Organisational indiscipline remains a concern


Yesterday’s win at Fir Park was huge for Celtic’s season but we should caution against talk of a corner being turned.  The team possessed the resilience (and Irish magician) to come from behind and beat the team who were second in the league, but we have been here before.

The Motherwell goal will cause Neil Lennon particular concern.  After losing a goal to an early corner kick against Rennes on Thursday, it seems impossible to believe that the team switched off at another corner kick, but only Beram Kayal was alert to the threat of Motherwell taking a short corner, and he was already covering a threat.

Organisational discipline is as important as having better players to the outcome of many football games.

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  1. The big guy at the back….of Neil Lennon says:


    7 November, 2011 at 21:31








    Young guns still on top but nervy last 5 if they can’t get another. Having said that Man City not at the races.

  2. SOAL



    I guess you, NAFOS and WG are much wealthier after your ATM scam:o)



    And The Badger. Darenae leave him out LOL.

  3. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on




    The bank is right beside the Celtic Boozer so there will be a few rich tims in wishy.



    WG and Nafos are loaded anyway as you well know.

  4. Seven Fishes Four Steaks on

    2-1 game over Well done wee hoops!!



    Dylan and Paul George were great.




  5. TET,



    Thompsons performances echo’s historically the huns in Europe. The only new aspect that we are witnessing is that there’s no scope for error. It has therefore become more concerted and obvious, unfortunately from their point of view but needs must. It is back to pre televised days.




  6. Boys during the adverts on stv, there’s a debate about what does the future hold for rankers he ha ha tune in 10:30 bhoys..

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  8. seanbhoy69 says:


    7 November, 2011 at 21:20



    Correct the Lux ref spotted the opposition cf constantly climbing on the back of our CH, often difficult to spot on the TV but looked to me that Higdon yesterday was getting away with blue murder, jumping freely into our ghuys with little regard for the ball …… still only one way to sort that nonsense out!




  9. Awe Naw



    I agree 100% now you know where I am going when I say, why is nothing being done about it.



    Guys like S69 do their bit in trying to get the MSM to acknowledge the state of the game, the retort it’s a mans game.



    It saddens me that I will depart this mortal coil and never see a level playing field in my birth land.

  10. Another witty tweet from The Human Torpedo:




    TheHumanTorpedo THT


    “Free The Jackson 1” doesn’t sound quite right. Can’t they jail another 4 innocents so the campaign has a better ring to it? #conradmurray



    Árd Macha

  11. young hoops were fantastic – fast, hungry , skillfull – very proud of them and some will make greast pros with that attitude.

  12. Eyes Wide Open on

    As good a time as any to echo my belief we should have a panel of around 10 quality players all on around £25k per week and the rest of the squad filled up with the kids.



    We have a 1st team squad of around 25 players (checked the Celtic website).



    Say the average among them is £11k per week. Thats a weekly wage bill of £275, 500 per week or £14.3m per year excluding the kids.



    If we paid 10 players £25k per week thats a weekly wage bill of £250, 000, or £13m per year.



    The kids have NEVER let us down. Same cant be said of well paid more senior ‘professionals’.



    Consider the kids who have been thrust into the limelight vs the AC Milans, Barcelonas and Rennes of the world – David Marshall, John Kennedy, Darren O’Dea with the latest being young Marcus Fraser.



    The sad thing is the only reason they were all put in was because of an injury crisis.



    Generally speaking because even every SPL game is considered ‘must win’ they rarely get put in, bar the obvious ‘1 per year’ strategy.

  13. Eyes Wide Open says:


    7 November, 2011 at 21:58



    I’ve said on here before that the SPL is killing our game because of this. It’s further exacerbated by the orcs spending Auld Lizzie Regina’s cash to keep ahead of us ergo too much pressure on us not to lose, meaning no blooding of kids.



    I’ve often wondered how much, in terms of underdevelopment and ultimately sell-on prices, this has cost us over the last 10, 15, 20 years. The mind boggles.

  14. seanbhoy69



    I’ve now heard it. Absolutely shocking stuff from them trying to get you to say the referee was against Celtic. It really is tired and uncalled for.



    Richmond allowed that to take place and should be accountable.

  15. I’m arriving as late as a Keith Lasley tackle to today’s main debates but I will add my rapidly devaluing euro’s worth to the argument



    Argument 1) Beram Kayal & The Zonal Markers



    Those watching on TV will not have had as good a view of events as the Celtic support at the game. Everyone notes that Beram saw one Celt with 2 Motherwell players looking to mark the short corner. Most saw him leave the near post cover to go and assist that Celt defender and then turn back to resume his post, and some attributed this to FF shouting him back.



    That version is highly unlikely. Firstly, FF is not that vocal yet. Secondly, Kayal was captain yesterday and thereby outranks the goalie, but thirdly, and most importantly, Kayal had seen a 2 on 1 situation and felt that dealing with that had priority over complying with his originally assigned duty on the post. Now what made him come back is open to question but I believe most evidence points to a bit of panic and unclear thinking.



    Unless he was fooled by the Well player looking to give up on the short corner as he approached, and the Well players do not move much so that is unlikely, Beram changed his mind and decided to defend his post rather than help match up the short corner. The 2 on 1 overload remained unchallenged and Well exploited it. At that point, Beram leaves his post anyway, as he is supposed to do when an inswinger is no longer on the cards but was too late to help Cha stop the cross.



    All of this took place before any subs took place and, with modern clipboard coaching, most defenders would have been given their assigned position in the defensive set up for corners. They may have been told that we keep 2 on the post unless there is a short corner overload at which point the near post cover has to be sacrificed to match up. It seems to me Beram was following coached instruction right up to the point where he turned back. Beram’s moment of complacency and re-thinking was as much to blame as Adam’s slow departure from his post.



    I cannot believe that these instructions are not routinely coached but human failure is happening too regularly with them at Celtic. One further incident in the first half worried me as much. When Celtic got their first half corner, it took over 30 seconds for someone to go to the corner flag to take the kick. The team seemed to be looking back to Adam Matthews to take it before Kriss Commons left his berth at the edge of the area and took the kick.



    It looked like a shambles of an organisation and it reflected badly on the players and must have upset the coaches. Contrary to popular opinion about coaches, they can actually influence very few events once players cross the white lines. Most of their work is in drilling automatic habits on the training ground. But, among the few things they can influence is who takes the corners and what the zonal positions should be when there is one or two opposition players preparing to take that corner.



    I do not believe our coaching staff leaves that to chance or individual whim. I believe that players let them down by forgetting or disobeying instructions.



    Lat year, our zonal marking was no great issue as we had a great defensive record. The nature with which big Dan and Glenn lost to headed efforts by Rennes, Atletico & Rangers suggest to me that we cannot afford to go to Man-to-Man marking as they are not good enough to win their individual battles.


    Zonal marking giving them initial control of the prime scoring areas should help minimise their weaknesses.



    And finally, zonal marking is NOT a game of statues. You are allowed, indeed encouraged, to react to the movement and flight of the ball and leave your starting area to do so.



    We may not have done this well recently but do you really imagine that the players are encouraged to stay put? Really??? Seriously???

  16. Guardian Ewan Murray




    Grant Adam has pleaded not guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to a charge of breach of the peace aggravated by religious prejudice.



    The Rangers player, brother of the Liverpool and Scotland midfielder Charlie Adam, is accused of shouting and singing sectarian slogans outside a nightclub in Glasgow city centre in the early hours of Sunday morning.



    The 20-year-old is currently third choice goalkeeper at Ibrox. He has been released on bail, with the case to continue early next year pending further examination. Rangers say they will carry out their own investigation into the alleged incident.



    A tax tribunal which will determine the shape of Rangers’ future, meanwhile, has resumed. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs could bill the club for as much as £49m if Rangers lose the case, which relates to employee benefit trust payments to players.



    Rangers claim they can emerge successful from the tribunal but, if not, their owner, Craig Whyte, has admitted administration is a possibility. Five days have been set aside for the hearing, with an outcome possible within weeks.

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