s, CEO’s, have failed, so have fan’s!


    The Rubbish CEO, brought in a rubbish manager, the rubbish manager, brought in rubbish player’s, and the rubbish fan’s bought ALL of these pig’s in a poke! Does any of that make sense? See when the Rangers situation took root in 2012, and Celtic fan’s meekly accepted the CEOs absence from all of the unfolding, evidence, after evidence, after evidence, that concluded the Celtic fan’s had been cheated by, SFA/RFC and maybe Celtic PLC complicity, what message did that send out to, specifically, Neil Lennon? Did it indicate to him that, these Celtic fan’s in the 2010’s onwards are cowards who are not worth taking, the kickings, the bomb’s and bullets for? If NL did think that, would he be correct? Does NL privately feel that, if he stands up to the rigged establishment on Celtic’s behalf, that he’ll be standing alone? The CEO doesn’t fight the rigged establishment, the Celtic fan’s have moved on and, swallowed all of the marshmallow response’s that the CEO has uttered, if at all. Celtic Park has a small pocket for the Green Brigade who have also moved on. If NL thinks he’s at an entirely different club from the one which he joined in 2000, then he’s not alone in thinking that, may God bless Neil Lennon and his family, and all you fan’s on here and elsewhere. No, I’m not a hun :)


    Hail Hail, and God bless CQN. ✊🍀

  18. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I wouldn’t wipe my arse with the Daily Record, Ernie, let alone read it, but I was aware of the gist.



    Did I miss an inciteful piece of balanced journalism?



    At the risk of repeating, I couldn’t give a toss that he was a ‘former captain’. If anything he should have known as well as anyone about the pernicious influence the SMSM has on most things Celtic.

  19. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    ERNIE LYNCH on 20TH OCTOBER 2020 5:10 PM




    Who would appoint a new manager?


    What’s their track record for appointing managers like?





    Hi Ernie.



    1. The CEO supported by a small recruitment team (and possibly guided / over-ruled by DD).


    2. Patchy







    Pedro, and patchy, I would say.




    And does your vociferous condemnation extend to every current and former player who speaks to the MSM?



    Because i can’t think of any who haven’t done it at one time or another.



    Some even get paid for ‘writing’ columns.

  21. Dessybhoy…………….you ask would Rangers have beaten Ferencvaros or Cluj? the answer is YES.

  22. Neil Lennon isn’t a bad person it’s his decisions that leaves the fans bewildered at times,He has to get the players on his side,if there is discontent with some off the players,He needs to pick a reliable first eleven players ,stick to the formation of its working,but for God Sake don’t keep the same system if we are struggling to win the game,and all Celtic should stop making comments about Sevco,we should all rally round our players and hopefully things will turn around.

  23. James forrest. Last season the government stepped in and halted football after sevco played their European game. This was very convenient timing. This game was probably worth in the region of £2m to sevco.


    If it had been celtic would the game have gone ahead?

  24. When i said that these are dangerous times for our club i am talking about on the field.


    We are in real danger of losing this league. In fact, sevco could win the treble. It is also possible that they could go further In Europe.


    All teams will have to cut their cloth accordingly to meet the financial challenges ahead.

  25. So… the jist of the main post is ‘once we get our star players back we’ll be ok’. Given we’ve assembled a *very* expensive squad, what was the point if they’re not good enough to fill in? At the start of the season, all sorts of headlines about Celtic being able to field TWO first teams abounded. Not just having a big expensive squad, but two teams (subs and all). that could be played as first teams. Cast your mind back to the last time you read nonsense like that? That/s right, the huns 9iar era.



    And that’s where we’re at now. This is our Avocaat moment, the one where we’ve grown so entitled we presume superiority. Because Dick had delivered previously. Because they could field (gasp!) two FIRST TEAMS!!. And all that while they were unable to realise that a well drilled and close knit squad would actually beat them – after all, it didn’t cost as much, the players weren’t as highly paid, some weren’t even internationals! At the same time, with the huns, coaches were on different pages, there were schisms and cliques in the dressing room and the fans were revolting (not much change there then, naturally)



    Does anyone else see a similarity here? CQN was set up to challenge lazy thinking, and now it’s come a hub for it. A celebration of lazy thinking and entitlement. There are divisions in the dressing room, in the managerial team and amongst fans and yet all we comfort ourselves with is that the huns are skint. And that somehow a player who couldn’t be bothered due to lockdown (Griff) will start to care, that a squad with a number of players wanting out and seemingly not overly keen to get injured in the run up to a move will somehow find a new desire to put limbs where they’ve been hitherto unwilling to.



    But we won’t get a manager with greater than 80% success rate!! Stick with Lenny!! OK… looking on the bright side, it’s a good stat. On the other hand? Brendan Rodgers. I *hate* him, with all my being, but if we’re picky, Brendan’s record was superior. He got more out of players. Better results, and signed players like French Eddie. Sadly, as much as I love Lenny, and as much I was desperate for him to come back, it’s failed. We’re worse in Europe. We’re worse domestically. His signings have been… well, lets not go there, I’ll say mostly bad things and that wouldn’t be nice.



    Players wanting to leave, moles, abysmal performances, losses to teams we should expect to beat on a regularity that means its not ‘just a blip’.



    The logic of ‘Lennon’s done it before so he can do it again’ is so stupid it borders on being morally fraudulent. If you really think that, get Bartie Auld stripped and back in the first team. He did it before, so he can do it again, right? right? Anyone?



    I have no way of knowing what the future holds, but being told “it’ll all be ok” doesn’t wash. Engage brains, smell coffee. This is a different Celtic and a different Rangers to the ones Lenny had in his first stint.




  26. onenightinlisbon on

    The piece from Phil re the absentee landlord, if true, in normal circumstances would not be surprising. The major shareholder calling into question the failure to win important games in Europe and the poor start to our domestic season. Wonder what answers Lennon gave him? “But Mr Desmond, I have an 80% win rate,, I was without a few players….” How would that have gone down? Yellow card? If he were worth his salt it would have been red….

  27. glendalystonsils on




    I would like to believe that Desmond cared enough to do that because it’s exactly what the current situation demands. Not so sure though.

  28. How does Phil know Lennon’s on a yellow card and why would his “source” tell someone to plaster it all over Twitter?



    Looks like the leaks are worse than we though…