One team in Glasgow


The stage is set for a magnificent Celtic occasion but these days often don’t go to plan.  Celtic are champions, solvent, united and planning for Champions League qualification next season.  Their opponents are none of these things but they remain a formidable team who have four and three goals past Celtic on two occasions this season.

Anyone who thinks tomorrow will be a procession is palpably wrong, Rangers will present as great a challenge as Celtic have faced since slipping out of the Europa League.  Out opponents will be motivated by the enormous events taking place in their club at the moment; they are playing for self-respect.

Rangers are also a conundrum; both robust and fragile.  Elbows McCulloch will stamp his brand of influence all over the field, the chances of no Celtic player picking up an injury are low, but at the same time, touch them in and around the Celtic box and they will collapse in a heap.

We can hope for a big win but any win will do.

One* team in Glasgow,
There’s only one team in Glasgow.
One team in Glasgow,
There’s only one team in Glasgow.

*excluding, juniors, youths, lower leagues, amateurs and Celtic Ladies.

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  1. jim traynor, chick young is there any level that use will not stoop to?


    truly shameful guys trying to defend the indefensible.

  2. ernie lynch,



    I think the creditors are worse off the longer it goes on. Not by much though – and they won’t get much anyway around. But if this was a factory rather than a football club it would have been liquidated by now.



    Take your point on the public order aspect though. We know what they are like.

  3. Moonbeams WD. Kano \o/ Neil Celtic FC. We are the Champions. Ignore the WARTS. on 28 April, 2012 at 15:01 said:


    >>>>>LOL! They’d be better of goin’ tae Lourdes! Poor wee souls. HH!

  4. It’s disgusting that Raith Rovers are being targeted by the scum – but no surprise really. Is this enough to make you apologise for your remarks Sally, or will you continue to cower in the corner?



    The irony is that the Raith director was acting in a personal capacity on the panel. He wasn’t there as a rep of the club.

  5. Gordon_J



    The irony is that the Raith director was acting in a personal capacity on the panel. He wasn’t there as a rep of the club.



    You can’t honestly expect the huns to understand the difference.




  6. They’re definitely in need of spiritual healing.


    But,yeah,why bother.


    Resurrection is an impossibility.

  7. punishment was to harsh? no tax paid this year from whyte up to 14 million


    thus allowing unfair advantage over every one else,other clubs struggling


    financially and rangers wont pay them money owed,media saying this is a


    taste of whats to come if rangers are thrown out so must be allowed back


    in really?next we will have hmrc and possibly years of financial cheating


    so how should rangers be punished then after all scottish football wont


    survive with out them ?well if we take the media”s logic to its conclusion


    there is no deterrent because if rangers ignore anything punishable what


    can the authorities do after all we cannot do with out them according to mr


    traynor and mr young,

  8. Maybe we’re all being too hard on FPLG. Afer all transparency is always welcome.



    So, going with the zeitgest, I’m sure you’ll only be too happy to tell us what you whispered in Neil’s ear?



    I might not agrre with it but at least I’ll respect you for standing up -……only I won’t

  9. I wonder how many of these hvns, intent on damaging Stark’s Park, ended up on the Raith Interchange after entering it into their satnavs?



    Just wondering.

  10. Alasdair MacLean on

    Ross County 1 – 0 Hamilton



    Maintaining 21 point lead at the top…..



    McMenamin – now divsion 1 joint top scorer on 17 goals in league



    Rangers: note achievments of a real “young” manager

  11. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    I think Duff&Phelps always knew the score.They were brought in to make sure that the season completed. Too many exceptions to the rules have been tolerated for that not to be the case.



    Has the dispute between Whyte and Ellis been resolved yet ?




  12. Mort. As I said Neil seems to have a blind spot for Centet half , get it right and all his hard work with making a team will truly come to fruition :)


    In 2 years he has had one center half in Charlie. CL qualifier needs another center half , just hope the polish dude gets fit

  13. Bhoys.



    Just been offered a ticket for game. While I was on phone with mate trying to convince me to take him up on his offer, Mrs Downforsam hands me an easyjet boarding pass. She booked and paid for it while I’m on the phone. Don’t know whether to be happy or suspicious. What to hell, I’m ecstatic. I’m coming to the party tomorrow.

  14. Afternoon all



    Can’t believe it’s a year this weekend since Tony called me from Holland and simply said ‘He’s gone’.



    I knew you for 22 years, argued with you about everything about all the things we both loved- music, the Celts, beer, family, women- and we travelled in opposite spiritual directions. I always loved your company you contrary b..ger



    Shine on my old amigo



    Jim P

  15. “THE Rangers Fans Fighting Fund will wait to see what punishments the club receives from footballing authorities before potentially imposing its own sanctions on other Scottish clubs.”



    This is from the Rangers website. The arrogance of that club never fails to amaze me!

  16. So when push comes to shove only 5,000 could turn out for their team in their moment of need. How many will turn up for the newco in Division 3? Craig Whyte must be laughing up his sleeve, he’s like a man thats won the lottery but not been told how much. Will he make the greatest return on investment ever for £1? As they say hes the man who put quid into liquidation!!!

  17. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Muppets should be marching to Charlotte Square….Stupid Currant Buns!




  18. Maloney scores and sets up the other two at Wigan.



    He’s in a rich vein of form which is great to see. Hopefully he can stay injury free

  19. Well done DownFor Sam, great touch by your Mrs to have done that and realise how important it was for you. Enjoy & be careful

  20. What on earth are D&P up to?



    At what point does a creditor start asking questions about why the cash is being drained from RFC for no apparent reason, other than to keep “the People” happy?



    At what point do we actually get a definitive deadline for bids? Today, we hear TBK are being given time to “revise” their paltry bid, despite this supposedly being their best & final offer…



    At what point does someone say that bids in the region of £10million for a club with a paper asset value of £100 million and debts of potentially £130million is madness?



    Why did D&P brief that Miller’s “incubator” bid meant liquidation two weeks ago, but today insist it doesn’t?



    What assurances has Miller been offered by the SFA and SPL?



    The whole process is a shambles – an omnishambles. RFC are today rudderless, leaderless, effectively bankrupt, and heading straight for oblivion. The likelihood of a newco being established and parachuted into the SPL recedes by the hour, and The People are falling back on the one characteristic they have always relied on: intimidation… of the authorities, or their fellow clubs, of anyone who dares question their inalienable right to cheat….



    When this ship hits that ‘berg, there’s going to be an almighty stooshie. All police leave cancelled for the summer I think…

  21. Googybhoy


    Malone is playing brilliantly.


    If only he had the right mental approach he would be a superstar.


    He has been instrumental in Wigan probably beating the drop

  22. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Hebcelt, Summa- you’ll need at least 3 to be a genuine clique so I’ll see you in BBs on Thursday


    A candle with fuzzbox.