Ordinary men and women defeated a wilfully blind government


With an understatement of historic proportions, Scottish Government minister Annabelle Ewing said should would “respect the will of [the Scottish]parliament” and set in motion the process to repeal the discredited Offensive Behaviour at Football Act.  This is a new approach from a government which has ignored the will of the Scottish Parliament on each occasion on this very issue – despite acting like wounded fawns when others do the same.

The Act was the brainchild of Alex Salmond, who exploited a Celtic-Rangers match which saw two Rangers players ordered off and a brief but angry shouting match between Neil Lennon and Ally McCoist. The game, however, was remarkably free from crowd trouble.

For years Rangers fans were being arrested for offenses of a sectarian nature. Celtic fans had rid themselves of ‘offensive chanting’ but things changed when SNP Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill sat through a Celtic-Rangers cup final deafened by chanting of ‘The Billy Boys’, he congratulated spectators on their behaviour. This saw the return of political chanting from the Celtic support.

SNP minister Christine Grahame made clear the intentions of Salmond’s Bill when she told Justice Committee meeting this Act would allow police to “equalise” arrest figures between Celtic fans and Rangers fans.

It was an appalling piece of governance and sectarian in nature.

61 SNP MSPs voted to retain the act yesterday, as Holyrood heard the most ridiculous nonsense in attempts to justify its place, citing sectarian comments made well away from the football environment. The SNP seem to know there is a sectarian problem, but are blind to any of their own shortcomings.

Credit for this reversal goes in considerable volume to the Fans Against Criminalisation action group, and to James Kelly MSP (Lab), who sponsored yesterday’s vote. Ordinary men and women defeated a wilfully blind, Peronist, government.

We can only be grateful that government does not enjoy a majority in parliament. Its authoritarian tendencies are clear, they did not look at the evidence and reverse their view, they simply didn’t have the votes necessary to continue to ignore all the evidence.

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  1. fergusslayedtheblues on 26th January 2018 8:53 pm



    looking forward to the game tomorrow.



    will we play two up top ?,Who knows .



    One things for sure LG has shown in the PT game that he deserves to be on that pitch .



    If MD is to feature ,any thoughts on LG in the number 10 position just behind MD



    I think his movement ,control and ability to make a yard of space for a shot could be invaluable








    Wan of the Best ever Blognames. Magical.



    Has Brendan had his eye Only on Zenit. :))))



    Celtic will be Primed for that game, a shame the prices have put a few around me off.



    Money is tight.

  2. Gene


    We had a chance at the start of 2016-17 to show that we didn’t recognise their history by 1. giving them the same away allocation as other teams, 2. Not havingthe “anyone but Rangers” season tickets and 3. Charging £29.


    If they then did similar when we went to One of its be worth it.


    Wouldn’t have needed any public statement from the club but us fans would have known and applauded the decision.


    In my opinion.




    It’s £4 for a pint of lager in The Old Jock Strap on the Royal Mile up near the castle

  4. THE EXILED TIM @ 7:53 PM,



    Tekkie question…



    This is not really my field and when it kinda was, was a while back.



    Now as the smatasses that know this stuff ain’t helping you out, I’ll have a go… they’ll soon be on to correct me;)



    Now Internet Protocol (ip) is transmitted in packets… wee bundles of data…



    There are various elements that control the flow including…



    Quality of Service – Qos



    Class of Service – CoS



    Now during transmission packets are lost, the rx says to the tx I didn’t catch that bit and it sends it again…



    Now the thing is, voice, although takes little bandwidth as such and compared to say critical data is not that important normally…



    But it tends to be given a higher class of Service.



    Now, if you imagine a page loading on your screen, you will see text, pictures, video appearing at different times. If you have a slow network you can be reading the text well before the pictures appears.



    Now, you can’t do that with voice, it’s no good having the middle of a sentence, then the beginning of a sentence then the end of a sentence.



    Though in your case – Clyde this might not be the greatest example.



    But as a rule, you want the stream to be coherent, therefore voice tends to use a higher CoS…



    So they may well use this on radio… that’s my theory…



    I’m sure there will be someone on in a minute that tells you what really happens;)



    Hail Hail




    The best of this Celtic team will happen with league and cup win again, unless you disagree. As for Europe we are still in there. Are you with us.

  6. BT


    understand your angst.


    Dont really know how to respond but just to let you know others are with you

  7. Alternative/Kojo…..



    I’ve never been a Fish despite, what yoooo have been indoctrinated with.



    Faith in the Lord… stepping in and Stepping out of Time.



    I FULLY accept I’m Nothing Really.



    Trump is Bringing the Larry Bird Temple.










    When your Bro posted about being in a Church. The Silence and……




    The LORD is there.

  8. Afternoon, evening, just quickly reading blog BMCUW, totally agree about TOHG medal sleekitry at best Theft at worst Medal should be tracked down and given to the real owner , and passed on to family

  9. fergusslayedtheblues on

    PETEC on 26TH JANUARY 2018 9:00 PM


    cheers HH


    Thought it steep myself , maybe the club can pitch the next round lower if we get through




  10. Just for observation- what do Celtic fans think Jack Hendry is worth? I have to say that I did not see him as much of a step up on, say, Souttar at Hearts and would you bid more than £1m for either?



    Similar with Docherty at Hamilton. Did he stand out as a performer for them. I thought Redmond was a better player when we came up against them but I would not have seen either as near celtic standard.



    As for John McGinn, Hibs are hoping for 3 to 5 million. That would suggest he is as good as Broonie. I like the boy but he cannot live up to that comparison- he is more at the Stuart Armstrong level of promise and we paid less than 2 million for STuart and GMS combined.



    Having said that, we need one more CB if Simunovic leaves but I would rather take a Comperr standard loanee than pay over the odds to Dundee.

  11. Don’t bet many horses , but met a fella who has half share in horse . Can’t remember if it’s called gold or golden alizer but running at Dundalk soon says it will win . Big Jimmy get posting m8

  12. BT , hope this doesn’t sound patronising it. That certainly not intentional as you have been very fair with me on the Blog. But your father deserves that medal he was on the bench so a big part of the team . By the way remember him from 40 years ago still looks a big strong imposing man

  13. fergusslayedtheblues on

    My take on the Celtic not calling sevco out


    We have a 60,000 seater stadium and all the costs that ,that entails ,


    We have European aspirations


    We have an expectant support for domestic honours


    We have a squad and management team that costs many millions of pounds per season


    If we do not make CL or great strides in the EL ,then domestic football is what we have to fall back on .



    We are trapped in Scottish football being marginalised from European income streams with a massive cost base for the money we make from domestic games and tv



    We are totally dependant on ST uptake in Scotland ,as TV revenue and shirt deals don’t cover the bills


    This IMO is why the board say nothing to rock the same club boat .



    It’s not personal it’s just business .



    As hard as that is to bear ,it’s a fact



    The only solution I can see is for us to get out of scottish football ,only then will we rid ourselves of the ghost of bigotry and the bigited £



  14. It’s about teh TEAM.




    FSTB – Celtic Won when they got 10000 ahead.






    The Lord is the most Incredible.



    The Kabbalah flag is Dark.







    Tontime Tim



    A replica medal was given to the squad players therefore the original may still be in the possession of the Kelly family. I understand that although my dad never played in any of the matches unlike the rest of the squad he was actually the 12th man



    *and claimed the bench for our management team which in Jock’s eyes was so important. When the final whistle blows and Jock is walking down the track with his back to the game, its your da, Bob Rooney, yer Uncle Sean lol, and Neilly Mochan who are running ontae the park like the true Celtic mhen they were.



    As for the other squad members, Yogi had a great game against Vojvodina and Charlie G, what can I say.

  16. Celtarella on 26th January 2018 8:41 pm






    Europe: CL and EL



    Competing: CL: Played 6 lost 5 won 1 scored 5 conceded 18 ===not competing



    humiliation: were you watching?



    achieve: better than that.






    Don’t you have Belief?



    Rapid Vienna Movement



    Smoke th!s Sh!t……