Outgoing First Minister’s selective criminalisation


I’m sure there are people all over England wondering why their manager is apologising for anti-IRA chants by England fans last night.  Someone likely pointed out to Roy Hodgson that his fans were breaking the law in Scotland by doing so, hundreds, if not thousands, could be criminalised this morning.

Their names and addresses are known to the football authorities, the match was televised and the chanting received widespread media coverage.  Police Scotland were all over the ground and had the England fans surrounded.

All this took place in front of the First Minister, whose government decided laws against bigotry and sectarianism left them unable to “equalise” fans of all colours, most of whom never chant bigoted or sectarian words.

Alex Salmond left the stage caring nothing that the police have no interest in applying his law on this occasion.  It wasn’t designed to criminalise the English, it was to criminalise Celtic fans.  If the Offensive Behaviour Act can be flouted in front of the nation, the police and the First Minister, without censure or action, it is an absurd nonsense.  The SNP government has refused to debate a review into the Act, never mind repeal it.  They are defending the indefensible.

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    Roll on,Saturday.



    Blinkin’ international fortnights,waste of proper football time.

  2. Paul67, very well put



    You missed the bit about drinking and Standing as well in our Stadium :-)



    Hail Hail

  3. “The SNP government has refused to debate a review into the Act, never mind repeal it. They are defending the indefensible.”




  4. lymmbhoy



    12:34 on 19 November, 2014


    the battered bunnet



    12:09 on 19 November, 2014


    ohits a granda team to play for










    Superb Sir….Tic a bow






    Congratulations…….great news.








    Defending the indefensible and criminalising the innocent.



    They are guilty of wrecking lives through an inability to deal with a long-standing problem. Worse,they have handed the responsibility for doing so to a careerist who needs no second invitation,and those under his command who also view it as a means of furthering their careers.



    And screwing any Fenian bassa they can lay their paws on.



    An appeal to the European Courts is our only way out of this.

  6. I am confused why so many Celtic fans passionately voted “yes” for those who want to discriminate against them ?





    What do you think,ffs?



    Sorry,I mean-of course I did. Took me ages to reply to it,too.

  8. Auldheid


    12:12 on


    19 November, 2014





    It’s going to be handled at the AGM itself following discussions with Celtic.





    Can you give us a clue on how it will be handled?

  9. westies


    12:38 on


    19 November, 2014


    I am confused why so many Celtic fans passionately voted “yes” for those who want to discriminate against them ?





    Beats me mate, really does.

  10. BigChipsUK – There are only two SPL teams in Glasgow… Celtic and Partick Thistle



    You may be correct there.




  11. Well done Paul67 it’s time this was highlighted more frequently on CQN rather than examining the minute details of a team that died.







  12. Okay I will try.






    For the hard of understanding.



    When I vote it’s about more than one bad law.



    It did not say on the ballot paper



    Do you want us to make up an offense so we can lift celtic supporters.





    A recent poll-I know,I know-reckons that 83% of Yes voters intend to vote SNP in May.

  14. Livi


    It was not a vote for Labour, Liberal, Conservative.


    Doesn’t matter to me I emigrated in 1969 shortly after I left the Mungo. Only places employing Catholics was Rolls Royce, Singers and Glasgow Corporation in those days. I had so many Masonic handshakes in job interviews that I learned a lot of them

  15. LiviBhoy


    12:42 on


    19 November, 2014





    Voting Yes was not a vote for the SNP.








    So why are 83% who voted yes at the referendum going to vote SNP at the election then?

  16. Sources in Glasgow tell me that plod now seem to allow ————



    drinking in public/ urinating in public / expressing hatred re national origin –

  17. All my life celtic supporter’s have been unfairly treated across all of Scotland police forces.



    They always had the powers.

  18. ohits:



    Congratulations to all.






    If the Scottish police make no efforts to bring to justice those who broke the SNP laws then surely everybody has a large degree of precedence (whataboutary) as a defence.



    In not doing anything to enforce the law… does that make the SNP inverted racists in some peoples eyes as well as sectarian bullies?

  19. Paul67,



    Good article!



    Police Scotland apparently heard nothing offensive last night. Clearly, given his lack of comment, Salmond didnt either.


    The FA however must have done,as they made an apology.



    Interesting that eh?



    But as we all know FOCUS and Police Scotland and the Bill itself are aimed mainly at the Celtic support.






  20. I reckon we need to be careful re Guidetti.



    He’s a good player, sure, and has just the right attitude.



    I’m not sure, however, that he would be worth going to 30 or 40k a week for.



    His free-kicks to date have been excellent but i have seen players before score regularly from free kicks then suddenly go months with out diong so – Barry Robson, Shaun Maloney… I even remember big Virgil knocking in at his first attempt.



    His general play has been decent. I’m not sure its been any better than Gary Hooper’s was. Lots of specualtion in the press re his next destination but, remember, he has already been seen to ‘fail’ in the EPL so I don’t expect too much interest from there.



    France? Maybe but i’d doubt Marseille will be looking to pay wages at 40k a week either.

  21. Lol.



    It’s two different things.



    The referendum was yes.no.


    Not a vote for the snow




    The election is who governs the country.



    Your no very smart on this.

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