‘Only Newco option is SPL’ utter rubbish


Scottish Premier League chief executive, Neil Doncaster, yesterday told the BBC that no provision existed for a liquidated SPL club to reconvene as a Newco FC at the bottom of the Scottish Football League (reported at 1821 on their crisis timeline).

This is being grossly misreported to suggest that the only opportunity for a Rangers Newco to phoenix is to slip straight back into the SPL – completely and utterly untrue.

There is also no provision for a Newco FC to slip into the SPL.  Newco FC would be able to apply for membership to the Scottish Football League (where they would unquestionably be accepted) or the Scottish Premier League.

The default position when a club goes out of business in the Scottish Premier League is that the club that finishes bottom of the league at the end of the season escapes relegation.  As things stand, Dunfermline would remain an SPL club and Ross County would be promoted.

No moral, legal or football administrative argument has been made to suggest that Dunfermline will be relegated to allow a new club entry into the league.  None whatsoever.  Dunfermline Athletic will remain a SPL club if Rangers are liquidated.

The various parties seeking to phoenix Rangers would get the lawyers onto securing a stadium, scouting some part-timers, buying a ticketing system, applying for entry into the Scottish Football League and finding cash to employ stadium stewarding. This could take weeks but is more likely to take months or even years.

Football needs to get used to this idea.

Neil Doncaster did not suggest a Newco FC applying for entry into the SPL had any primacy over an application to the SFL.  In fact, an application to the SFL would not have to overcome the unfortunate objections of Dunfermline Athletic  – who pay their BBC licence fee and are worthy of due respect.

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  1. Paul67 et al



    I see some on here speculating that Rangers are gonna do the dastardly on the Saints. Not if wee Chic Jung gets to hear about, Chic will be very angry, very angry indeed and you know something, you do not want to see wee Chic when he is angry. He is like a blue miniature version of the Hulk!

  2. Magnificentseven on

    Messi….gonnie stope blessin’ yursel ……. it could be conscrued as ‘offensive’, and you wouldn’t be able to play for rankers at any stage of your career



    or the new team to be formed soon Saint Rangers :-)

  3. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Messi hattrick, no bad wee player but a bit too short :oD))

  4. OK, Messi might be the best player ever, after all.



    Jobo Baldie, cheers.



    bunburybhoy, agree.



    Row Z, loving that extended name of yours. Duff and Phelps are aiming in the dark.



    Lennon n Mc….Mjallby, cheers.



    bunburybhoy, Paypal donation works with Visa, you don’t need a Paypal account. Thanks.



    Som mes que un club, I hear you.



    West Wales Celt, indeed.



    ‘GG, agree.



    bambi, I think we hear what we want to hear sometimes.



    Angelgabriel, lots of unknowns.



    RalphWaldoEllison, cheers.



    Celtic Mac, well said.



    Gordon_J, then it’s down to the vote again, but Dunfermline, having paid their taxes, would have a good claim.



    SFFS, yes, using that word a lot these days.



    Faithfulthruandthru, indeed.



    celtfish, it’s a busy blog.



    Ellboy :-)



    RobertTressell, other clubs are playing cards close to their chests.

  5. The Ghood will prevail on

    Chick Young, Hugh Keevins et al are LIARS. They are trying to present an extrordinary meeting of the SPL to CHANGE ITS RULES as orthodox procedure. Paul is right, and the SFA could just as easily have a similar meeting to admit newhun at the bottom of D3.


    I don’t think their attempts to pave the way for a zombie rangers will come to much (for the reasons Paul illuminates, as well as countless others), but we must expose this attempt at skullduggery.


    Liquidate ’em.

  6. Messi gets his hat-trick with 41 minutes to play. Amazingly, for all 3 goals, the Bayer keeper was actually rooted to the spot and was unable to move in any direction. I have never seen a hat-trick like that before.

  7. Paul67,seeing as your about,


    can a newco who have the same players ground strip etc


    be pursued by the taxman or other creditors for any of the


    oldco debt

  8. As long as the Messi programme doesn’t interfere with any of the hilarious and essential midweek viewing (Scotland Tonight, Newsnight Scotland) I will most certainly tune in because the wee man is gallus and almost as good as Brian McClair




  9. Tom McLaughlin on 7 March, 2012 at 20:54 said:



    How good is Messi?!! A footballing genius….a joy to watch on a day we are preoccupied by a club renowned for anti-football.



    Hail Hail

  10. Len Brennan (This is the End)…….ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC…wonderful song, and it fits the scene perfectly. Best thing I’ve heard/seen for years.

  11. I’ve heard that there’s a general sale of tickets on Friday for the LC final.


    First come, first served. Season ticket holders only.




  12. Tom McLaughlin on 7 March, 2012 at 20:54 said:


    Messi gets his hat-trick with 41 minutes to play. Amazingly, for all 3 goals, the Bayer keeper was actually rooted to the spot and was unable to move in any direction. I have never seen a hat-trick like that before.




    Tom ,I thought you were old enough to remember


    Peter McCloy.

  13. For anyone who tunes in to the Comedy Shows on Radio – does any ‘expert’ on there ever suggest that the Huns should PAY THE BLOODY TAXES they owe to the country?!

  14. Magnificentseven on

    gordybhoy64 on 7 March, 2012 at 20:55 said:




    Paul67,seeing as your about,


    can a newco who have the same players ground strip etc


    be pursued by the taxman or other creditors for any of the


    oldco debt




    the answer to that is yes!!! they can’t just shut down and open up again as the same entity without being chased for the debt…………………..hence the buy St Mirren ploy perhaps

  15. Paul67



    If you were in a senior position at Celtic just now what would be on your mind regards the position Rangers find themselves in and how properly they should be treated by the football authorities in this country?

  16. My boys team won the primary 7 Southside Catholic Schools League or something like that. The newco wouldn’t have to travel far which would save money and I think they might make it more competitive.


    Providing they held on to their best players.

  17. Paul67:



    Your latest thread infers an escalation of your stance of no liquidation by Friday. I happen to agree, the wheels could be set in motion on Friday but it will not be the day.



    A few thoughts from a learned friend of mine who is well placed to understand what the implications are as a result of Dubbs and Phelps statement today. From what they tell me, liquidation will happen and why…read on…



    No one will buy Rangers. Someone may buy the trade and assets. But no one is going to take on indeterminate debt to HMRC, a confused debt position with Ticketus, a cashflow structure that guarantees a loss of £4 million before net season, no European football and not least a hopelessly deficient football squad. The only sensible thing to do is buy what assets there are and start again.



    To clarify in case there is any misunderstanding the sale of trade assets can be sold before liquidation but only as a precursor to liquidation. The Newco buy the assets and starts up Oldco pays dividends on monies raised.



    Do you think this can only mean one thing, liquidation?



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  18. Magnificentseven,


    cheers for your reply,just trying to close as many doors


    as i can to any newco swanning back in

  19. It’s been mentioned before tonight – we owe it to all the Celtic supporters no longer with us to get these tainted titles scratched from history; to any plonker such as Mingwall who tells you that the rankers ‘supporters’ own the history and not the legal entity, well, posting a link to the honours page of the UEFA or SPL website for any newco will suffice. When I was wee the best part of the Panini sticker book was the roll of honours under the foil club badge – the true litmus test of a clubs history, and the Celts’ will grow exponentially very soon!! HH

  20. Age does not diminish the extreme disappointment of having a scoop of ice cream fall from the cone :-(

  21. Auld Neil Lennon heid on




    What Donacaster said was the SPL Board would vote on a Newco. What the media made of that was quite different. I posted yesterday morning after Doncaster appeared on Talksport.



    What is required is absolute clarity on the process. I know questions have been asked but the stance is wait and see if the situation arises. I thank that stance can now be challenged, (as you are now highlighgting).



    From yesterday



    Listening to Doncaster on Talksport he has not been clear on who actually votes a Newco into the SPL. He said the SPL Board but this has to be questioned (as I know MWD has).and clarified.



    Keys and Gray summed it up as Newco starting back in the SPL, they are ignorant of the values issues (being so steeped in the business end it is like explaining a charity flag purchase to a merchant banker) but this whole idea that an SPL parachute is a foregone conclusion has to be challenged at every step.



    Clarity from Doncaster would help.




    I sent this to Keys and Gray



    ” When Mr Doncaster said a vote to allow Rangers 2012 would be for the SPL Board that is not what the rules provide for.



    In a matter as serious as this which risks contravening the sporting integrity values of UEFA the other SPL clubs should have a say (and the rules allow this) that will direct the SPL Board.



    Dunfernline are unlikely to vote to be relegated and Celtic are certainly not going to vote on integrity grounds (ask them) so it is anything but a foregone conclusion Rangers 2012 will be allowed straight back into the SPL.



    It was wrong of you to give that impression. I can appreciate that the business end of soccer often overules the sporting end but without sporting integrity there is no business.



    I suggest you get a researcher to check the rules and ask the SPL to clarify.



    This is a story.”

  22. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!..Truth and Justice will always prevail on


  23. 'crushed nuts?' 'Naw, Layringitis!' on

    duff: hey, phelps, watcha doin’?


    phelps: trying to ‘phone mcgregor to talk about a wage cut but this number doesn’t work!


    duff: no wonder! that’s not a phone number that’s his other pay-line!

  24. Dublinbhoy –



    Yes, it’s nice to be able to talk about football, great players and goals again. 5-0 now. Messi has 4.



    Voguepunter –



    Naw, I don’t remember McCloy scoring a hat-trick.

  25. Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon on 7 March, 2012 at 20:34 said:


    So where is the mass Save The Huns movement? Where are the millions raised through their wee web site? Where are the plans for the future?





    The ‘We Deserve Better’ Campaign never really did take off.



    I think a psychologist would have a field day with their banners and slogans surrounding the mess they are in.



    ‘We deserve better’ – pretty much a cry out for someone ELSE to do something to save them. As Phil Mac said – they love to follow a leader, they don’t like to do any leading. It’s the same psyche that has left Protestant Working Classes in Belfast and the rest of Ireland lagging behind in education – while heavy industry that sustained them was falling down around their ears despite years of government subsidy, they did nothing to read the signs and encourage their children to go down a different, erm, route.



    Meanwhile in Belfast and in Glasgow the communities most likely to suffer barriers to employment recognised that there would be no ‘gifts’ and got themselves organised and educated. And they kept asking questions and looking for answers.



    Of course I generalise a bit here but the Rangers minded like to complain but don’t like to act. They like to believe that the ‘ruling classes’ from shipyard owners to football directors will ‘sort it all out’. They want a Whyte Knight or a blue Knight (Jaysus, even the name of their ‘rescue consortium’ is a psychologists dream!) to ride over the hill and shoot down the baddies for them. In Belfast they had the British Army and the RUC, in Glasgow they’ve had the much less well armed but equally effective at what they do SFA, Press, Council and Masonic Ludge…….



    Idea for a campaign name:



    ‘We’re gettin’ whit we deserve!’

  26. The bould Hector’s bhoys….. Tá ár lá anois on 7 March, 2012 at 20:58 said:


    Senor Messi


    …..Alright we know your the best no need to show off and act aw gallus.


    Nobody likes a smartarse son.


    ITV4 tonight @ 10.00 — Messi : World’s Greatest




    He can’t be he is only 5’7″. According to some CQNers one needs to be a strapping 6’2″ to be a soccer player. Small players are nay use ;-)

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