Our game in jeopardy. There are no words


Footballers may be our champions, but you probably have little idea the trouble that goes into getting some mundane, but not contracted, tasks completed.  There are exceptions, but the industry has a hierarchical system where the powerful (players) make sure their powerless colleagues (anyone else employed by the club who is not the coach or CEO) know their place in the food chain.  Even within the players group, the hierarchy is alive and well.

I have seen this with my own eyes going back as far as Martin O’Neill’s team and it can be brutal.  “Welcome to the club, son, now you better start acting like Beyonce”, seems to be how it goes.  We treat them like pampered superstars and they behave accordingly.  They certainly don’t need to worry about the people who ultimately pay their wages, because their wages are guaranteed, often for years.

Today, I feel resentment towards players as a group, which I know is unfair.  All the minor infractions I have been aware of over the years were brought to the surface by one major infraction.  That’s judging a group by the actions of a few, and we have names for that kind of thinking.  Better to remember Callum McGregor and Scott Brown reaching out to the dying.  Some players ‘get it’ and I am grateful for that.

The game in Scotland and Celtic’s European campaign is in jeopardy because of the actions of one Celtic player.  There are no words.  He can take a taxi back to the airport in two weeks.  Some others could do with a dose of humility, and learn to behave less like divas and more like respectful adults.

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  1. onenightinlisbon on

    You would have thought that the manage would have made it very clear how important this season was on all fronts to these guys. Maybe they don’t bother listening to him….

  2. St. Tams







    Agree that suspension pending investigation should have been in that statement.







    It is likely that Boli told people at Celtic that he was away but he, obviously, did not tell anyone that it was a sanctionable country he visited, otherwise he would not have been in the squad, far less on the pitch.







    The rumour I hear is that he told people he was in Belgium, which did not go on the UK self-isolation list until last weekend i.e. 4 days after Boli got back from his alleged trip there.







    There are other rumours flying about that there are more than Boli and Griff implicated in breaches, but these are unsubstantiated.







    On the plus side, there does seem to have been some Media traction, at long last, applied to the Sevco breach of protocols in the friendly game against Dundee United. That should be enought to ensure Swift Government sanctions but, a fair bit of the heat will be applied more widely than just to Celtic.







    Small mercies, if true.




    In spite of the clubs best efforts two of their senior players breached the regulations.



    The club failed in my opinion to guarantee the players appreciated how serious this pandemic is.



    And btw way Griffiths and Boli can stick their apologies up their useless arses.

  4. Boli is an absolute fool and will no doubt be dealt with by the club.



    Callum and Eddie have made mistakes in the past and went on to learn and develop into outstanding professionals.



    Then we have Griff who seems to have learned nothing from his past mistakes.



    Boli gets one pass and one pass only.

  5. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on



    “Short of putting a tracking device on them or camping outside their place of residence to follow their movements, I think we have done.”



    All the players have high tech tracking devices already. They’re called mobile phones, and simply need to download the “Find my Friends” or enable “Trusted Contacts” or similar app to complete the measure.





    I’m not talking about tracking they can easily opt out of :) Some have shown they cannot be trusted.




  6. Two things about this, the club have now issued a statement in which it says the club’s disciplinary processes wil be invoked, if that allows termination of Boli’s contract of employment who knows, the article seems to suggest it does.


    Gerrard has sat in front of a computer and given an interview praising his own club without challenge from Paterson of Sky, who failed to raise with him the absence of results of 9 tests for Sevco players but the game against Motherwell went ahead, as well as the conduct of the players the conduct of SKY TV is also very very suspect and not credible on this issue.


    It is again about having a kick at Celtic which Boli has given them and who knows what has taken place internally with regards to Griffiths, but the media again cant even be even handed in a non football issue but a public health one .

  7. Why the hell was he not a training, how can he skip out of the country and then not only make the bench but come on as a sub?




    Surely we arent giving players time off after 1 league game

  8. Hi Paul67,



    Tough day for Celtic and Scottish Football in general.



    It’s interesting that your lead article should focus on hierarchy and attitude. It reads as it’s a given, it’s not, it is the way it is managed.



    The most ridiculous spectacle I have seen in football in this regard was the egomanical argument between our Manager Brendan Rodgers and our CEO during the transfer window following our double treble.



    We were flying high and the damage that was inflicted on our Club because our CEO wanted to be top dog was ridiculous.



    So until we can rid ourselves of this culture at the top it’s going to continue, isn’t it?



    As a Club we don’t treat players with respect, more like commodities, is it any wonder they respond as they do?



    Of course no excuse for Bolingoli’s behaviour yet no mention of our manager or CEO or their culpability in this respect.



    Considering you gave the Aberdeen Chairman pelters why are our guys are above reproach.



    You accused Mr Cormack of empty words…



    “Cormack welcomed the decision not to order Aberdeen into a forfeit but lamented how the club’s hard work in returning to the pitch had been thrown in chaos by the ill-fated night out.



    He said: “Given the significant COVID-19 outbreak in Aberdeen, we fully understand why the Scottish Government has made this decision in the interests of public health.



    “With the pressure over this season’s fixtures, and the fact that we caused this problem, we were fully prepared to play the game tomorrow. We are very grateful that the decision has been to postpone, rather than forfeit the game.



    “I took the opportunity yesterday to apologise to both football and health authorities, and with our fellow Premiership clubs today.



    “The clinical decision last night from the JRG that it was safe to play underlines the confidence the football authorities have in the robustness of our procedures and protocols.



    “Regrettably, what has happened in the last few days has undermined all the hard work that has gone into keeping our players and staff safe. We are now dealing with this internally with the seriousness it deserves.



    “In the meantime, I’d like to reassure the relevant bodies, our fans and everyone associated with the club that our already rigorous measures are being forensically scrutinised and that no stone will be left unturned in ensuring that no-one is under any doubt about what must be adhered to.”



    Maybe if Celtic and their players had taken more heed of the Aberdeen Chairman’s words we’d not be in this mess.



    Where is Peter Lawwel’s words?



    Maybe that schadenfreude doesn’t taste so sweet today.



    Hail Hail

  9. Silver City 1888 on

    I saw what our Club laughingly called a statement. It clearly failed to deny that any incident took place. It fell well short of saying no action would be taken against the poor victim of these scurrilous allegations and, worst of all, it did not tell the SPFL, the press and the fans of other clubs to go back to minding their own business. There aren’t many lessons we can learn from the new club on the other side of the city but the art of defending the indefensible is clearly one.

  10. Players contracts seem to be absolute bullet proof so I’d be surprised if Boli and Griff are sacked. They’re also sellable assets so get what we can and move them on, though there’s little doubt, we’ll take a hit on both.



    Get a new LB, Ajeti and Fletcher in and transfer list both Griff and Boli. We’re going for ten and could do without these distractions.


    surprise surprise first question for WEE NIKLA fitbaw question.



    Where was he last week and week before.Having said that BOLI BOLI wants a boot in the HAW MAWS.

  12. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    ‘I regret is some footballers are incapable of living up to their responsibilities.



    I despatched Jason to talk to our clubs to reinforce the guidlines.



    The news came out about the Celtic play.



    It’s not accaeptable. We can’t have privileged players



    I don’t want the price to be paid by players who are living up …

  13. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    ‘Consider today a yellow card, next time it will be a red card.’

  14. CHAIRBHOY on 11TH AUGUST 2020 12:29 PM



    I was wondering how this would have been spun and twisted into being Peter Lawwell’s fault



    Congratulations on your creativity

  15. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    ‘It’s individual players who have made wrong decisions



    But clubs have a responsibility.



    I don’t want the football season to be in jeopardy.



    I want fans to enjoy supporting their team.



    I have a wider responsibility to the country.



    I ask people to restrict to live their lives.



    It’s not too too much to ask’

  16. if he is still at the club by the end of the day


    This is not how i understand what is Celtic

  17. NOTTHEBUS on 11TH AUGUST 2020 12:29 PM


    Why the hell was he not a training, how can he skip out of the country and then not only make the bench but come on as a sub?


    Surely we arent giving players time off after 1 league game


    The players were quite rightly given 2 days off (Celtic SLO) after Hamilton game, following a tough 2 months and during the only free midweek this year. All were back at training Wednesday and tested presumably (twice all negative) so if someone wasn’t there it would have been noticed. Where did you you hear he wasn’t at training ?

  18. CHAIRBHOY on 11TH AUGUST 2020 12:29 PM



    “Where is Peter Lawwel’s words?“



    On the club website about an hour before you posted

  19. TIMALOY29 @ 12:38 PM,



    Can you explain to me why the Aberdeen Chairman is responsible for what goes on at his club but the autocratic Pedro is blamless when it comes to Celtic.



    Of course it’s his fault, the only thing twisting are the fholks who deny that self evident truthe.



    Hail Hail

  20. CELTIC40ME @ 12:43 PM,



    That is a Celtic Football Club statement, I read it. (Not PLC btw).



    Dave Cormack made a personal statement and personal apology… showing humility.



    Where’s Peter Lawwel’s?



    Hail Hail

  21. other than giving time off they should be doing extra shifts especially defensively with out defensive coaching staff, that’s if we have such a group or maybe we are unprofessional in that too.

  22. Nicola Sturgeon says she would not expect Celtic or Aberdeen to play their next scheduled games because of coronavirus rule breaches.


    Where does this statement leave us ?

  23. The Battered Bunnet on

    As a public health measure, it would be quite in order for ScotGov to insist that all players with whom Boli was in contact since his return from Spain undergo a 14 day isolation.



    Given the circs, it wouldn’t be out of order for the SPFL to insist the scheduled games in the period are played or forfeited, as inevitably UEFA would.



    There’s a wee handicap in the race to the 10.



    And that’s just a very narrow, myopic observation on what is a considerably larger public health issue.

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