Our game in jeopardy. There are no words


Footballers may be our champions, but you probably have little idea the trouble that goes into getting some mundane, but not contracted, tasks completed.  There are exceptions, but the industry has a hierarchical system where the powerful (players) make sure their powerless colleagues (anyone else employed by the club who is not the coach or CEO) know their place in the food chain.  Even within the players group, the hierarchy is alive and well.

I have seen this with my own eyes going back as far as Martin O’Neill’s team and it can be brutal.  “Welcome to the club, son, now you better start acting like Beyonce”, seems to be how it goes.  We treat them like pampered superstars and they behave accordingly.  They certainly don’t need to worry about the people who ultimately pay their wages, because their wages are guaranteed, often for years.

Today, I feel resentment towards players as a group, which I know is unfair.  All the minor infractions I have been aware of over the years were brought to the surface by one major infraction.  That’s judging a group by the actions of a few, and we have names for that kind of thinking.  Better to remember Callum McGregor and Scott Brown reaching out to the dying.  Some players ‘get it’ and I am grateful for that.

The game in Scotland and Celtic’s European campaign is in jeopardy because of the actions of one Celtic player.  There are no words.  He can take a taxi back to the airport in two weeks.  Some others could do with a dose of humility, and learn to behave less like divas and more like respectful adults.

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  1. One of the problems with his behaviour is how he has completely undermined his bosses, with aforethought.



    The gut reaction is to have him hung drawn and quartered (I’m for that) but the reality is he cost us money and, if we’re ever going to recoup any of that, we’ll need to be cute. Still doesn’t stop me wanting him out immediately.



    But, our supporters and the rest of Scottish football need to see this idiot hammered. And then jettisoned in some way.



    One thing’s for sure he’s played his last game for us.





    The more I think about it, a walk in Dumbarton, the Renton or the vale might do it.

  2. ART OF WAR that right he did under BR , he was not involved in tactics or inner circle of BR , it was Anthony stokes that allegedly said if you want to tell PL something just tell JK Lol



    JK good fitness coach great for celtic, happy to learn an apprenticeship , but not now



    brings nothing tactically to our club




    He throws the ball up for our 4 defenders to header before each game.



    Watched him do it for years from my seat.



    Whatever else he does shall remain a mystery.

  4. the facts of ten row are



    1. once in lifetime


    2. all 60m in bank can be spent, ig left with 1m in bank then we can sell season after


    3. CEO bonus;s dont come into it



    fail lawell and you walk

  5. Bolingoli signed a 4yr deal with the club.



    He earns roughly 15K a week, approx 750K a year and has 3 years remaining.



    Does anybody really believe the club will recoup more than 2.25M in a transfer fee?



    All players are never treated the same, never have been, so if Edouard committed the same crime would he be treated differently? Of course he would because that’s what suits the club, Edouard would be sold not sacked, it may be worth more to Celtic that Bolingoli is sacked, that’s life.



    I said after a month this guy should be gone because he’s a liability, little did i know he’d cause this much trouble, be in no doubt he’s left us in the poo.


    For this i don’t blame NFL or Peter Lawell.



    Where’s the guy who said “what’s the rush to sign player’s the window is open until October”


    I’ve been warning against complacency, i said Tiger Woods career was ruined by arrogance, complacency and entitlement our board and some of our supporters show the same traits.



    Did Lenny pick the wrong formation due to not having the confidence in Klimala upfront and the hole left by Jozo? The squad having gaps all over the place is already costing us, leaving signings until October will not do, we’re behind the 8 ball and the pressure is now on.

  6. Terry McGuinness on

    I had my suspicions that c19 would affect our 10 in a row bid, I didn’t imagine it to be this way.


    I see that the police have fined Boli, have the club taken action yet? It’s like most c19 stories, wrapped in confusion. Take care. Hail, Hail.

  7. sid on 12th August 2020 12:45 am



    I’ve been warning against complacency, i said Tiger Woods career was ruined by arrogance, complacency and entitlement our board and some of our supporters show the same traits.



    Did Lenny pick the wrong formation due to not having the confidence in Klimala upfront and the hole left by Jozo? The squad having gaps all over the place is already costing us, leaving signings until October will not do, we’re behind the 8 ball and the pressure is now on.





    It was more likely the performance enhancing drugs, and the resulting injuries that buggered Tiger (plus the partying didn’t help).



    And Jozo sized hole??? You have to be the first person who has ever uttered those words

  8. will this west ham reject go straight i team of course not as he does not have a gteat record scoring and we are projecting for ten a row and he is free



    we need



    1. center half sorry need one 10M


    2. left back 10M


    3. striker who scores goals and not a project 15m



    there you go peter 35M and 25M left for your balance sheet stop gambling

  9. VALE BHOY on 12TH AUGUST 2020 12:08 AM



    He throws the ball up for our 4 defenders to header before each game.



    Watched him do it for years from my seat.





    Vale Bhoy this has done my head in for a number of years..


    I find myself comparing his drill to that of Big Jack



    Practising for defending corners Jack Charlton used to drill his defenders to always head the ball out to the wings ( where possible).



    If the opposition player got the cleared ball out on the wing the defence had an extra few seconds to organise. Jack explained it was unlikely to result in a direct shot on goal, they could better defend the cross ( because that was the most likely ball)



    He hated seeing his defenders head the ball out to the centre of the pitch.


    A striker outside box may score with a long range shot , a shot may be deflected, the player could pass to either side or run right at the defence…etc. it was more difficult to defend against.



    As noted above John Kennedy gets his 4 defenders to practise heading his ball back to him…..ie practising to do the wrong thing.



    I sit directly opposite this every home game shaking my head.



    It would be like watching a golfer on the range prior to starting his round practising topping the ball , slicing drives, miss hitting and miss-timing his shots etc. then expect to play well.



    Another defensive guru George Graham famously worked with the Arsenal back 4 every day to make them work as a unit.


    He used to take them on to an empty pitch , make them stand in their back 4 formation .


    He would then start at the centre spot shout


    ” I am the ball ”


    He would then run forward, backwards , side to side screaming abuse at his defenders if they didn’t move as a unit to the correct positions in relation to where he ( “the ball”) was on the field.


    Because he didn’t use a ball he could watch where the players were at all times.



    He did this for minimum 1 hr, every day.



    Lee Dixon said that it was the most boring , mind numbing drill that he ever did. However on game day he found himself in the right place without thinking. He and his three team mates , were in the right place , right spacing instinctively because they had been drilled to defend.


    It was no coincidence that this was the bedrock of the famous “One Nil to the Arsenal”.



    Simple and effective.



    I fear that we practise with no real end game in sight.



    The Onlooker



  10. MARKIEBHOY on 11TH AUGUST 2020 10:29 PM



    Neil also said that the player only admitted the offence after he was questioned when the club had been informed. He did not provide the information willingly.



    *Interesting comment, it looks as if he was shopped. Now we shouldn’t be surprised at that, the Wee Mhan and Dixie often spoke at being in a remote pub when the barman would hand them the phone “get your erse out of there right now” would say the voice on the other side. The Big Mhan had his spies everywhere.



    The same could be said of Charles Patrick who for all his delightful tricks and undoubted ability could also frustrate and his happy-go-luck approach to the game made him an inconsistent performer, this was not helped by his a love of “the good life” off the field.



    Now I doubt James Edward would phone him up but others such as Jock, Sean and Bobby Evans, who actually had a punch up with him the week of the 7-1 game, would have no hesitation. Charlie left this life at the age of 47.



    Then there was Tommy McInally, undeniably, one of the great characters in the club’s history but frustrated Wullie Maley that much that after 3 years he let him go to rivals Third Lanark, yet 3 seasons later he was back at Parkheid, a couple of years after that and back tae his old habits Wullie sent him down tae Roker Park.



    He died in 1955 aged 55 years from the impact of alcoholism.



    Another great talent Bertie Thomson’s ability on the pitch represented only part of the player’s appeal to the Celtic support, reportedly a “live-for-the-day” type



    His scrawny frame and harsh pudding bowl haircut was more typical of the terraces than among well groomed sportsmen. His vices off the pitch, alcohol and gambling were also those which blighted many lives within the support and he was often seen around Glasgow enjoying a drink and a flutter with adoring Celtic fans.



    Bertie was lost to the game as a young mhan and also left this world at the tender age of 30.



    Our support was made up of working class lhads who just wanted tae see their team win, if some of the players who were paid a wee bit more than them stepped out of line they felt entitled tae “grass” on them



    The current crop earning millions now fully deserve all the abuse they get. Playing for Celtic is not a right, it’s a privilege.

  11. The Huddle



    Well if your doing performance enhancing drugs and partying that’s a sign of complacency towards your competitors and an entitlement that you can still win whilst not focused and preparing properly, fits the MO.



    Well the manager has already said in press conferences that Jozo need replaced, and is a priority, you must have missed those. To finish last season playing so well with a 352, to revert back so quickly suggests to me a lack of confidence in the personnel available, what does it suggest to you?

  12. John Kennedy in his limited time as player was a good prospect



    he was taken on at Celtic park as a fitness coach



    he has never proved himself to be good at tactics



    he was peter laweels boy



    Not good enough

  13. The Huddle



    YOU said Jozo sized hole.



    I said the hole left by Jozo.



    Here’s what our manager said, excuse me if i take his opinion on what we need over yours.



    NFL said



    I need a centre half in because we didn’t take the option up with Jozo and I think that we need to add to the centre-forward position.”



    Therefore the hole left by Jozo.



  14. Good morning cqn from a wet and balmy Garngad



    Rodow1 – please do not confuse my pragmatism with not being optimistic, I think if it were a normal season we would have time to catch up on missed games and win the league but personally I do not think the league will be played to a finish this season. Although being pragmatic I think I am quite an optimispic person in everything that I ever do but what I do not do is bury my head in the sand and tend to face up to reality.



    I also agree that as an employer the club cannot possibly know where their staff are all the time (probably changed from days gone by) when players mingled with us mere mortals.



    However 1 little thing that is niggling me after months in lockdown and weeks training why did Lenny or the club feel the need to give players time off after 1 game???



    That baffles and astounds me.



    Again differing from us mere mortals who have had to work extremely hard through all this shit.






    D :)

  15. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/football/2020/aug/09/atletico-madrid-report-two-positive-coronavirus-tests-champions-league




    Atleti had two players test positive on Sunday and UEFA are allowing their quarter final to go ahead this Thursday.



    We’ve been suspended from football over a lock down breach – no positive cases found, thank God.



    I’m done arguing the case against our suspension, it’s done, we move on.



    However, the bar has now been set, any breach of protocol means potential exposure and therefore postponed games. And that’s before we get into actual positive cases happening as surely they will given the hundreds of people involved.



    The chances of our league season being completed is practically zero under the current set up.



    We need to win every game and get ready for a re-run of last season’s resolution shambles.

  16. AD- if after 60% of games the league is called, the best way IMO, is to get out of Europe, and use the free midweeks to catch up on our league games.

  17. EXCLUSIVE! Albian Ajeti set to sign permanent Celtic deal as £5m West Ham striker heads to Glasgow





    – Good news. Hurrah !

  18. Big Wavey



    Much needed good news !



    !!BADA BING!!



    I want CL qualification for the money. If we get there then we’ll have to prioritise. It sounds crazy but we may have to rest key players to ensure we’re good to go in the league.



    Every league game is a cup final. The league will be curtailed and we need to be well ahead on points per game.

  19. lovely to see the confused alter ego that is


    Mad(No insight) Mitch,wish I had 2 egos here lol.naa maybe not.







  20. Good morning from a sunny and already very warm North Staffs. What a show of nature last night – started with some distant storm about 10.30. By midnight it was right over us and lasted till after 2am. The longest thunderstorm I can ever remember and certainly the most rain. More forecast today :(

  21. Maybe a controversial post for some but reading back just a quick thought before Golf.


    If by any chance such as truncated League we end up losing this League & the 10 in a row, it will not be the end of the world.


    We will be gutted they will be euphoric, it will be tough for a while but once the next season kicks off, it will be back to normal living as we know it.


    Now myself & Paddy Power don’t believe that will happen but if it does, I for one will just dust myself down & get ready for the new season.

  22. The Onlooker at 1.18am



    Great post. I used to coach rugby and used the same George Graham drill. Any decent coach will read your post and nod in agreement or, as I did, shout in agreement. Ingraining mistakes through poor coaching is unforgivable, just one more iteration of the old maxim “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”.

  23. AD- the problem is,the league gets called, and we are behind with games in hand due to numb nuts.

  24. If the league is called early and we don’t win it so be it. Right now there are far more important things to be concerned about, the road to a vaccine gets shorter everyday and I for one would gladly give up 10 in a row in exchange for that to happen, but, who knows, we may still get both! #HWGTIAR, por cierto.

  25. Good morning, friends.


    Bada – when the leagues were called last season the positions were determined on an average points per game basis. had we won last Sunday, it wouldn’t have been so significant if we fell 2 or 3 games behind as we’d still have been on an average of 3 points per game. As it is we have played 2, points 4 so an average of 2. Hibs, Ross County and Sevco all currently have 100% records so an average of 3 points per game. When we are allowed to play again we ‘only’ have to win every game.

  26. Apart from bringing in experienced players at the moment, I think that every part of the 1st team coaching staff should be experienced in that position for at least 5/10 years. We say we are one of the biggest clubs in Europe, then we should have the coaches to match that, por cierto.

  27. PC 8:55



    Who say’s were one of the biggest clubs in Europe? The big clubs in Europe are still playing European games, were a big club in Scotland playing in a pishy league on plastic pitches.

  28. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    i woke this morning no less angry than I was when I went to bed last night.



    At the risk of being overly dramatic, I think Celtic will need to forfeit European participation if they want the ten.



    A trigger-happy Scottish Govt and an anti-Celtic footballing culture will see to it that the season is called at the earliest opportunity if Sevco are top of the league (would anyone be surprised if Sevco players deliberately and ostentatiously flout the rules to force the Scottish Govt to issue its ‘red card’?).



    These cancelled games need to be played asap. The only way that can happen is if Celtic have no European fixtures.

  29. OMG..



    ..still the swearies?…………LOL……