Operation relieve the gullible of £411 each underway


“My father wasn’t at all keen on me becoming a Rangers supporter.  He was a Glasgow policeman and because of that he resented the whole football scene in Glasgow.  ‘He was actually very anti-football.  When we were kids growing up he was very vocal on his dislike of the bigotry in football.  The police in Glasgow at that time saw it as a basis for thuggery.

“My father took me to that first game reluctantly…”

Dave King, shooting the breeze with the Daily Mail in March last year.

“Like all of you who read this letter, I have always taken pride in being a Rangers supporter. It is something I inherited from my father who, in turn, inherited the legacy from my grandfather. This is what Rangers fans do. We pass on our pride and belief in Rangers to our children.”

Dave King’s letter to the season ticket marketing database last week.

One of the two statements is probably true, although with Dave, who knows?  South African judge, Brian Southwood, referred to King as a “glib and shameless liar”.  Despite this, the SFA decided he was an appropriate person to run a football club, free to send out messages like this, with the objective of relieving fans of an average of £411 per person.  This is what happens when you enable people already branded a shameless liar, what do you expect?

I hope the SFA and Trading Standards are alerted to what’s going on, don’t leave it until it’s too late.

I’m waiting for new of the Ben Nevis Huddle, which should have taken place at the peak of the mountain in the last hour.  Over 80 people set out on the climb this morning to raise funds for the Celtic Foundation – to feed the hungry, provide shelter for the homeless and help others in need.

It’s a magnificent Celtic effort.  My wee brother’s up there, you can give his fundraising a pound or two here.  Thank you.

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  1. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    Was just looking at the Scotland away strip.



    It’s like something your maw would order for your old man out of a 1970’s Littlewoods catalogue.

  2. The Battered Bunnet on

    I expect there’ll shortly be


    a Sheriff7CSC



    „it is completely unnecessary, a ridiculous over-reaction and a wrong reaction which allowed the people who caused the trouble to avoid responsibility and turned the attention to the supporters. The Rangers players and their manager were the ones responsible … it‟s extraordinarily restrictive and far-reaching‟ (Sheriff 7).



    Lots of views, lots of stats, lots of reading, if reading’s your thing:



    The Evaluation of the OBAFTC Act: http://www.gov.scot/Resource/0047/00479049.pdf

  3. The hand of God on

    Posted a big speil at the end of the last thread cant be bothered doing it again but thankyou for your thoughts on today’s match.

  4. Delaneys Dunky on

    Hoping that Broony leads Scotland to victory today.


    Suspect it will be 1-1 though.

  5. A proven glib and shameles liar. Why the orcs believe his fantasies is a modern mystery.

  6. Gerryfaethebrig on

    P67 are you suggesting Dave might be just be getting his “stories” mixed up, I think that letter could have been signed by D. Murray, C Whyte, C Green or a.n. other over the decades…..



    Enjoy the game today fellow Celtic (Scotland/Ireland) fans

  7. Paul 67…



    I find it strange that king stayed in castlemilk with his dad being in the police, most where housed in more affluent areas, in the houses on the way up to castlemilk at the army barracks.

  8. C E L T I C



    Football season finished for me in May


    Not got the slightest bit of interest in Internationals, no matter who plays


    Just hope all our players involved get a decent wee break before starting to compete for a European Cup place



    Hail Hail

  9. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Been away for a week or so. Anyone care to give a synopsis of what has been happening over Ibrox way ? Would be appreciated.





  10. Paul67 et al



    Ben Nevis is indeed a special place, a sacred place. With that in mind it is to be hoped our doughty climbers, avoid the fate of those young women in Malaysia, by keeping their kit on!

  11. Delaneys Dunky on




    Is he really from Castlemilk?


    Was his father a copper?


    Is he a football supporter?


    Is he a glib and shameless liar?


    I only know the answer to the last question.

  12. the hand of god



    13:56 on 13 June, 2015


    Thankyou for the replies guys.Was speaking to a Scotland fan who was on my train this morning and was heading over to Dublin for the game I told him that i was a Celtic fan and that i used to go and watch Scotland also but gave up.I informed him that all my Celtic supporting friends all wanted a Scotland win in an attempt to dispel the theory that most Celtic fans would want an Ireland win.I also said that i think that most of the Scotland fans that travel are most likely fans of smaller clubs who enjoy Scotland away trips as their own clubs are unlikely to qualify for European competitions i believe its a similar situation in England.If Scotland don’t win its no big deal for me and i would wish Ireland well.Thanyou for your thoughts.

  13. The Battered Bunnet on

    Saying nothing. Nothing at all…



    “The key challenge in measuring the impact of the Act is that the very fixtures


    associated with its introduction (namely the derby between Rangers and Celtic)


    ceased to occur after Rangers Football Club PLC went into liquidation, and the


    newly re-formed club joined the Scottish third division for the 2012-13 season.”



    That’s the Authors, btw.

  14. A bout of illness has kept me off the pages for a while, I guess that some will be hoping it continues!



    Anyhow, I read the propaganda surrounding the OB act and the sound of the Scottish press falling in line en masse.



    As you know I believe Scotland is an institutionally racist society. It has a major problem with irishness and Catholicism. The stories surrounding the OB act confirm this wholeheartedly for those who now doubt (along with the morrow report which is racist in tone and belief despite it trying to hide behind academic language).



    The statistics produced by police scotland are hand picked but to a man the media report them as gospel. The SNP, filled with arrogance and bluster eagerly gobble up this guff having effectively commissioned it in the first place to get the answer they wanted.



    Look behind the statistics and you see the truth. Catholicism is the main target of offences but nothing is said about that. Convictions are horrendously low.



    Scotland en masse does not want to admit it’s problem with Irish Catholicism. So it will do anything to deal with not having to discuss it. That includes criminalising Irish Catholics, losing statistics, making up other statistics, commissioning reports to justify its stance etc.



    Scotland is an insipid, disgraceful country. I only heard a bit of Mhari black on BBC off the ball but I betcha she wasn’t asked about her public views on Celtic supporters.



    That’s why I find it hard to support the Scotland team. The racism is there too.





    That’s why IT departments exist. Now,if only I could get mine to work nights…

  16. DD…



    My mates went to the same school as him and yes it was castlemilk, meeting up for a beer later and will ask them. Btw all bar one are Celtic men.



    Ps, one of them was nipping his sister ;))

  17. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    From the last editorial……… “We are the club of the underdog, a beacon for the downtrodden, a place where they will find a welcome. ” ………………………………………………………………………………………………………Do I really have to support Rangers?

  18. TBB,



    You might hate it but I don’t even know what pdf formatting is.



    By the bye,



    I said first thing this morning that I was hoping Scotland win this evening.

  19. Here’s a new name in the frame :-) never heard of him before



    Celtic are continuing to pursue defender Zouhair Feddal, who is expected to be on the move from current club Parma this summer.



    Feddal has impressed Bhoys boss Ronny Deila, who wants to add to his squad in advance of Celtic’s Champions League qualifying campaign.



    He has already signed one defender in the form of Dedryck Boyata from Manchester City, but may lose Virgil van Dijk, who has asked Celtic to consider any offers submitted for him this summer.



    According to Italian outlet CalcioNews24, Celtic are continuing to chase Feddal ahead of a potential swoop

  20. Sipsini


    Spot on regarding the GASL probable location . A stones through away from Christ The King but right next to the local UNDERTAKER lol !


    How appropriate eh ;)

  21. Hi Paul67,



    I think the aul Comte St. Germaim had a more straight forward exist than DC King. Nothing seems as it is….



    Someone posted t’uther day (apologies can’t remember who) that Dave King was not on the Board and not officially Chairman of RIPLC



    Well, DCK EGM no show got me wondering, so I checked, it seems there is some evidence to suggest that DCK is Chairman of RIPLC.



    Often from impeccable sources (cough) the SMSM, the Club site, Wikipedia….



    Yet when you look for something official not so clear.



    On the Companies paperwork D I Park is the last Director to be appointed. It can take some time for these changes to be made so looked up RIPLC website. They have the current Board of Directors….






    But no D C King…



    Well maybe they just make sure they update wiki before the official site?



    Or maybe the RIFC (interim) Chairman was in attendance after all and maybe he was chairing the meeting?






    Hail Hail

  22. At a loose end before game,searched braybhoy celtic on youtube,some of the video’s that laddies posted are magnificent,shed a few tears watching.


    Just reminds me that being a celtic supporter is such a wonderful privilege.



    Hail hail.

  23. BMCUWP: That lad got in touch, thanks. Meeting up with him within the hour.



    C’mon Ireland, but respect to Scotland if they win.



    Enjoy the match, off to the Blatterdome.

  24. Delaneys Dunky on




    Has he always had the red eye look of one eye going to the shops and the other returning wi the change? :)

  25. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on



    14:11 on


    13 June, 2015


    A bout of illness has kept me off the pages for a while, I guess that some will be hoping it continues!





    Deary me negs,glad yer on the mend,but ffs lighten up.

  26. The Battered Bunnet on




    Scotland has a problem with “The Other”, irrespective of ethnicity, colour, religion, sexuality, gender or ability.



    Let’s go Quantitative for a minute



    Incidents of specifically anti-Catholic and anti-Irish hate crime represent a drop in the ocean of Hate Crime more widely.



    In the majority of charges and convictions in which the direction of offence was towards Catholic or Irish identity, the ‘victim’ was a public sector worker, typically the Emergency Services or NHS staff, or employees in Retail and Transport sectors.



    The offences were motivated by hatred of the PRESUMED identity of the victim, not the specified identity.



    Since figures were first collated – 2004 – 22% (TWENTY TWO PERCENT) of persons from a BME community have been the victim of a Hate Crime. In a year or two a quarter of BME identity people living in Scotland will have been the victim of hate.



    Crimes committed motivated by hatred towards the presumed Sexuality of the victim are considerably more prevalent than Religious hate.



    More disabled people are victims of Hate Crime each year in Scotland than Catholics.



    Now, granted, there are no specific football clubs who have a tradition or fan base characterised by the exclusion of Disabled or Gay or BME groups.



    Neither are there ‘cultural groups’ restricted to Able, Heterosexual, Whites who ‘march’ 400 times every year, beating their drums and proclaiming their White, Able Heterosexuality.



    But I respectfully suggest that, in light of consistent data year after year, the problems of Discrimination in Scotland are greatly more apparent than a narrow Anti-Catholic and anti-Irish definition.



    If Scotland is institutionally racist, the racism is indiscriminate. We seem to hate pretty much everyone.

  27. Delaneys Dunky on




    Hope you and Iain have a great day and Scotland claim 3 points.


    Wearing my United Irishmen CSC shirt today and hoping to meet Antipodean Red who is home in Clydebank.







    ‘We seem to hate pretty much everyone.’



    Aye. Pretty much,as you say.



    Which is why it is such a concern that so much time and effort is spent tackling relatively minor breaches of the law.



    Common decency to your fellow man should be a given,not a bliddy surprise.

  29. GerryBhoy


    13:59 on


    13 June, 2015


    A proven glib and shameles liar. Why the orcs believe his fantasies is a modern mystery.



    Why wouldn’t THEY?


    THEY have happily believed every other cheque book waving chancer to come THEIR way.


    You can bet that THEY have swallowed hook line and sinker yesterday’s crap about transparency. We will see how far that one flies when THEY ask for a fan’s director on the Ibrox Board.


    Just as at CP under those circumstances, commercial confidentiality will become soon become the order of the day at Ibrox.

  30. coolmore mafia on

    Battered Bunnet – super post. My experience is that blacks are abused in the street by strangers before they are in primary school.

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