Organisational indiscipline remains a concern


Yesterday’s win at Fir Park was huge for Celtic’s season but we should caution against talk of a corner being turned.  The team possessed the resilience (and Irish magician) to come from behind and beat the team who were second in the league, but we have been here before.

The Motherwell goal will cause Neil Lennon particular concern.  After losing a goal to an early corner kick against Rennes on Thursday, it seems impossible to believe that the team switched off at another corner kick, but only Beram Kayal was alert to the threat of Motherwell taking a short corner, and he was already covering a threat.

Organisational discipline is as important as having better players to the outcome of many football games.

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  1. It’s good to be going into an international break on a bit of a high. Two weeks break to get the lame fit again to mount a charge to Christmas.



    Will there be a Rangers still around at Christmas? I would really have to rethink my belief that there isn’t a Santa if my wish comes true.

  2. Imatim and so is Neil Lennon on

    2010 Never Again



    The afternoon blessing will commence when there are enough huns present to appreciate the wee prayer being offered up for the unstinting and magnificent work being done by the officials of Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs. Stay tuned

  3. Jungle Jim says:


    7 November, 2011 at 09:20



    From previous Thread.



    The celebration of any event takes place on or around the given date.Christmas is 25th Dec not 18th New Years day is 1st not the 7th etc.



    If Remembrance Day 11th Nov is on or around match day,then it should be respected,this elongation of event is a bit mischieveous designed to provoke attention and reaction.



    Lob a quid in a bucket,wear an emblem,never has the moral high ground been bought so cheaply,or exploited, for reasons not associated with the welfare of the injured.

  4. If Adam is convicted of a secterian offence,will he get a banning order from football grounds?This would make him redundant.As he is well down the food chain, the huns might go for the moral high ground and bag him anyway.

  5. !!Bada Bing!! at 12:11



    I’m not sure the law means you can be banned from football grounds for a sectarian breach of the peace unless it happened at a football match or if the new law gets passed, on way to or way from a football match.



    Not sure the circumstances of Adam’s breach but thought it was in or at a pub.




  6. It was actually two pieces of organisational indiscipline. Firstly not being switched on and stopping the short corner, then the defence not stepping out together to catch Motherwell off-side. Young Matthews played them all onside. Not sure exactly what Big Johan is doing with the defence but a lot more hard work needs to be done on the training ground, this is basic stuff drilled into school teams.

  7. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Paul67 –



    The consistently rotating defence this season – enforced through injuries is not helping our manager. With a settled back five last season (from virtually the same squad) we had the best defence in the league.

  8. Neil Lennon Is A Celtic Soul Brother says:


    7 November, 2011 at 10:52


    Just missed out by one player. Can see why Reiper git the votes but wanted a bit more steel next to Elliott.

  9. Paul67



    If you watch the goal again the defence all came out except Matthews on the post, he moved, hesitated and then moved again but was too late and played the Motherwell player onside.



    The boy is 19 and mostly played reserve football in Cardiff. We need to remember how young and inexperienced this team is… HH

  10. Paul67



    The problem with Kayal covering the short corners was that each time he had to leave the front post, which he was initially marking.


    The concern was how slow 2 Celts were to move out in a line with big Dan.

  11. saltires en sevilla on




    The team must waken up earlier in matches and a leader needed to sort out the type of nonsense that led to the lost goal was shambolic.



    Neil Lennon Is A Celtic Soul Brother says:


    7 November, 2011 at 10:52



    Great work mate wll done to you puting all those responses together. Surprised no-one got the 11



    Note: I picked big Mick McCarthey before Paul Elliot because he won a double and scored 8 goals in his time at Celts. Big Paul was a great player and won the POTY, but could only contribute 2 goals in a similar number of games played.



    All about opinions of course, but I feel Mick’s contribution to Celts in the crucial Centenary Season does not get enough credit.







  12. Forster


    Matthews Rogne or Wilson (K) Mulgrew Izzi


    Forrest Brown Kayal Wanyama Ledley





    Subs from: Zaluska,Samaras,McCourt,Commons ,Hooper,Fraser,Ki,Bangura



    When all our players are fit again, that, IMO, would be a very diificult team to beat either in Scotland or Europe.





  13. the Mothers goal was obviously preventable. when you switch off initially at any set play you are immediately on the back foot.



    no doubt Mathews played them on but it does appear that it is another example of no clear leader in these situations. Either Dan (in yesterdays game) or Forster should be calling the shots and deciding the line to be held. None of them seemed aware that Mathews was slow coming out and indeed rather than holding zonally the whole team seemd to progress towards the ball.



    That said great fight yesterday. They will know that they won’t get away with the same tactics against Der Hun as they will be left with 8 men. You would have thought that Jennings had money on it.

  14. Neil Lennon Is A Celtic Soul Brother on

    googybhoy says:


    7 November, 2011 at 12:18



    Great effort-much better than me-I only got 7!



    Anyway nice to see a fellow “Mancunian” hit the top spot!

  15. CSB



    Thanks for your efforts re the poll.



    Chose Boyd over Izzy because I think defensively he was more secure and positionally Boyd had much better awareness. Hey ho…..

  16. saltires en sevilla on

    Gordon_J backing Neil Lennon says:


    7 November, 2011 at 12:14


    If Adam is found guilty, many clubs would sack a player in those circumstances for damaging the clubs reputation.



    Of course, in the huns’ case …






    yes agree 100% most businesses would sack the employee



    you also have it right indicating not so simple at poundland: most businesses would be comfortable standing by their decision. If challenged, they could show there was no custom & practice for such behaviour in the leadership and management team



    would love to be a fly on the wall at the disciplinary hearing …and subsequent ET







  17. I actually think Jennings has got to give away plenty fouls to attempt to support his defence in the red card betting scam.


    The evidence is being created each week with his constant fouling.


    Who said footballers were daft?




  18. time for change on

    There is no Old Firm.



    Yesterdays corner kick which resulted in the goal was the 2nd honest mistake in the game as it was (should have been) a free kick for a shove on Wanyama.



    There is a question to be asked why a referee making his comeback in the top league is given the highest profile game of the week? will he be demoted again…I hope so!!!!!!!



    Lets just keep getting wins!



    Hail Hail

  19. Neil Lennon Is A Celtic Soul Brother on

    saltires en sevilla says:


    7 November, 2011 at 12:22



    Thanks for that-sound reasoning for Big Mick-also thought he was underrated.



    I went for Roy Aitken as I thought he would make a great Captain for any side.

  20. Neil Lennon Is A Celtic Soul Brother on

    hamiltontim says:


    7 November, 2011 at 12:28



    You were the closest to all 11 as Izzy only beat Boyd by one vote!



    Yes I did a re-count before you ask!

  21. Fifa has insisted that England cannot wear poppies against Spain at Wembley – in case they one day meet Germany around the time of Remembrance Sunday.

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