One game at a time, Celtic, raffle for Hogmanay tickets


There’s a disconcerting level of chatter about players’ fitness ahead of the weekend game despite the fact that we face Ross County tomorrow evening at Celtic Park. County fell apart in October, losing four to Celtic, Motherwell and Aberdeen, but they’ve lost only once since then, a run of form which has seen them leap to the top half of the table.

This game is no ‘gimmie’. One game at a time, Celtic.

The players were back at Lennoxtown yesterday after taking Christmas day off. The rest and associated uptake in calories was probably worthwhile for a team which has played seven games already this month.

Raffle for two tickets for Ibrox game on Hogmanay

You can win two tickets for Celtic’s visit to Ibrox on Saturday, courtesy of club sponsor, Intelligent Car Leasing, in aid of our Mary’s Meals project. Funds raised will go towards putting food on the table for kids attending the Sean Devereux Primary School in Liberia.

To win all you need to do is donate a minimum of £5 at this MyDonate page AND email me your address: celticquicknews@gmail.com , putting Liberia in the subject line of your email. The winner will be chosen from the emails received and will be verified with the donations, so please put a common name or pseudonym in both.

The competition is open for one day only, closing at 13:00 tomorrow, Wednesday, 28th, so there’s not going to be a lot of time to enter. It’s a great chance to get your Hogmanay off to a flier with a friend.

The money goes directly to Mary’s Meals and will be allocated to the Sean Devereux school within days. Even if you don’t win, you’ll have done a great thing for spending £5, to get on with it.

Stunning work again by Intelligent Car Leasing, who could have used these tickets for corporate clients but chose to help our appeal instead.  Tickets will be posted securely (or I’ll deliver by hand, if you’re local).  Please make sure you monitor your mailbox or leave a phone number.

And yes, I get the irony: one game at a time Celtic/win tickets for the game after next.

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  1. Saint Stivs on 27th December 2016 12:07 pm




    Quite lovely day today. Clear blue sky. Wish I was going for a kick about with the mates.



    Oh to be young again.



    Saint Stivs, we still play 7s down the battery park on Tues (6pm) / Wed (5pm) nights..


    You’re welcome to join us any time you fancy it.






  2. Would have been ideal to play Ross County this afternoon, instead of tomorrow night…….a bit more recovery time too

  3. MELBOURNE MICK on 27TH DECEMBER 2016 12:32 PM


    Hello again all you young rebels.




    Hope everyone had a happy and healthy Christmas.



    Our day at the beach was the hottest i’ve ever felt since we came



    to this side of the world, my seville sombrero didn’t work too



    well as my auld napper looks like a bit of Royal Stewart tartan,



    must have been all the holes in it.



    Didn’t do much swimming as sharks had been spotted in areas



    they don’t normally frequent, but they can’t bite you if your



    sitting at a beach bar with a Guinness in your hand can they?



    Anyway the’re like huns, they lurk in the depths and only attack



    when your vurnerable.



    Interesting that Paul 67 is suggesting Celtic will be widening their



    demographic, maybe they should think more about retaining and



    improving their connection with a huge Celtic support here in Oz



    which as you know is my usual gripe but it’s still the season of



    goodwill so nuff said.



    H.H Mick






    Celtic are absolutely correct to explore the widening of their demographic,even if it seems to be at the expense of their core support.




    After all,where else can that support go?




    They are merely following the lead of the Lib-Dems,the Labour Party in Scotland and latterly in the U.K.,and the Democrats in the US and I expect Celtic to be just as successful in this venture.




    Strange that, i’m just about to open a Glenfarclas 25 yr old, i’m thinking this is gonna be peat’y and i dont like malts that taste of peat.




    Here goes ?

  6. I am all for widening our fan base and certainly by signing Japanese South Korean and Chinese players we have certainly tried. I for one think Nakia was a great signing for our club. We will need to do more of this. Signing Nagbe if it happens is a similar proposition with the growth of soccer, as they say, in the States.




  7. glendalystonsils on

    BURGAS HOOPS on 27TH DECEMBER 2016 12:49 PM



    It’s disgustingly peaty…almost undrinkable.


    Don’t worry though, I’ll send you my address and dispose of it for you -))



    I’m with you on the peaty malts but after a Christmas night on


    Cockburns port , Lochanora, Honey Bourbon, Fiji rum, it’s a


    wonder my taste buds can discern any alcoholic beverage.


    HIC HIC Mick

  9. Yes, at 25 years old it’s probably past it’s sell by date! Luckily I’m a professional whisky disposal expert, so if glendalystonsils doesn’t work out, I’m yer man,




  10. ....PFayr ..SACK THE BOARD on




    CFC may be better served trying to retain their existing support



    Rather than distancing themselves from some through their attitude to Res12 , SFA etc

  11. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    Oh goody, a list. The Christmas Night drink list.



    Stella Artois


    Chateauneuf de Pape


    Homemade Plum Gin




    Prosecco wi’ Limoncello




    Considered a Bailey’s, but ran the list through ma head and decided enough was enough.








    It’s in the last lead article,”You Did This…”




    Wow i think you beat me there but mines is only the ones


    i can remember :-)))


    H.H Mick

  14. Bmcuw





    I didnt read it obvuously.lol


    Hope you had a good yin m


    (In between shifts of course)



  15. What’s our injury latest



    Rogic .









    That everyone ? Young Tierney must be going off his head missing all the action. Hopefully we have the first too back and ready asap.

  16. Hope everyone had a great Christmas.



    Here is something light-hearted to hopefully ease your turkey indigestion:



  17. Bit of information,I would like to go up to lennoxtown, training complex,to see the development squad,play one of their game’s there ,how do you go about , getting permission,to go there,and watch them,

  18. FourGreenFields on




    Good point mate .



    Sections of our support are being harassed by the police on a weekly basis without a word from the Club , indeed the Club are banning some supporters even when the courts do not apply match day bans.


    WHY ?


    Don’t even start me on their approach to Res12

  19. 5 years down the line, after five years focussing on new wave Celtic support, Huns in what form they exist are bought by some loon with too much cash. We start to see the full impact of the cheating again and in turn the Huns eventually get to their perceived rightful place.



    What part of our support will then be the focus as the New Wave Fans trundle away in the face of no more glory to hunt.



    Aye! That’s right you got it.




  20. Read some stuff in my time but saying you are not all that bothered about Saturday really takes the biscuit.Any game Celtic play is important but going to Ibrox to play old/New Rangers is vital.Have suffered too many defeats not to savour the impending victory (mib permitting).Dont really get the clamour for Efe to have a cameo farewell either.A player who has been very well paid for making many mistakes.If one player helped get Ronnie the sack it was undoubtedly him(I know there were others culpable).Surely Kris Commons deserves a farewell far more than he does.A man who contributed a great deal to the cause over many years.Anyway take care of County tomorrow and just beat Rangers(preferably by as many as possible)

  21. MIB Andrew Dallas chops off Aberdeen goal v Hamilton 2 minutes into the game, nae surprise there then

  22. This morning’s article in the Herald re: Brendan Rodgers is the best thing I’ve heard from a Celtic spokesperson in a good long while. Scottish Football is still, per capita, the best supported professional game in world football. There’s absolutely no excuse why the Scottish game is falling miles behind the Cypriot, Icelandic, Irish domestic games. Yes of course Scottish teams don’t pay the same wages as even sides in the English championship but Scottish teams still pay way above the European average and the lifestyle of a Scottish professional football player is to be honest, well above the level it ought to be given the end product.


    Brendan is taking his responsibility as Celtic manager seriously and hopefully his comments will resonate with enough coaches, players in Scottish football to make a difference.


    Is what he said hugely different to Deila/Collins? probably not but he said it at a time when he can, and he’s tactically changed enough games in our favour to show he can do his talking on and off the pitch. I reckon he’ll get folk to listen to him. I’d like to think enough people in Scottish football are sick fed up with watching most of our teams out of Europe before the Summer solstice even though we vastly outspend, and out support, our opponents.

  23. hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. is tomorrow game on tv tomorrow? Who do we expect to leave during the January period? I’d go for Cifti, commons, Ambrose, Boyata (if we buy a defender).

  24. BOB O’ BALDY on 27TH DECEMBER 2016 3:16 PM



    Read BR’s article earlier


    He is in danger of giving our newspapers a good name.


    The biggest problem is getting Scottish players and clubs to realise that they have to work to achieve success.


    I believe that Celtic players keeched themselves the first time that Naka went for a post match session in the gym.

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