O’Neill’s Celtic’s GOAT claim and persisting core attributes


If Shane Duffy wanted to whet the appetite of supporters after securing his loan move to Celtic, scoring a 93rd minute equaliser for Ireland in their Nations Cup game in Bulgaria last night was the way to achieve it.  Those who know the player told us he was a commanding presence and the manner in which he powered home his header from a corner kick backed this up.

When you watch how teams defend set-pieces against Celtic, you will note their key defensive resources concentrate on Christopher Jullien.  He also appears to be the man other Celtic players try to provide space for, by stopping opponents getting a block on him.

Jullien is a better set-piece target than we have had in many years, but this makes us predictable to defend against.  Duffy will make Celtic significantly less easy to stop on these occasions.

If there was a Greatest Set-Piece Team of All Time table, Martin O’Neill’s Celtic would sit top.  Bobo Balde, Chris Sutton, Joos Valgaeren, Johan Mjallby and John Hartson were five absolute mountains.  Defenders seldom knew who to cover.  As a consequence, Henrik Larsson did as much damage in the air as any of them.

Football has changed greatly in the years since that team rose to prominence, it was a thing of its time, but defending and attacking at set-pieces requires the same core attributes.

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  2. And scores after a well worked set piece, a stramash in the box before a close range finish to take the three points in injury time….😉

  3. And i read the article, the big man definitely increases our threat. Footballers using their guile absolutely helps in set pieces not all about science.

  4. Can’t wait to see Shane Duffy play for us.



    A big well done to all involved in securing this outstanding deal. The financial aspect will be mind boggling for a club playing in Scotland.



    A statement of intent.



    Cheers and HH to all.

  5. SAINT STIVS on 4TH SEPTEMBER 2020 12:08 PM


    !!BADA BING!! on 4TH SEPTEMBER 2020 10:03 AM





    Liverpool have a throw in coach….
















    Celtic have a parks of Hamilton coach 😜
















    my wife has a throw over on the couch

  6. all time celtic / ireland 11 ?




    1, Bonner


    2, Morris


    3. Rogan


    4, Fallon


    5. McCarthy


    6. Lennon.


    7. mCgEADY


    8. Peacock


    9. Coyne


    10. sTOKES


    11. Tully



    i am missing someone obvious who is it ?



    Manager – the blessed Martin

  7. Saint Stivs



    It’s amazing to think how many Irish boys still think Celtic is their


    team in this day of ” just show me the money ”


    we’ve had diehard Celtic players leave over the last few years ” just


    to prove themselves ” .


    Back when I was young the whole of the republic were Celtic fans


    and then Sky tv corrupted all the young boys into the EPL and our


    friendly against Liverpool circa 2000’s proved that with three quarters


    of the support for the scousers.


    Big Shane has reversed that trend in my mind.


    And just to reiterate Neil Lennon left the EPL to go to Celtic for less


    money. ( sic ) GFTB


    And our new Bhoy did likewise.


    H.H. Mick

  8. patsy , how could i forget.



    random quiz question – name the celts who have ever scored for Ireland.



    Harder Question.


    Name the Celts who have never scored for Ireland.



    Anton Rogan


    Chris Morris


    Peirce Oleary.


    Happy to be corrected. 8-))

  10. Great article, Paul.



    I feel we are very average at set pieces – at both ends of the pitch.



    Julien has scored a few, at corners, with his feet!



    Agree that Shane offers a threat and defensive steel.



    MONs team were imperious at set pieces

  11. Many important Celtic goals have come from corners – from watching big Billy at the “Rangers-end’ at Hampden against Dunfermline in SC final, to watching big Billy again from what I now remember as very far away, down at the barrier at Celtic-end against Vojvodina Novi Sad, in the EC quarter-final, to Henryk in Seville. Yes in Martin’s time we did copy ‘Land of the Giants’ – maybe we will again. Obviously Neil has noticed that Sevco have their share of big ‘uns.




    Sorry but you’ve got that well wrong, PADDYMACOZ assures


    me our club in Oz will help big Peter out.



  13. Go tell the Spartim on




    Please NO with this McKenna stuff, at best he’s a siege defender and nothing more. He’d be out his depth playing with us.




    Don’t have much to argue against that, but wouldn’t it be nice to


    have a big bruiser as back up, when the hun do what they do best?


    He’ll do for me.


    H.H. Mick




    In my experience, the two places in Ireland where Celtic are still genuinely the top supported team is Donegal and West Belfast.

  16. …..☘️☘️☘️☘️….








    …☘️……………. ☘️




















  17. sky have done a great job of selling the best league in the world stuff for the EPL while at the same time starving Scottish football. Sky have a lot to answer for, as do our footballing authorities.



    Lots of links between the Irish and liverpool, manchester and london etc… no surprise so many have grown up as EPL team supporters with that combo. It’s their choice.



    Celtic dont have all the irish but we do have the best 😉. Celtic fc are the only club on british shores that takes pride in its irish roots all the others go out their way to leave and/ or hide it. I am happy for celtic to be the club of the immigrant rather than the club of glamour.



    To me celtic as a football club stands for far more in the heart of its supporters. All the EPL clubs are about kicking a ball about, the big signing the money, the glamour, its pure superficial bullocks. The opiate of the masses to distract from real world issues. You wont get that at celtic fc.



    Sign of the times that lots of them Ireland kids will call their scottish, english and American etc… cousins plastic paddys without a thought for its racial undertones. When you go to the republic do they get it? Do they understand the irish racist shite in the uk that we as ‘plastic paddys’ have to put up with? I am sure the people in the north gets it, the Scots get it but in the south they dont have to deal with it?




  18. AN DUN



    We came back from OZ about 6 years ago and I was actually horrified


    how much we had fallen behind teams like Man City, Chelsea, etc. never mind


    Liverpool who were always our rival in Ireland.


    But my faith was repaid when we arrived in Cork and a session in the square


    singing the Rebs with the locals made our holiday.


    H.H. Mick

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