Opportunity for squad to prove their worth tonight


Team selection for tonight’s game will be a big call for Brendan Rodgers. His desire to get players fully match fit will be tempered with the need for limbs to rest. I expect to see a much-changed side against Kilmarnock, perhaps with Kundai Benyu, Kristoffer Ajer and Eboue Kouassi getting a start.

There is a risk in dropping top players, especially in cup competitions, but some risks have to be taken.

The other important matter is the getting the sugar in our tea, otherwise known as Leigh Griffiths, on full sharpness for next week’s visit of Astana. I’d expect Leigh to get an hour tonight.


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  1. A cross from the right … A shot on the volley … Hits the bar … A header … A save.



    What a stramash … !

  2. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Come on the Hoops!



    Progress in the Cup tonight is today’s top priority…others will follow soon thereafter :-)









  3. Musical umbrellas …to be discontinued…



    Sound of silence is underated smiley thing




  4. BobbyM-Dessy


    I have no idea if it was someone within the club or not who silenced him, someone did.


    When he came out with the stuff I was delighted,I thot that finally the sfa et all would get the cleansing it needed, he sounded serious to me so why not go through with it, had he hoped others would take up the mantle and only to see nothing happening you would have thot he would have gone back to finish the job, No.


    Whatever, I am not getting exited, heard it all before.



  5. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Yes, tonight on ‘The Price is Right’. Jimmy Calderwood, Come on Down. David Murray, Come on Down.


    Lets join our host for an evening of blatant cheating, Lets hear it for, Walturd ‘The Satanic Cardihun’ Smiff.


    Ye couldnae make it up.







  6. Paul67



    Its a fine balance in these games.



    But wholesale changes are dangerous.



    I think we’ll see a good few tonight though because we have a tough schedule and the big El Glassico coming up on Friday.



    Kouassi should get a game tonight as it appears he’s unlucky not to feature more often, similarly ‘contract rebel’ Stuart Armstrong may find himself starting to allow Ntcham freshness for Friday.



    Tom Rogic needs to stretch his long legs, Anthony Ralston is champing at the bit, and three games in a week is too much for Lustig, but Griff might be mothballed for early SFA cup encounters.



    Tickets £15 CSC

  7. BSR




    As a naive teenager, I used to pile the cash into the puggy machines in the pub. Wouldn’t think anything of sticking a fiver in. ( don’t seem much now but when you’re earning £25 per week or so it was too much)






    An older uncle of mine, a proper gentleman he was too, said to me one day:



    ” did you know slot machines is an anagram of – ‘ cash lost in me’?



    I didn’t actually but have never forgotten that!! Odd the things that stick in your mind from 40 years ago when you can’t remember what you had for breakfast this morning!





    Charlie Tully? Charles Patrick Tully?



    Oh,my Dad would have killed for that!



    His all-time Hoooops hero,in days when heroes were few.



    Try to get over for 11/11 and you can tell that tale to his face,and watch it go the colour of our favourite team with envy!!!!!

  9. embramike supporting Res 12 on





    All good things come to those who wait and beware the wrath of a patient man!!


    Thanks BRTH – just rankles me that a decision was made when a key fact was subject to appeal.


    In making the journey from man patient to patient man, I found both give much time to think !

  10. I’m not going tonight. This tie is exactly why I decided not to sign up to the HCTS. Clubs like Kilmasonic will never again benefit from any of my green pounds.


    Is it 50% of the gate they waltz away with?

  11. Celtic will win 4-0 tonight regardless of who plays.


    I reckon this side would win 4-0















    De Vries












  12. Gordon


    Lustig Ajer Tierney


    Eboue Armstrong


    Gamboa McGregor Rogic Hayes





    Bench DeVries Bitton Ralston Benyu Ntcham Sinclair Forrest



    3-1 Griffiths 2 and Rogic

  13. Bateen Bhoy ***STRIP THE TITLES*** on

    Hope all the CQN youngsters and their parents waiting for exam results all received good news today – especially Philboy, who will by now, hopefully, still have fingers left.


    Hail Hail to the next generation. ( and remember the kind wishes of an auld mannie when you come to power )



  14. Thanks Stinger Bell, Jimmy Calderwood’s interview sounds more like a ‘Gatling Gun’ than a ‘smoking gun’.



    Smoke and mirrors as usual. PL now back at the SFA, who then ask CQN for the secret dossier…and then seize the evidence ? :))



    Watch this space?? Seems like we’ve been down this road before.






    I found this while researching SFA Procedures (they’re probably a secret…)


    A good trip down memory lane over a coffee though.


    Seven years old too.



    Scottish Football Association: Stench of Corruption Lies Over the Scottish Game




    OCTOBER 29, 2010



    Ask yourself what you would think, if a colleague, in a report on his or her own actions, lied. Not made a mistake, not got a minor detail wrong, but lied?



    Now ask yourself, what would you think if his or her supervisor, and manager helped compile this false report?



    You’d be forgiven for thinking there was something dishonest, if not downright corrupt going on. Yet this is exactly what has transpired in Scotland today.



    Now it’s a stock-in-trade of Scottish sports hacks that Celtic fans are paranoid. Over a long number of years their fans have complained about institutional bias against their club and in favour of bitter rivals Rangers. This is easily dismissed by the footballing establishment in Scotland as typical Celtic paranoia.



    Celtic fans have coined a new phrase to describe the seemingly endless series of controversial decisions over the past three seasons which have benefited only one club – “Honest Mistakes.” An echo of the stock defence trotted out by the media in Scotland to explain even the most controversial of decisions going against the Parkhead club.



    The problem for Celtic fans in proving this bias is that it is just conceivable that these decisions really are honest mistakes. Referees have a split-second in which to make their decisions and with no recourse to the dozens of slow motion replays from every conceivable angle the fans get to review on their television screens.



    Referees are only human and they do make mistakes. There appears to be a statistical anomaly in that so many of these mistakes disadvantage Celtic and/or help Rangers, but deniability is always there.



    Until two weeks ago on Sunday that is. With Celtic tied at 1-1 with Dundee Utd, a collision in the penalty box between Celtic’s Gary Hooper and Dundee Utd goalkeeper Dusan Pernis saw referee Dougie McDonald point to the spot and award Celtic a penalty kick. Incredibly, McDonald then reversed his decision.



    What followed seemed to provide the smoking gun moment Celtic fans have long sought.



    The following morning, SFA Head of Refereeing Development Hugh Dallas, himself no stranger to controversial decisions going against Celtic, appeared in the press defending McDonald, who, Dallas claimed, had changed his mind on the advice of assistant referee Steven Craven.



    Dallas very clearly stated that Craven had intervened, calling McDonald over to tell him it was not a penalty. Dallas claimed that Craven, some 30 yards away from the incident, had a better view than McDonald, who was no more than 5 yards away.



    There are two things wrong with Dallas’ account. First of all, assistant referees are not allowed to intervene where a referee has seen an incident and dealt with it. Therefore, Craven would have had no business calling the referee to tell him he was wrong.



    Secondly, Steven Craven then denied initiating the conference with McDonald and promptly resigned in protest.



    The plot then thickens. In his report on the match, Referee Observer Jim McBurney wrote:



    “At the immediate post match discussion when I asked why Mr McDonald ran over to AR2 [Craven] I was told that the assistant had communicated via the headset shouting ‘Dougie, Dougie’.”



    So in the public domain, in the four or five days following the match, we have both the SFA’s Head of Refereeing Development, AND the SFA’s Referee Match Observer claiming that assistant referee Steven Craven had, in contravention of the role of the assistant referee as specified by FIFA, intervened in the penalty incident to inform McDonald that no penalty should be awarded.



    Following on from Steven Craven’s resignation, and a letter from Celtic FC requesting clarification as to why the orignial decision to award them a penalty was rescinded, new SFA Chief Executive Stewart Regan launched an inquiry into the incident which reported today.



    Regan completed his inquiry earlier this week, and, having no competency to discipline referees, handed his findings to the SFA Referees Committee to deal with. A committee composed, with just one exception, entirely of ex-referees; friends and former colleagues of McDonald.



    The Referee Committee reported today (29th October 2010) and its findings truly are astonishing. Its statement read:



    “As is appropriate in these circumstances, Dougie, unprompted, decided to approach the assistant referee, Steven Craven, who had assumed the required position for the taking of the penalty…”



    So the SFA report into the incident contradicts the explanation of the incident advanced by the Head of Refereeing Development, AND the SFA’s own match observer. Yet incredibly, McDonald remains unpunished, being merely issued with a, “warning,” over his failure to, “articulate,” properly the role played by Craven in the decision, and his conversation with the official match observer.



    Let’s forget for a moment whether Celtic should have been awarded a penalty or not. That is not the issue here. The issues are, WHY did the referee change his mind, and why are there inconsistencies in the official story?



    Sources also tell me that SFA Chief Executive Stewart Regan is privately seething about how the Referee Committee has dealt with McDonald. He had recommended that either McDonald be allowed to resign with the SFA’s best wishes, OR that he be dismissed.



    One thing is certain. We have not heard the last of this matter. A Scottish referee took the highly unusual step of changing his mind over an important, game-changing decision, and has fabricated events in his report. This also encompasses not only the referee, but the Head of Refereeing Development and the Referee Observer, all three of whom claimed that Craven initiated the decision to reverse the penalty award, which the Referee Committee themselves have denied.



    The statement issued by the Referee Committee today amounts to, “there was a cover-up, but we’re not going to do anything about it.”



    Something is rotten at the heart of the Scottish Football Association.

  15. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Billy Bhoy



    I took that decision myself.


    They can keep their pies and their aprons:)


    Disgusting Killie Cheats.




  16. Bateen Bhoy ***STRIP THE TITLES*** on

    Twists N Turns,


    sorry, I’d have you on the bench tonight ( if you’ll pardon the expression ) ready to be an impact sub, with 2 minutes of injury time to go. – I’d go with someone younger – Oldtim, maybe – to start…. :-)

  17. If you put a party hat on a horse it doesn’t become a unicorn, especially if that horse was called “match-fixing”.



    No point looking going down the woods looking for things that are not real.




    Darkfish from the HB. One of the best posters on celtic forums:



    What you have to realise is that over the last few years people have become incredibly annoyed with the shit that has gone on over the past 20 odd years and have gone on personal crusades to gather and accumulate materials that in isolation gave tiny insights into what how the game was rigged, and who was at the heart of it.



    Over the past few years, all of these anecdotal stories, facts and evidence have aggregated, people have collaborated, the jigsaw starts to form, and only now is it becoming crystal clear that there has been a concerted and secretive naarrative and execution that still pervades today. There was a financial doping scandal operating for years, and everyone knew about it. The SFA, the SPFL, and all the member clubs. Play ball or be destroyed was the message. It still is.



    Fortunately, there is an electronic footprint, and some documentation and audio evidence, that proves collusion in what has happened over the last 12 years.



    Its all gonna come out in the wash.



    The Judicial Review is Plan A.



    Plans B, C, D and E are also in place because we know the dice is loaded. Of course it is. But critically we know who is involved, complicit, compromised and corrupt.



    We’ll get them. It’ll take time, and mucho stealth but we’ll play them at the game they thought they ran.



    We woont be shy on info or funds either, so buckle up and enjoy.



    If you thought Craig Whytes trial was entertaining, you aint seen nothing yet.

  19. Looking forward to the game tonight. Rodgers will make changes with Friday nights game in mind.



    It’s all about the bass and treble, need to get the mixture right.



    3-1 the good guys, Hayes double.





    Can of worms,a rotten institution from bottom to top.



    They’ve got away with it for years,your bullets cannot harm me.



    Like every other conspiracy it only needs an in,something to break the wall of silence.



    But by ‘eck we’ve waited a while.



    I firmly believe the levee will break. I have to.



    But sometimes I recall the John Cleese comment-



    It’s not the despair. And it’s not just Everton fans,they’ve got off lightly!




  21. glendalystonsils on

    Just about everything sent over the airwaves is forensically recoverable, or so I believe. Who needs a paper trail?


    Just follow the stench.

  22. why is cqn allowing itself to be used?a build up to exposing corruption the nothing, yeah we are paranoid i will get to the back of the bus

  23. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Now you can see why CELTIC played this young boy tonight!


    Jimmy another hero in the days of black and white TV.

  24. BMCUWPs,



    Electronic footprints are better than Santa’s… :)




    I hope all’s well with the family.



    Thanks for the ‘head-up’ about the Exam Results in Scotland today. E mails sent.


    Ireland’s are next week, fingers crossed.




  25. For those of you that have Twitter, type Patrick Roberts into the search engine then open the ‘latest’ tab. The sheer volume of mentions of his name is incredible.

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