‘Only Newco option is SPL’ utter rubbish


Scottish Premier League chief executive, Neil Doncaster, yesterday told the BBC that no provision existed for a liquidated SPL club to reconvene as a Newco FC at the bottom of the Scottish Football League (reported at 1821 on their crisis timeline).

This is being grossly misreported to suggest that the only opportunity for a Rangers Newco to phoenix is to slip straight back into the SPL – completely and utterly untrue.

There is also no provision for a Newco FC to slip into the SPL.  Newco FC would be able to apply for membership to the Scottish Football League (where they would unquestionably be accepted) or the Scottish Premier League.

The default position when a club goes out of business in the Scottish Premier League is that the club that finishes bottom of the league at the end of the season escapes relegation.  As things stand, Dunfermline would remain an SPL club and Ross County would be promoted.

No moral, legal or football administrative argument has been made to suggest that Dunfermline will be relegated to allow a new club entry into the league.  None whatsoever.  Dunfermline Athletic will remain a SPL club if Rangers are liquidated.

The various parties seeking to phoenix Rangers would get the lawyers onto securing a stadium, scouting some part-timers, buying a ticketing system, applying for entry into the Scottish Football League and finding cash to employ stadium stewarding. This could take weeks but is more likely to take months or even years.

Football needs to get used to this idea.

Neil Doncaster did not suggest a Newco FC applying for entry into the SPL had any primacy over an application to the SFL.  In fact, an application to the SFL would not have to overcome the unfortunate objections of Dunfermline Athletic  – who pay their BBC licence fee and are worthy of due respect.

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  1. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    To think if they were that loyal they ould have agree do dismissed the season tickets and limped alng for a whle yet, why didnt the admin kill the season tickets


    stupid huns

  2. RalphWaldoEllison-is Neil Lennon Season 2011-12 on




    Once again, hat doffed.


    Doncaster repeated that notion on the same radio programme and left listeners in no doubt that THERE WAS NOWHERE ELSE FOR A RANGERS NEWCO TO GO other than apply to SPL.



    I thank you for closing off another avenue of escape before it even fully opened up.


    It poses serious questions about Doncaster’s marbles or Doncaster’s scruples.






  3. packiesboner on

    People, people, people, im sorry but I cant join in the celebrations at the demise of that manky shower, Ive been making a packet off them lately getting pumped!! They paid for my car tax last week FFS…. gutted, no holiday this year for me now!!! Never Mind :0)

  4. row z \o/ (O) whatever part of my club is dependent on rangers I am willing to lose! on 7 March, 2012 at 19:51 said:



    call me a cynic..


    Your point 6 is the one I would be wary of the most



    They are sneaky, underhand and devious

  5. Have any of you guys ever tried putting a crushed crunchie on your ice cream…i’ve done it…cause i’ve got that friday feeling!

  6. Paul67 et al



    Everybody needs to get their head round the fact that if Rangers are liquidated they will not be part of any league, Scottish or otherwise. They will simply cease to exist like many clubs before them. End of story!

  7. foundation of hatred;-



    hail hail the celtic are here (grand ole team to play for) VERSUS hello hello we are the billy boys (fenian blood)



    Walk On, Walk On with hope… VERSUS super rangers , super rangers no one likes us (we hate celtic, fenian bassas..)



    And they gave us james mcgrory and Paul Mcstay (play football the celtic way) VERSUS We’re simply the best (fk the pope and the IRA)



    Football love 7 religious hatred 1 ooOver and Over we will follow you….

  8. Som mes que un club on

    Don’t know how recent (as in hours or minutes) this is, but lifted from Twitter link to ‘their’ site….



    nextprev Crunch Meetings In Next 48 Hours 1 of 1


    Replica Shirt


    Rangers TV




    Crunch Meetings In Next 48 Hours



    Wed, Mar 7, 2012






    by Lindsay Herron



    PROSPECTIVE new owners of Rangers will meet with administrators Duff and Phelps tonight and tomorrow with a tight deadline of Friday set for the way forward for the club.



    In an exclusive interview with RangersTV, joint administrator David Whitehouse has revealed that a CVA – a company voluntary agreement – can still be used to take Rangers out of administration but says there is a more difficult scenario of the business becoming a “newco” which would heavy sanctions both domestically and in Europe.




    However, he has accelerated the search for prospective purchasers after failing to reach an agreement with the players on cost-cutting.






    He said: “Ultimately the aim is to find new, strong owners to take the club forward with a financial base so we are now looking at other strategies.



    “In the next 48 hours or so we are approaching and meeting with those parties who have already expressed an interest in acquiring the club to understand their timetable and to try to accelerate what would be a normal timetable for this sort of transaction.



    “We have a meeting this evening and we have a series of meetings tomorrow and we will have to conclude our strategy in that regard during the course of Friday.



    “In light of the outcome of those discussions we can then form a view as to whether we can continue to operate the club within its existing cost base.



    “If we do form that view that would have to be over a very short period of time because the company is burning cash at a significant rate.



    “Alternatively, if we can’t envisage completing a transaction within that time frame then we will have to either secure cost-cuts with the consent of the players or make some quite serious and deep redundancies.



    “That is something we will try to avoid because value in those redundancies will centre around the playing staff and that affects the underlying value of the business.



    “So it’s a case of striking the balance of keeping the resource on the playing side which keeps the club active and competitive and attractive to a purchaser against what’s needed off the field which is a sustainable and viable business.



    “The playing squad is at the heart of what any potential purchaser is looking to acquire so therefore it is critical that we have an infrastructure that is sustainable on the pitch.



    “We met with the players today and they know the constraints within which we are working.



    “They are working together to see if they re-address some of the barriers that were put in place yesterday to achieve the cost-cuts which would have enabled us to complete the season’s fixtures and enable us to complete a sale or more orderly transition for the business.”



    Mr Whitehouse says that the merits of the business will be open for any potential buyer to look and reiterated that Duff and Phelps are still in litigation over the recovery of funds they believe belong to the football club.



    He said: “We have detailed financial forecasts and inventories of assets that potential purchasers can look at as well as full details of the playing squad in terms of salary packages and length of period of contracts.



    “So they are the things they will be weighing up and one of the things they will want to understand as well is the strategy in terms of the playing staff through the management so Ally McCoist is feeding the information in that area.



    “This will enable them to find out what kind of investment is required in the years ahead.



    “A CVA is still very possible and the more likely route to achieve the greater value for creditors.



    “We have to look at the time constraint and if it is possible to conclude a transaction within a very short timetable simply because we can’t deliver the cost-cuts necessary to keep the fabric of the business in place then we would also have to look at selling into a newco scenario.



    “That brings with it risks in terms of the level of European activity in the coming years and also sanctions from domestic football which would need to be subject to negotiation.



    “If we were to look to a very early sale of the business that is probably a more likely scenario.



    “What we don’t want to do is mix the terminology here and start to portray liquidation as a process which creates the cessation of the business.



    “The liquidation will wind up a business following the sale of the business activities into a newco.



    “So in any scenario we would still envisage that Rangers Football Club could play football and operate as a football team.



    “We have always said that liquidation is a possible scenario. The preferred scenario from our perspective both in terms of the return to creditors and a platform for retaining an on-going continuous business is through a CVA.



    “That would take time to deliver and in the event that we can’t bridge this funding gap which we have at the moment then we would have to look at alternative strategies.



    “There are still some disputes over the levels of liability and certain elements of that are under litigations so we can’t go into the detail of that.



    “It is in the public domain that we have opened proceedings in a number of matters.



    “In any scenario either through a CVA or through a distribution through an administration cycle the general body of creditors are pooled as one pot.



    “The agreement of creditors’ claims with impact quantum of the pot but it won’t impact on the level of assets that fall into it for distribution.



    “We are aware of undertakings which were provided at the time of the acquisition of the business last May and these funds do not appear to have been invested in the business in the manner in which it was envisaged at the time of the transaction.



    “The current status of those funds is subject to the litigation that we have already opened.”

  9. I love the fact that you get a definitive answer on here, Over the past few days Doncaster stumbled from one answer to the next and then hid behind the rules; wee Chic clutched onto a straw for dear life and Tom English…wait for it…asked Chic to explain it!



    You’d think if it was your job…

  10. traditionalist88 on

    Eyes Wide Open



    Will have a peek later, comedy gold some of it… this will keep ye going:



    “We dont lose our history. History isnt owned by a company. The history is held by the people who support the club.


    So what if were liquidated. GLASGOW RANGERS will still be playing at ibrox stadium. We’ll all still go and watch every week.”



    HAHAHAHA. They still don’t get it!

  11. Last saturday night i attended a sportsmans dinner . The guest speakers were macca , and the goalie . The reason i went was because my cousin organised the night and to be perfectly fair he attends our celtic functions . Anyway you should have heard this tube. It went from his extra marital affairs , to his long walks down the shankill visiting all the pubs as he didnt need to buy a drink . to listening to the flute bands , then he told us of the gaffer (walter nae name ) phoning him to keep his phone on that he was going to get a call . . It was from sir awex offering him a 6 month contract to help them out . He said he got on fine with all the boys except keano , who refused to shake his hand . he then went on about how he was supposed to be a hard man , said he wouldn,t have lasted long with bomber brown . Then bobby tait got his usual mention. said he remembered one game and goram asked him how long to go as they were drawing . tait told him until we get the winner goalie . He continued by singing the praises of sally . durranty . goughy . gazza-y laudrup-y neil mccanny . hately geezo play school in full flow . What in the name of god infects these guys when they come up here . All those english twats that came up here even after years away from the place pledge their undying love for that club but more importantly their HATRED FOR CELTIC F.C . Do you know something that club was made for them . . BTW macca was good.




  12. Why is it always a song that you don’t like that gets stuck in your head?



    There’s a man I meet


    Walks up our street


    He’s a worker for the council


    Only joined this year


    And he takes no lip off nobody


    Picks litter off the gutter


    Puts it in a bag


    And never thinks to mutter


    And he packs his lunch in 3 Sunblest bags


    The children call him Coisty


    He never lets on


    But I know ’cause he once told me


    He let me know a secret


    About the money in his kitty


    He said he had two contracts


    And an off shore E. B. T.



    And they’ll party up the west coast


    In villages and towns


    I’ll be drinking Champagne


    As they pull the blue house down


    They’ll ask me how it happened I’ll say


    They stole your money


    They cheated on their taxes


    And called it Dignity



    And I’m telling this story


    In a hun free scene


    With a big bowl of jelly


    Enjoying my ice cream


    And I’m thinking about home


    And all that means


    And how we’ll be grateful


    To H.M.R.C.



    And they’ll party up the west coast


    In villages and towns


    I’ll be drinking Champagne


    As they pull the big house down


    They’ll ask me how it happened I’ll say


    They stole your money


    They cheated on their taxes


    And called it Dignity



    Pay your tax Pay your tax …………..


    Yeah Pay your tax on time ………


    Pay your tax Pay your tax ………..


    Yeah Pay your tax on time ………..



    And I’m thinking about home


    And I’m thinking about faith


    And I’m thinking about work


    And I’m thinking


    How good it would be


    To be here someday


    Free of bigotry


    Free of bigotry


    Hun free.

  13. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Len Brennan



    What about a-




    ‘ Govan Wilderness Of Pain?’

  14. Sometimes it’s the little things that warm the heart the most.



    Radio Scotland presenter on Newsdrive tonight referring to Rangers as a “pig in a poke”.




  15. The last drop of whisky burned the throat of Reginald Foster Crawford as he tipped the glass ever higher to catch thel sat few lingering drops of the Amber nectar. Numbness, numbness, please please he silently uttered to no one in particular.



    The decanter stood empty on the table. Decanter? More like an empty milk bottle. They’d taken everything. The silver, the crystal………the marble!!!!!



    How had it come to this. A few short months ago life had seemed so full. Prizes, glory, living life on top of the world. Who cared about tomorrow, who cared to pay the piper……..



    The door opened slowly. Duffster Phelps, the local busy body, always poking his nose in everyone else’s business walked in. His face ashen.



    “Perhaps.. perhaps we should go to the drawing room Reginald. Reginald nodded slowly. So this was it. This is how it would end?



    In the drawing room Duffster walks to the the writing table. Slowly sliding open the drawer, he takes out the revolver and quietly, but quite deliberately places it on the surface. He walks over to Reginald. Shakes his hand, and with a sad nod, leaves.



    Reginald wishing he had one more drop of Dutch courage gently lifts the revolver……just before the fatal and final click, one last thought passes through his mind. So clear, so obvious, how had he missed it and with that single shot, the thought, frozen in time…………



    ‘I wish Ferguson had been a bluenose.”

  16. Bambi



    …host of “wealthy” huns…



    I don’t think the collective noun or adjective work well here



  17. RalphWaldoEllison-is Neil Lennon Season 2011-12 on

    Whether it is oblivion or not for RFCIA, the game on March 25 will be high risk for our players and our fans.


    Regardless of whether they field the youth team or a pub team, they will be wound up to a frenzy.


    Their hordes who have shown their true character since Feb 14, will be in full sectarian voice.



    Now who of the Specsavers team in black would you like to ref that game?






  18. row z \o/ (O) whatever part of my club is dependent on rangers I am willing to lose! on

    Celtic Mac on 7 March, 2012 at 20:02 said



    except that’s not what the administrators said tonight………… ‘any buyer of the Club and its assets would complete that purchase through a sale by the Administrators allowing the Football Club to continue to operate’ ???????????




  19. Lennon n Mc….Mjallby on 7 March, 2012 at 20:06 said:



    Like your thinking man.


    I’ll consult with the great Apache and get back to you!





    /Bishop B

  20. Faithfulthruandthru on

    Paul I heard wee chico stating this earlier this evening and thought to myself, what happened when Gretna went bust?



    Gretna were initially relegated to SFL (eventually 3rd division) went bust and applications were requested to replace them – Annan Athletic were successful and joined the SFL



    in the Rankers case, if they go bust there will be no relegation from the SPL as you state; a team would be promoted from the SFL to the SPL and there would be a space for a club to apply for membership of the SFL Division3.



    There you go Newco, there’s your dinner! – access to the SFL would surely be a formality – for the good of scottish football



    Hail Hail just do the math



    12 – 1 + 1 = 12 (no room at the inn)



    42 – 1 = 41 (space for one more over here!)

  21. so is there something in the SPL rules that a member club which is liquidated can not be relegated as such, and has to be ‘phoenixed’ back into the SPL, surely not, unless you are Rangers maybe

  22. Clashcitybhoy on

    If the Rankers disappear, we need to make sure we have our game plans ready to roll based upon various scenarios.


    I have already suggested on here that we negotiate an exit pass for the Championship .


    One other , perhaps an alternative, is we should offer to have our development squad replace them ……if nothing else , it would be great to hear the responses round the table

  23. Gordon_J



    There would not be enough time for a newco to be up and running during the close season, there is not even enough time if the go pop of friday

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