O’Neills’ achievements


Delighted for Martin O’Neill on taking Ireland into the last 16 of the Euros. Since his salad days ended at Celtic, Martin’s had more downs than ups as a manager. I felt the game had moved on from him, even during his five years at Celtic, the game tactically moved away from him, but he’s one of a number of managers of small nations who have overachieved.

I’m not buying Roy Keane’s tears, though. Reaching the last 16 of the Euros is a great achievement, but he disparaged Mick McCarthy’s achievement with Ireland in going out of the 2002 World Cup in the last 16 to Spain on penalties.  Maybe it’s time for some humility from Roy.

If anything, Michael O’Neill’s achievements with the north has been even greater. Michael was mentioned as a possible Celtic manager before Brendan’s appointment, but the point was made to me, whatever he achieved in qualifying, he could be embarrassed in all three Euros games. Now he needs to beat Wales for a place in the quarter finals.

The group stages have been a delight. Some big tactical lessons for underdogs, and for teams who face 10 men behind the ball every week. If you don’t make defensive mistakes you can win any game, possession and territorial advantage is a mirage of influence.

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  1. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    We need to learn patience when a team play with 10 men defences

  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    THE BATTERED BUNNET on 23RD JUNE 2016 11:44 AM


    Clearly, PL is the Green Giant.








    A quiet achiever.


    And corn consumer.







    How you doing,bud?



    The Wee Man getting excited at the thought of being off for the summer?



    Or is it joooost you that’s getting excited at the thought of seeing more of him for a few weeks?

  4. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on








    Gimme a “B”.

  5. I’ve enjoyed the blood and thunder in some of the games, not too much tippy tappy but bags of honest graft.

  6. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    CLINK\O/ on 23RD JUNE 2016 12:00 PM





    Thought it a bit of craic to be honest. I know you might have a wee bias but I think he got it easy compared to the rest.







    I know, but the rest deserve it!! : > )



    Between you and me, he thought it was funny!

  7. BMCUW



    He is already talking about school next year:))))))))))))



    No need to spend lots during hols, we will go dinosaur hunting dowm the woods again :)))))))










    Silly season nearly over,for politics and football.



    Sillier season nearly on us as the window opens.



    Aw,canny wait…



    Off to work,wee drive around Wiltshire,knocking down any oul’ sods who look suspiciously Out-types.

  9. AuroraBorealis79 on

    Clearly you don’t like Keano, with your demands for humility but, the same could be said for your Master, Peter Lawwell.



    The fact that Roy Keane is back with Ireland, in a coaching capacity, is enough humility for me.

  10. Paul 67



    Salad days?



    Nobody telt BBJ!



    Good to see his achievement in qualifying for the knock-out stages being appreciated by most, a path that included a 2-1 aggregate victory over the World Cup holders in qualifying, of course.



    “The more I practise, the luckier I get”. Gary Player.





    Damned elusive for such big creatures,mate. You can tell him if he sees one,that’s more than I’ve ever managed.



    Except around the 12th in Kilwinning,but I don’t think that counts.

  12. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Fair comment, Paul.



    I think it has been shown that the way to beat ten men behind the ball is by using pace and one or two touches maximum.



    You must take defences out of their comfort zone and move them about.



    In recent years, our midfield has been too predictable, with the likes of Brown and Commons running with the ball, before losing it, or else dwelling on the ball, turning circles, then passing backwards or sideways.



    Calum Mc.Gregor has been a revelation by his quick, direct play, always trying to go forward,



    Young Patrick will have to learn to introduce options, so that he doesn’t have to cut in and try and beat three men every time.



    Hopefully, Brendan will read this and all our problems will be solved!

  13. Afternoon bhoys and ghirls. I need to ask you all to say a prayer if you will or just a thought if you are not religious for my friend. Last Sunday morning my mate got a call to say his son had died on a business trip to Ghana. His son was 32 years old and leaves his wife and 3 young kids behind. We were at his baby boys Christening at the start of June. Mark Richie was a lovely human being a great husband to Magda and dad to Olivia,Sophie and baby Connor . His parents Tommy and Kathryn his brothers Mathew Dominic and Owen all need your prayers. For the bhoys that were speaking about St.Ants the other day Mark was there captain up until recently I think end of last season.


    Mark Richie Y.N.W.A. miss you big mhan.










  14. P67 — couple of cheap digs at MON.


    I fear that the ghost of BQ is something to need to get rid off.


    As for salad days or bonus days — PL is surely on the way out.



    The Euros show what can be done with proper coaching, a plan, some tactics and a lot of sweat.


    We have missed out on just about all of this over the past few years so we as a team and a club have a lot to learn and a lot to deliver.



    If we are fully engaged then CL qualification is a 90% event, or even higher.


    That is with the squad we have all we need is belief, focus and effort.



    If we were in a league of 16 with the teams with the highest coefficients from our CL Champions route — would we be expected to win it?



    My thoughts are yes.


    Next stage is regular qualification for the last 16.


    That will take money but then we have wasted so much.

  15. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on











    Silly season nearly over,for politics and football.




    Sillier season nearly on us as the window opens.




    Aw,canny wait…




    Off to work,wee drive around Wiltshire,knocking down any oul’ sods who look suspiciously Out-types.






    Hee hee


    That`s you all over , pal.


    A fascist in (red) wolf`s clothing.





    Seriously can`t wait either.


    Dangerously optimistic about our upcoming season .


    Why not ?

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Stan Petrov to join Aston Villa’s first team squad for pre season training,amazing comeback

  17. No need to have a go at Keane, Paul.


    50% of Irish Nation had tears in their eyes at the final whistle, why would Keane be any different and he closely involved in the team.


    Keane may have over reacted back in Saipan but there was a lot of Plastic Paddyism going on then, where the emphasis was on the craic & not the football. Keane may be many things but he was a great Professional Footballer and what was happening at that time in the Irish set up was anything but professional.


    We are all aware that the present Irish team are not super stars, they are a bunch of limited but honest hard working & committed players. Martin & Keane have done very well to get them this far.

  18. I’m assuming that Brexit is dead in the water. The Odds at the Bookies have gone to 1/12 for Remain.

  19. Ffs Paul wind your neck in and leave Keane alone. The man has played a huge part in Ireland getting to last 16 and you bring up Saipan !



    Yeah he cried and he wasn’t alone. That goal and that game will be remembered for a long time in Ireland. Leave the petty pot stirring for others.

  20. Glasstwothirdsful,



    ‘Presumably Krankjar is being signed to bring their average age down!’



    I don’t know about the average age. Krankjar has been at Portsmouth, Spurs & QPR with Harry Rednapp. The players agent/lawyer is called Emil Zgur. A quick check online and all I can see is that Krankjar is the only player he manages?? I’ll look later. Perhaps an interesting tale there…



    Didn’t Harry also have Barton at QPR before there was a fall out? Didn’t he also say he recommended him to Burnley?






    Till Later

  21. CORKCELT on 23RD JUNE 2016 12:38 PM


    I’m assuming that Brexit is dead in the water. The Odds at the Bookies have gone to 1/12 for Remain.






    I really hope this is true………………………Less borders, not more.

  22. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    MIGHTY TIM on 23RD JUNE 2016 12:25 PM



    My dear fellow Tim ,


    So sorry to hear about he death of your friend ,



    Mark Richie



    Requiescat in pace.

  23. Good afternoon lads , a little question for whoever I keep reading of financial problems at sevco yet they still manage to sign the likes of barton& krancjar where the hell are they getting the money to pay these over the hill players . I mean they must be paying them at least 20/25k can someone please tell me how they can pay these wages

  24. Was Roy Keane PL’s choice for manager, and was usurped by DD getting in BR? Can’t remember if that was the rumour.

  25. Unusually I have to take issue with part of Paul’s article.



    It is my belief that Roy Keane took on the No 2 job in an attempt to purge his guilt from the past.



    Martin is a shrewd guy and does not suffer fools and/or fakes.



    There was genuine elation at last nights result – the emotion was pent-up and released at the end with such a late goal.



    Wonderful stuff from the players, Martin, Roy and the two Steve’s.



    And now for something completely different – I am forecasting a 10 point plus victory for Remain – as in Scotish Referendum, common sense will prevail – thank God. HH

  26. First post of the BR era so here goes.


    Shane Duffy from Blackburn and Moussa Dembele from Fulham are both on the radar




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