Outdoor activities are not the problem


Infection rate sources were released from the clutches of politicians and given to the public yesterday (for England, from 9-15 Nov.).  Supermarkets: 18.3%, schools, 22.8%, hospitals: 3.6%, care homes: 2.8%….. pubs, restaurants, cafes and hospitality combined: 4.1%

The list took account for every sector that recorded 1% of the total, there was not a single outdoor activity noted.  The nations’ sports fields have been busy, taxis, buses and trains have been in use, without troubling the total.  Churches did not get a mention, either.

Outdoor activities are not the problem.  Distanced and monitored football attendance can open safely after 11 December.

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  1. Good morning cqn from an away day in a dry but


    cold Garngad .



    Cannot wait to see the bhoys today any win will do, let’s get some momentum going.



    So Newco are going te way of oldco and getting away with financial dopeing, who would have thought this would happen?



    I like a list, so they owe:



    £7.5 million HMRC



    £7 million Big Mike



    £3 million Hummel



    £1 million to memorial wall



    £8,8 million needed to see out season



    All this and they have diluted shares at least twice this 12 game season and at least 4 times this calendar year.



    Financial dopeing at it’s best. Just do the honorable thing and die.






    Now come on Celtic






    D :)

  2. Where’s “Rugger Guy”? por cierto.




    Quid est veritas?


    Ave Ave

  3. They don’t want to give a figure for big Mike so they won’t






    SDI Retail Services Limited


    The Company is engaged in ongoing legal proceedings relating to its retail arrangements. Judgment has been granted


    against the Company in respect of certain breaches of contract but, at this stage, the extent of the Company’s liability


    other than with regard to legal fees has not been decided by the Court. As negotiations are ongoing regarding


    the legal proceedings, the Directors are of the view that it would be seriously prejudicial if it were to disclose the


    information usually required by IAS 37 (Provisions, Contingent liabilities and contingent assets). The Company has


    dealt with its estimated liabilities, insofar as it is practicable for its Directors to estimate them at this stage, when


    calculating its accruals.



    Orlit Enterprises


    We are pleased to advise that these proceedings have been dismissed. The Club is currently processing recovery of


    its legal expenses from sums lodged by Orlit with the Court.



    Memorial Walls


    Following the decision not to proceed with this project, legal proceedings have been raised by Memorial Walls Ltd


    against the Club. The Club accepts some compensation should be payable in respect of the abortive work carried out


    on the project but does not believe there was any prospect of the project proving a commercial success. Accordingly,


    it will resist the proceedings whilst hoping that a more realistic approach by the pursuer might allow the proceedings


    to be resolved. An estimate of the Club’s liability in respect of this matter has been included at the year end.



    Employee Claims


    The Club addresses claims relating to former employee’s contractual positions as they arise. Having taken legal


    advice on any existing claims, management has determined there is no requirement to make any provisions at the


    year end.

  4. Looking at the sevco accounts, their only chance of survival is for us to allow them to win the league this season. Otherwise, they’re going the same way as the previous lot.



    In my humble opinion

  5. Match day. Interesting quote from Scott Brown:



    “In the last two weeks…..We’ve done a lot on pressing, building from the back, our style of play and shape we should be in….getting back to basics, with the manager and John Kennedy enforcing it.”



    Not sure who represented Callum, Ryan, Shane, Nir, Big Tam, Barkas, Eddie, Moi or Kris Ajer or the fact that we seem to be doing this at the end of November. Culture change I guess but it’s a start.



    I look forward to the results today. Hibs are overhyped, expect us to win but another cup final awaits us.







  6. Uncle Jimmy



    Agree with that and maybe this is another 2012 moment, explaining why we as a club are asleep at the wheel again.



    Project keep the old firm intact part 2.




  7. lets all do the huddle on

    theres a saying about Nero fiddling while Rome was burning



    probably invented by a total ranter but..



    i just hope we dont get so caught up in the Hun accounts that we forget the current predicament on the pitch



    i said a year or 2 ago that i think they like to throw out some bad news now and again to lull us into a false sense of security



    or a sense of false security



    or security of false senseness



    while they continue to sign players and build a team which quite frankly is better than ours at the moment



    keep eyes on the prize

  8. Celtic revenue 2018………£101m


    The Rangers revenue 2018……..£32.7m



    Celtic revenue 2020……..£70.2m


    The Rangers revenue 2020…….£59m



    I fully get the smoke and mirrors from der hun, know they are ‘all in’ this year and hope Hector gets them but is anybody else not concerned we get our own house in order before such a massive advantage gap disappears over the horizon?



    The swing to league – champions league revenue – merchandise and other revenue kickers versus our inevitable fallout from that doomsday swing this season?




  9. They have directors loans, they have a seemingly endless supply of people willing to burn money on worthless shares, why is that? They arent going out of business in my opinion.


    If we blow this league from the position we were in it will reflect very badly on the Team Management and the Board who are keeping them in situ, drips of information like I will sit down with Eddie or back to basics are only going to pacify the support if the support see a difference in attitude application work rate and heart from everybody on the park and evidence of tactical nous from the touchline, we can afford no more slip ups including at the next visit to Ibrox.

  10. The last time I felt this confident about a victory, I was sitting in Celtic Park watching my team.



    To the guy who was so critical of Nir Bitton the other day.


    Have you ever been to a football match?


    Nir style might not be to everyone`s taste but he is a classy footballer.




    i’ve just bought a Samsung series 5 t5300 (compatible with Alexa, samsung make it clear it changes channels etc), hooked it up to Amazon echo dot through smartthings and alexa app, for the life of me cant get it to change channels. Alexa will turn off/on even go to netflix/firestick with voice commands but no channel changing. I’m on a Virgin media package so have tried both ie HDMI with VM and without ie freeview NADA.


    Any ideas

  12. My friends in Celtic,



    There are many on here who do not see the positives of European football.



    Well, if the huns qualify for the CL group stages their debt is gone in one foul swoop.



    Europe really is that important.



    HH to all and COYBIG.




    Thanks…that was one of the sites i followed but still nothing. Gonna try again!

  14. GREENPINATA on 21ST NOVEMBER 2020 11:28 AM


    My friends in Celtic,







    There are many on here who do not see the positives of European football.







    Well, if the huns qualify for the CL group stages their debt is gone in one foul swoop.







    And is that a good thing or a bad thing?



    What do The Big Swinging Dicks who run Celtic think?



    ps Strictly it should be fell swoop, though for the huns foul is probably appropriate.




    Have you asked ALEXA to blow you a kiss yet.

  16. Hot Smoked



    I like a lot about Nir but playing at CH in a formation brutally exposed by midfield and wing backs doesn’t serve him well as seen against Sparta. He and Duffy at the back register probably our slowest combination of all time.



    Luckily the poor level of the SPFL rarely exposes him (and our other structural problems) except when defending high balls (a la Motherwell).



    We need Kris and Chris back in there asap and a decision about how we play the flanks, midfield and our pressing game.




  17. Today is the Centenary Anniversary of Bloody Sunday, when British Forces opened fire on players & supporters during a Gaelic Football match at Croke Park, between Dublin & Tipperary,


    14 people were killed including the Tipperary player Michael Hogan, a 26yr old woman and 2 wee boys aged 10 & 12 who were in the crowd, over 60 were injured, hit by gunshot including a second player.


    The British enquiry whitewashed the incident saying someone in the crowd started the shooting.

  18. Fourstonecoppi- have you asked Alexa to fix the problem?😂



    Sorry and good luck.



    Hail Hail



    D :)

  19. Dublin GAA






    Nov 19


    Dublin GAA remembers Bloody Sunday this week, 100 years on 💙



    DubsTV’s “Bloody Sunday” tells the story of that fateful day at Croke Park.



    Watch in full ➡️ https://youtu.be/CDCay5rNXn8



    🕯The GAA remembers B100dy Sunday – A Candle at Dusk


    As we cannot gather to commemorate the lives lost on Bloody Sunday, we are calling on the GAA Community to do so from afar and to light a candle at dusk.🕯 #GAA #BloodySunday1920




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