Our α and Ω


I’m getting beside myself with annoyance at the emergence of blog and online distractions ahead of the most important game of the season.  Darling-Salmond do not get my heart pounding, Henrik Larsson’s summer conversation with Celtic (he was asked if he was interested, he said he’s not ready, nothing more than that), and despite the need to sign players, they would be pointless if we don’t win tonight.

This is our Cup Final, our biggest game of the season by some margin.  This game determines what pace our development project proceeds at, what players we can attract and who we can afford.  For the season ahead, this is our α and Ω.

For the players, it is a joy.  A gift.  This is their chance to perform a task they are more than capable of in front of an appreciative crowd.  For Ronny and Johnny, it is their first stake in the ground.

Don’t assume it will be straightforward. It could be a long night, we may lose the first goal, but it takes a brave team to leave Celtic Park with the spoils on a European night. We have to remain patient early on; Maribor will tire as the game progresses. The final 15 minutes should be Celtic’s most productive.

Enjoy the game.

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  1. JJ



    Sadly not mhate. In and out in the car with the wee Mhan. School night!



    Will swing past CQN corner if I’m in time.



    Ching Ching!



    HH jamesgang

  2. adi_dasler


    12:20 on


    26 August, 2014



    Where’s this being reported, credible source?

  3. adi_dasler



    12:17 on 26 August, 2014



    ‘Craig Gordon struggling for tonight’s game’







    If that’s a joke, it’s in poor taste.



    If it’s not a joke, and he doesn’t make it, then my 2-0 prediction is looking a bit shaky.

  4. Paul




    I’ve owned a few Alfas in my time, and thoroughly enjoyed them!



    Never owned an Omega ‘tho!




  5. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Corkcelt and philbhoy



    From previous blog:



    Thank you very much for your kind thoughts and words. It was 58 years ago but I’ve missed her every day since and my thoughts are often never far away from her.



    Anyhow. Let’s get back to roaring on The Bhoys.

  6. Ernie



    They applied for season tickets like the rest of us only theirs haven’t been sent to them.



    We have a very different interpretation of ‘boycott’.



    Aff to give my heid peace.

  7. First goal vital tonight. We can afford to defend a one nil lead and hit them on the break if they come forward. However we can’t defend a nil nil situation. First goal is vital, knowing their strengths makes this an intriguing game. Obviously preferred option is to hammer them, but if the goals don’t come early it could be one of those nerve wracking nights.

  8. Beamishismypint on

    Just thinking of tonight and can’t believe Cameron Jerome went to Norwich! May never again have an opportunity to experience an atmosphere like Celtic Park rocking.




  9. adi_dasler



    12:25 on 26 August, 2014



    ‘No joke. On Radio Clyde at 12.00’






    There’s no logical connection between those two sentences.

  10. “Celtic full-back Adam Matthews returns to the squad after a calf injury for Tuesday’s home leg in the Champions League play-off with NK Maribor.


    With the tie poised at 1-1, the Scottish champions have no new injury concerns after resting several players for Saturday’s 1-0 loss at Inverness.:



  11. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Tony Donnelly 67 Exactly fella thats why we have more than one goal keeper on our books.There are an awful lot of nervous supporters on the blog today.H.H.

  12. skyisalandfill



    11:30 on 26 August, 2014



    Has anyone worked out where Kev goes aff oot to?






    His heid.

  13. Hamiltontim



    12:25 on 26 August, 2014



    There’s nothing to stop them buying individual tickets.



    Celtic would not now be entitled to charge them full price for season books if they were applied for on time and not yet issued, so they wouldn’t be out of pocket.



    If they decide, as a group, not to buy individual tickets, then that is a boycott by any reasonable definition.

  14. If Zaluska plays tonight then we won’t make it. His concentration in a one sided game is absolutely shocking, and pair that with his ability then I fear for us tonight.



    One player I wanted to see tonight is Craig Gordon.



    fingers crossed the rumour is untrue.



    7hrs to go and I’m already nervous. FFS.

  15. tonydonnelly67



    12:28 on 26 August, 2014



    ‘No Gordon , we go with Zaluska, no problem.’






    You been on the Lanny?



    No harm to Zaluska, but he’s a bomb scare.

  16. Paul 67,



    Totally agree with you, the media and blog distractions before such a crucial season defining game are unbelievable.



    There is a time and place for debate about various subjects, but right now its neither the time nor the place.


    We cannot dictate the media, but we can support our team via the blog. To do otherwise asks its own questions.



    Tomorrow we can debate.



    HH & COYBIG.




  17. From last thread









    We always Park next Street along from Nuneaton st.(just off London Road)



    Wee industrial unit pay £3 but car safe and < 5 minutes walk to Celtic End.



    You can after game then come onto Nuneaton street and jump onto new road that will take you down past Shawfield and onto M74 link road.



    None of us driving tonight right enough as Euro games are always Bevvy and pre match meal.

  18. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Tojo.Have some confidence fella Zaluska will do fine if called upon we should pin them in there half of the park for most of the time.H.H.

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