Our African players, Hawkeye, 1254125 and more!


The December issue of CQN Magazine has arrived!  We have 116 pages material written for and by Celtic supporters.  We cover 1254125 (hopefully a phrase you are already familiar with), and our newly fertile African territories.  There is an excellent analysis of our perennial penalty problem with lots of articles from fans sharing their Celtic experiences.

………and we cover the Champions League in some style.  The games against Barcelona, Spartak and Benfica are all given their place in our history while we look ahead at who we could face in the next round, and beyond!

It’s all there and available to read online for free, although you can sell some of your Sevco shares and pay to have a hard copy specifically crafted for you if you wish.

Before you read, we thought it might be helpful to give you a quick guide on how to use the magazine online…..


When you see the magazine on CQN – don’t try to read it inside this graphic – click on the button at the bottom right hand side of the magazine which has two diagonal arrows. This will show you the magazine in full screen.

The first button on the left, a little arrow coming out of a box, allows you to SHARE the magazine. You can post to Facebook and Tweet the link on Twitter to spread the word!

The next button – this is the SEARCH function. Type in Barcelona and all the mentions in this edition will be displayed.  The third button in from the top left – the next button takes you to RELATED publications. Here you can view all the back editions of CQN Magazine and all the related content we have loaded, including many of the documents in the past year.

The next button is for a Table of Contents but we don’t use this function so ignore that one.

Next along, with the downward pointing arrow is the DOWNLOAD button. If you want to download and read the PDF this is where to do it. The last button at the top left is the PRINT button – ideal if you want a hard copy of page or two.

Moving to the bottom left – we currently have the BUY CQN ANNUAL button.

Over to the bottom right hand corner and working from left to right – the first button has three parts, allowing you to read CQN magazine as a double page, or single or to scroll over the pages.

The next button along to the right, with the plus and minus signs – allows you to increase or decrease the size of the page on your screen – ideal for easy reading.

Next along is the page number, showing the left hand page number you are on from the total in the magazine, in the new issue that is 116 pages (More than double what it used to be incidentally!)

Next along is the button with the two arrows, pointing to left and to right. These allow you to turn the pages forward to the right and back to the left.

Next there is a volume button and finally the arrow we started on at the bottom right hand corner that allows you to view in full screen.

You can also turn pages by scrolling over the page corners. Inside the magazine you will find embedded videos – these can be watched on full screen. There are links to take you direct to advertisers’ websites and at the bottom right hand corner of all right hand editorial pages, to take you back to CQN. Some smaller images have a function that allows us to increase the size – so click on these smaller photographs and the size will increase on your page to give you a better look.

If you want to buy the print version of the magazine you can do so by clicking the Magcloud.com link on the cover or the contents page.   Magcloud print a unique copy for you and ship from the US, so unfortunately it’s expensive.  You’re vastly cheaper (and some would say better) to order the CQN Annual, which you can do from here.

Enjoy CQN Magazine’s December edition and many thanks to all who contributed!
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  1. From previous thread:



    I’m Neil Lennon (tamrabam)



    11:19 on 19 December, 2012



    That’s an interesting point re 10 point penalty.



    Can anyone confirm the rules around this – is it a 10 point deduction every season that a team is in administration or is it a one-off?




  2. So the hordes have (allegedly) bought £5m of worthless pieces of paper, or shares as chuckie calls them,


    well they were warned,


    so hell slap it into them.

  3. Just found this on SFL webpage:





    15.1 Notwithstanding any other provision in these Rules, any football club which


    is relegated, in terms of the Settlement Agreement between the League


    and The Scottish Premier League, from The Scottish Premier League, shall


    automatically be admitted to full membership of the League and shall in the


    season immediately following that relegation participate in the higher or


    highest Division of the League.



    So that means that rAngers were not relegated otherwise they would have started in SFL1 and my understanding is that they are an associate member which contradicts the above???

  4. Towards end of previous thread:



    Prince Albert_Kidd of Hamilton


    12:12 on


    19 December, 2012


    Can anyone explain this please Same Club? Pay your debts!!







    I’ve had a look at this and can’t understand why there is no mention of them being liquidated! Is this legal? They are using the dead club’s financial history, conveniently forgetting the liquidation of dead club to promote this share issue.

  5. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Since they’re so tax averse maybes they should follow follow ole Gerard Depardieu and move to Belgium



    Although history does show that the relationship between the Belgians and the Hun has not always been beneficial.

  6. Just had a wee traipse through the bumper mag for a bumper year….nice one!


    Man, that night @ Celtic Park…y’know? The one where we gubbed the mighty Barça?


    I am still buzzin’. Probably always will.



  7. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    Club and Company concept=Mechanism to cheat.



    Where is the sport in “club and company?”



    Is it an idea to petition fans asking if they see their clubs as a separate entity to a ‘company’ and then getting a publuc statement from the clubs?

  8. This is a mistake in the website as “history” is for Rangers Football Club PLC not Rangers International FC PLC!

  9. very misleading & deliberate?


    I demand an inquiry…. my ‘investment’ was in the continuation of RFC plc.



    Can anyone explain this? Seems Rangers International have existed since 2007. http://t.co/Xo9S0aq3



    @HMRCgovuk Have you read through all the available info? They are the same company, creditors need to look into this



    @HMRCgovuk Where’s Alex Tomo when you need him? Only one in media with any b**** to look at this. @alextomo

  10. Why am I livin’ on here. I have a vicious chest infection right now and am incapable of much else except raging. On my 2nd. lot of antibiotics.


    This’ll teach me to quit smoking.


    I promise you, I am most definitely not trying to garner internet sympathy. I’m just tellin’ yez in case you’re wondering how come I seem to do very little else except ram on on this blog.


    Maybe I should get a small stipend from kind donations…….?




    worth a punt, in anybody’s money…..

  11. southside



    11:41 on 19 December, 2012



    I’m getting sick of green rampaging around insulting all and sundry, and apparently no one has a set big enough to shut him up.


    BBC, Stv and pretty much all the written press paint exactly the picture green wants painted and to hell with the truth.


    The media in general is packed full of people with an ibrox affinity.


    It’s shameful.


    Throughout this shambolic affair supporters direct have been noticeable by their silence.


    I’m prepared to stand corrected, but it was individual supporters who were prepared to turn their backs on the game that forced the hand of certain individuals and ensured no new club would rocket straight into our top division.


    I view supporters direct a bit like show racism the red card, kick it out etc. No real teeth or desire to rock the boat.


    I’ve no particular evidence for holding this view, but equally I have no evidence to hold the opposite view.


    I think if we wait for someone like supporters direct to get involved in having our concerns addressed re the “special club”, we’ll be waiting a long time.


    We might even find we’ve waited too long.


    Supporters Associations/Trusts need to mobilise together because the way things are panning out the tails wagging the dog and all the decent clubs with decent supporters stand to be the losers as the “special club” takes it place at the top table.

  12. miki67



    ..from last post, you’re on fire bud….so, keep it lit!





    Best wishes to Tito Vilanova

  13. There are only Two teams left in the Champions League, who had to come through the qualifying round.



    Celtic v Malaga in the Fairytale Final…

  14. Take a look at the this, the club floated today is the same club it was 5yrs ago http://t.co/dBxOYUF3 good news for creditors.



    @HMRCgovuk @alextomo Have a look at all the statements, this is such a can of worms. It’s same company as 5yrs ago.



    @HMRCgovuk @alextomo Have a look at all the statements, this is such a can of worms. It’s same company as 5yrs.



    But it’s against the law to use the name of a company liquidated within the previous 12mths

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