One team in Glasgow


The stage is set for a magnificent Celtic occasion but these days often don’t go to plan.  Celtic are champions, solvent, united and planning for Champions League qualification next season.  Their opponents are none of these things but they remain a formidable team who have four and three goals past Celtic on two occasions this season.

Anyone who thinks tomorrow will be a procession is palpably wrong, Rangers will present as great a challenge as Celtic have faced since slipping out of the Europa League.  Out opponents will be motivated by the enormous events taking place in their club at the moment; they are playing for self-respect.

Rangers are also a conundrum; both robust and fragile.  Elbows McCulloch will stamp his brand of influence all over the field, the chances of no Celtic player picking up an injury are low, but at the same time, touch them in and around the Celtic box and they will collapse in a heap.

We can hope for a big win but any win will do.

One* team in Glasgow,
There’s only one team in Glasgow.
One team in Glasgow,
There’s only one team in Glasgow.

*excluding, juniors, youths, lower leagues, amateurs and Celtic Ladies.

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  1. Back and front grass cut so thats brownie points in the bag from she who must be obeyed, on a serious note the grass was so long ive found two japanese soldiers (circa 1943) and Motherwell Born Billionaire hiding in amongst it, anybody wants to claim theyre currently in my garage.

  2. I sent this to Paul earlier today and I hope he doesn’t mind me posting it here:



    “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed.


    If you do read the newspaper, you’re misinformed.”



    Mark Twain

  3. up over goal



    Forster in goal …..that`s obtuse ..even for you :¬))



    as for Ibrahim …has he shown you enough for you to conside rthat he will make a valuable contribution tomorrow …



    or your at it ya cad :¬))

  4. Just read steins article in the sun.


    The best one is Beckenbauer swearing at me at Ibrox.


    “I kicked him on the ankle and I won’t tell you what he said to me, but it was in English and began with an F!


    Stein added: “The Russian playmaker was a wee guy called Joszef Sabo. In the first minute in the Nou Camp, Greigy absolutely cemented him and the wee guy never kicked a ball for half-an-hour.


    Then of course tries to pin the blame on the polis.



    They have no shame whatsoever.

  5. SwanseaBhoy on 28 April, 2012 at 12:50 said



    2- Southampton.



    Going up.




    £7m to £8m for Hooper a certainty.

  6. Sparkleghirl



    Plus ca change with that lot, their ‘History’ is littered with triumphant episodes


    Like this. They are spectacularly stupid, which of course is why they now Finished.


    Moronic Miscreants

  7. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on 28 April, 2012 at 12:56 said:


    Je DEMANDE Leurs Noms.


    Un film par Le Nouveau Gros Paul Le Guen …….




    Le Fin

  8. Howitzer from Willo Flood …1-0 DU



    roon ye jambo`s



    and Beattie off injured …shame so it is

  9. jc2 – thanks for covering for me at 12:32 there. Was painting the en suite. That is not a euphamism by the way, I really was. And in a wee while I’ll be cutting the grass. No, really I will.

  10. BlantyreTim ,



    for everyone , aye.



    We’ve arranged a special , one-off night for you . I’ll email you the details , don’t want everyone else to know



    PFAYR , got your letter today – thanks.



    Pablophanque . Hoopy Birthday mate. RIP.

  11. Really hope that Dun Utd catch the murderwells for 3rd place.


    1 each as we speak






  12. CelticResearch‏@CelticResearchReply







    · Open



    @Paulmcc12 @rangerstaxcase @DavidHillier @contrararian It makes the intervention of Murdo Fraser MSP & bond holder all the more interesting


    So is MF a bond holder @ debt mountain and is trying to protect his money


    although according to RTC & Paul McC the bond holders are unsecured creditors so cannot be left out the pot as windy Miller & the gladys knights are trying to do (alledgedly) :)))

  13. ….PFayr



    We have a rare chance to give players like Ibrahim a game. Why not take it? But yes, I was astonished as anyone by my choice of Forster in goal. But then he is a Pisces, and there’s an r in the month.




  14. Murdo Fraser`s constant interventions on behalf of Hun FC are entirely unbecoming of an MSP

  15. up over goal



    because i hope we smash the rotten mob to smithereens ..not a game for novices tomorrow

  16. As l posted earlier today an article by Glen Gibbons from 2009 which shows he has comment on events and had a go at his fellow sports journalists calling them shameless in their reporting of how we have been reported in comparison to Rangers.


    He is getting called everything under the sun by the hun horde so like all of the few who stand against them he deserves praise and protection.


    He has been a lone voice. We need more of his ilk.