Our fulcrum within. Stopped in my tracks.


Before we get into anything less important, the Road to Seville cyclists arrive at their destination, 20 years after so many of us travelled to the city to watch Celtic in a European final.  It was a special time in all our lives and in the club’s history.  The cyclists wanted to mark that occasion and help us all contribute to the ethos that our club was founded on – helping others.  Be a part of this story by donating here to the Celtic FC Foundation in honour of so much of our common history.

I can see your anxiety from here.  Tomorrow, we play the only team in the country who managed to beat a full strength Celtic all season, but check yourself.  St Mirren’s point against Hearts last week came on the back of three straight defeats.  Their last win was also against Hearts, in early April.

Out three subsequent meetings have not been kind to tomorrow’s visitors: a 4-0 and 5-1 win at Celtic Park, and a 1-5 in Paisley.

St Mirren manager, Steven Robinson is never endearing, but in his defence, at least he tries to play football.  You would far rather he made it to the top six, than Livingston, who missed out at the split two weeks ago.

Ange Postecoglou needs to get the wheels back on the barrow after defeat last time out.  I don’t expect he will vary the line-up too much.  Kobayashi is likely to start again in defence and I would be in favour of giving Oh the nod again in attack.  He has shown encouraging signs but needs a run of games to relieve some of the evident pressure that lures him into rash challenges.

My big hope for tomorrow is a return of the Old Reo.  Our fulcrum has been within himself since returning from injury; so much of his game is about being everywhere, all at once.  Games under his belt is the only medicine.

Third choice keeper is a difficult gig to sell an aspiring young talent.  It either goes to an uninspiring talent, or in our case, it goes to Scott Bain.  Scott will not see a lot of action, but he meets Uefa home-gown, familiarity and budget requirements.

Occasionally, football stops you in your tracks.  A week ago, Sheffield Wednesday lost the first leg of their League One play-off semi-final to Peterborough 4-0.  Wednesday finished the regular season 19 points ahead of Peterborough.  Coming on the back of Sheffield United’s promotion to the Premier League, this capitulation hit hard.

The disgust and anger was clear, there’s even a YouTube video of a fan shredding his ticket for last night’s second leg.  But you know football.  Wednesday went 3-0 up with 20 minutes of regular time remaining and scored the equaliser with a 98th minute moment of heroism.  Sure, they went behind again by scoring an own goal in extra time, but equalised and won on penalties.

Nothing can work your emotions like your football team.  The game is a lifelong companion and torment.  Enjoy Celtic Park tomorrow.

Remember, Road to Seville.

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    The club have taken nothing to do with the initiative to turn the JS lower into standing.



    It will not be happening

  2. Tom McLaughlin on




    The club gave them permission to leave leaflets on every seat in Jock Stein Lower for a league game about 2 months ago. The leaflet said the club will canvass or survey the ST holders for their thoughts.



    It probably will come to nothing, but the club have certainly not dismissed it out of hand and are allowing the proposers to test the water.

  3. There is no way the JS will be changed.



    So many people have ST’s there.



    Personally, I think it would be good, I just cannae see so CrossmagLenny going for it.

  4. Motherwell lost so much respect frae me when they done that throw in……..



    Celtic, if I recall hudnae lost a single goal that Calender Abdul Qadir.



    My memory isnae the best.

  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Roger asks intelligent questions.



    I watched the bisgrove snippet with the sound turned down.


    (Clip started playing before I turned volume and just let it run)



    Was Interesting.



    He looked like a sweaty spiv putting on a front. (badly)

  6. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    C,mon up you all get, the champions are on show today 🇮🇪


    Another very early post from me down in rebel town.




    My United Irishmen top on today, so many of our bhoys covet


    that one 👍




    RE- the Salsa moves I’m definitely not the Mr Lazy Bum, I’m


    more the Mr Gassy Bum, that Guinness and rid biddy fairly


    makes the tummy rumble when I’ve ocellated my aul hips. 🤣




    Never mind arranging a meet up with those Shipwreck


    scallywags they’ll just lead you astray, best come back over


    here and visit our CSC, and learn our dance moves🕺


    Celtic to play same team today that played der hun, and a


    comprehensive 5-0 victory.


    Out to party now🍷🇮🇪☘️💚


    H H. Mick

  7. My friends in Celtic,



    Interesting seeing the upper Jock Stein stand is also in the sights of those behind campaign for more standing areas.



    To reiterate I think that this will be a retrograde step for the following reasons.



    Since all seated stadia has been introduced crowds have been more diverse and more family oriented.



    Hooliganism has been reduced dramatically.



    All seated stadia is safer and was introduced for a very sound reason. In Scotland it was never compulsory.



    Standing crowds are harder to control and require more police and stewards.



    I have yet to see a compelling case for standing areas.



    We are currently rated number 2 for atmosphere anyway.



    Since Fergus transformed our stadium we have been playing to record crowds with a substantial waiting list. In short our supporters generally like what they are getting.



    Will the various ultra groups remain harmonious with each other . ? Or will togetherness open up previous disagreement which could transfer onto the terracing.


    Why take the risk.



    Will an increase in standing cause an embarrassment to the club. More inappropriate and contentious songs with more pyro and contensious banners. More fines from UEFA.? Why take the risk. ?



    Stastically all standing Ultras have a pack or herd mentality and are predominantly male and youngish. Will this alienate families, woman and children.



    Any money spent on the stadium could be put to much better use.



    On the counter side is the argument that it will enhance atmosphere.


    Some fans like to stand and many stand regardless.


    The German model has proven largely successful.



    On a personal note and I know this is not part of the big picture. I like where I sit as I travel from the west or town centre. Sitting on the opposite side adds time and distance as gates are normally closed on Janefield St.


    The public transport infrastructure @ Parkhead is not the best and walking is necessary. I do not want to increase this walk.



    Possibly that is a selfish reason, but I have held my seat for many years. I have picked the location for a reason. As I age the reason becomes more pertinent.



    I can understand both arguments but Turkeys do not vote for Christmas.



    HH and COYBIG today.

  8. Melbourne Mick: I have none of those tops left, apart from the one I wear myself. Delighted you are still getting use out of it.



    In Glasgow Airport right now having a cappuccino (if only there was a fans’café beside the Superstore) and heading up to the ground in a while.

  9. Heading into St Mary’s for An Gorta Mor Mass.


    Hope to see some of you later Celts


    Match day and Celtic are playing


    Enjoy your day Celts



    Hail Hail

  10. bournesouprecipe on

    Celtic, Celtic thats the team for me,


    Celtic, Celtic on to victory,



    They’re the finest team in Scotland, I’m sure you will agree,



    We’ll never give up till we’ve won the cup and the Scottish football league



    They come from bonnie Scotland, they come from county Cork,



    They come from dear old Donegal and even from New York,



    From every street in Glasgow they proudly make their way,



    To a place called dear old paradise and this is what they say.



    Celtic, Celtic thats the team for me,


    Celtic, Celtic on to victory,



    They’re the finest team in Scotland, I’m sure you will agree,



    We’ll never give up till we’ve won the cup and the Scottish football league.



    There’s Fallon, Young and Gemmell who proudly wear the green,



    There’s Clark, McNeill and Kennedy the best there’s ever been,



    Jim Johnstone, Murdoch, Chalmers, John Divers and John Hughes,



    And sixty thousand Celtic fans who proudly shout the news.



    Celtic, Celtic thats the team for me,


    Celtic, Celtic on to victory,



    They’re the finest team in Scotland, I’m sure you will agree,



    We’ll never give up till we’ve won the cup and the Scottish football league.



    Repeat to fade CSC

  11. fourstonecoppi on

    So, if the ‘young team’ get their wish and the ‘cellic end ‘ becomes standing area…where do us auld yins go?????



    Are we to be shunted to some restricted view corner, cos its all about the young yins????






    I’ve been standing up for the champions since the early 60s……I WANT A SEAT FFS!

  12. Finally we get to give our Champions a cheer as they enter the field of play today at Paradise


    😍 🍀⚽ 🏆



    Oh the Blue room is bare I’ve been humming whistleing all week think I’ll grab that 📣 and give it a full chant from 230 pm when I enter the jungle section 10 oh wait a minute I’m not 15 anymore 💥🍀😅🤣

  13. What team do we play today. ?



    Imo, a team with June3d in mind and with an eye to Europe.



    Perfect time to continue on from last week.




  14. garygillespieshamstring on




    Oh they’ve no mr sheen



    Cos they’ve feck all to clean.

  15. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    GG – cheers.



    Jim Brown was an incredible athlete and tough as hell.



    My favourite anecdote ….



    After every play in which he took the ball, ran and was tackled (usually by six guys, the game was brutal back then)



    He would always – very deliberately – get up off the ground slowly and calmly walk back to the huddle while all his teammates jogged back.



    When asked why he said



    “I followed this routine everytime so the other team would not know when they’d hurt me”

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