Our redoubtable former manager


No one on Celtic Quick News ever doubted Gordon Strachan, did they?

It’s been a long 8 years since that dark week but our former manager demonstrated enormous resilience to win three consecutive league titles and twice qualify for the knockout stages of the Champions League.  He is perfect for the Scotland role, although, to be frank, I didn’t think his squad had last night’s result in them.  Well done to all.

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  1. Masty



    Yeah mate, for me they are welcome to their national team.



    It’s about as good as their club team.



    I wish WGS well , however .



    A great ghuy

  2. Ps ain’t it funny how King Kenny was never a great Scotland player until he went to Liverpool

  3. Celtic_First on

    I’d be interested to know what Toffee Tim and others make of the clear reference to Bill Kenwright being “a good guy” and potentially putting in a wee call to Duff and Phelps to say he’d be late with a payment (for Jelavic, I assume) to make Duff and Phelps desperate as they’d run out of money before Charles could ride in on his white steed.



    Amid the chuckles, Charles and Craig said “they’d be personally liable”.



    So was Kenwright in on the scam?



    Maybe some journalist in England will ask him.

  4. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on



    Im 51, been to see Scotland at Wembley etc and can remember the Scotland fans wearing rangers scarves at hampdump


    nowadays the Scotland administrators are wearing rangers scarves



    lets make sure the dons fand and the hibees and the arabs and the rest know about this because if we leave it to the MSM they wont hear a peep and if we leave it to the club to let our voice be heard its unlikely to happen



    time for Ogilvie (who still owes somebody 90 grand in unpaid EBT loans) etc to hear the voice of the only show in town

  5. I posted this earlier on the last thread.



    It seems to me that the bigot pound is what all the clubs are after, otherwise they would be demanding action.




    Afternoon bhoys from a warm hun free mountain valley.



    More tapes, more inaction from the msm.



    A fraud of a scale never been seen before has been taking place before our eyes, and nothing is getting said or done about it.



    EBT’s, licences obtained fraudently, rules ignored, rules made up, threats of violence, bombs and bullits, actual assaults……..etc, etc.



    All the msm have to do is what they are doing, and that is nothing, and it will go away.



    It will take a club to say something, and that is NOT going to happen.



    The bampots may well be finding the info, but the msm are still the ones with the megaphone, unless they say something, nothing happens.



    Even AT from C4 has been silenced, the cabal has powers that would fear ye.



    All in all. we have a choice.



    We either pay into a corrupt game….or we don’t.



    And it looks like we are paying in, so we will just have to accept it.




  6. The Boy Jinky on




    Charlotte is in twitter. . Everyone has access to it.



    The fans of other clubs don’t seem too fussed

  7. Was just going to make a post on that one googybhoy but you beat me to the punch. As ghuys said earlier the pantomime isn’t funny anymore, these revelations used to make me laugh now they make me angry & frustrated.

  8. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    the msm have spent the last 12 months trying to rubbish the phrase sporting integrity


    they have hoped for Armageddon



    is there a single person on this fine blog, who thinks that Fergus McCann would be standing by with his mouth shut about this? I very much doubt it



    its time for PL to comment on the so called neutrality of the sfa/spl


    if he didn’t know this stuff was going on, he certainly knows now



    speak up Glasgow Celtic, SPEAK UP

  9. Ellboy - I am Neil Lennon, YNWA. on

    At only 22 I think it’s a mistake to let Thomas Rogne go.



    Might not be the quickest but he has some fine attributes to be a quality CB.

  10. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    Hi Jinky


    lots of folks are on twitter


    but until this stuff becomes mainstream (ie radio clyde, the sun and the DR) I reckon most folks wont know a thing about it


    BTW I don’t have access to twitter, I only know because it gets printed on here



    if PL voices a concern to the MSM it will become a mainstream story


    if he choses not to, then it wont.

  11. corkcelt



    18:53 on 8 June, 2013


    Was just going to make a post on that one googybhoy but you beat me to the punch. As ghuys said earlier the pantomime isn’t funny anymore, these revelations used to make me laugh now they make me angry & frustrated.








    I can only hope that the weight of evidence will eventually break the bough.




    To be brutally honest, there is really nothing we can do.



    Season books have been bought.



    The club are going to do nothing, if they had been going to do or say anything, it would have happened before now.

  13. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    anyway lhads apologies for the rants, but I just cant understand the silence at this time


    enough from me for one night,


    once a tim……..

  14. Maybe I’m being naive but i thnk as Masty alluded to earlier that Celtic are playing the long game. Celtic have little to no debt and though maybe not a warchest Celtic appear to have a financial reserve that in combination all the other clubs in Scotland cannot match. It is essential that Celtic continue to put distance between us and the other clubs. This will be achieved over the next few years with continued CL success. That success is vital because it is CFCs only recourse to additional significant revenues over and above the ST books etc… I think PL and DD and the board think that assymetry in financial strength vis a vis everyone else makes the case for Celtic to argue that it is in everyones interest for CFC to leave Scotland. Fanciful perhaps but if Celtic can put tens of millions (50 60?) in the bank over the next 2 or 3 years the league is Celtic’s for the foreseeable future. Is there another league in Europe with a one horse race each year? Is Celtic just watching the hun train wreck or do you think they may have a strategy? I think they have a strategy and that is us out of Scotland within 5 years. In a strategy contest between the masonic maroons in the SFA or the money chasers running deadco in any given week and PL and DD — I’d take PL and DD every time. HH!

  15. Didn’t watch the game last night, no interest in National team, McKinnon in before big Billy , Henderson before Jinky, clogger Greig, Danny McGrain played out of position to accommodate that scumbag Jardine, says it all really. Hope WGS does well though.

  16. masty is neil lennon on




    big tam has refused a new deal…as good a player as he is, he is a choclate fire guard

  17. Charles Green > Angelos Travlos > Gianni Infantino



    If I was a proper investigative journo, I’d be all over this like a dug eatin’ beetroot.

  18. Also my post is premised on Mastys notion that Celtic are saying nothing because they know the huns are goners.


    masty is neil lennon


    16:39 on


    8 June, 2013


    favourite uncle



    the franks is st francis..it is named after our local parish and has been going since 1972..


    THE GORBAS.???????started by BIG ROBERT and WEE JOHN with polska name.?????

  20. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    the exiled tim



    18:49 on 8 June, 2013



    Once the HMRC appeal result, and BDO, are published, we will know what the future holds, and we will know what action we, individually & collectively, need to do……..this is not finished yet

  21. masty is neil lennon on




    comiskey (wee commy) still with us, big Robert????

  22. The latest revelations on what has gone on, and is STILL going on, have now reached the point of no return!



    DD, PL – and others – time to make a statement?!



    Imo of course!



    Somehow cant imagine Fergus biting his tongue in such a situation.




  23. masty is neil lennon



    19:04 on 8 June, 2013



    No self respecting mutt can refuse raw beetroot. Are you sure it’s not Keith Jackson in you’re kennel?





    That’s my point Celtic supporters have done nothing. A few individuals have been vocal and managed to highlight the charade, but as a group we have done nothing.

  25. Burgas Hoops on

    I predict the hun will be back in the top flight in just over a year, South African money flung at them for the challenge.



    To many folks have the funny penny in their pocket in scottyland for it to be any different.


    MASTY.big robert was his best pal.i worked in bettting shop next door to NEW ELIZIBETHAN.40 yyears ago some memory!! can’t remember getting up this morning.tell JOHN C i was asking after him.

  27. I’m as peeved as anyone about the ‘getting away with it’ that happens at Sevco/ Rangers/ SFA…….



    But it’s a symptom of the times we are in too.



    Disgraceful as it is a bigger disgrace is the massive upward transfer of wealth we have seen in recent years, the privatisation of healthcare, the attempt to do the same to education, selling off of national assets, cash for questions, the massive power of corporate lobbyists, the millions murdered in illegal wars, the billions in poverty, the children dying for want of basic medicine, clean water and nutrition…..



    So while we beat ourselves up about doing hee haw to expose the SFA and their club of choice….. what are we doing about the above?



    We have power if we choose to organise and exercise it. That goes for tackling the SFA and the rich.



    Bit heavy for a saturday night, but it’s happening.



    Laters dudes.

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