Our major events venue, Adidas backfire, KR nerves


Despite their mid-season status, KR Reykjavik should offer little genuine challenge to Celtic’s squad of Champions League experienced professionals.  Still, the nerves tingle a little seeing a new management team lead the squad out of Glasgow Airport this morning.

Hopefully we have six qualifying games ahead.  Where we sit right now, chances of qualification are high, but far from assured.  There is a lot of work ahead.

It will be fantastic to see Martin O’Neill back at Celtic Park to lead Ireland against Scotland in the nations’ Euro 2016 qualifier.  Seeing the traditional away side of the stadium covered in green, while Scotland fans occupy the bulk of the stadium, will provide an interesting photo opportunity.  Apart from the ‘doe a dear’ lot, it’s likely to be a wall-to wall Celtic fan event.  Good to see Roy Keane back too.  In the away dug-out.

Hosting Scotland-England a few days later will cement the stadium’s position as a major event venue after a year of unique opportunities.

One of Adidas’ World Cup sponsor properties was to name and present Player and Goalkeeper of the Tournament.  What could go wrong?  Dragging the Adidas-sponsored and clearly embarrassed Lionel Messi up the stairs to receive his award looked contrived.  Despite reaching the final and, at last, building a World Cup goals tally worthy of comment (5 across 3 tournaments), Leo wasn’t even Argentina’s best player.

These awards are subjective, so there are no right or wrong decisions, but this one brought Adidas derision.

Delighted for Germany. The demographics are moving against European football but the continental game has never been as strong.

Many thanks to everyone who bid on the auction or bought a raffle ticket for the signed canvasses last week.  The raffle raised £604 and was won by CQN legend, Kolnbhoy.  Funds from both canvasses are going to Glasgow the Caring City and The Cookie Jar Foundation.

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    Some advice sought:



    Will be going to CP to renew on Thursday/Friday.


    Will the ticket office issue Murrayfield tickers at the same time?





    Never mind tickets for Murrayfield,can anyone help out with the following,please?



    My Dad and my sister need transport to the game from Kilwinning.



    Anyone with contacts from the local supporters’ buses,Irvine No.1 or Garryowen for instance?



    Be very grateful. Otherwise my sister will have to drive. Not a pleasant thought.

  3. iPaddy McCourt on

    Quick question: if we beat Reyjkjavic, do we play at Murrayfield again in our home game in the next qualifier? I’ve heard/read conflicting information

  4. thomthetim,



    While I agree with your basic point about the impatience of many in the Celtic support, I completely disagree with your analysis of Bob Kelly’s persistence with the Kelly Kids. We would have won nothing with those kids, no matter how good they were, if Jock Stein hadn’t returned and moulded them into a team. Bob Kelly acted on his own principled whim and we suffered for it for far too long. By and large, the support did stay but many protested at his autocratic governance.

  5. Weeman67 –



    Asbestos isn’t a problem as long as it is left undisturbed. It just means no structural repairs can be made to the area containing the asbestos without expert intervention and prolonged shutdown, all at very high cost.



    Repairs were started at Ibrox until asbestos was discovered. The repairs were abandoned and the asbestos resealed. There is no danger to the public. A lot of Scotland’s housing stock has asbestos. Again, no problem as long as it is left intact.


    This game.has came on us really quick.


    Has there been any discussion about transport (extra trains etc)?





    With respect,Bob Kelly spent too long trying to placate the establishment-flag issue notwithstanding-by putting up with us being kicked off the park.



    Play it the Celtic way was his mantra,and it involved no heavy tackles or retaliation.



    Ask Paddy Crerand,Tommy Docherty or Bertie Auld. Just for starters.



    We didn’t become the easy beats,we became a soft touch.



    Fortunately he eventually realised that his methods were not working.



    He,who had previously deferred to no-one,no matter how ridiculous his decisions,deferred to Jock.



    Example-Murdoch is an attacker,not a right half.



    Jock-aye,you’ll see on Saturday how good a right-half he is!








    How’s life?



    You still being stalked,I see. Must make you feel really important,that!

  9. iPaddy McCourt on

    Cheers Tom. I live in Edinburgh now so I’m one of the few who are fairly happy with the arrangement :-)

  10. Philboy@15.31



    I’ve been told £2K a week – that’s probably without bonus.



    They are actively trying to offload big salaried players.



    The manager has also a deferred payment – remember that salary reduction he took – he did take a cut but it’ll be paid back to him at a pre-determined point in the future.



    just saying.

  11. BMCUW



    I grand young yin, keeping myself busy.



    You’ve lost me on the ‘stalking’ thing?!

  12. I’m looking for a Murrayfield brief for a friend if there are any philanthropic bhoys or ghirls out there who will not be using their ticket.



    Also, just started working in the Lothian Road area of Edinburgh and not au fait with the Celtic haunts between here and Haymarket. Any advice where we can pur-chase a couple of Hops and Barley cocktails?



    The Good People Of North Kitalba…



    Await The Result Of The WCF….



    With Bated Breath….




    Will There Be Singin’ An’ Dancin’ Oan. -The Streets O’ Pyong Yang…?




    When Their All-Conquering Heroes —-Return In Triumph….?















    North Korea Is Telling Its Citizens That Their Team Is In The World Cup Final





    Doug Mataconis   ·   Saturday, July 12, 2014   ·   21 Comments



    North Korea is telling its people that their men’s national team is in the World Cup Final:



    We’ve known for a long time now that supreme leader, Kim Jong-Kitalba, controls the flow of information to his people, with the television channels only reporting positive stuff about the country.




    But in a report posted on YouTube, the media have been caught broadcasting that North Korea are on course to win the biggest prize in football, despite not actually qualifying for the World Cup.



    The report says North Korea’s brave side crushed Japan 7-0, USA 4-0 and China 2-0 in the group stages, before going on to reach the final… against Portugal.



    Of course, the real final, which takes place this Sunday, is between Germany and Argentina.



    Here’s the video. You can get a rough translation by turning on captions and using YouTube’s translate caption feature:





    This is yet another example of just how pervasive the Kim dictatorship is, and just how hard it will likely be to integrate this nation into the real world when that regime finally falls.







  14. Istanbulcelt on



    12:26 on


    14 July, 2014


    HH from the Algerian Sahara desert!




    Where are you? I am also in the Algerian Sahara desert….

  15. Tom McLaughlin



    If the repairs that are needed are not being done because of the asbestos, is the structural integrity of the stadium safe and who signs off on that and issues a CO, the inspector/Sevco or the SFA..?

  16. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Parkheadcum, BMCUP,



    I agree with you about Kelly’s intransigence. It is well documented.


    The point that I was trying to make was that disgruntled supporters are not new, or exclusive to Celtic.


    However, today, expectations are higher, for a number of reasons.



    It is imperative that Deila’s team are given time and space to develop and that may mean failing to qualify for the group stages. A Europa League run would be acceptable to me, if we get, at least to the knock out stage.



    Points dropped in the League is another distinct possibility.



    The main objective is to have a cohesive side in readiness for the greater challenges of the 15-16 season.



    It won’t be a painless transition and one or two sacred cows may be put out to pasture, but we must stay focussed and united in purpose.



    We, too, can play like Germany and the top European teams.



    In closing,will repost my post match comment from last night






    thomthethim for Oscar OK


    22:41 on


    13 July, 2014


    Congrats to Germany.



    That is the type of game That I want us to play, at our level.



    Two honest teams and either would have been worthy winners.



    A credit to the game.



    Now for Tuesday.

  17. Thanks to a kind hearted fellow, I no longer need a ticket but could still be doing with bozer advice.

  18. thomthethim for Oscar OK


    16:10 on


    14 July, 2014





    The SMSM views on Celtic are an irrelevance to me



    Its a blog, of course its much more that that as we all know, but, essentially its a blog with Celtic football club at its heart, no surprise we have the full spectrum of supporter opinion on all things Celtic, managers, coaches, PLC, players, youth systems, etc etc, all valid subjects for a committed passionate support to air their views on CQN, a small percentage of posters/supporters are not happy with many aspects of how the club is being run, a small percentage of posters/supporters are overly ecstatic how the club is being run, both extreme views tend to be unrealistic, agenda driven propaganda as far as i am concerned, i usually ignore as not being representative of the Celtic support or the reality that is Celtic, i have been fortunate to be involved with some charitable collections around Celtic park in the last 5 years or so, the generosity of the Celtic support on those days makes my hearts swell with pride, we have a well earned fantastic reputation around the world of being one of the best supported clubs in the world, with a support of our size it is no surprise we have a minority who sometimes let us down, it seems to me you want to concentrate on a minority of views that you classify as anti celtic, you then give those views an importance and weight which i find totally unrepresentative of the Celtic support i know, indeed out of proportion from the reality of the support on most topics.



    I have no problem with any committed Celtic supporter/fan from anywhere in the world airing their views on all things Celtic on CQN, its a Celtic blog! if their views are agenda free, honest and heartfelt that does for me

  19. Paul67 et al



    Watched some of the athletics from Hampden on Friday and Saturday, and as it turns out, they have made a good job with the running track. Will be a good venue for the Commonweal Games, but is not a good venue for football. Will be interested to see how the fitba works out on the new Murrayfield pitch, and also of course the Scotland Internationals against Ireland and England at Celtic Park. Both will be sold out I’m sure. Pity Scotland’s first game is away to Germany, we could have had the World Champs on the Celtic Way.



    nb Could somebody start a petition to keep Hampden as a n athletics venue?

  20. it is an outdated bigot festival which has no relevance in a modern Scottish society signed…..and my comment is the above

  21. TSD you seem a particularly knowledgeable guy what do you think will be our starting eleven tomorrow? Who do you see of our youngsters making an impression in the 1st team this year? Hail Hail Hebcelt

  22. excathedra44 on

    Apologies for daft non football related question.



    I have logged in as normal on laptop,but using same info P/W etc cant get in using Tablet or phone.



    Is there a different criteria for Android devices?? Do I request a different P/W for devices?



    Any help appreciated.



    Many Thanks

  23. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Wee treble for Fanning at Ayr today. Jinky 2nd beat by Goninodaethat for a 4 timer.

  24. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    You really have me flummoxed.



    Al I asked was that The Manager gets the time and space to develop his team and, especially his young players, without moans and groans from the stands and the blogs; no matter how justified any individual feels is his right to express his opinion.



    Not too much to ask, I hope.



    As for agenda.



    Mine is Celtic, first, last and always.



    Any other agendas I have, I can use other avenues to pursue.



    It was always thus with me.



    My last word.

  25. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Ola from a scorchio Puerto Santiago Tenerife,nearly finished a cracking book by Simon Jordan, multi millionaire Crystal Palace fan,ex owner and chairman,’Be Careful What You Wish For’. Yes he is/was a flash git,which he freely admits,but an amazing insight on his healthy contempt for managers,agents,owners,chairmen and the FA. Highly recommended.

  26. joe_joe_john_bobby_teddy



    It won’t be for another couple of weeks I’d imagine.

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