‘Only Newco option is SPL’ utter rubbish


Scottish Premier League chief executive, Neil Doncaster, yesterday told the BBC that no provision existed for a liquidated SPL club to reconvene as a Newco FC at the bottom of the Scottish Football League (reported at 1821 on their crisis timeline).

This is being grossly misreported to suggest that the only opportunity for a Rangers Newco to phoenix is to slip straight back into the SPL – completely and utterly untrue.

There is also no provision for a Newco FC to slip into the SPL.  Newco FC would be able to apply for membership to the Scottish Football League (where they would unquestionably be accepted) or the Scottish Premier League.

The default position when a club goes out of business in the Scottish Premier League is that the club that finishes bottom of the league at the end of the season escapes relegation.  As things stand, Dunfermline would remain an SPL club and Ross County would be promoted.

No moral, legal or football administrative argument has been made to suggest that Dunfermline will be relegated to allow a new club entry into the league.  None whatsoever.  Dunfermline Athletic will remain a SPL club if Rangers are liquidated.

The various parties seeking to phoenix Rangers would get the lawyers onto securing a stadium, scouting some part-timers, buying a ticketing system, applying for entry into the Scottish Football League and finding cash to employ stadium stewarding. This could take weeks but is more likely to take months or even years.

Football needs to get used to this idea.

Neil Doncaster did not suggest a Newco FC applying for entry into the SPL had any primacy over an application to the SFL.  In fact, an application to the SFL would not have to overcome the unfortunate objections of Dunfermline Athletic  – who pay their BBC licence fee and are worthy of due respect.

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  1. Faithfulthruandthru on

    correction! mathematical error


    Paul I heard wee chico stating this earlier this evening and thought to myself, what happened when Gretna went bust?



    Gretna were initially relegated to SFL (eventually 3rd division) went bust and applications were requested to replace them – Annan Athletic were successful and joined the SFL



    in the Rankers case, if they go bust there will be no relegation from the SPL as you state; a team would be promoted from the SFL to the SPL and there would be a space for a club to apply for membership of the SFL Division3.



    There you go Newco, there’s your dinner! – access to the SFL would surely be a formality – for the good of scottish football



    Hail Hail just do the math



    12 – 1 + 1 = 12 (no room at the inn)



    30 – 1 = 29 (space for one more over here!)

  2. What is the Stars on

    The Rangers forums are funny and sad right now,Still a few deluded fools though like this one who goes by the charming name of Millwall Loyal



    “Surely our assets far outweigh our debt? Why not remortgage One or both & then set out on a huge cost cutting drive. And if Whyte goes, surely with him goes the debt to Ticketus? Not a financial whizz kid obviously, am i missing something blatantly obvious here? ”



    Dont panic Mr Mannering

  3. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Tell All The Huns You Know,


    We’d Never Support A Newco,


    We’d Rather Go Shoppin’


    Let The Wife Do The Talkin’,


    And Turn Off The Football Scores.

  4. What are Celtic’s plans if on the 25th of March we have to play a team made up of mainly wee pee-the-bed 16 year old boys at Ibrox?

  5. I think we may well miss Paul McBride’s intellect and consummate knowledge of the Scottish legal system over the next few weeks. I never agreed with the man’s politics but I am glad he was on our side and not against us; he was a fearsome legal adversary. As stated I think Celtic may well require someone of his equal, if possible to find, to fight the undoubted shenanigans and rule bending that will now commence in an effort to either save Hatred FC or ensure that it’s spawn is allowed unimpeded re-entry into the SPL.

  6. Dammit!!!



    The sign off line should have read.



    ” I wish Fergus had been a bluenose.



    !*!%# IPad

  7. James Forrest is The Emperor of Ice Cream on

    Roll up … roll up …. Football club for sale.



    Buyers wanted for successful Glasgow football club. Holds the world record for trophies won (1). Has a loyal and vocal fanbase (2). Has an expensively assembled playing squad (3).



    Has a much loved manager with a high profile (4). Has good relationships with the media (5). A true Scottish institution with a reputation that goes before them (6).



    Has a large season ticket base (7), a world class training ground and youth academy (8) and a large and impressive stadium (9). Previous owners have been pillars of the business community (10), one of whom won a knighthood (11).



    Previous directors include well known players, members of the legal establishment (12) and international businessmen (13). The previous owner was a high-profile public figure (14).



    This represents a world class business opportunity, a chance to own something that has been a part of Scottish history. Offers over £10,000,000 (15) will be considered.






    (1) Some of their trophies are suspect, and subject to review. There is a chance they will be declared void.


    (2) The loyal and vocal fan-base includes a large number of sectarian bigots, who’s behaviour has seen the club fined and warned by UEFA. They are profoundly anti-Catholic, anti-Irish and have a sick fascination with child abuse.


    (3) The expensively assembled playing squad have all secured free transfers in the summer, due to a deal which kept the running costs down.


    (4) His profile is high because he used to be on the telly. He’s not up to much as a manager. He does, however, have a lot of mates in the media.


    (5) The relationship with the media is brilliant. But the media in question are lazy, incompetent and now largely irrelevant.


    (6) Like a number of other Scottish institutions (Carstairs, Barlinnie) it has floodlights and high walls. It’s reputation has suffered in recent years as a result of tax fraud, dumping debt, sectarian supporters and a number of other scandals.


    (7) The season tickets have been mortgaged to a finance company for the next three years.


    (8) The training ground is owned by a crook and the youth players belong to a private company.


    (9) The stadium is likely to be placed in escrow pending a number of legal battles.


    (10) With many failed businesses behind them.


    (11) David Murray, who’s knighthood is under threat pending possible criminal charges


    (12) Donald Findlay, defender of murderers, bigots, terrorists and who was kicked off the board for a sectarian karaoke session.


    (13) These include Dave King, a convicted tax fraudster in South Africa, who is currently facing a lengthy prison term for a variety of charges.


    (14) Craig Whyte. Need we say more?


    (15) At least that amount will be required to settle legal bills. We’re actually looking for closer to five times that much, and the same again will be needed to clear debts and roughly the same again to rebuild infrastructure. Oh and then we’ll need more for new players. And day to day running costs. And potential fines when our fans misbehave.



    We have a number of interested parties (although one was recently revealed to be nothing more than a group of rival supporters at the wind up). All offers will be considered, except those who’s names sound Irish, Italian or Catholic. Prospective buyers are asked to consider, and respect, a number of cultural norms, like the sacrificing of goats and the vilification of priests.



    This listing will be up until a buyer is found, or until liquidation proceedings commence.

  8. Jaysus, I’m getting RSI copying and pasting this into each new thread Paul.



    Reposted from yesterday- Jelly & Ice Cream Party at Swindon Town FC (party hats optional).


    A shout out to anyone in the Swindon area and beyond. There is a Charity ‘ An Evening with John Hartson’ event at Swindon Town FC on Thursday 22nd March 7pm. Price is £15 per ticket which includes supper, comedian and auction including Celtic items. Proceeds go to Great Western Hospital Breast Cancer Unit.



    Would be good to show BBJ the Celtic support in the area and what we think of a guy who donned the hoops and is now one us. If interested please leave a message on here and I will get Paul to send me your email.



    Pass the Parcel CSC

  9. Jeez! I wish I could write like James Forrest. In my head what I wrote was full of pathos and knowing nods for full blown tims…….. Never mind, still the best time of our lives…..

  10. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on



    Put out our U 19’s and tank them!

  11. The huns are like that wee dug in the walt disney film…you know that yin that skept oan its masters grave at Gray Friars…will they sit every saturday in the ibrox tesco car park or the dairy aisle?

  12. A point worth noting is that any Newco would need to be ready in weeks, not months. Any SFL vacancy would need to follow a process that couldn’t last much beyond May. They would need to have all teams in place well before the start of the season.

  13. Is it true that when Pele was knocked unconscious during a game, the trainer reported to the manager that Pele didn’t know who he was.



    The manager replied, “Tell him he’s Victor Wanyama and get him back on!!”

  14. Rangers cheating has gone that far back that the SPL have just confirmed that King James has been awarded the Battle of the Boyne

  15. Anybody know if there is any more info into the contract


    details of the huns high earners and if they are properly




    or do we just add this to the list of yet another way of


    deducting points off them.


    maybe they could be the first team to reach -100 pts


    in a season


    Vmhan congrats to you and Derryghirl


    Liquidise the ice cream and try a wee drop of everything

  16. !!Bada Bing!! Kano 1000 on

    There was more vermin protesting outside Poundland when they signed a Catholic,than the day they found out Whyte was shafting them and the Administrators moved in.Says it all about an organisation built on hatred,rather than the love of their own club.

  17. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on

    The gross hun (of “big hoose” fame) might pitch his tent in the middle of the “big store”

  18. Anyone clear this up for me,


    if a newco is formed with the same players,ground strip etc


    can the taxman and others pursue them for the oldcos debts

  19. Ellboy - I am Neil Lennon, YNWA. on




    Any chance a Newco could replace St Mirren in the SPL.



    St Mirren’s statement today seems a tad fishy, perhaps a deal is already in the works to buy St Mirren along with it’s SPL status.

  20. Funny how the bares always referred to us as the Kerrydale Street Accountants every time we brought up their finances in the last couple of years.



    Not laughing now ya bunch of feking imbeciles…

  21. themightyquinn on

    For Sale: £49 Miilion Tax Liability framed within a bottomless pit. No Time Wasters.

  22. Paul and others, you say it will take a long time for Newco’s people to do the necessary and you rightly add that Scottish Fitba needs to get used to this idea – a world without rangers for a significant length of time.



    My question….. are you or is anyone else aware of what clubs like Aberdeen, Hibs, DUFC or indeed others like the Mothers of Well are doing to prepare? Do they have the first clue? Are they standing idly by? Is anyone out there formulating a plan to fill the vacuum? Are they rubbing their hands Dick Dastardly style and looking to reap the abundant crop that has been fertilised by Rangers failure?



    I would hope so. I might sound like a broken record on this but I believe Celtic need strong and healthy competition (as a Celtic supporter I of course hope these strong challenges fail in the last few weeks of each season! But I think I could cope with two or three in a row and a good ‘New Firm’ or Hibs side picking up a league trophy if they are worthy of it)



    Who do you and others think are the ‘most likely to succeed’? Or am I in cloud Cuckoo land?

  23. Agent Craig "Green and" Whyte!! on

    The talk of newhunco having to aquire a ground,players, staff etc etc before appling for membership to the SFL.


    Well what about clubs already up and running and more than capable of playing in the SFL.One example being Spartans F.C. who applied along with Annan Athletic the last time a vacancy became available when Gretna folded.


    Surely it makes more sense to invite Spartans into the league.Rather than wait and hope newhunco get to the required level in time for the season starting.


    Newhunco then wait until the next vacancy comes up, which surely wont be long looking at the debt hearts are carrying.

  24. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Do HMRC have a say in how the assets are broken up to maximise return

  25. traditionalist88 on 7 March, 2012 at 20:05 said:


    Eyes Wide Open



    Will have a peek later, comedy gold some of it… this will keep ye going:



    “We dont lose our history. History isnt owned by a company. The history is held by the people who support the club.


    So what if were liquidated. GLASGOW RANGERS will still be playing at ibrox stadium. We’ll all still go and watch every week.”





    Wonder if they will still want their history when it becomes covered in Asterix’s (plural???) and a footnote saying Title stripped due to cheating. Or simply a succession of ‘Last Places’ and Eliminated from Cups by default/ cheating………



    If they know their History!

  26. Ellboy – I am Neil Lennon, YNWA. on 7 March, 2012 at 20:26 said:





    Any chance a Newco could replace St Mirren in the SPL.



    St Mirren’s statement today seems a tad fishy, perhaps a deal is already in the works to buy St Mirren along with it’s SPL status.




    records would surely then have to be changed to show that St Mirren won hunners of things

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