Other Scottish clubs would be better off if Celtic Park and Ibrox didn’t exist


There comes a time during any endeavour when you have to ask, is this worth all the hassle?  News revealed by Phil MacGiollabhain last week and swiftly picked up by the newspapers today that an SFA executive has had his life threatened for what some regard as holding a firm line on application of the game’s rules, are one of these occasions.

This is sport, it is not the struggle against apartheid.  It really, really, isn’t worth putting your life on the line for.

The SFA executive who received the threat has not been named but he will hopefully find a degree of fortitude in the face of such intimidation.  We have called for resignations from the SFA but not under these circumstances.  If the recipient of the threat continues to work as normal they should be commended for their bravery.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to put football back on solid ground but whatever our game looks like in future, it must take on a different face.  Ordinary football fans want their sport back, a sport where honesty and endeavour can be rewarded by success on the field.

That will have consequences for us.  Celtic are far too powerful for any other club in Scotland to genuinely compete.  35 of our 41 clubs figured out they can do without Rangers and 34 of them know they can do without Celtic too.

They should remind Sevco rules are there for a reason and tell Celtic to stop mumbling about finding another league to play in and go do something about it.  I could not be more convinced that every other club in Scotland would be better off if Celtic Park and Ibrox didn’t exist.

Question is, do the rest of the clubs have the balls to do something about it?  Is the ‘Arab Spring in Scottish football’ over, or does it still have another chapter?

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  1. History was made tonight on CQN. We all got to witness the news of the first CQN birth. Well done Livibhoy for making us part of the best day of your life so far. Welcome wee Champagne Charlie to the best and biggest family on earth.

  2. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    fell in the bath, even the staff laugh at that one

  3. Livibhoy


    Straight down to the ticket office tomorrow and get the wean a season ticket!


    All the best great news!

  4. Getting back to topic, I believe the issue is not whether Scottish football is better off with or without Celtic and/or Rangers.



    I put all the current woes down to one group, the SFA.


    The SFA have actively and systemmatically shown favour to one club throughout its entire history.


    That is what has ultimately led to the shambles we have today.



    If the SFA had done its job properly by administering the game with complete impartiality, showing no favour or prejudice, we would have a much healthier game both in terms of finances and in terms of integrity.



    No big club should be allowed to bully another club. If anything, the wee clubs should expect a degree of support from the SFA if they are being bullied by bigger clubs.



    The current state of affairs regarding RFC (deid) is also largely attributable to the SFA showing them favoured status. Firstly, it assisted RFC (deid) in their endeavours to circumnavigate every rule/law in the book and now, having helped to create this monumental cock-up, it is continuing on with the same philosophy in trying to somehow get Sevco into D3.



    It is irrelevant what kind of deal has or hasn’t been struck between SFA/SPL/SFL and Sevco, until the SFA is sorted out, the game is utterly ruined for everyone.



    Congratulations to everyone at the Rangers Alumni (aka SFA) for completely destroying the game you were appointed to protect.



    Well done!

  5. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Celticbhoy’s advice is an investment opportunity if yer into that kind of thing

  6. Jeg er Neil Lennon-Greeninbingley on

    Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on 26 July, 2012 at 01:30 said:



    Och, don’t worry – we can fall out about something else tomorrow – i come from a long line of argumentative b******s. My maw was a Kelly.



    Aye – a lovely wee glow over here too. Just magic.


    Was going to bed but have refilled the glass, so….


    Here’s to Charlie Bhoy!

  7. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Mea Culpa,


    every country in the world with a masonic lodge condones tretchery, now as for a we diddy game like football, aye thats much harder to control, innit geez

  8. jungle jam67 on

    LiviBhoy on 26 July, 2012 at 01:21 said



    congratulation liviBhoy and family on the arrival on your baby bhoy



    is this your first ?





    cqn has been a life saver the last 2 years since my baby ghirl was born


    and you will find youself on here at all sorts of strange times ;-0))))))


    get some sleep as the next few weeks will fly in zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz




  9. Livibhoy



    Congratulations to you and mrs livibhoy and hail hail wee Charlie




    (hooves up)

  10. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Oscar needs our spare pennies, Charlie and Livibhoy have my heartfelt wish they never even encounter the possibility.


    No tryin to put a downer on the great news, a baby bhoy born a couple of minutes ago is WOW


    hail hail Charliebhoy

  11. just a wee point on the North Korean flag debacle-didnt a Celtic magazine welcome Nakamura with a picture of a chinese player on the cover by mistake- shocking ballsups both

  12. NL agreed.


    We all know that there will be hundreds of frantic meetings in (k)ludges all over the country trying to find a way to keep a lid on the scandal.


    Needless to say, they will succeed to a degree but I am sure that I am not the only one hoping that BDO, the FTT and the various fraud investigations burst the whole rotten carcass wide open.

  13. Thanks Bhoys


    Last night I was goin mental. Posted on CQN to cheer myself up and also to put some light into the doom and gloom posts. This is my first and possibly last child. Not sure Mrs LB will go thro that again. I had to put in the hours today. Hardest day of my life followed by the greatest achievement of my life. The Broony was relief but I even managed my own Diouf moment with a paramedic walking by. Must have looked mental to the A&E punters watching on.



    Getting some shut eye now because I need to go in and support the wife tomorrow and get the Hoops for the wee man first thing.



    LiviBhoy reporting from St Johns hospital Livingston. Knackered but ecstatic.



    God bless one and all




  14. LiviBhoy on 26 July, 2012 at 01:21 said:


    We have a Bhoy! I’ve been greeting for an hour. Ran into the car park and done the Broony.


    I’m over the moon. The wife is knackered. Charlie is his name and he is a wee cracker. If watching Celtic is hard then what I watched my wife go through the last two days is nothing short of hell.


    A new Tim comes into the huddle and his name is Charlie Bhoy!







    I feel like the guy who left the game 5 mins early and missed the equalizer and winning goals.


    Welcome Charlie Bhoy and we know you’re no hun.


    Have a long and healthy life.


    Best wishes to mum and dad.

  15. Luther started this all off by nailing his theses to the door.


    And now we have the prospect of homosexual marriage to contend with.


    Heaven help the guinea pig children.


    We cant even blame this on Darwin. He knew better. The origins of man would have meant nothing without procreation.


    Luther, I hope you’re happy now.

  16. LiviBhoy



    Followed your progress last night and am delighted with your good news – congratulations to you and Mrs Livi, and welcome to Charlie.



    He’s born when there’s no Rangers. I can’t get my head around that – jealous much? :-)



    Glass raised.

  17. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    take it from me, after the first one its like spittin out peas.


    I’ve just been married or a few years but fired out four, ok its a bit unorthidox being a man but then jesus was an unorthidox jew innit geez


    orthidox or unorthidox babies is what its all about, good to know you’ve got one too.

  18. Jeg er Neil Lennon-Greeninbingley on

    LiviBhoy on 26 July, 2012 at 01:58 said:



    What a wonderful joyful post. Brings it all back – too happy to go to scratcher now, thanks LiviBhoy for sharing the best feeling ever.



    *warm glow*

  19. A ray of hope flitters in the sky


    A shiny star lights up way up high


    All across the land dawns a brand new morn


    This comes to pass when a Tim is born



    (hooves up)

  20. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    I dont think we need to worry about Charlie getting in to Celtic park, unless his da is priced out the game, :o)


    OOOHHHO wouldnt let it lie :o))))

  21. Canamalar,



    Prophetic choice of words. You may remember earlier this year that due to some circumstances Livibhoy had to give up his season ticket.

  22. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on 26 July, 2012 at 02:04



    Easy enough makin. How you turn them out’s the hard part.

  23. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    it looks to me like a wee masonic struggle, which is currently the driver behind the independence movement, the lodge of the crown is trying to curtail the scottish right, the right to be a pirate, and the rest as they say is cliche

  24. So…



    Been abroad for a bit and avoided the internet and papers; logged in regularly enough to know that the huns are still dead and a new form of hun (same as the old one) is in Div 3. Probably.



    And Darryl Murphy still plays (actually plays (well, actually is on the park wearing the tasty new hoops and running about a bit)) and some folk’re still getting too worried about pre-season friendlies.



    Briefly, huns – lucky to be where they are, if they get there. Nevertheless they are unrepentant and unreformed. Long term, not looking good for any social evolution or societal benefit.



    Stripping of titles – which should not by now be dependent on the FTT(T) but has been made to be so because it is politically convenient – should not be negotiable. It should be a natural consequence of the cheating team, which did not follow the relevant regulations governing player registration therefore:


    having a 0-3 score recorded against them in any affected match, therefore:


    failing to win the title in the year in which they competed.



    As a result Celtic probably are entitled to claim those titles. I don’t actually care about claiming them. What infuriates me is the time and money we spent – mostly you and all the others tbh, as I eased off games after Seville – on supporting Celtic in games that may now be rendered effectively meaningless. The whole SPL game, over the last 10 years, has been an unfair competition, and Celtic 1) has damaged herself trying to compete in that competition and 2) has been cheated throughout.



    Their problems do not need to be ours anymore. Fkem. Some form of justice is coming their way.



    Briefly, Celtic – we think we shouldn’t be worried about HJK Helsinki, but we are. Are we right to be worried? Dae ken. We’re a better team than we were this time last year, and our squad is certainly not weaker. We have no injuries, so our players are all at pre-season fitness – our management and coaching team are, I’m sure, aware of the Finnish season and how to deal with a team in their stride.



    The biggest positive for me last season, more so even than winning the league, was how well we coped with the differing threats of 3 competent European teams, and of course in the case of Atletico Madrid, the eventual winners of the Europa League trophy. I was very surprised how flexible and how creative Neil was in setting up his teams, differently for each team, and differently from a standard SPL set-up (which then leads to untold frustration when we struggle to break down a standard SPL team). So I trust that we have identified an approach to beating HJK. Bring em on.

  25. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on 26 July, 2012 at 02:17



    God be with you mo chara

  26. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    see they prints in the sand, they’re mine, I’ve been carrying god around all my life and its a burden I’m happy with, the simple inconsistencies and cognitive dissonance are what make me a believer.

  27. Neil


    Nicely put, but as beautiful as they may be, they’re only words. At the end of the day it’s all about actions.


    Anyway, dont be so certain they were your footprints. With kids on your back, God has more than you to carry.