Ordinary looking Celtic fail to show


Despite a remarkably solid defensive record, we have lost four and three goals on our two visits to Ibrox this season, although two of yesterday’s goals were lost with a two man deficit.  We were deservedly a goal down before Cha Du-Ri was ordered off and the contest irrevocably skewed.  Several Celtic players looked panicked from the opening minutes and it wasn’t until Kris Commons started to menace the Rangers midfield that we appeared comfortable in possession.

Until then, we looked pretty ordinary.

After a remarkably consistent run of games that ensured this season’s league title is Celtic’s, two big games, which could each have delivered a trophy, have been lost.

The drive to the line which is needed for teams to fulfil their potential is not there yet. It will come. Days like yesterday, months like October, are what team building is all about.

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  1. googybhoy



    I posted earlier about Walker



    He is an utter disgrace. Proclaims to be a Celtic supporter



    He is nothing of the sort. I have never seen him stick up for the club



    He actually said Murray had a good game!

  2. So the way this is going Celtic may have to wait to KIlmarnock to win the league.


    Is Michael Johnston going to supply over 3 stands to Celtic fans wishing to attend? OR, will it be “we couldn’t do that after the outcry last year when we done it for Rangers”?.


    Should this game be boycotted?

  3. The team is still full of potential but we are high on quantity and low on quality in too many areas. We need to ship out a dozen plus in the summer and add 3-4 first team players who will add to the 7-8 we already have, then put more trust on our promising youngsters than we currently do. Centre half, playmaker and striker are a must and the goalkeeper situation needs to be sorted on a permanent basis. We have 10 players out of contract in the summer so the clear out could happen easier than in previous summers but there are still too many ‘mistakes’ hanging around and draining the wage budget.


    Double this season, treble next.

  4. Sixteen roads to Golgotha on

    Hopefully the next time we play will be the last time,but we need to put right a few wrongs before they sink into liquidation.



    I want to see them humiliated one last time.It is my wish to see them crushed and destroyed on the hallowed turf of Celtic Park,before we say bye bye to them forever.



    I am not going to say that I hate anyone,or anything – I do not hate – hate is a wasted emotion,but they do try me.



    Everything about them makes me sick to the pit of my stomach,their referees in particular.



    It’s cheating,the most blatant cheating that you will ever witness.



    I am counting down the days until the next fixture against those degenerate parasites.

  5. Watchin the hun celebrate their goals yesterday bemused me. It was like they where there for the title party? From what ive been told today that game yesterday put us firmly in our place. Its as if by beating us everything is alright in their land.

  6. Listening to Lenny’s pre match interview on Radio Scotland he sounded strange, not up for it at all. He was quite downbeat. The team then came out and played exactly how he sounded.



    With the Cha sending off a better referee would perhaps have let that one go for the sake of the game. Putting Celtic down to 10 men, so early, ruined the occasion. However by the laws of the game it was a red. For the reason above a lot of refs wouldn’t have done it, he was correct to do so and if that had been the other way around I would have been screaming for the Rangers player to be ordered off.



    Outball. That word sickens me. It sums up the pathetic excuse for football we have in this country. The club they are so desperate to try and save set out yesterday a la Wimbledon. Pump a long ball up to a thug hoping for a knock on or a free kick. That is not football and that sort of tactic is what is keeping our league in the dark ages as it is nigh on impossible to play actual football against that.



    I am trying to comfort myself with the the fact that in the grand scheme of things, in a stadium where their security officials could not guarantee the safety of our manager, it is perhaps for the best we didn’t win….I am not managing to persuade myself with that yet but maybe by Wednesday I will. Had we won yesterday a lot of young lads would have lost their lives in the afternoon and evening. Maybe that was the real victory?



    C’est la vie. We were founded for charitable causes, we can call this our final act of charity for Der Hun as all they now have in their limited future is pain.

  7. I read BBC Shortbread account of match and statistics. We had 3 shots on target. I counted 3 saves from McGregor in first half from Sammi and Stokes (twice). I thought we scored 2 goals as well. Maybe Brother Callum changed the stats?

  8. CultsBhoy loves being 1st on

    I banged on about this relentlessly for last 3 horrible seasons. We need a mature on field leader. We didn’t buy one. We didn’t invest but we paid the price.


    I honestly believe had we speculated we would have won our last 2 games and probably last 3 titles. Notwithstanding MIB interference..


    Kari Arnason is the ticket.

  9. Looked to me like we underestimated the huns, and by the time we realised we had to step it up Murray had already done his duties. Combination of inexcusable lethargy from us and outrageous masonry from Brother Callum meant that we were never going to get the win. Offsides, elbows to heads and several tackles from behind on Sammy all ignored.



    Despite that, was proud of how we rallied, and the fans were magnificent. We’ll still win the league and the huns are still going to die. Eyes on the prize.



    And seriously, Lenny advised not to sit in the Directors Box for his OWN SAFETY? The DIRECTORS BOX?? In 2012?



    That year again: Twenty-twelve. Depressing doesn’t even begin to cover it.

  10. greenjedi from previous blog at 09:16:



    Celtic should go to the 10 clubs and agree 100% with a fair split of the TV money. Its simple really divide the amount the league gets from TV every season by the amount of live games shown. The amount for each game is split 50/50 by both clubs.



    That sounds very fair. The next Sky/ESPN deal is reported to be worth £80m over 5 years so £16m a year. They show 30 live games each as part of the deal and so that works out at 60 games so approx £266k per game. Split 50/50 gives each team £133k for each live game they appear on.



    So far Sky and ESPN have shown 49 live games this season so there are still some more to go before the end of the season but here is a breakdown of what each team would expect to receive based on your suggestion:



    Team ———-– No. of Games —- Amount


    Aberdeen ————– 7 ————- £933k


    Celtic —————— 18 ————- £2.4m


    Dundee Utd ———- 4 ————— £533k


    Dunfermline ———- 5 ————— £667k


    Hearts —————– 8 ————— £1.067m


    Hibernian ————- 11 ————— £1.467m


    Inverness CT ——— 5 ————— £667k


    Kilmarnock ————- 5 ————– £667k


    Motherwell ————–5 ————— £667k


    Rangers —————19 ————— £2.5m


    St Johnstone ———–6 ————— £800


    St Mirren —————— 5 ———– –£667K



    What is that these clubs want? A fairer distribution on TV money, fine, but then you would hope they would have more of their games on TV rather that always Celtic (and Rangers) having to go to Aberdeen or Inverness for 12.30 kick-offs.



    If they want a fair share, perhaps they should lobby more for more of their games to be shown.




  11. sixtaeseven: No NewCo in SPL and it's Non-Negotiable! on

    I hope Celtic wait until the very last minute to settle up for the Ipox tickets (10 days after the match?) and pay it all in very thin dimes…

  12. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    RogueLeader on 26 March, 2012 at 10:52 said:



    With the Cha sending off a better referee would perhaps have let that one go for the sake of the game. Putting Celtic down to 10 men, so early, ruined the occasion. However by the laws of the game it was a red. For the reason above a lot of refs wouldn’t have done it, he was correct to do so and if that had been the other way around I would have been screaming for the Rangers player to be ordered off.



    Which rule is that then?

  13. Voice of Reason on

    Sixteen roads to Golgotha – dearie me so bitter – have a wee lie down and calm yourself.

  14. Paul



    You have to be kidding surely. We were simply cheated out of it, nothing else.First sending off wasn’t even a foul but does anybody on here really think “they” would let us win yesterday, really, honestly. Not a chance.There was not the smallest, nano chance of that. But, what it does show to the world is the corruption which was demonstrated by the blatant cheating which was so obvious to all. It really is really pathetic.


    I don’t care now about HMRC getting their money— I want hun destroyed, out of business , gone. Sadly, it ain’t gonna happen is it- “they” will see to that.


    So, we get out of Scottish footbal any way we can because this is a situation where we simply cannot or will noy be allowed to win. End of story.



    Sad, embarrassed at my fellow Scots, angry.




  15. At times like this I wish I could write like James Forrest, unfortunately I cannot, but here are my thoughts.



    Due to some poor planning I was on a plane when the game was on yesterday, and have just watched the 90 minutes in a more placid, detached manner than usual.



    Despite being somewhat numbed to the goings on in these games I am both saddened and angered by what I have witnessed.



    I have no issue with losing, without the lows of losing you cannot appreciate the highs of winning. It’s part of what makes our game great, and can be used positively to identify areas for improvement.



    I do have issues with being cheated.


    I do have bigger issues with being cheated and then being told that I’ve not been cheated.


    I find this insulting and disrespectful to both myself, and football fans in general.



    We are not playing our great game, we are taking part in a procession for the benefit one club.



    To those that say ignore the MSM as they are irrelevant, you could not be more wrong.


    We lose games because of the MSM.


    That makes them relevant.



    Although our view of Callum Murray from the last game is of him bottling it at the SFA hearing, don’t forget he sent off 3 Rangers players that day. He has been under extreme pressure since then, despite getting those decisions correct. That game will forever be brought up as proving lack of bias.



    In a fair, balanced environment the referee can make decisions “without fear nor favour”.



    We do not have that fair, balanced environment.



    The officials will be supported for their decisions, and we will be derided for voicing any other opinion. These people are allowed to make this happen because of the MSM. They have the real power.



    One small example.



    The media continually and consistently refer to Cha’s sending off as a “small push”. Perhaps this is pedantic but there is no push, small or otherwise, there is a pull. This inaccuracy is continually repeated until people accept as fact.


    Not to mention that it’s only a borderline foul, and only viewed as an obvious goalscoring opportunity to the most ardent of Rangers fans.



    I’m not going to list the countless biased utterings we’ve been subjected to from incident to incident, suffice to say every incident without fail has been filtered through blue tinted spectacles.



    I have seen worse from the officials, but only in a few cases. There was barely a bad tackle in the game. Elbows elbow and Whittaker’s studs to shin were far more worthy of red cards than any of Celtic’s. These received little or no attention and the ref is considered to had had a good game.



    On our manager.



    For a manager to be sent off out of site of the crowd I would expect a foulmouth tirade to have taken place. As Neil said this was not the case, this has to be viewed at the very least, as very harsh. Not to be provided the facility to watch the game in real time is exceptional, unique within Scottish football, and to my knowledge unprecedented world over. I would be interested if anyone has heard of this before.



    For the sending off to come ten minutes after the event is also exceptional at best, and possibly unique.



    Assuming Neil’s version of events is accurate he has been treated differently to other managers on both these points.



    We need answers to why our manager is being treated differently to the detriment of our team.



    These officials went on strike against Celtic to all intents and purposes, and we are still asked to respect their neutrality, and pay for their upkeep.



    I will not take being insulted any longer.


    The recent challenges that Rangers have faced have given us some hope of change, less corruption and a more level playing field in future.


    If this change does not take place I fear for Scottish football as I suspect I am not alone in my thoughts.



    If yesterdays game actually meant anything people would be angrier.


    Or if Rangers survive in some form and we are still treated with disdain by officials


    and media we are going to see one of two things.



    It’s either Krakatoa, or the end of Scottish football.

  16. On another note when he gets mafe redundant at end of the season i would sign the boy McCabe looks a decent player who can pass the ball.

  17. No.7 on 26 March, 2012 at 11:00 said:



    He did look decent but the amount of time and space he was given helped make him look decent. I’d me more inclined to give our own youngsters, those who won the youths double last season over mccabe and his team, a run in the team.

  18. The players were set out in unfamiliar roles, and most looked nervy from the start. It’s sickening that Neil was sent to the press area for the 2nd half, and the decisions were always favouring the home side. Nonetheless, the 4-5-1 was a tactical blunder by the management.



    It’s pointless to single out any player for criticism when they had to work their socks off at 10 then 9 men. Much praise, however, due to Sammi (yet again our best player at Ibrox – player of the year by a distance), Brown, Izzy and Commons.



    re. the latter two, they are the silver lining to emerge from a bleak afternoon. They will almost certainly play regularly from now until the end of the season – what a boost that is, and a much-needed freshening up of the side. Without a doubt, Commons has been off-form for much of the season, but even below par, he has managed to notch up 8 assists in only 915 minutes of football – 1 per 114, better than any other player at Celtic.



    What’s done is done. Chin-up, and look forward to next week.

  19. Sixteen roads to Golgotha on

    Voice of Reason on 26 March, 2012 at 10:56 said:



    I dropped a monkey on that game yesterday my friend.It’s never a level playing field when we play that shower,especially in their own midden.I never learn.



    I will get my cabbage back the next time we play them.



    Thank you.

  20. Allgreen admin heaven on

    Even before the sending off we were poor. A change of formation usually takes a while for the player’s to get to grips with it and the last few times we have done this at Ibrox they have hit us hard and early.


    We end up unsettled and the panic sets in. A bad start make it difficult to get back into the game.


    They played like their lives depended on the result but it’s disappointing that a piece of trash like McCulloch bullies our centre backs the way he did in the first hour.

  21. Anyone remember the “jovial push” on the 4th official at Celtic Park by Stuart McCall? Now there was a reason to send a manager off.

  22. Dunno if anyone heard the scumbag on 6-0-6 last night. He managed to get “Big Jock Knew” into his rant. Please complain to the BBC/6-0-6 about this fholks. We must always fight for the name of the Great Mhan. As has been said we lack a leader on the park and Lenny does too much chopping and changing especially at the back. Matthews and Mulgrew played out of position to last week, Wilson was dropped again, you con do that against the crap teams but not at Greyskull. We never got to grips with Aluko and deserved to be behind. There is obviously a problem with Lenny and Commons as he has proved himself a big game player but has be shockingly under used this season despite being fir for ages.

  23. South Of Tunis on

    Paul 67 —-



    ” Ordinary ”



    Sad -but true . Lethargic -too.. We were rather charitable – we gave them 2 goals , a linesman gave them the other.



    Samaras was excellent [ despite being assaulted, with impunity for 90 plus minutes]



    The Officiating was bad [ even by Scottish standards]

  24. Kayal33



    Agree with that point also. Maybe when we shift some of the deadwood from the first team squad these bhoys can push on.

  25. Morning bhoys,is there a link to any interview from neil yesterday,


    i turned the tv off early and not looked since

  26. Not allowed into the game yesterday if dressed up as pope priest undertaker or taxman. I kid not when I say that I know personally of one man having a copy of a financial times confiscated and asked to remove an offending bowler hat By the friendly face of strathclyde police before being allowed entry to the game.


    Appears senior management in the polis doing their Ibrox masters bidding by not allowing mockery of a wounded animal when it’s down also saving the Ibrox club a few bob by allowing one their own anti sectarian initiative officers to dress up as broxi bear


    I wonder if they will act with such gusto come July regarding bowler hats offending people

  27. CultsBhoy loves being 1st on




    Commons was down to start but nipped out MacDonalds just before Kick off… That’s why Zlenny has a problem with him.



    I love Kris as a Player. He is wide ( mentally) as demonstrated with Whittaker yesterday but he has seriously lost fitness

  28. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    RogueLeader on 26 March, 2012 at 11:01 said:


    The Honest Mistake – Denying a goal scoring opportunity



    Perhaps you should read the FIFA laws of the game regarding the criteria that the referee should consider before sending off a player for denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity.



    Now consider where Wallace was running to.


    The position of the covering defenders.


    And the likelihood of Wallace keeping posession.



    Do you still think he should have been sent off

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