Our fulcrum within. Stopped in my tracks.


Before we get into anything less important, the Road to Seville cyclists arrive at their destination, 20 years after so many of us travelled to the city to watch Celtic in a European final.  It was a special time in all our lives and in the club’s history.  The cyclists wanted to mark that occasion and help us all contribute to the ethos that our club was founded on – helping others.  Be a part of this story by donating here to the Celtic FC Foundation in honour of so much of our common history.

I can see your anxiety from here.  Tomorrow, we play the only team in the country who managed to beat a full strength Celtic all season, but check yourself.  St Mirren’s point against Hearts last week came on the back of three straight defeats.  Their last win was also against Hearts, in early April.

Out three subsequent meetings have not been kind to tomorrow’s visitors: a 4-0 and 5-1 win at Celtic Park, and a 1-5 in Paisley.

St Mirren manager, Steven Robinson is never endearing, but in his defence, at least he tries to play football.  You would far rather he made it to the top six, than Livingston, who missed out at the split two weeks ago.

Ange Postecoglou needs to get the wheels back on the barrow after defeat last time out.  I don’t expect he will vary the line-up too much.  Kobayashi is likely to start again in defence and I would be in favour of giving Oh the nod again in attack.  He has shown encouraging signs but needs a run of games to relieve some of the evident pressure that lures him into rash challenges.

My big hope for tomorrow is a return of the Old Reo.  Our fulcrum has been within himself since returning from injury; so much of his game is about being everywhere, all at once.  Games under his belt is the only medicine.

Third choice keeper is a difficult gig to sell an aspiring young talent.  It either goes to an uninspiring talent, or in our case, it goes to Scott Bain.  Scott will not see a lot of action, but he meets Uefa home-gown, familiarity and budget requirements.

Occasionally, football stops you in your tracks.  A week ago, Sheffield Wednesday lost the first leg of their League One play-off semi-final to Peterborough 4-0.  Wednesday finished the regular season 19 points ahead of Peterborough.  Coming on the back of Sheffield United’s promotion to the Premier League, this capitulation hit hard.

The disgust and anger was clear, there’s even a YouTube video of a fan shredding his ticket for last night’s second leg.  But you know football.  Wednesday went 3-0 up with 20 minutes of regular time remaining and scored the equaliser with a 98th minute moment of heroism.  Sure, they went behind again by scoring an own goal in extra time, but equalised and won on penalties.

Nothing can work your emotions like your football team.  The game is a lifelong companion and torment.  Enjoy Celtic Park tomorrow.

Remember, Road to Seville.

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  1. ultras inb all black gear ? aomeone is getting the groups mixed up.



    Onion Pears dress in fascist black.

  2. SFTB



    Thanks for the reply.



    Imo Bain is part of the deadwood at the club that needs cleared out along with Barkas, Ajeti etc. No wonder he’s ‘good’ for the dressing room, i’d be the life and soul of the place if i was getting 10k a week to sit on a seat. Siegrist will never be the No1, that’s evident already, so i’d rather the funds being spent on bringing in someone with a view to replacing JH, than on a guy who has already proven he isn’t good enough to challenge for No1.

  3. that akward moment when ange decides he likes the keepers he has here and gets them an extended contract.



    meanwhile on cqn someone says we need one super goalkeeper number ONE and he gets all the money.



    and european quotas on players dont really count.



    and anyway CCV can go backsie.

  4. bournesouprecipe on




    Good business by Celtic saving money on a low earner, who is happy on the bench and unlikely to play. Bain has overtaken Siegrist apparently and fulfilling the European squad UEFA rules resigning him is smart.



    Tells us there are no current home grown Scottish players we are likely to sign at the moment, so giving Scott Bain another contract makes perfect sense.

  5. imagine poor dom sullivan in this day and age.



    as a ps, our ultras predominately wear khaki,



    that several choose to wear black to mingle with their opponents in a pre arranged scuffle early morning chase me roon the outside of the stadium has got feck all to do with what they wear as their uniform commonly to celtic park.

  6. Prestonpans bhoys on




    Well said, I’m in the standing area and at 61 by no means the oldest, that area has a very diverse demogragh !

  7. SS,



    I must admit I don’t scrutinise the Ultras and have no inner knowledge of them. I do hear their big mad drum though 🙂



    So I’ll bow to your superior expertise.

  8. bigrailroadblues on



    Aye, I was the oldest. I aged 10 years at the end of the hun game. 😳

  9. Tom McLaughlin on




    It is very unfair and rather shortsighted to claim that the only reason Scott Bain celebrates on the pitch with the cup-winning squad is because he is well paid for sitting on the bench.



    Apart from the fact that he trains hard every day, goalkeepers are in a unique position in that if they’re not first choice they don’t play.



    Scott has to work hard and be ready to step in when Joe Hart is indisposed through injury or suspension. Maybe his biggest drawback in the eyes of some CQNers is his lack of a foreign name and passport.



    Where do we find a multi-million pound keeper who is prepared to sit on the bench every week?



    Finally, criticism of Scott Bain’s new 3-year contract shows a complete lack of respect for the manager who sanctioned tbe deal.

  10. PRESTONPANS BHOYS on 19TH MAY 2023 4:06 PM



    I have admitted that I am no expert on Ultras.



    But I must admit I haven’t seen many 61 year old Ultras. 🤣

  11. glendalystonsils on

    RC on 19TH MAY 2023 3:27



    I’ve no idea how much Scott Bain earns so I’ll take your word for it that it’s 10k a week . I’m convinced however that he’s not doing an ‘agent of Bobo Balde’ act and would much rather be on the field every week .


    I’m also not convinced that the board would fork out 10k a week on someone just because they’re Scottish . If that’s the case , I’ll do it for a grand a week .


    Anyhow , Ange wouldn’t put Bain on the bench each week if he didn’t think he was capable of stepping in for Joe if required .

  12. Yep as usual,wrong facts being written.Celtic DO have a family section.How does anyone on here know the thoughts and wishes of the fairer sex,Celtic fans.Have you asked them.A couple of weeks ago I witnessed plenty giving it laldy,at all the songs.Maybe a full Celtic Wall would give a lot more females the chance to take part there.


    I wouldn’t know,I haven’t asked them al



    Would tell Bisgrove to take his 800 tickets,and shove them up his Jacksy.Calling the agenda.We have multiple grounds for refusing this.Fans injured last game with bottles raining down on them.Weapons fou nd in toilets before the game.Our Physio scarred for life.Broken bottles thrown onto our penalty area.Huns unable to guarantee the safety of TV pundits at their den.Recent game,Jota pelted with objects.


    Will be disgusted if Celtic OK this.

  13. SAINT STIVS on 19TH MAY 2023 4:27 PM


    Swiss Ramble









    Five clubs have earned more than €100m from the Champions League this season:



    – Manchester City €127m



    – Real Madrid €118m



    – Bayern Munich €107m



    – Paris Saint-Germain €104m



    – Inter €100m



    Stivs you will find poss with exception of Inter the rest have consistently always been at trough


    Consistently increasing the gap in wealth to clubs who do not reach those rounds


    Same clubs contesting with more of the game being excluded,Scandinavia,balkan teams…..all exc the big5 telly fatarse viewers Eng,Spain,Ger,France and Spain the rest of us are crumbs fodder imo.will see how this new format goes next year.


    Hope all good your side





  14. Tom McLaughlin on




    You can’t park overnight at the Ingliston Park & Ride but you can at the nearby Hermiston Gait Park & Ride.



    Hermiston Gait is at the end of the M8 heading into Edinburgh.

  15. SFTB



    I usually agree with lost of your posts. If not then I do get your logic. I can’t get your views Re Broto.



    Broto may not have been your cup of tea as a keeper but he was as far as many of the 2002/3 side.



    Much as they all liked big Rab I know from personal conversations many (including management) reckon Broto playing in Seville would have made a difference to the outcome. Unfortunately that couldn’t happen.



    Also Re the ladies football and Glasgow City. I do agree their criticism Re the chants etc was influenced by the outcome. I also think some of the crap being sung as so called support for the team was pathetic though.



    Of course the manager is not going to criticise the enormous support and energy it gave them in the second half. Personally I just wish the song book was a bit different.



    I can only hope Glasgow City are braced for the other side of the coin on Sunday.



    I have huge respect for their founders and journey. The personal sacrifices the founders have made to build this club from scratch are incredible. They are no Queens Park in that sense. Not a hint of privilege or arrogance. Just decent people with a passion for football.



    Any one / two outcome with Celtic and City will suit me on Sunday.

  16. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Tom- thanks, very helpful, going to see The Boss in a couple of weeks 👌

  17. Hertz v Aberdeen should be a belter tomorrow – two new managers – one sends them out ot do one thing – win- the other’s a *&^%

  18. Greenpinata/Burnley78



    Oh hear noo wi his tae tok bout wimmins fitba we have to get in our bit bout the songbook and ultras first,stereotype and shiteswiping Celtic fans who attended en masse,record crowd etc.any focus on that? Nope- but in like flynn if they hear a song they can girn bout. It’s as tho you are embarrassed or ashamed of other Celtic fans and the songs they sing of our Irish history,yeh I get the add on argument but you guys paint as tho it is only these add ons are sung.


    Wrong wrong and wrong



    Well the 4 folk I knew who went,all enjoyed,all would go back and all enjoyed the atmosphere,all go regularly with their girls.


    Not one of them commented on the songbook.


    2 are city followers.


    Their girls loved it at Celtic Park.



    Hoping to head on Sunday,even to see guyfawkes defend his seat,handers will be offered to him :-)) tho i think i will just enjoy the game as am sure he will.



    Soz chaps the songs debate is as old as Celtic,one of earliest memories is Jock goin in bout them in an away game,68 or so,it was getting girned at and tut-tutted at then,education and get in bout them.



    Catch youz at a game soon




  19. Can’t see the powers that be agreeing to extending safe standing at Celtic Park. Let’s face it, the Republican songbook is an embarrassment as it is never mind adding to the problem.

  20. Tom McLaughlin on



    Can’t see the powers that be agreeing to extending safe standing at Celtic Park. Let’s face it, the Republican songbook is an embarrassment as it is never mind adding to the problem.



    The club has already agreed to survey the season ticket holders in the Jock Stein Lower and if the majority agree to the proposal, it’s a goer.

  21. Burnley78



    I don’t doubt that some players speculated that Javier might have done better than Rob but it is an “If your auntie self identified” type of argument. Broto didn’t play so we’ll never know if he’d have been the same, worse or better. I think Rob had one of his better outings in Seville though he will not count among our best loved keepers.



    My point was simply, speculations and what ifs aside, Broto couldn’t prevent us from losing to ICT and drawing with Dundee. There is little evidence he could have stopped Porto far less any European team. He never played European football with Celtic and in his two experiences with Livi he shipped a goal to Vaduz in a 1:1 aggregate win and 8 goals to Sturm Graz over two games.



    He also played only 29 games over 3 seasons with Murcia, Getafe and Hercules after he left Celtic. The best I can say is he was imagined as a good keeper. Rob had a much better record and career to look back on.

  22. SIONNAIGH on 19TH MAY 2023 6:41 PM


    Can’t see the powers that be agreeing to extending safe standing at Celtic Park. Let’s face it, the Republican songbook is an embarrassment as it is never mind adding to the problem.



    So no more rebs from you Sonnaigh.:-))) u r @it lol



    I didn’t realise you are embarrassed by the songs of Irish heritage that you post constantly about?



    What republican song are you embarrassed bout?


    And in “adding to the problem” can you define what that problem is?




  23. What a weekend of sport in Dublin .



    Good luck to the Glasgow Warriors and Katie Taylor.




  24. Tom Mc Laughlin.



    Tom would you have a link to the club surveying or direct me?i know something was mentioned bout month,6 weeks ago but I thought it was Celtic fans called green brigade who initiated it so I was of the mind it wouldn’t happen as it would all have to be consented,and having spent a season(the one AC last 16) I wouldn’t change.the angle of stand is greater than the opp end and its great view.



    In the womans game however,if it continues to grow with more games being played at Celtic Park,like the record attendance recently it could be looked at in those games.



    Glad you survived brrb in Embra,the things that town does for tourism :-)




  25. Paul67,



    Old Reo, isnae that Old.



    My Son gets annoyed when I say Reo is the Man constantly.



    The Guy deserves a bigger weekly stage but I hope we keep him for a proper go @ the CL.



    Aidan extols Callum and I know he knows his stuff. And he is right, as usual.



    There isnae a bigger Fan of Callum than little (lol) ol’ moi.






    Big Sutty is a windup merchant but he is Madeleine Albright when commenting that Celtic huv to keep their very best Leo Sayers.



    Reo is wan of them.

  26. bigrailroadblues on

    An Tearmann 7.44


    Aye right ye are. Me and Brian M boosted the economy of auld reekie by 10. That McLaughlin fella likes a bevvy anaw. 😜🍻

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