Our redoubtable former manager


No one on Celtic Quick News ever doubted Gordon Strachan, did they?

It’s been a long 8 years since that dark week but our former manager demonstrated enormous resilience to win three consecutive league titles and twice qualify for the knockout stages of the Champions League.  He is perfect for the Scotland role, although, to be frank, I didn’t think his squad had last night’s result in them.  Well done to all.

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  1. The Boy Jinky on




    Mail sent to uefa… highlighting … sfa. .. rangers . Sevco .. rifc .. charlotte .

  2. Must say I would much prefer Denis O Brien to be majority shareholder. It goes without saying that anyone who amasses the kind of money that either O Brien or Desmond has, must be a total cnut, but O Brien is a sports fanatic and has more of the common touch. Can’t see Desmondo selling though, he says its his only emotional investment but the word over here is that its his children are Celtic Fans and not himself, in particular his daughter.

  3. Celtic_First on

    There has been a huge brouhaha at the foot of division two.



    Xerez, Racing, Huesca and Murcia were in seemingly irredeemable relegation places before the last games tonight, but during the week, the Spanish league body, the LFP, announced that it was relegating a higher-placed team, Guadalajara, for financial irregularities. That meant the four teams above, except Xerez, were playing tonight for possible salvation. The team that finished fourth-last, on the face of things, would be staying up.



    Racing won 3-0. Huesca drew 0-0. They are both down (with Bocanegra and Novo, respectively). Murcia won 1-0 and are, for the moment, staying up.



    Lots of commentators have pointed out the irony of Murcia, with millions of debt, staying up at Guadalajara’s expense. Guadalajara are appealing the decision.

  4. unionbearBhind on

    looks like mr Regan has pre-empted barrage of e-mails, have tried 3 different e-mail adds & all have now come back Delivery Status Notification (Failure)




  5. EL,








    My point was based on the selective use of the rule that a club cannot sue it’s Association in the courts.



    A rule that would be invoked if the club went down that route.



    An unconnected shareholder would not be bound by that rule.



    The club may have other courses of action, which they may or may not adopt.



    Shareholders, large and small have been financially affected by the denial to CL competition.

  6. Gene's a Bhoy's name on

    The bbc publish 6 values -this is the top of the list



    “Our values



    Trust is the foundation of the BBC: we are independent, impartial and honest.”



    Does anyone think that they are living up to this when it comes to the govan mob and the sfa

  7. ttt,


    Aye very good, and totally ignoring the responsibility of the Celtic PLC board who are responsible to protect the interests of its share holders, victims know your place eh


    Truly pathetic

  8. Just seen britains Got Talent.



    What a patronising bunch of ShadowxDancers from Hungary.



    Doing the Rule Brittania and the Queen nonsense.



    Absolute rubbish.

  9. Lets all write letters to people who couldn’t care less, that must be the strategy of the century.


    Or we could write to the Celtic board and demand they protect our interests, demand they question irregularities in association governance, we can write to everyone in the world and be ignored but if we have a share in CFC PLC we can demand THEY take action, stop being distracted by stupid suggestions and start demanding action from those who are responsible to represent us, if you’ve got a share, write to CFC Plc and demand action, it’s their job not yours, make them work.

  10. terry christian ‏@terrychristian 21m


    Great that Man Utd have worldwide support – but who invited these fascist twats in to denigrate our club – please fuck off & support Rangers

  11. censored


    I am and did , to surmise value your support will always stand up for the club exciting young team, no interest in ousting Ogilvie et al from their reply to me.

  12. the exiled tim



    21:27 on 8 June, 2013





    Some folk will do anything to win >}













    TV in this country is shit.




    Donypuvhave to put up with this bin Spaim?

  13. The Boy Jinky on




    You do as you wish… I wrote to uefa…






    First sunny weekend… the bams from the west head to ayr… bevvy on the beach… plod looks to make some money from fines… recipe for a riot

  14. Great blog today, helped by Ms Charlotte, Ms Williams and Mr Strachan but great stuff by the IBs.



    googybhoy ♥ Celtic @ 19:38,



    In these days of “Internet bampottery,” how far have we come ……….. Who would have thought ? If our Dads and Grandads were alive today to see what we have seen, they would rejoice”



    Too true, talk of Celtic having a rammy, Rangers getting aff Scot free and in the fog of frustration we forget perspective.



    Hail! Hail!

  15. 20.03 Tamrabam.



    Stewart Regan has the out of saying that he is working in the best interests of all the other clubs , by helping to keep a new Rangers in Scottish football.



    He will say that the income and interest they generate in Scottish football benefits all clubs.



    Many clubs would agree with that stance.



    Our board seem to agree with that view also.



    At least their inaction leads me and many others to that opinion .




  16. This whole thing is tiresome.



    The press have no appetite to pursue , develope and provide exposure to The Newco scandal.



    Celtic could get involved and the story would be explosive.



    Why have Celtic not asked UEFA to clarify that The Rangers are a new club?



    It would bring attention to the whole Sting.




  17. dessybhoy,


    Sad but no surprised, SNPesque, no interest in answering the question, in fact ignore the question and push the agenda.


    We need to demand representation, it’s their job, I don’t care about their city ambitions, I care that my club are not being disadvantaged by the boards reluctance to demand fair trading, the current “victimhood” does not rest well with me or most of the tims I know, we are not victims we have overcome yet the board continue to portray us as such because they refuse to demand the rights we demand, make them do their job, victim no more.

  18. The Boy Jinky on

    Whats the chances of john Terry appearing in stage from behind the curtain with the winner of Britains got chancers

  19. The real sad thing is imo, the blogs are full of highly intelligent posters, but all we do is scweem and scweem and scweem and stamp our feet about the injustice.



    They are laughing at us.

  20. fanadpatriot



    21:26 on 8 June, 2013



    Heard Greggs ran out of sausage rolls AND steak bakes.


    Armageddon, coastie style

  21. Watched those 101 goals against the huns….excellent… some gems amongst them big suttie and hartson laid it into them….one of the goals sticks out in my memory ,being the one at celtic park when the corner kick comes over henke, brings the ball down with his right foot,turns and wallops the ball past klos with his left………sheer class….cardihun in the live studio says …a lot of luck was attached to how he did it

  22. Censored


    No offence ,but, where the fek have you been hiding your big gub?


    Is this the first blog you have been on?


    Have you changed your blog name?

  23. the long wait is over on

    googybhoy ♥ celtic



    19:38 on 8 June, 2013


    In these days of “Internet bampottery,” how far have we come in these last three years.



    I know we all feel the need for instant answers to our questions but where were we three years ago?



    Rangers winning the SPL and Craig Whyte the saviour.


    Now Whyte has gone Green has gone. They are in Div 2 with East Fife as a serious threat.



    No accounts no European football for at least three years. Second highest wage bill in Scottish football to win Div 3.



    Overspending and run by criminals and Spivs.



    Meanwhile CL last 16 beating Barca and a double.



    Who would ….





    brilliant post , sir.






    My own late father simply wouldnt have believed it possible.

  24. Tinytim,


    I don’t want the Celtic board to even mention the sevco, I want Celtic board to demand an investigation into the SFA, I don’t care about sevco they are no longer a concern, the SFA are and must be dealt with, the sevco distraction is the plc excuse for no bringing the misgovernance into focus, for me it means they are complicit, keep the stupid plebs squealing like pigs about a hun that doesn’t exist and our corruption will go unnoticed, the Celtic plc by its silence is complicit.

  25. the exiled tim



    21:52 on 8 June, 2013




    Slowly, slowly catchy monkey. Where would sevco be today if it wasn’t for bampottery?

  26. the bould bhoys



    20:28 on 8 June, 2013






    Apols for detracting from the subjects at hand but had to share this video.



    This is ABSOLUTE DYNAMITE …..And yet I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere :))





    Don’t fall for it. ;))