Outdoor activities are not the problem


Infection rate sources were released from the clutches of politicians and given to the public yesterday (for England, from 9-15 Nov.).  Supermarkets: 18.3%, schools, 22.8%, hospitals: 3.6%, care homes: 2.8%….. pubs, restaurants, cafes and hospitality combined: 4.1%

The list took account for every sector that recorded 1% of the total, there was not a single outdoor activity noted.  The nations’ sports fields have been busy, taxis, buses and trains have been in use, without troubling the total.  Churches did not get a mention, either.

Outdoor activities are not the problem.  Distanced and monitored football attendance can open safely after 11 December.

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  1. Something I just discovered tonight.



    in the all-conquering Season of 1907-08 we won the Glasgow Cup, League Championship, Scottish Cup and Glasgow Charity Cup becoming the first club to do so.



    In addition, a week before the Charity Cup Final, we won the Wishaw Cycling Club Sports 5-a-side competition held at Belhaven Park on May 23rd :-



    Round 1 /Semi ;- Celtic 1 Goal & 2 Points (Corners) Hamilton Academical 1 Goal



    Final :- Celtic 1 Goal 1 Point Rangers 0







    Firstly, thanks to the 9 folk that voted. Those who did received the following automated reply to their email,


    “Have you really just cast your vote for the 3 best actors in the


    Christmas video?? Sorry to say that this is a ‘GOTCHA’ moment; I was just curious to see who might respond to my post on CQN.


    Please reassure me by email that you haven’t been too upset by my wee bit of fun; a bit of relief as most of us head into Level 4 lockdown


    ;-) . I hope this won’t put you off continuing to support the real POTY


    survey and look forward to loads more emails from you.


    Keep smiling!!”


    So, apologies again and normal service will resume after the Hibs game tomorrow. However, I may as well reveal the results. The 24 votes casts were distributed as follows –


    Calum McGregor: 9


    David Turnbull: 1


    Leigh Griffiths: 4


    Neil Lennon: 2


    Scott Brown: 1


    Ryan Christie: 8


    Wee Bhoy: 2



    So, winning this year’s Oscar for Best Lead Actor in a Christmas Production is……..Calum McGregor


    Hail Hail!

  3. Hi Bhoys



    Can we play the lassies team at Hamilton,Kilmarnock and Livingstone. They look as though they know how to play on plastic.




  4. Celtic’s willingness to to hold, pass and move on is sonehing hibs can’t cope with. Great performance; brother wilfrid well on show tonight.

  5. Jobo


    Those voters might know their football but the trade of thespians is clearly beyond them. Ryan Christie was clearly an Olivier among wannabees.


    Time for `A Fistful of Dollars.



    6-2 Celtic V Hibs. That`ll do tomorrow.


    `night all.

  6. £17million losses, still to come:



    £7.5 million HMRC



    £7 million Big Mike



    £3 million Hummel



    Anyone I’ve missed that we know about?



    D :)

  7. David66 on 20th November 2020 9:31 pm



    £17million losses, still to come:


    £7.5 million HMRC


    £7 million Big Mike


    £3 million Hummel



    Anyone I’ve missed that we know about?



    D :)



    £1,000,000 Memorial wall



    Transfer Balances Hagi,Kent the centre half etc etc









    John Hannah, the bassist, the common factor. Nightfly previously the unfortunately named Isis. My friend, and fellow Tim, James Nevans is the current drummer.







    Winning Gemmell



    Thanks for this. John Hannah is a really fine bass player & his vocals seem to have stood the test of time.


    Maybe frequent use really is the key to a well oiled larynx.


    I can barely strum & hum at the same time, so I’m always in awe of guys who can play a complex bass pattern & sing at all, never mind as well as he does.




  9. PARK ROAD 67



    From previous thread…you’re welcome, but I was very much a tail end charlie on that.


    Most of the heavy lifting was done by SFTB & Jobo.




  10. GREENPINATA on 20TH NOVEMBER 2020 7:31 PM


    The argument used to close down hospitality was that x amount of people visited then then caught the virus.



    It was and is a blatent play on figures






    This whole covid shitshow is based on manipulation of figures



    The death toll being the biggest (Iwana know what people who have tested positive in the last 28 days and have died, have actually died of – seems to me ripe for manipulation)



    It’s not until we get into the nitty gritty of the figures that we finally see whats happening



    And we are not close enough to see that



    So numbers get massaged, controls get tightened



    And we all get to take it in the @ss with no lube…..

  11. lets all do the huddle on

    i cant get too excited about the huns latest figures



    always said they would go all in to stop the ten



    i think its all the more telling that we have still got a pile more money than them, have spent a pile more money than them, but we have been pish virtually the whole season. and have hardly laid a glove on them the last few times we have played them



    and they are top of the league



    so its seems a bit hollow gloating over their figures



    no doubt there will be a few ‘tick tocks’ as there have been for a few years



    if it happens after they stop the 10 then it will be a hollow enjoyment

  12. How can any Government allow that Priti Patel to continue in office? Utterly scandalous. Roll on Independence. Surely we couldn’t do worse. Her and that ijeet Boris……Frightening.

  13. lets all do the huddle on

    the latest lockdown charade is so that nicola and boris can paint themselves as heroes when they tell you you can see your family for a few days around christmas



    a total farce



    the original lockdown reeked of panic, which was probably understandable because we were in unknown territory



    but its just pure politics now



    massaging figures



    trying to promote that the measures being taken are genuine attempts to reduce covid numbers by a significant amount when clearly they wont. they are token gestures to make it look like they are doing something



    because doing nothing looks worse than doing something which is irrelevant, even though they have the same outcome



    Mes Miggins Pie Shop is closed as of tonite. hurrah, the world is saved.

  14. lets all do the huddle on

    What happens to the huns if they don’t win the league?




    not sure it makes any difference either way



    thats my point



    their financial situ takes a serious back seat to me when i look at the current league situation – and i dont just mean the point/games in hand numbers




    To be fair, if it was a choice between Patel shouting at me and Salmond giving me ‘a sleepy cuddle’ I know which one I’d chose.

  16. I am also having thoughts that the only reason we have devolved govt’s is if england imposed level 4 on us we would just riot



    Having sturgeon do it seems much nicer, no?




    If they win the league and get a crack at the CL they’ll survive.



    Can’t see it happening otherwise.

  18. lets all do the huddle on

    I am also having thoughts that the only reason we have devolved govt’s is if england imposed level 4 on us we would just riot



    Having sturgeon do it seems much nicer, no?




    i do wonder how we would have taken all this lockdown carry on if we didnt have devolution and the restrictions had been decreed by westminster. especially when london wasnt getting anywhere near as harsh measures



    riots on the streets?



    looting of the shops?



    busses getting egged?



    who knows?

  19. WG



    His secret to success.


    Used to drive the black cabs in Glasgow & the night shift used to go to the “Chips” once they’d finished working.


    Game of cards, refuel, wash the cab AND a cup of ‘special’ tea.



    Fortified CSC

  20. lets all do the huddle on

    If they win the league and get a crack at the CL they’ll survive.




    ive always thought the whole ‘tick tock’ stuff was a distraction anyway while they were signing plenty of players and building a team



    not saying any of their players are brilliant



    but they do have a ‘team’ in the true sense of the word



    we look anything but that at the moment



    and they also have ‘Tav (pen)’ in their side as well



    not much we can do about that though

  21. ERNIE LYNCH on 20TH NOVEMBER 2020 10:07 PM


    What happens to the huns if they don’t win the league?



    They will tap more money from somewhere, and blogs like this,will wonder where it’s from, and ask why they aren’t bust?

  22. James Gang @ 6.19



    “It proves only that people aren’t catching Covid at, or on the way to the fitba, cos…….wait for it, have you noticed….cos we’re not presently at, or going to, the fitba.



    Similarly, I’ve never been killed while swimming with sharks. Not because it’s inherently safe. But cos I haven’t done it. ”





    If we are going to use such heavy sarcasm and shout Fox News or Fake News at something, we better be sure we are peddling accurate info, ourselves.



    There WERE 3 instances of fan attendance at outdoor sports events in Scotland during Lockdown, A rugby match at Murrayfield where 1000 spectators attended, And two football matches in Aberdeen and Dingwall where there were 500 in attendance each time. That means 2000 people did go to and from a live sporting event and, since they were trial events, the governent and Health Authorities KNOW that no-one contracted Covid at any of these 3 events.



    There were no health grounds for discontinuing with these proven safe trial events that involved small socially-distanced crowds who all behaved impeccably, not just the rugby wallahs.



    So why did it not continue when Jason and Nicola saw the data and knew that these events could be staged safely and responsibly?



    I think I can supply the answer to that.



    They were advised, on the grounds of behavioural science, that, even though there was little or no risk attached to rolling out these events, it would look bad to the rest of the country if they had to acept restrictions but that silly football game was allowed to carry on in some way. We were and continue to be the victims of a bad look and a prejudice.



    The view is:-



    How can we persuade people not to visit the elderly in Care Homes & Hospitals if there are people allowed into football?



    How can we persuade people that hairdressers and indoor bowling are not safe to go to but football is?



    Now that may be an accurate reading of the public mood but why whitewash it? Why not just be honest and say – “Sorry, Football, but when so many other things are restricted too, you will have to forego fan attendance, so that people don’t ask why can’t i get what football fans get”? You will have to undergo needless financial hardship because others need to be persuaded to accept their financial hardships.



    We have and did attend football matches currently and safely. I hope that presently (sic- seeing as I am already in Pseud’s Corner according to TurkeyTwizzlerbhoy) I will be at a small scale outdoor fan grouping again.



    JG your post was The Sun cryng Fale News at Fox News.



    And as for the Shark analogy, I have swam with them (once) and never been killed. Lots of people have. It is not a good idea and I am not recommending it but it bears no resemblance at all to the level of risk in attending an outdoor event. It reminds me of a Mark Thomas joke about it being “Health and Safety gone mad because I am not allowed to walk down the High Street swinging a viable thermo-nuclear device”

  23. And in a further blow, the club have also revealed they will need a further £8.8m of funding to get through the rest of the campaign.



    Can someone tell me, what is ‘trading insolvent ‘ is?

  24. I don’t know much about reading finance reports but their Auditor, one Greig McKnight fae Renfrew, states:-



    ” In the light of the knowledge and understanding of the company and its environment obtained in the course of the audit, we have not identified material misstatements in the Group Strategic Report or the Report of the Directors.We have nothing to report in respect of the following matters where the Companies Act 2006 requires us to report to you if, in our opinion:


    •adequate accounting records have not been kept by the Parent Company, or returns adequate for our audit have not been received from branches not visited by us; or



    •the Parent Company financial statements are not in agreement with the accounting records and returns; or



    •certain disclosures of Directors’ remuneration specified by law are not made; or



    •we have not received all the information and explanations we require for our audit”





    Basically , I read that as saying “we’ve not uncovered any financial skulduggery but we’re only taking the figures, prepared by the Ibrox Directors, at face value.”



    Don’t know if a more qialified business person might care to comment on whether I’ve got that right.

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