Our Coefficient Monkeys, Insurrections, Daizen and CCV


Consecutive defeats saw Hearts slip from a promising third to a Gorgie Insurrectionist sixth over the last nine days.  Both reversals were by a single goal and came against our Coefficient Monkeys, Aberdeen and Newco, the latter of whom continue to do sterling work in Europe on behalf of the Scottish champions.  It really does make a difference.

In his post-match interview at Pittodrie on Saturday, Hearts boss Steven Naismith explained how his team surrendered a lead by throwing the players under their luxury coach, “It wasn’t anything tactical, we got bullied”.  Translated: My tactics were without flaw, and we would have won if the players had been man enough.

2024 is almost upon us but in corners of this country, people in position are still trying to explain away their own inadequacies by questioning the effort of those who work for them.  It’s all a bit primitive, although, if you’ve ever been to Tynecastle on match days, perhaps Naismith is their perfect boss.

There has been a perfect symmetry to Hearts since September, they lose every game against teams who reached the European group stages, and beat everyone else, with the solitary exception of a draw against Hibernian.  The aforementioned thrower-of-others-under-the-bus will attempt to arrest this run at Celtic Park tomorrow.  Let’s not allow that.

The best news from earlier this week was the return to availability of Cameron Carter-Vickers and Daizen Maeda.  I would start Daizen in a heartbeat tomorrow.  Cameron, on the other hand, what’s the rush?

His hamstring was only tweaked, so there is a high probability he would get through the game without incident.  The question for Brendan, is, what’s the probability of the alternate outcome?  Would three weeks’ rest guarantee his full recovery, and his implied availability for the game against one of our Coefficient Monkeys?

Liam Scales, Stephen Welsh and Gustaf Lagerbielke should have enough in the tank for this one.

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  1. Dessybhoy,



    McInnes is also a regular on Rangers TV.Nothing matters in Scotland.



    Anyway,IMHO,a massive mistake,if true,to offload Big Gustav.He has a great future ahead of him.Far too early.

  2. Plenty to be moved on before Gustaf or Matt, Matt is no where near the complete player yet and would benefit from more experience unless he is insisting on going, Gustaf we have hardly seen what is going on there, didn’t like Kennedy’s comments yesterday about Matt at all it seems the coaches just accept this, a cycle of development is that not an Academy masquerading as a serious football club?

  3. lets all do the huddle on

    aw well ,will just have to be subjected to away fans song list once again at Celtic Park, dearie dearie.




    and their coins if you are within throwing distance. thankfully im not.

  4. The returnof weeron on

    Lagerbielke to be sold???



    Nawrockie unable to get on the bench??



    Scales better than either of them?? But ‘we never saw that coming’??



    We need to sort out our recruitment. This is nuts. One of our OWN players has the ability to play well in our 1st team, and we didn’t know that??



    The other 2 were 1st team players in their previous teams, yet can’t get on the bench, never mind the field?



    I left Kobyashi out of this post as I didn’t want to come across too negative….but what on earth is going on???







  5. RC,



    Do you honestly think 250 fans in a corner,belting out Rebs,actually creates an atmosphere.Most don’t join in.The atmosphere has been terrible for a long time.The support now spoilt and just accept the success as their right.Rather make their noise castigating players for a bad pass,or picking on their scapegoats.

  6. CELTIC: Hart, A.Johnston, Carter-Vickers, Scales, Taylor, McGregor, Turnbull, O’Riley, M.Johnston, Kyogo, Palma.


    Subs: Bain, Oh, Kwon, Bernabei, Bernardo, Maeda, Forrest, Ralston, Welsh

  7. lets all do the huddle on

    Do you honestly think 250 fans in a corner,belting out Rebs,actually creates an atmosphere.Most don’t join in.The atmosphere has been terrible for a long time.





    well the atmosphere is definitely a load better when they are in their corner than when they arent.



    whether you like the content of their atmosphere is a different thing.



    the feynoord fans provided a good atmosphere the other night even though i couldnt make out a word from the other end!

  8. I’m an auld yin..and i love the GB, great atmosphere., great tifo etc etc


    When i turned up on wed to my JS stand seat i thot the GB were back!!…nah it wis the bliddy dutch fans creating the atmosphere



    Bring thum back!

  9. lets all do the huddle on

    No pace in 5 out of the 6 middle to front.




    pace or power



    a.major issue in general



    but im guessing hearts dont have that in abundance either and we have better players

  10. turkeybhoy



    That is a good point. The standing section was created to provide for those who wanted to be more pro-active together in supporting the team. It holds nearly 3000 supporters, and when in full flow it can help generate an reaction, an echo if you like, from the old Celtic end. It was not designed for 267 members of the Green Brigade but for a number ten times as many, and opening up the possibility of a full standing lower tier, ideally at the other end of the stadium.

  11. Looks like a whole host of players on their way out, but before we jump up and down at the Lawwells mibbees we should take note of how many were Ange’ picks including the much criticized Oh, Bernardo and Bernabei meanwhile the old guard Mikey Johnston, James Forrest Anthony Ralston and Steven Welsh are in the squad

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