Only fretful talking up an early return


Best of luck to Jonny Hayes, who will return to Aberdeen after three years at Celtic.  He arrived as the classic antithesis to a ‘project player’; after a seven figure deal , just shy of his 30th birthday.  His time will be remembered for that goal at Ibrox and some solid performances in Europe.

Weekend briefing by Newco said they hope to accommodate some fans at games by late August is aspirational, subject to Scottish Government clearance and ahead of what most clubs are prepared to say at this point.  Unlike cinemas or churches, football stadiums are outdoors and they have nominated seating that is easy to steward.  They should be in the first wave of opening up, but no one in the game is in control of what that will happen.  Clubs with less need to fret are less likely to talk-up an early opening.

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  1. Good evening CQN from an overcast but dry at the moment Garngad



    Fav Uncle – no I have not just woke up 😂😂😂



    I went into work earlier today so I had no time for your daily update from The Garden of God.



    Just spoke to Big Jimmy there he is not feeling to good.



    What about Melbourne Mick where are you ya big scoundrel, If lurking I hope you are well sir and are training those young ins well.






    D. :)

  2. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Being a native of Glasgow I know genuine good guys who support sevco, which I’ve never understood, you’re a good guy, how can you follow a team as openly anti everything but your own peepul? They go along to Ibrox on automatic pilot join up with the klan and sing about how they hate us, you have to avoid them for say 48 hours if they are playing us, then it’s OK, they are back to being normal guys again. Really strange.

  3. Just having a socially distancing BBQ for my granddaughter’s ninth (in a row) birthday.


    Where’s the time gone.




    That’s not normal. Do they avoid you for 48 hrs?






    I hope it wasn’t you who gve me a couple of calls this morning, I was in the Bog when the phone ran and I couldn’t bother my arse to answer the call,but if it was you I’m sorry not answering the call,



    Zbyszek managed to get back from Miami, he called me from Poland a couple of days ago,I’m glad he managed to get back safely.



    The garden is knocking hell out of me lately, it’s to much for me now, had a count of the pots I have with plants in them 96 in total and still more to plant,



    I decided to have a rest but I had no luck there, my Brother came and asked me if I would cut his hair for him,but he wasn’t wanting much of just a trim of the back and sides,I must have done well no complaint from him yet. I hope you read this post as I know that I haven’t been on the blog lately


    as you know I’m struggling with the blog this weather.



    I just had a look at what I wrote,and it is full of shit.

  6. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    TONYROME on 22ND JUNE 2020 5:34 PM



    No they don’t avoid me, I avoid them – because I know they will be mixing with guys who are ‘normal sevco supporters’ i.e.absolute nutcases, but after the weekends over and we meet up, never any problems, it’s all just banter again and I know they would help me out if I needed help.

  7. Huge Congrats to Marspapa, ( on becoming a grumpy grandpa aga N)


    or more importantly his Shadow, on the birth of her baby Bhoy


    Welcome to the Celtic world baby Evan



    Another wee champion

  8. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    “I couldn’t bother my arse”



    well said that man, a genuine straight talker! :-)

  9. leftclicktic on

    Congrats to marspapa on the birth of his Grandson.


    Wishing the shadow and son nothing but the best.

  10. Tim Horton



    Mississauga.i know it’s a big place Tim.ever came across a Scottish engineer called Peter Cassidy out there? worked for CAE and Rolls Royce.just wondering mate.hope your good 😊





    Tony Rome


    Get in there wi that podium 😎hh







    Is there a range of payment plans available?For all types of seats from Bespoke to full corporate.



    It’s just that I feel we could have alleviated a lot of financial pain on supporter if payments were spread more,say monthly,weekly,


    Still paying up but just in a different was noted what Burnley78 said that


    “many who have not yet renewed are the higher value ones”.


    I feel in economic terms that covid19 reset is only about to kick in.There is massive uncertainty out there and unemployment will surge as companies realign after furlough.


    we need to get inventive.Hope you good Celts are staying safe




  11. OLDTIM67 on 22ND JUNE 2020 5:34 PM


    It wasn’t full of shit but I laughed out loud when you posted you were in the bog and you couldn’t be arsed answering…if ever there was a euphemism…:)


    Stay safe my friend.


    Until we meet again…


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  12. AN TEARMANN on 22ND JUNE 2020 6:13 PM


    There is a 4 and 10 month plan through V12 finance, 0% interest, just a £30 arrangement fee. You can avail yourself of this option by renewing online. I am not sure if you can via post but I think you can, the finance pack should have received the finance form with your renewal pack.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  13. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    As always factually correct 😂😂😂



    Congratulations shadow on the birth of your


    Lovely son Evan


    It was indeed strange when we where in Rome and shadow was keeping an eye on marspapa for a change

  14. An Tearmann on 22nd June 2020 6:13 pm


    Tony Rome



    Get in there wi that podium 😎hh



    Cheers big mhan 🍺

  15. I see sevco’s new sponsor is well suited to the huns. A bit of a nearly man.


    A quick check shows that The Energy Check have one director – David Winton who is bringing in “significant investment,” stop laughing at the back.



    David Winton


    Honors & Awards


    IOD Director of the Year Awards – Regional Nominee


    Institute of Directors


    Jul 2019


    Shortlisted for the prestigious award out of thousands of applications


    IOD Director of the Year Awards – Highly Commended


    Institute of Directors


    Jul 2018


    Highly commended at the Institute of Directors – Yorkshire and NE Regional Director of the Year Awards



    Close but no cigar, just like the huns didn’t win anything.

  16. Apologies for the delay in getting back ghuys…



    SFtBs on 21ST JUNE @ 11:54 AM,



    Yes, again lots of stuff in there well worth debating and I hope I’ll get a chance for a fuller reply.



    Yet it’s the ownership model, which I believe we agree could be changed for the better and the extra investment in the team that is important in this Zeitgeist of change.



    To the “fact”, this relates to the correlation between backing the manager and success. If you do the spreadsheet, if you draft the graph, whatever your preferred method of analysis is – the outcome is the same.



    Now the egotistical Celtic organisational politics have to play a factor in all of this, the “new broom sweeps clean” proverb could likewise be true.



    But I just looked at the facts of the correlation and then Occam’s razor did the rest.



    We could do a Lord Nimmo Smith on it and talk of imperfect signings and no sporting advantage I do not have the wit of a QC.



    This is how it looks to me PLC version…



    We back the manager



    We get better players



    We have more success



    Revenue Increases



    The value of our squad increases.



    We take profit



    This is how it looks to me Supporter Ownership Model version…



    We back the manager



    We get better players



    We have more success



    Revenue Increases



    The value of our squad increases.



    We re-invest in the squad.



    CELTIC40ME on 21ST JUNE @ 1:00 PM,



    “In Tony Mowbray’s season in charge Celtic spent more on transfer fees than in Lenny’s first. We net spent 3m under Mowbray, made 7.5m in Lenny’s first season



    Under Lenny our net spend in transfers was something like -25m, our wage bill was lower in real terms than under WGS and Mowbray, our net spend per season under Lenny was about the same as under Deila, the wage bills iirc also roughly similar.



    Couple of things to start…



    I didn’t go as far back as Tony Mowbray as the situation is different as is Lenny’s initial period. Rangers and the honest mistakes at full throtle at the time, it was an incredibly hostile environment.



    The WGS thing is also a bit different as we were downsizing from the MO’N period.



    There was a reason I looked at the nine in a row. The argument went then, we had to win the league or/& take on and win through the greulling qualifying rounds.



    Remember when we faced Arsenal in the qualifiers?



    No the argument that we couldn’t gamble on UCL money was well founded then. We had cheating Rangers and some top European teams to best before we got there.



    Two things happened – Rangers died and we were all but guaranteed to be Scottish League Champions.



    The champions route opened up for UCL qualification making us the big fish in that particular pond. The situation had change completely – the risk benefit analysis should have as well.



    Celtic by Numbers did a great piece on managers being backed when the Brendan Rodgers transfer window’s were being argued over. Sorry but I can’t find it.



    Lenny was expected to sell and every season he did, yet had ticked all the boxes and deserved to be backed. I think the selling of Gary Hooper hurt him the most. As you say, we had made a lot of money on transfer dealings during that period. It should have been re-invested.



    For me Ronny Delia wasn’t backed. He had to implement a new systems 4231, fitness and coaching regime that meant different type of players, not projects and prospects.



    The thing is I’m not talking about a fortune, I’m not talking about spending money we don’t have.



    Last transfer window a solid reliable left back and keeping Lustig on for another season (as Lenny wanted) and another first team ready player, a replacement for Sinclair maybe if he wasn’t wanted, it could have made a difference.



    A great season could have been an excellent season and we’d have been in much better shape today.



    KINGLUBO 21ST JUNE @ 3:48 PM,



    “Could not agree more. The German Football model is ideal, with fans owning 51% of the club. And I don’t believe the players are paid anything like the EPL for example.”



    Exactly, a solid and well structured ownership giving excellent results and fanatical fan support.



    Bayern Munich has a huge membership scheme but also has world class partners/investors.



    Totally agree on SoT, be great to hear from him.



    Hail Hail

  17. Praise the Almighty we have Lenny.



    Brave Brave Undaunted is Neil Francis Lennon.



    I hope the Wee Genius gets Celtic 10 and the Final of the Champions League.



    Obsession – Ultrasonic~~~~

  18. OLDTIM67



    That post was worth the visit alone!



    Don’t over do it!



    96 pots ffs!



    What size is yer gerden?

  19. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    ‘Having left Hearts as Director of Football……’.



    Don’t you just marvel at BBC Scotland’s ability to re-write history?

  20. Don’t usually drink during the week……………..but was due to fly to Menorca tomorrow.



    Any excuse.

  21. I’m not complaining btw, to many good things in my life for which I’m grateful.

  22. Lenny Bhoy


    The V12 10 month finance option arrangement fee is £92. Hope you are well.



  23. Sportsound talked about Dundee Utds financial troubles today, maybe tomorrow they’ll get round to talking about Material Uncertainty FC…

  24. AN TEARMANN @ 6:13 PM,



    That’s an aspect of the STs that I’ve thought about but hasn’t been discussed.



    The fholk who simply can’t afford it, who have had a seat for many a long season and now may lose it is the ones I felt for.



    But what of those who can’t justify it…



    That might be some who takes their kid(s). Your partner may not be happy about your football obssession, but a family day out justifies it.



    Virtual season tickets to gop at a TV screen at the weekend ain’t going do it.



    Likewise with Corporates, if a company or individual pays, maybe the budget is slashed. Corporate entertainment at these events are going to be tough. Can it be justified?



    Must be different scenarios for most of the tickets at the moment. It’s a tough one.



    Hail Hail

  25. I think Gary Hooper was sold at the same time. While with us, he was rather wishfully named as a potential England player, after us, he never reached the heights. In 3 years at Celtic he scored 63 goals in 95 games. At Norwich over 3 seasons he only scored 18 in 64. He then dropped down to championship with Sheffield Wednesday and never reached the heights. In the last 7 years he has barely scored 50 Goals in total mostly at lower level.



    In terms of Celtic, at least the majority of ordinary shares were owned by the ordinary supporters. Dermot was the largest shareholder but not the majority. Has this now changed?

  26. FRIESDORFER on 22ND JUNE 2020 7:31 PM


    Thanks for the correction, I went for the 4, assumed both 4 and were the same.


    All good here A, hope you are as well.


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

  27. BIG BHOY



    DD is the largest shareholder but he is not the majority shareholder.



    So he could be voted down.



    I believe he is backed by his Irish cronies.



    So we are stuck with him.

  28. AN DUN on 22ND JUNE 2020 7:31 PM


    Sportsound talked…..



    Fair play to you An Dun but, every time I listened to those programs my blood pressure went through the





    fekemall c.s.c

  29. ” I was in the Bog when the phone ran and I couldn’t bother my arse …” :-)))))



    Old Tim`s posts are just like Old Tim himself….a bit blunt but totally humorous and without a hint of ill feeling. Top Tim would maybe be a better name.

  30. Time for ` Endeavour` .



    Cheerio for now.



    PS If you are looking in Big Jimmy, all the very best.

  31. fairhill bhoy on

    MARSPAPA-congratulations on the happy news earlier.


    Welcome Evan,just in time for ten n a row wee yin 🍀💚

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