Outdoor activities are not the problem


Infection rate sources were released from the clutches of politicians and given to the public yesterday (for England, from 9-15 Nov.).  Supermarkets: 18.3%, schools, 22.8%, hospitals: 3.6%, care homes: 2.8%….. pubs, restaurants, cafes and hospitality combined: 4.1%

The list took account for every sector that recorded 1% of the total, there was not a single outdoor activity noted.  The nations’ sports fields have been busy, taxis, buses and trains have been in use, without troubling the total.  Churches did not get a mention, either.

Outdoor activities are not the problem.  Distanced and monitored football attendance can open safely after 11 December.

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  1. Ernie,



    It doesn’t matter if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. It’s factual.



    Foul swoop, fowl swoop or fell swoop. ?



    If CQN were in yon Shakespeare days twas undoubtedly, fell would be correct.


    The clientele may be getting on a bit, but that is pushing it.


    However I agree that ” Now is the winter of our discontent “

  2. Offski to Morrison’s to buy some refreshments for the game.



    While the small shops and businesses that ordinary people have put all their hope, money and aspiration into are now shut, the big multinationals are open and will be mobbed.



    Great idea. You can multiply Paul 67’s numbers on this article.

  3. In the background…………Shortie…………………………..



    Twin Bams Kowan an’ Cosgrove………..



    scoddish panto……………………………………………..

  4. It is awfy quiet here today, in the build up to a game I expect a number of critics to be piling in, team selection, lennons body language, kennedys cones, legs have gone broon, eddie uninterested, calums in the wrong postion, fullbacks to wee, shape is all wrong, cant defend, cant pass, dont run, over the top, back to front, no width, rubbish wing backs, cant jump, hands all over him, ……….



    you know that sort of positivity that the CQN support is famous for

  5. !!BADA BING!!



    Keeping it strictly fitba on a match day, did you see our man Cuomo is set to receive an EMMY?



    2 hours to kick-off.

  6. James Burke 44



    Jane Boyle 29



    Daniel Carroll 31



    Michael Feery 40



    Tom Hogan 19



    Michael Hogan 24



    James Matthews 38



    Patrick O’Dowd 57



    Jerome O’Leary 10



    William Robinson 11



    Thomas Ryan 27



    John William Scott 14



    James Teehan 26



    Joseph Traynor 20



    murdered by the uk state 100 years ago today.



    God bless their memories




  7. Scotland U21 COVID19 outbreak. Impacts Turnbull. He was at Lennoxtown yesterday training with Celtic squad.



    Here we effin go again :(

  8. Big Wavy – do you know if Turnbull was one of the 3 that tested positive or one of the 8 close contacts? If it’s the latter then no-one at Lennoxtown would need to self isolate until such times as Turnbull then returned a positive test, which hopefully won’t happen.

  9. Big wavy – Guidelines say unless you have symptoms it’s only the person who has been in contact with a possitive case that self isolates.



    Example is a kid at school gets covid possitive hi or her class isolates, mothers, fathers and siblings do not need to unless the classmate/ shows symptoms. Again it’s just the possitive case and only all class mates to self isolate.



    Take that into a football setting it’s not Turnbull whomis possitive so no need for anyone else to isolate.



    D :)

  10. CORNELIUS on 20TH NOVEMBER 2020 5:27 PM




    Hi Cornelius,


    great to hear you made a connection,sorry bout delay in getting back,was having a sip of Balblair:-)) and an old friend joined me so me head is a little leaden this morning.


    Ach dont be daft bout making you happy,we are Celts and its good to connect and interact,especially in these times.i hope your jammin away ha,


    Great news and great to read your valued contribution to the blog.I hope we are celebrating a Celtic victory later,will be in touch😊




  11. MOISEY17 –


    I think there are 2 options – the Pay per View Option offered by Hibs for £15. Or searching for an online stream.


    I hope that many on here manage one or the other, allowing them to cast their all important votes for the 3 best performers this afternoon ;-)

  12. Greenpinta @ 12:12



    It doesn’t matter if it’s good or a bad.


    It’s factual ‘Foul swoop, fowl swoop or fell’.


    If CQN were in yon Shakespeare days


    Twas undoubtedly fell would be correct.


    The clientele are getting on a bit,


    But that is pushing it. However I


    Agree that now’s the winter of our woe.



    There, fixed that for you …




  13. corkcelt on 21st November 2020 11:52 am



    Today is the Centenary Anniversary of Bloody Sunday, when British Forces opened fire on players & supporters during a Gaelic Football match at Croke Park, between Dublin & Tipperary,



    14 people were killed including the Tipperary player Michael Hogan, a 26yr old woman and 2 wee boys aged 10 & 12 who were in the crowd, over 60 were injured, hit by gunshot including a second player.



    The British enquiry whitewashed the incident saying someone in the crowd started the shooting.






    Sorry for the bbc link but quite reflective for this day of all days.







  14. AN TEARMANN — tipp playing galway at hurling today on the 100th anniversary. Listening on tippfm. cracking game but would love to know if anyone has a stream

  15. Jobo – many thanks for the info. The Hibees will not be getting £15 of my hard earned so will have a look for a stream 👍🏻

  16. Today’s starting line up v Hibs (via @CelticFC twitter) …



    Bain; Frimpong, Ajer, Bitton, Laxalt, Brown, McGregor, Christie, Rogic, Elyounoussi, Ajeti,



    Subs: Barkas, Taylor, Duffy, ElHamed, Ntcham, Henderson, Griffiths, Klimala, Edouard

  17. thanks gorkcelt but the player isnt working for me…its exciting even on the radio…were you disappointed last week?



    see you tomorrow in the football

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