Only fretful talking up an early return


Best of luck to Jonny Hayes, who will return to Aberdeen after three years at Celtic.  He arrived as the classic antithesis to a ‘project player’; after a seven figure deal , just shy of his 30th birthday.  His time will be remembered for that goal at Ibrox and some solid performances in Europe.

Weekend briefing by Newco said they hope to accommodate some fans at games by late August is aspirational, subject to Scottish Government clearance and ahead of what most clubs are prepared to say at this point.  Unlike cinemas or churches, football stadiums are outdoors and they have nominated seating that is easy to steward.  They should be in the first wave of opening up, but no one in the game is in control of what that will happen.  Clubs with less need to fret are less likely to talk-up an early opening.

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  1. OLDTIM67 on 22ND JUNE 2020 5:34 PM







    I hope it wasn’t you who gve me a couple of calls this morning, I was in the Bog when the phone ran and I couldn’t bother my arse to answer the call,but if it was you I’m sorry not answering the call,




    I just had a look at what I wrote,and it is full of shit.






    OLDTIM, that was brilliantly funny.



    couldnt be arsed -)))



    was it not already engaged ?

  2. Old Tim


    Of course if you were a young tim you’d have had the phone in the shitter with you. Of course us old uns might have the phone in the wrong hand when the business end has to be wiped. 🤭

  3. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Our local church was open today


    2pm till 6, 60 people max at the one time


    It’s a start

  4. BT


    Good news – we hope to be at Mass after 4th July – if they can open pubs etc.

  5. everyday brings wonderfully evocative pictures –





    1967 Ronnie Simpson in goal at Cliftonhill as Rovers play




    in a pre-season friendly. This is one of the first games Celtic would play after Lisbon. Most of the Lisbon Lions played in this match, Rovers win 2-1 which makes them unofficial European Cup Champions Rolling on the floor laughingRolling on the floor laughing



  6. BT



    Celtic club have done well with the empties, might try at the irish club.



    I think the celtic club have a good deal with the Landlord but Irish club had relief in April and May but start paying in June.Obviously they will have to pay the two months back so wee need to get open asap.

  7. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Tim Horton


    Young cousin helps behind bar in Celtic club


    Jim Call, was of work for over a year but back now at canox

  8. TIMHORTON, An Tearman



    Long time lurker



    Credentials, from the parish of Townhead, Coatbridge, went to St Barts, onto, St Ambrose. Travelled on the James Connelly, from the ‘Bammy Bar’, under the management of the ‘Browns’ . I’m shit at typing and apologise fore the late response

  9. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    DAVID 66


    Just caught your post, thanks for asking about me.


    Been very busy running two teams down at our soccer club and by


    the time i look in and try to navigate CQN i’m ready for sleep..


    Covid has frightened people and although we’re back and our season starts


    in three weeks ( sic ) our coaching staff has depleted, so i’m running the


    mini roos u 6’s which is like herding ferrel cats, and the u 17’s which is like


    herding tom cats, lol.


    Hopefully things will ease up son.


    Sorry to hear BIG JIMMY ‘s not good, keep hanging in there big yin.


    Still no word of BIGYINMILAN, a real mystery to me, and what about SOT ?


    Looks like we’ve lost the pre-season cup again, disaster, think the only way


    we’ll win it is if we buy our own media channel 8-)))))



  10. TIMHORTON 11:36 pm, Malton has issues now, not that long ago I used tae go tae Mass there.

  11. Peter, the devils greatest trick is convincing mankind he disnae exist. Tangerine heids is that he’s pro life.

  12. BIGBHOY @ 7:34 PM,



    “In terms of Celtic, at least the majority of ordinary shares were owned by the ordinary supporters. Dermot was the largest shareholder but not the majority. Has this now changed?”



    Yes, very much so, I not sure why so many Celtic supporters think it hasn’t or even that it was ever the case. Possibly because it was Fergus’s stated aim.





    “David Low, a financial analyst involved in the deal brokered by Fergus McCann which made the Parkhead side the titan they are today, sees the logic in the position – not least as, seven titles down, Celtic have such a dominant market position within Scotland. “Celtic are perceived as a very well-run company, they have a very stable ownership profile with Dermot Desmond owning 44%, a very good chief executive and a very good board,” says Law. “Peter Lawwell is seen as a safe pair of hands. They are financially solvent, the biggest fish in a small pond – a well-run, global franchise – albeit stuck in a small market. So you’re money is safe in Celtic



    DD has 44% And Linsdell Train has over 18%. That’s two thirds of Celtic between them. Add the other Directors and Wealthy investors share holding and you can see the “ordinary supporters” have a tiny fraction.



    That’s why Celtic are very much run as a PLC for the institutional stockholders.



    Aff Oot



    Hail Hail

  13. Good morning CQN from a grey skied and chilly Garngad



    MM – good to have you back on and good luck with the young guns.



    Is it just me or is football without the fans/atmosphere pish?



    Then again I had fallen away from watching most other football outside the Hoops over the last few years.



    It will be different when the Bhoys run out. I do think no fans for us will think it’s a bit of a leveller.






    D. :)

  14. Sevco might get less pens without supporters. I think we’ll cope much better than them, 3-5-2 with Griff and Eddie upfront and we’ll do just fine.

  15. Hrvatski Jim on

    I noticed a new poster BELMONTBRIAN from last night but no responses to him and no posts since early this morning. Welcome Brian – let us have your stories.



    Due to my arm being twisted up my back (by myself) I made my season ticket renewal yesterday.



    Season still seems a long way away – not even friendlies to let us see how the team is developing.



    Stay safe everyone.

  16. In the last few minutes the Irish league board have confirmed the Danske Bank Irish Premiership has been curtailed and Titles will be awarded. Linfield are set to be awarded the league title.



    Please Celtic send them a tweet to congratulate them 😂

  17. Missing bloggers – this has been bugging for sometime, how can we find out how they are doing? I respect their privacy but just to find out if they are alive and well. Paul 67 you have their email addresses wuold it be posible for you to enquire? and let us know. Or any budding private investigators out there? Just a thought, los of blogger showing genuine concern. Hail Hail Hebcelt

  18. Through the rain on

    Always fun looking in on other clubs forums. These postings on one of the Dundee Utd ones made me smile ☺……



    Quote Originally Posted by Arab_1988 View Post


    I would be more worried if it was Ashgar being linked with Hearts as i feel his contacts have helped our club out more. My biggest worry would be the job being handed down to McCulloch. He will hopefully keep things running until a new manager is found but no more than that. Wright would also be very high on my list.



    Oh no, not McCulloch, don’t put that thought in my head… 😱




  19. Hey Philbhoy: I’m Irish and a shareholder but I sure ain’t one of DD’s cronies. 😁

  20. David66: good to hear you’ve been in touch with Big Jimmy. Please pass on my best wishes to him.

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Good morning all.



    Watching that plane stunt last night reminded me of this.





    The clip is 3:00 minutes long exactly.



    IMHO, the comment 2 minutes 50 seconds in defines the problem for many “white, working class” in the UK.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  22. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Good luck Gavin Strachan, hope you’re bringing a winning mentality to the champions. It’s a must have.



    Not mischief-making just passing idle comment during the black lives matter flurry, I wonder where the most senior BAME member of staff would rank at Celtic in a structure starting with our CEO at No. 1. In the first 100?





    Oglach played a stunning video last night on Sentinel Celts, Irish Women in Harmony – Dreams, one of my favourite songs.



    Made to promote SafeIreland and raise funds to help victims of domestic abuse, I hope it fosters big support for them.



    Chapeau, Oglach.

  23. Following on from recent share discussion, this month’s notice might be interesting :


    Official stock market announcements for London-listed companies


    Issue of Equity


    1st June 2020 10:00 | Celtic PLC


    CELTIC PLC Issued share capital




    As a result of the conversion of 400 Convertible Preferred Ordinary Shares of 100p each, Celtic PLC’s issued share capital as at 29 May 2020 was as follows:




    94,292,446 Ordinary Shares of 1p each (“Ordinary Shares”)


    12,769,289 Convertible Preferred Ordinary Shares of 100p each (“CPO Shares”)


    15,797,924 Convertible Cumulative Preference Shares of 60p each (“CCP Shares”)


    672,832,624 Deferred Shares of 1p each (“Deferred Shares”)




    CCP Shares do not carry voting rights. Deferred Shares are not listed, are not transferable and carry no voting rights or substantive economic rights. 




    The above figures for Ordinary Shares and CPO Shares may be used by shareholders as the denominator for the calculations by which they will determine if they are required to notify their interest in, or a change in their interest in voting rights under the FCA’s Disclosure Guidance and Transparency Rules.




    Application has been made for the admission of 832 new Ordinary Shares of 1p each arising from these conversions (“New Ordinary Shares”) to trading on AIM. It is expected that dealings in these New Ordinary Shares, which will rank pari passu in all respects with the existing Ordinary Shares of the Company, will commence on 5 June 2020.


    Puts my modest holding of ‘Ordinary Shares’ into perspective …



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