Our Coefficient Monkeys, Insurrections, Daizen and CCV


Consecutive defeats saw Hearts slip from a promising third to a Gorgie Insurrectionist sixth over the last nine days.  Both reversals were by a single goal and came against our Coefficient Monkeys, Aberdeen and Newco, the latter of whom continue to do sterling work in Europe on behalf of the Scottish champions.  It really does make a difference.

In his post-match interview at Pittodrie on Saturday, Hearts boss Steven Naismith explained how his team surrendered a lead by throwing the players under their luxury coach, “It wasn’t anything tactical, we got bullied”.  Translated: My tactics were without flaw, and we would have won if the players had been man enough.

2024 is almost upon us but in corners of this country, people in position are still trying to explain away their own inadequacies by questioning the effort of those who work for them.  It’s all a bit primitive, although, if you’ve ever been to Tynecastle on match days, perhaps Naismith is their perfect boss.

There has been a perfect symmetry to Hearts since September, they lose every game against teams who reached the European group stages, and beat everyone else, with the solitary exception of a draw against Hibernian.  The aforementioned thrower-of-others-under-the-bus will attempt to arrest this run at Celtic Park tomorrow.  Let’s not allow that.

The best news from earlier this week was the return to availability of Cameron Carter-Vickers and Daizen Maeda.  I would start Daizen in a heartbeat tomorrow.  Cameron, on the other hand, what’s the rush?

His hamstring was only tweaked, so there is a high probability he would get through the game without incident.  The question for Brendan, is, what’s the probability of the alternate outcome?  Would three weeks’ rest guarantee his full recovery, and his implied availability for the game against one of our Coefficient Monkeys?

Liam Scales, Stephen Welsh and Gustaf Lagerbielke should have enough in the tank for this one.

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  1. We have nobody to concern about bar ourselves. We are better than thems, better players, just better everything. So, what’s not to like, 5 points clear and 8 points clear in January. Nae bother as the prophet said.



    In OUR hands




  2. I agree , it’s in our hands and we should relish the challenge. Football is more than pounds shillings and pence though and we have no guarantee of anything.

  3. B,bbbbbut Vlad The Impaler is a pyoor brulliant manager.Weer feert.




    SMSM,lapping up the GB crap.Did they actually speak to the Record.


    Some Rebels if they did.

  4. play our strongest team every league match from now until the end of the season , as everyone knows we have no additional euro games until next season, so why not.

  5. Talking of questioning the effort of those who work for them a nice little touch of class from Ange today:



    Postecoglou was asked if he has had a full-back that good at passing and as a playmaker before (as Udoge and Porro). He responded: “Yeah, yeah, most of the guys, most of the teams I’ve had, whether it was at Celtic where Greg Taylor was very influential.



    “Anthony Ralston, Alistair Johnston and when I was at Yokohama, Ken Matsubara. I could go on. They were all very influential and it’s part of the way we play, and they all hugged me after a goal.”

  6. I am sooooooo glad we got a victory in the CL the other night. A dead rubber :- never in a month of Sunday’s


    We have demonstrated, to ourselves, to the manager and to the fans that we can win in the CL.



    The fact that we won with so many out injured is sooooo pleasing.


    The psychological boost cannot be over emphasised.


    The relief and satisfaction is palatable. The togetherness was tangible.



    Put bluntly: We needed this. And it is a springboard for a winning mentality going forward.



    I am in no doubt that we will take this winning mentality into our league games.



    The huns may be on a high and will pose a strong challenge, however we are equally on a high and can concentrate solely on the league.



    Hail, hail.

  7. I think we might be getting a bit carried away with Sevco on the back of one result.



    In their last home game in the Europa League, 5 games ago, they drew with Aris Limassol. If you watch their games you’ll see they aren’t convincing since that game they’ve done enough and no more. read the forums and you’ll see they don’t see a big improvement in performances and they think, with justification that the team has too many duffers in it.



    That they got to the final of the europa league and six months later had the worst record of any team in the nearly thirty years of group stages tells you everything you need to know about the standard of both competitions



    They’ve yet to convince anyone they’re anything more than chasers or a cup team. Underdogs, losers.



    Until they prove otherwise it feels like Clement is just lipstick on a pig, if he is even that good

  8. No problem for me in the Rangers doing well in the Europa League. Fair play to them. If anything, it helps us as they will have tougher games and travel to deal with where we will not. Focus on the league – I can’t see us winning it by any more than 7 points. It’s going to be the hope that kills them – again.

  9. We play better in the CL because the opposition expects to beat us by playing open, attacking football.



    The mini’s tomorrow will defend in depth.



    Much more difficult to play against.



    An early goal would be great.

  10. 2 of their goals yesterday were due to horrendous defending and at the first their centre forward mis controlled the ball so badly it broke to the guy who scored, they are very physical though.

  11. And a team founded in 2012 are the worst ever champions league participants



    Dont think there has been a CL victory at 2club park since 2010 and the registrations of those players did smell of the karendunbars character




  12. Prestonpans bhoys on

    DESSYBHOY on 15TH DECEMBER 2023 7:49 PM


    2 of their goals yesterday were due to horrendous defending



    Correct moreover the ‘assist’ from Dessers was a miss hit and fell to a hun to shoot; second goal the right-hand side went for a tea break although Dessers took the goal well; last one boy plays the entire hun front line onside. Even that needed the ball to bounce aff the arse of one of their defenders before ot fell nicely to score 🙃

  13. Early reminder for Superbru predictions tomorrow. Over 20 still to make their predictions but a lot more have still to add the St. Johnstone v Hibs prediction to this week’s list. This game has been brought forward a few weeks but should appear on your weekly list now.



    There are also 2 midweek fixtures to be made by Wednesday. Seven fixtures give someone a good chance to beat Big Jimmy’s week 2 total of 14.5 points

  14. Evening all.



    If the blog doesn’t mind.



    A trio of tunes from Fran Healy’s brilliant ‘Travis’.



    Travis – Turn





    Travis – Driftwood





    Travis – Why Does It Always Rain On Me?





    Early rise tomorrow.



    Stay classy



    Tell your friends, they’ll like it.



    It’s good to ne a Tim.







  15. The read back makes me wonder who win a match between a rag-tag pack of crocked journeymen with no sell-on value and a fortunately flukey but strapping big side clearly galvanised by a credible manager with quite serious experience of recognisable Euro clubs ?



    Without over-blowing their attainments, it’s not fear that tells us we should never be arrogant or complacent.



    It’s basic prudence.







    If you can put the Superbru stuff on here, does that not mean you could return to posting on matters Celtic? The site cannot afford to lose someone of your calibre.

  17. Not having watched much of Newco, I cannot really comment on their standard but, based on their results and the rather favourable approach they receive from the MIB in Scotland, they are clearly a challenge for us in the League.


    The MIB factor is the big one for me as I believe we are the better side.

  18. This comment sums up the huns better than most of the commentators here, online and especially in the meedja



    Well played






    AN DÚN on 15TH DECEMBER 2023 2:01 PM



    They’re tall throughout the team and play long balls. Not many sides play that way so it’s something of a culture shock when European teams are faced with that challenge.



    flip it, to when they need to be the team



    on the front foot and they struggle. So they can beat Betis twice but drop 5 points against Aris.



    In the SPFL, they meet an Aris more often than a Betis…



    I’ll worry about the huns when they get a gaffer that makes them play 21st century football.






    Top post/analysis

  19. What is the Starz on



    I was meant to be travelling over for the game tomorrow. Have been struggling with bronchitis all week so won’t make it.I have a ticket that I can email to anyone who needs it.My cousin is checking with his gang to see if anyone wants it but chances are they all have season tickets.If he comes back with a taker I will send it to him but if not I will email it to first person on here who needs it.

  20. What is the Starz on

    Thanks Gene.. I am fine but not worth taking a risk travelling, Air con on planes not the best thing for chest infection

  21. AT I know its not the same peter but…….



    Llawell picked a peck of pickled wingers,



    A peck of pickled wingers Peter lawell picked;



    If Peter lawell picked a peck of pickled wingers,



    Where’s the peck of pickled wingers Peter lawell picked?

  22. itscalledthemalvinas on

    A quiet night let me wander over the BBC sports pages.


    Noticed that in the occupied six that Linfield have been sanctioned by the Irish FA.


    Seems their fans had been singing the Billy Boys at Larne on the 15th September and at Cliftonville on the 20th october. Racist comments at Loughall on the 30th October. Fines totalling four thousand pounds and a suspended one match ban for their away support.


    Now if it could happen there. . . . . .

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