Our redoubtable former manager


No one on Celtic Quick News ever doubted Gordon Strachan, did they?

It’s been a long 8 years since that dark week but our former manager demonstrated enormous resilience to win three consecutive league titles and twice qualify for the knockout stages of the Champions League.  He is perfect for the Scotland role, although, to be frank, I didn’t think his squad had last night’s result in them.  Well done to all.

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  1. I am scottish, and it pains me to feel the way I do about the national team.



    The way our club, and our players have been treated makes me feel the way I do.



    Just the way it is.








    14:38 on 8 June, 2013




    I am scottish, and it pains me to feel the way I do about the national team.



    The way our club, and our players have been treated makes me feel the way I do.



    Just the way it is.



    *snap ETT and I don’t think we are alone with that but in all fairness well done WGS.

  3. scotlands shame on

    Delighted to be able to pick one of last remaining signed heart of lion books at local waterstones. Many thanks to all involved, i Will have one happy dad come fathers day.

  4. andycol



    The qualifying period is 2009-2013 inclusive, not 2004-2009. The current calculations include the Europa League, which bafflingly is equivalent to Champions League etc etc.



    Coefficent calculation



    “Club’s coefficients are determined by the sum of all points won in the previous five years, plus 20% of the association coefficient over the same period. (33% before 2009)



    Now, my reading of that is that the performance of the national team is a factor in the club coefficient, and that if I am correct Croatia’s form over that period improves their clubs’ coefficiency, in a way that Scotland’s, for example, does not.

  5. bognorbhouyle on

    I have taken a lot of stick over Scotland performances from my English


    friends , so I will smile when we get a good result .


    I am smiling today.


    well done W.G.S

  6. No Bobby Does It Petta on

    Awe Naw…..



    Who is this “us” you refer to?



    It does not include me. You do not speak for me, and the other tens of thousands of Celtic fans who are Scottish and support our national team.

  7. unionbearBhind, thanks for the link, 101 goals against the old huns, superb.



    the boy jinky, ma faither used tae tell me, usually efter marchin’ up or doon the falls rd or when he found ma stash of Republican news that ah wiz Scottish and no Irish, always knew he wiz right, but that never stopped me!



    Ah think us as Scots feel embarrassed and let doon by oor leaders, especially when it comes doon tae equality… Independence fur me…… Just don’t think it ‘ll happen wi’ Salmond at the helm, he doesn’t have the answers.



    Hail Hail all Tims everywhere



    only six sleeps tae Aberdour

  8. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Never been a fan of the national team – I don’t actually like international football now either. It has become predictable and it’s very rare to see a good tournament (last decent World Cup was 1986) as the globalisation of football means you already know all the players and games are like chess matches now.



    The teams that make up the two islands around these parts would get football stopped. All of them are tactically about 30 years behind most nations.



    I only found out the scores from last night’s games about an hour ago. That is how interested I am. But I am pleased for Gordon Strachan – he is a great man.

  9. masty is neil lennon on




    the boys got in Thursday afternoon, billy senr me a text,,whoever is 1st into vegas usually puts it up, the last twice its been me and big jinky,obviouslly we are aquainted??

  10. andycol



    Had another look there, and I think now that “association” may in fact refer to the country itself rather than the national team, which is confusing. So, if that is the case, Celtic rely more on the Gretnas of this world, rather than WGS. Apologies to all for my earlier interpretation.

  11. Gene's a Bhoy's name on

    I like to see Scotland win but don’t get upset if they don’t – well done to Gordon and the team





    14:56 on 8 June, 2013




    Tontine Tim



    Delighted for WGS.



    A change at the sfa would change many’s a mind I reckon.



    *absolutely, when I looked at ogilvie etc. in the stands as the camera panned over it my heart sank as to how our game is being manipulated and for 1 club only.

  13. 16 roads - Neil Lennon walks on water. on

    Sitting outside Tescos waiting on a taxi in a zombie area of Belfast.I am wearing my Lisbon Lions,Ramones style t-shirt.Getting some very strange looks.Their wee sunburnt contorted coupons look angry as ever.Think they wanna put me on a barbeque.The cants. :)

  14. Tontine Tim



    Ha, I had the exact same feeling.



    Maybes one day.



    Off oot, shopping, Q up to pay for it, back into the trolly, pack it into bags, then unpack it when you get home….oh the joy >}




  15. kikinthenakas on

    16 roads



    Know the feeling well…went to see my bhoy playing last year with a Celtic hoodie, growling all round…



    Kikinthenaks on the way hame fae Portugal HH

  16. If I understand the latest Charlotte stuff posted by LivornoBhoy it goes like this.


    The CEO of the SFA sent a draft statement to rangers asking for their permission to issue it.


    rangers said no.


    The statement was never issued


    Then a dinner is arranged including a man who claimed he would have no involvement with the rangers situation and the CEO who said Ogilvie was heavily conflicted.



    I will leave the technical aspects of the exchange to guys like auldheid to comment on but,if the emails are genuine,surely Regan and Ogilvie must go.

  17. That European License, can I sue the SFA for denying myself as a consumer(season ticket holder of Celtic) the prospect of watching CL football?

  18. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    its disappointing that a section of the celtic fans want to take their feet of the neck of the serpent


    its almost as if they want a rangers or the rangers or whatever they are called to survive



    very disappointing indeed



    they are willing to let the sfa/spl run over the top of them cost they cant be bothered





    kudos to the guys that are keeping this alive

  19. Well that’s the painting finito, now for a cool Magners and a bit o sun.



    Charlotte, I think I love you!







    14:28 on


    8 June, 2013


    Masty is neil lennon.



    ok ok…was wondering what somebody was up to at 4 am Vegas time.


    who told you the Franks banner was first up?


    FRANKS banner = ??????aff out tae MASS catch up ater!!!!

  21. masty is neil lennon on

    some of the stuff charlotte seems to be sitting on is nothing short of scandalous…this has got to stop..it’s not even funny anymore….

  22. the exiled tim



    14:38 on 8 June, 2013I am scottish, and it pains me to feel the way I do about the national team.






    Just catching up.



    As a youth I would walk down to hampden and get a lift over the turnstiles to watch Scotland.


    A team i supported fervouranlty.


    Being young and niave I didn’t no the ins and outs of the bigotry.


    It didn’t take me long once I started work, to realise, I was classed as a second class




    Since then, ,although attending the odd scotland game with my son, I’ve realised it will take longer than my lifetime to cure scotlands shame.

  23. masty is neil lennon on

    favourite uncle



    the franks is st francis..it is named after our local parish and has been going since 1972..

  24. This audio from Charlotte isn’t a laughing matter anymore Ogilvie and Regan must go or be removed now.



    The trust in our game was always an issue and we were accused of being paranoid, now we know we weren’t paranoid enough.



    SFA look after the huns plain and simple and until that lot are gone and I include Longmuir in this then our game will never move forward.

  25. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    regarding the charlotte tapes


    IMHO we have two options


    either just roll over and let the sfa/spl/sevconians find a way back


    or not



    its really that simple


    are we going to let the likes of shug the rug call the shots


    are we going to let 2 Englishmen in the sfa/spl who don’t know anything about the history of the Scottish game dictate to us


    do keith jacko and company have more say that 60k celtic men



    I feel that a few of the bhoys are in favour of throwing the towel in cos, they realise the sfa/spl are bent



    whats new? if we threw the towel in every time we felt this was true we would have made it into the 20th century, never mind the 21st



    (ahm beginning to sound like deliah smith at Norwich, but lets be having you celtic!)

  26. masty is neil lennon on




    Andrew Dickson



    Date: 7 December 2011Subject: FW: PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIALTo: Ali Russell Cc: Craig Whyte AliI refer to attached email, I have asked Stephen and Carol to get Ramsay’s view on this.We have had no press calls on this and again I have concerns that if the SFA issue this as a generalrelease it will raise the whole issue again and indeed add to speculation about a licence for nextseason.Please can I have your thoughts .Regards AndrewFrom: Stephen Kerr Sent: 07 December 2011To: Andrew Dickson; Carol PattonSubject: RE: PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL And the media follow up question today once statement is released will be – Will Rangers get alicence for next season?From: Stewart Regan [mailto:Stewart.Regan@scottishfa.co.uk] Sent: 07 December 2011To: Ali Russell; Andrew DicksonSubject: PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIALImportance: High** Confidential **** High Priority ** Ali/AndrewFurther to my discussion yesterday with Andrew on the matter of Rangers FC’s European licence Iwould like to release the following statement. I believe this will be in the interest of both the club andourselves and I hope you agree. Please can you confirm that you are happy with the content. If so, Iwould propose to issue this later today at an agreed time with yourselves.ThanksStewartIn light of persistent speculation across all media, the Scottish FA would like to clarify the position inregard to Rangers FC’s licence to play in Europe as governed by Article 50 of the UEFA Regulations.It is noted from the report submitted to the Licensing Committee by Rangers FC’s advisors GrantThornton UK LLP, dated 30th March 2011,that: “All the recorded payroll taxes at 31 December 2010 have, according to the accounting recordsof the Club since that date been paid in full by 31 March 2011, with the exception of the continuingdiscussion between the Club and HM Revenue and Customs in relation to a potential liability of £2.8massociated with contributions between 1999 and 2003 into a discounted option scheme. These























    amounts have been provided for in full within the interim financial statements.”Since the potential liability was under discussion by Rangers FC and HM Revenue & Customs as at31st March 2011, it could not be considered an overdue payable as defined by Article 50.We are satisfied that the evidence from all parties complied with Article 50 and, on that basis, alicence was awarded for season 2011-12. Add editor’s notes. (Include Article 50 here from UEFA Regulations)Stewart M. ReganChief ExecutiveThe Scottish F.A.From:



    Craig Whyte



    Date: 7 December 2011Subject: Re: PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIALTo: Andrew Dickson Cc: Ali Russell , Craig Whyte It would be crazy for them to put this out. Ali, please call me on this.Sent from my iPad








    Ramsay Smith



    Date: 7 December 2011Subject: RE: PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIALTo: Stephen Kerr , Carol Patton , AliRussell , Craig Whyte , Craig Whyte AllWe should put some pressure on the SFA from a high level, from Ali or Andrew to say we do notbelieve this is a good idea the SFA putting out such as statement. It stirs up the issue again. Whatthey should do is if they get a legitimate media inquiry respond to it by saying there is no issuewhatsoever with Rangers licensing arrangement with the SFA.If they persist they will only cause issues for themselves as much as Rangers.RamsayFrom: Ali RussellSent: 07 December 2011To: Stewart Regan; Andrew DicksonCc: Ramsay Smith(Ramsay@mediahouse.co.uk); Stephen Kerr (StephenKerr@rangers.co.uk)





    Subject: RE: PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIALStewart,Tried to phone you. Would prefer no comment or the following



    “We have looked at this matter and there is no issue with the licence granted to Rangers from the










































    I look forward to speaking to you later, Ali








    Ali Russell



    Date: 7 December 2011Subject: RE: PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIALTo: Craig Whyte , Andrew Dickson , FionaGoodall Cc: Craig Whyte , Ramsay@mediahouse.co.uk,StephenKerr@rangers.co.uk, Gary Withey All sorted – Held until further notice and I have agreed we will meet Stewart and Campbell for dinner inthe next couple of weeks to discuss bigger issues. I also made it clear we were very unhappy with theapproach the SFA took last week! Hopefully we can move forward now.Kind Regards, Ali






    Dinner with Stewart Regan/Campbell Ogilvie/Craig Whyte






    Thu, 15 Dec 2011 11:31:30






    Ali Russell






    Craig, just to confirm that the dinner with Stewart Regan/Campbell Ogilvie, yourself and Ali will be onthe 20






    @ 7.00pm.I have booked the Glengoyne private dining in Hotel du Vin, and also provisionally booked a hotel



    room for you (if you’d require?)




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