Other Scottish clubs would be better off if Celtic Park and Ibrox didn’t exist


There comes a time during any endeavour when you have to ask, is this worth all the hassle?  News revealed by Phil MacGiollabhain last week and swiftly picked up by the newspapers today that an SFA executive has had his life threatened for what some regard as holding a firm line on application of the game’s rules, are one of these occasions.

This is sport, it is not the struggle against apartheid.  It really, really, isn’t worth putting your life on the line for.

The SFA executive who received the threat has not been named but he will hopefully find a degree of fortitude in the face of such intimidation.  We have called for resignations from the SFA but not under these circumstances.  If the recipient of the threat continues to work as normal they should be commended for their bravery.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to put football back on solid ground but whatever our game looks like in future, it must take on a different face.  Ordinary football fans want their sport back, a sport where honesty and endeavour can be rewarded by success on the field.

That will have consequences for us.  Celtic are far too powerful for any other club in Scotland to genuinely compete.  35 of our 41 clubs figured out they can do without Rangers and 34 of them know they can do without Celtic too.

They should remind Sevco rules are there for a reason and tell Celtic to stop mumbling about finding another league to play in and go do something about it.  I could not be more convinced that every other club in Scotland would be better off if Celtic Park and Ibrox didn’t exist.

Question is, do the rest of the clubs have the balls to do something about it?  Is the ‘Arab Spring in Scottish football’ over, or does it still have another chapter?

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  1. ernie lynch on 26 July, 2012 at 07:52 said:



    How the SFA can legally enforce rules regarding players eligbility in future is certainly not clear, i cant see how allowing one club to have driven a cart and horses through the rules will not prevent a legal challenge by other clubs in the future



    Paul67 So the SFA regan et all have caved in and Rangers FC get to keep all their Scottish cup wins won during the years of improper player registration, SFL have already publicly stated that they will not remove any League cup wins achieved during the years of player registration Last man standing the SPL and Dungcaster over duel contracts! i wont be holding my breath on the SPL winning that confrontation

  2. I have just read that Herald article ( Summa @ 5.05).


    I have seen a lot worse in terms of negative reporting concerning Celtic but in a rather bland piece, the writer manages to tell us the folowing:



    1) Helsinki are on a run and are very dangerous;


    2) We should feel anxious;


    3)HJK have a ” major advantage” ;


    4)Our friendly stats are poor;


    5)We are short of match fitness — a great leveller;


    6)The losses to Braga, Utrecht and Sion suggest a loss to HJK is very possible;s


    7) Highlights our poor start and instability to last year`s season.



    I KNOW some of the above is factual but his conclusions re the affect of those is pure conjecture and certainly not designed to encourage Celtic fans. All of Scotland behind our teams in Europe? Huh!




  3. celticrollercoaster supporting wee Oscar on

    Jungle Jim on 26 July, 2012 at 08:09 said:



    Aberdeen game for after match beers if you are interested?







  4. Oh dear how long will they continue with the farce..



    Alex O’Henley ‏@OHenleyAlex


    I’m reliably informed that no players have been registered with #SFA for new #Rangers yet



    Is this fair on the other clubs in Scotland’s bottom tier of football who might just like to get on with their season..

  5. CRC


    Thanks but I now travel on the Arbroath Supporters bus which means departure about an hour or so after the game. We do go to the Parkhead Bowling Club after the game, though, if any of the crew fancy going upmarket for a quick one!




  6. Lenny: “What not having Rangers in the division will do is increase the expectation on us. I accept that. But it may also give us the chance to blood some youngsters. I can see that being the way we look at this season as it goes on. That’ll counter-balance the fact that I won’t have the money to spend we’ve had previously. Younger players will be involved more. From Celtic’s point of view, it’s a huge blow to lose Rangers – both financially & commercially – but that’s where we are.”



    How many first team players will we lose before the transfer window’s closed?



    So we have to put up with mediocrity this season due to Der Hunnes transgressions? There had better be no letting up from anyone in stripping the filth of every honour stolen.

  7. gallagher on 26 July, 2012 at 08:02 said:


    proudbhoy on 26 July, 2012 at 07:54 said:



    I was told a few years back by a girl who was in his class at school that he was very bitter and bigoted.






    He must be very loyal, I’m sure he would get team in spl or decent level English team but he wants sevco.

  8. ernie lynch on 26 July, 2012 at 07:59



    Changed his tune somewhat of late? Nah, it’s still the sash.





    10 Jul 2012 – Ex-SFA president George Peat hopes a new system of governance can be a positive to arise from the Rangers situation.



    Peat was always a Hun.

  9. starry


    Thanks. I know whose opinions to discount; still adding to those I can trust.




  10. Blindlemonchitlin on

    Congratulations to Livibhoy and family. Well done everyone but where’s the picture of Charle? It’s the 21st century after all and he has lots of cyber uncles out here wanting to see what the tyke who kept planet CQN hanging around for the best part of a week while he made his entrance looks like.

  11. IMO we can certainly lose players from the squad in addition to those already gone, Wilson, Murphy, Rasmussen and Bangura being the obvious examples, certainly not convinced by Lustig either, releasing fringe players hopefully can free up wages for a couple of targetted quality additions, our Scandanivian transfers in recent years have yielded little benefit, we certainly dont appear to be signing the best from that part of the World, we have had limited success with young Rogne who was a gamble on young talent, it certainly has to be the future signing what we consider to be the best young talent any part in the world, Scandnavian signings such as Big Dan, Hooiveld, Bangurra, Rasmussen and Lustig cost millions in transfer fees and wages in terms of the SPL it is expenditure not required and the quality of player is below Champions league standard

  12. optimistic little soldier on

    I remember Craig Beattie being put through one-on-one with Stefan Klos (I think it was him) and he opted to shoot from distance and nearly hit the big screen.



    I remember thinking to myself: That laddie didn’t want to score that.



    The guy beside me, Harry, shouted: That boy’s a feckin’ hun!



    Can’t all be wrong.

  13. ‘GG on 26 July, 2012 at 06:03 said:


    Breaching is a remarkably unremarkable town in an unremarkable county.


    Abroath has haddies.


    Forfar has Bridies.


    Carnoustie has a golf course.


    Montrose has the marines.


    But who has heard of anything useful or famous coming from Brechin?


    Perhaps the Huns will complete their Manchester mission and bring fame and pain to the town everyone bypasses.








    A section of the ‘Iraqi Super Gun’

  14. LiviBhoy: Congratulations on the birth of wee Charlie. A future Celtic star in the making!





    CQN Dad’s Club

  15. The bould b`hoys..... Tá ár lá anois..!!! on

    Congrats to Mr and Mrs Livibhoy.


    God Bless wee Charliebhoy.

  16. traditionalist88 on

    Can’t vouch for these sources, but interesting when considered in tandem with recent articles on here…





    Celtic 67Live ‏@the_eriugena


    So the story is Lawwell has a deal in place and ‘somewhere for Celtic to go’ should all not be sweetness and light with the SPL




    10h Celtic 67Live ‏@the_eriugena


    @celtic1967 I don’t have details but there is a definite option apparently




    Celtic 67Live ‏@the_eriugena


    @Paradisehoops Don’t have details but there are lots of options and one of them is ready if needs must




    Brian ‏@celtic1967


    @the_eriugena PL (from an A1 source has had talks with Dutch and they’re receptive, fingers crossed!




    10h hairlikespaghetti* ‏@HLSpaghetti


    @the_eriugena never known you to be wrong before! Can I ask where you gleaned this wee nugget?



    FavoritedFavorite 10h Celtic 67Live ‏@the_eriugena


    @HLSpaghetti Someone who spoke to a close business contact of PL

  17. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Livibhoy Mrs. Livibhoy. Charlie Bhoy,



    Congratulations to you all.



    Charles means Man



    A cracking name.



    The UN has declared the name Charles as the greatest male name in history ever.



    I bet he is one handsome baby.



    Hail Hail Charlie bhoy

  18. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs LiviBhoy on the arrival of wee CharlieBhoy.


    God bless.

  19. proudbhoy on 26 July, 2012 at 08:38 said:



    Very loyal looks like him and Black are answering a call.






    Congrats to you and your good lady on the arrival of Charlie bhoy.




  20. KevJungle – Murdo..10 men Championees..1979


    Matt McGlone has been tweeting that 45,000 have been sold.



    Congrats LiviBhoy brilliant news.

  21. KevJungle – Murdo..10 men Championees..1979 on 26 July, 2012 at 08:56 said:


    Morning CQNer’s



    Does anyone know the amount of SB’s that have been sold ?


    Thanks in advance


    Hail Hail





    Matt McGlone was saying t’other day 45k

  22. LiviBhoy on 26 July, 2012 at 01:07 said:




    LiviBhoy does the Broony in St John’s hospital car park!








    …and indeed…..


    HOO !!!!