One year on from a pivotal moment in Celtic history


Exactly one year ago today, just after lunchtime, one of the pivotal moments in Celtic history occurred.  Neil Lennon took his Celtic team to Kilmarnock, who had lost their three previous league games, and for 73 minutes looked like surrendering their league title chances just as Tony Mowbray’s team collapsed at St Mirren Park seven months earlier.

The manager later admitted to thoughts of resignation.  3-0 down at half time while already in heavy deficit to Rangers, who were riding a wave of positivity under the reinvigorating ownership of Craig Whyte, events looked to have escaped Neil’s grasp.

It is tempting to write the narrative that a half time talk or tactical change turned things around but turnaround was more difficult to explain.  Celtic were awful for the opening 28 minutes of the second half; like condemned men waiting for the inevitable.

Anthony Stokes started the recovery by exploiting Kilmarnock’s weaknesses.  A free kick drifted over a wall which didn’t jump and into the net.  Had the wall jumped, would history have been different?  Three minutes later Stokes fired into the corner of the net from distance, Jaakkola in the Killie goal was not equal to the challenge.  Suddenly, we were back in the game, back in the title race.

Charlie Mulgrew, who erred to gift Kilmarnock their third, equalised with 11 minutes remaining, surely there was only one winner now?  Not so, images of Heffernan’s last minute header from inside the Celtic six yard box gliding over remain vivid.

We escaped with a draw but it felt like a stay of execution, not a pivotal moment.  Neil didn’t resign, he stayed, beat Stade Rennes in the Europa League and never looked back.  The imperious positivity which surrounded Craig Whyte was ultimately proven to be a charade, those of us who told you Rangers were in peril were proven correct.

It is impossible to calculate just how much football has changed since Anthony hit that free kick, although imperious positivity still surrounds a charade which is doomed to fail, leaving a lot of football fans out of pocket.  If only the football authorities had a warning from recent history that light-touch regulation is dangerous, or had the mechanism to order a financial audit. They do, of course, but despite the traumas of 2012 I doubt they have the appetite to head-off potential problems. It’s easier (in the short term) to hope everything will turn out well.

Not that you need worry about any of this, you can chill and enjoy the season.

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  1. miki67 – 13:23 on 15 October, 2012



    I paid that to see Tom Waits at the Edinburgh Playhouse a couple of years back. Worth every penny. There’s a lot to be said for a compact venue though.

  2. South Of Tunis on

    Ticketus / Octopus .



    I don’t see them walking away .



    I don’t see them parting with money without obtaining the relevant security .



    I do see them having an enforceable security



    The unknown variable is whether somebody uttered something .



    Warm and sunny -way down south

  3. Hamiltontim, 12:32


    I believe it was thought that it didn’t add any more to his blog from the previous day.

  4. bournesouprecipe



    13:35 on 15 October, 2012








    “Leaves leaves leaves everywhere.”





    Not on my patch.



    The old Hoovermower (c) was in action this morning.

  5. tigertim-Thanks for reply,a USB and wifi printer friendly tablet is what i’m looking for mate.The ipad ,a great piece of kit, is limited IMO .

  6. The Prince of Goalkeepers on



    12:35 on 15 October, 2012



    “There has also been mention of non-executive directors being appointed to oversee the corporate governance of the club.”



    That worked well under previous regimes!!!

  7. Can any CQN’rs recommend any good pubs and things to do in Dublin? We’re heading over for the weekend and would like to avoid paying over the odds for drinks if that’s possible.



    Staying in the Conrad which I think is St Stephen’s Green area. Have booked a bus tour and hope to go to Kilmainham.



    Any other suggestions would be most welcome.




  8. I don’t think losing Efe in January will be a major handicap, apart from missing his skills,etc.



    By that time, the CL group stage will be over and we should have enough back up to ensure our progress in the SPL.



    By the time the European games return, he should be re- established back in the fold.

  9. Gary will have to go to Newcastle and then be loaned out to Liverpool, if we are to believe what we read!

  10. South Of Tunis on

    miki67 ——-



    £ 106 to see the Stones –Mmm.



    Never my thing but did see them in Hyde Park for free . Went there direct from a morning’s overtime [ tax free, being a student ] in an east end sawmill .



    Have seen Mick Jagger twice in recent years ——– I saw him in Taormina –eating ice cream [ no jelly ] I saw him at Lord’s -he was sleeping

  11. weeminger




    £18:50 or £106 ? for Tom Waits.


    Excuse me if I’m being thick. I blame it on my dogging school too much.



  12. miki67 -13:58 on15 October, 2012



    No, I should have been clearer. £106. Totally worth it.

  13. Hooper to Liverpool and Wantama to Man Utd? Seriously doubt it but as long as the first figure of each transfer fee is a 1 then they can go.




  14. !!Bada Bing!!



    Initially the smaller tablets had bad wifi reception, and the screens were not capacitive so I was rather sceptical with this, however it is working all over the house and the screen response is fine, also upgradeable with a further 32GB.




    It also plays flash which means that you could watch the Stones concert streamed to your tablet, saving £106 quid!

  15. Snake @ 13.36


    Bang on…I remamber ole Henke doin’ the same thing at Tannadice when he was assaulted by Dods..went mental ,scored,cracked another off the bar for Sutton to tap in.




    Teuchter ár lá

  16. I once queued up to get 10 Stones tickets for other people and didn’t go myself. The 70’s could be like that…..chemically compromised. I seem to remember thinking they were overpriced, even then. Tickets were £10……but Pink Floyd were £4:50 for The Dark Side of The Moon Tour. All relative. So I set the controls for the heart of Earl’s Court and got Floyded rather than Stoned.


    Still recovering.


    : > )

  17. miki67



    I worked for the ‘Corpie’ at that time and we got some coloured paper from Miller’s and made copies of genuine tickets on the photocopier.



    Simple times, but lawless.

  18. Now…..Tom Waits is a bona fide genius….unpredictable, quirky,enigmatic and intriguing.


    No one could ever say that of the strolling bones.

  19. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Richie 12:35 on 15 October, 2012



    “From the Evening Times (cannot believe they still go to this muppet for his views):”




    Divine just can’t help himself. He must be the only ‘fans’ spokesman anywhere in the world that does not go to matches. Divine is desperate to get on the board – he has failed several times in the past, and will fail again.



    And there is more chance of him dating a female than there is of him buying any of the shares he is so enthusiastic about – but then again he may use some of the money from the ole fighting fund.

  20. I remember watching the Killie game in Bar67 … just after half-time we lost the signal.


    Then we heard it was 3-1, 3-2 and then 3-3.


    Someone at the bar mentioned we had the problem solved and it was going on soon – only to met by a chorus of, “No, leave it off – we couldn’t score when it was on!”.



    Switched on just in time to see Heffernan head over – scary stuff.

  21. Steinreignedsupreme



    aaah Devine, I remember him/her/it well!



    He passed me on the stairs at Tin Pan. To this day I don’t know how!

  22. miki67



    £106 to see ‘The Stones’?! Gtf indeed!



    Saw them at ‘The Apollo’ in Glesga – 1973. Brilliant – place was jumpin’.







  23. richie




    made me laugh.


    we bought our Floyd tickets offa some hippy kids round the back of Earls Ct. Years later we figured out they musta been related to the band and had been sent out to flog tickets to psychedelicized fans at face value. We were flyin’ and couldn’t believe our luck.


    It was a crazy era. We hitchhiked back on a Scotland supporters bus, got completely hammered, fell asleep in a motorway service station where they abandoned us. Took three days to get back to Glasgow. Took a week to get warm again. Mental.


    What a gig, though. Still remember it with complete clarity, which is a miracle in itself.

  24. I always thought Gary Hooper’s late winner at Fir Park in November was a pivotal moment in the season. Oldco had started to slip at the time, but the three points were crucial to let them know we were coming.

  25. Steinreignedsupreme on

    RogueLeader 13:03 on 15 October, 2012



    “Impressive mental gymnastics from Chris Graham today.”



    Aside from being Sevco’s resident Dalek expert, Cornelius is considered to be a intellectual heavyweight among the Huns.



    But Cornelius struggles with the basics of the English language, as anyone who has read his ‘articles‘ will testify. He’s as thick as Sh1te in the neck of a bottle.



    Nice brogues though.

  26. Chris Graham was on TV last week, can’t remember which channel.



    Who books these cretins? Do they not have internet access? Or it that not the point.

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