Overwhelming benefits of being organised


St Mirren’s late goal at Ibrox yesterday was as welcome as it was unexpected, but it means little for us.  It was only the fourth league goal Rangers have conceded all season and Celtic almost conceded a fourth goal in the final minutes against Kilmarnock.  Four goals conceded in 11 games is championship winning form.

Rangers are certainly not a European-standard team at the moment but they are overwhelmingly organised.

We’re in trouble.

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  1. CultsBhoy hates being 2nd says:


    16 October, 2011 at 23:34





    That would be very good news to me..he is captain without the armband when he’s on form.



    Defo m8.



    I would also like to say that everything is going against us just now and they have the luck just now.



    Look at their goals against us they’re getting the rub of the green but I promise this will change.

  2. Hen1rik,



    I hope that is not the case.



    Kayal should be punted, not rewarded. I would have him on the first flight out of Scotland on 1st January. He disgraced the Celtic jersey yesterday.



    What will he do next time he is unhappy with his lot? Or in the huff over something?



    We talk about players who embarassed the hoops because they were rubbish. Most of those guys would give their all but were limited by ability. Kayal chose to give nothing yesterday.



    Fire him from a rocket over the border. That’s where he wants to be.

  3. CultsBhoy hates being 2nd on




    It’s a drink…NOT a date…I’m getting seriously worried about you.



    I have no tattoos..my dad who I adored, carried an ‘ERIN GO BRAGH tattoo on his forearm after a drunken visit to Blackpool in his mid teens (pre legislation 1960s shops!)…he loved this as a Celtic daft Bhoy..the novelty wore off as he matured and consequently seldom wore short sleeves as an adult. Always spoke about lazering it off but could never bring himself to do so…died with it



    Put me off tattoos…almost as much as idiots calling me a Hun puts me of idiots…

  4. Steinreignedsupreme on

    CultsBhoy hates being 2nd: 16 October, 2011 at 22:58



    “SB is a 1/10 of the player of Kayal…



    “Kayal may have had a stinker or two but he has also shown more in his short spell at Celtic than SB has in 3.5 years?”



    Scott Brown has never shirked his responsibility in a Celtic shirt. Kayal’s attitude in recent weeks has been disgraceful and after yesterday’s show of petulance he should be punted in January.



    Kayal tried to get himself sent-off when we were 3-0 down and he should never wear the shirt again. At least Scott Brown wants to play for Celtic so why don’t you get off his back.

  5. CultsBhoy hates being 2nd on




    Scott Brown….?



    I honestly have mixed feelings about him. I think he has a great engine but is technically weak. His pace gets him out of trouble. Kayal to my eye is technically much better and tactically more astute – hence he can run a team from the middle.



    I’ve said it many times re SB – he is not compatable with Celtic but I do believe he could go on to another club and excel – that could be a club in a better league. I have a soft spot for Arsenal and I always reckon he would be a great match for them – he would not need technical ability as he’s be surrounded by it in bucketloads and they could do with his energy and ‘dig’.



    For me, we have spent £10m’s on him over the 4 years between purchase and wages and we have had a very poor return.

  6. clunks Is Neil Lennon…dont tell the meedja! says:


    16 October, 2011 at 22:56



    You are exactly right. Scott Brown has been so sorely missed the last few games and when it came across the wires that he was going to be out for a few games I was worried.



    I know Scott is not the all singing all dancing player we expect for one of the highest fees paid in Scottish football. Scott, however, is crucial for the development of this team IMO.



    I praised Kayal last season for good reasons, after watching him on Saturday, I missed the first half because my Son was playing a football tourney, so I had to watch the horror first half show on the virgin record thing. I was shocked by Kayals display, now I don’t know if Celtic have messed him about, and if they have then that is very bad, Neil Lennon has never messed him about though and if that was not enough a reason for him to give his all, then personal pride in his own performance should have been. He let himself down more than anything else on Saturday.



    I hope this now crystallizes Neil Lennons mind and who he should be playing.



    Victor is the 1 Man CDM that will let Celtic really get back to their exceptional defensive record from last season.



    Ki is the luxury and I don’t see anything wrong with his commitment. We can only have his luxury when we have highly motivated and better players than the opposition IMO.

  7. Cultsbhoy,



    Agree regarding Scott Brown. He is better suited to a team who don’t have as much possession as Celtic do.



    He shone at Hibs and shines for Scotland as a player who can spring from his own 18 yard box and drag the game toward the other 18 yard box. He has terrifc energy but lacks composure and technique when asked to keep possession and be patient and discplined.



    I like him though, as he has a fire in his belly sorely missing from too many Celtic players in recent years.

  8. I should have mentioned James Forrest also, he was mentored by Neil and he gave Everything he could for the full 45 second half minutes.



    Brilliant young player who has the real fortitude needed to be a Celtic player.

  9. weeron



    Thanks pal. Disappointment is causing a lot of the bother on here and that is it.



    You are right about that pal – bang for buck is the biggest problem.



    Where I will cut the board and others slack is the squad size – Celtic have too many players left over from previous regimes who pick up wages which could be used on a better starting 11 and 5 subs bench.



    There are simply too many players who our current manager doesn’t want because he didn’t sign or doesn’t fancy them.



    Zaluszka, Loovens (from time to time), Rogne (from time to time), Hooiveld, Rasmussen, J.Thompson, McGinn, McCourt (inexplicably), Samaras (based on that comment from the other day), Murphy and Juarez.



    Neil signed two of those players (supposedly depending on who you listen to and believe) and the rest pick up a wage which could possibly add up to 100,000 a week (albeit some of this is not now being paid by us).



    What has angered me is that the animals can get 2 internationalists for just over a million quid and we spend 3M on a Kenyan kid and a guy like Bangura. Now if you look at what the team needed – keeper, defender and tall, physical striker that 3 Million could have been better spent. 1.5M Euros on Sandomierski or get Pletikosa for nothing and you still have half of that left over or the whole thing on 2 players – Diawarra and we could have afforded a Bocanegra provided our leader (the real one) would pay him what he wanted to earn – no doubt that would have been too much as well.



    Bang for buck is important. Think of the money wasted on those players above in transfer fees:



    Rasmussen – 1.9M


    Hooiveld – 1.4M


    Juarez – 3M


    Loovens- 2.5M


    Samaras – his new contract for starters



    That is a lot of money which when combined could have been used much better than it clearly has.

  10. clunks Is Neil Lennon...dont tell the meedja! on




    SB is the same type of player as Kayal and Stokes.



    They need to have someone there to fight with in order to raise there game. Broonies ………….well………… do the broonie is the prime example.



    Kayal only comes good when ‘rucking’ with other players. Stokes at the weekend only came alive after getting angry at getting denied a penalty.



    I want the type of player that is ‘angry’ until they are 3 goals up.



    What midfield would you want?



    Burley (yeah I know) Lambert lennon






    Ki Kayal Brown (substitute any with Ledley)



    Thats what we need



    burley lambert and lennon were winners outright. They went and took it, they demanded it from the players around them and week in week out they inspired it from the players around them.



    I dont care about skill for this. I just want the mentality, the desire. I want






    and lots of them.



    and I want them yesterday.

  11. Lubo's two feet on

    Had a few pints tonight so go easy on the spelling :-P



    Just seen the telegraph article saying Kayal is close to signing, I know I know, it is from the chip wrappers but it is as reliable as my uncles best friends dog rumour so really who can we believe? If he signs, what will be peoples’ opinion on whether he should be in the team after this weekend? I myself think/hope he is here to stay. We need the him when we are still in 4 competitions and I feel the hibs game in the league cup is as important as any. I’ve always thought that winning the league cup will give us a great momentum and a greater desire to win the league. Last year I think that’s where we went wrong, I think we lost that belief that we were better than them and this was shown with the last game at orcland. From the last 20 minutes of kilmarnock game on, we will kick on and win the treble and lenny to be here for 20 years !!



    Hail Hail

  12. I wish Neil had the Luxury to be able to just concentrate on doing His very best for Celtic.



    This horrific State has thrown everything they can at Neil Lennon, if he is making stupid mistakes it is only natural when you are in constant fear. I Pray that Neil comes through this strongly in whatever path he chooses.



    F*** football when it gets to this stage.






    The very soul of Celtic is never in Danger when Men like Auldheid try to keep it where it should be and not where it is being led to.

  13. Steinreignedsupreme on

    CultsBhoy hates being 2nd: 16 October, 2011 at 23:54



    Until yesterday Kayal would have been my first pick in midfield but his attitude at Rugby Park was unacceptable for any Celtic player – standing watching Killie midfielders running into our penalty area, pulling out of challenges and then going in with two over-the-top tackles when he had no chance of winning the ball.



    I agree Brown has failed to live up to his potential but his performances since Lenny took over have been far better and he played the Rangers midfield on his own the other week. I was prepared to give Kayal the benefit of the doubt for disappearing that day.



    But Kayal’s withdrawal from the squad for Tynecastle, his sudden revival to travel to Israel, and then Saturday’s shenanigans have put him in a very different light in my eyes.



    I don’t care how much talent he has. I want players who will give their all for Celtic. I now have serious doubts about this charlatan.

  14. Lubo’s two feet



    If Kayal does sign a new deal maybe those have said his form has gone as he’s working his ticket will stop believing the papers.



    I have seen no evidence of him not trying or wanting sent off but as soon as Keevins throws a theory out there folk turn on a player.


    Kayal like most of the first team looks frustrated, maybe it’s the pressure, tactics the defence. It could be anything but he’s the fall guy. The rest get an easy time because Keevins hasn’t made stories up about them yet.

  15. Vmhan who Supports Neil Lennon says @ 23.22



    I’m a 20 odd year hoops fan! I’ve just been wondering- if celtic have failed to get to EPL (cos they’ve voted against us joining directly), can we not circumvent that by aiming to the English lower leagues where promotion to the the PL could occur without the consent of the naysayers?? If we could do it, we should apply tomorrow

  16. clunks Is Neil Lennon…dont tell the meedja! says:


    17 October, 2011 at 00:06



    I hear what you are saying but right now, with this current squad of players, it is essential we stick with Broonie.



    Broonie works like a trojan, this is an example to all.



    I’d always have Joe Ledley in the team, he is from a Celtic nation and he does indeed have that fire within him IMO.



    Play the 4-3-3 we should be playing.



    Vic and Joe mid Definites and let James loose up top right and play Sammi on the left side of the forward 3.



    Let Bangura, Hooper and Stokes earn that top striker position is what I would do.

  17. The Singing Detective on

    This NextGen tournament is proving to be a burden for Celtic’s playing resources,with the game against Man City tomorrow.



    I’m sure that this was the reason for the lack of Under-19s on the bench on Sat.



    I hope some of them are taken over to Rennes on Thursday.


    Twardzik should play at left-back,with El K ineligible.It’s his natural position,and he performed quite creditably in friendlies a year ago,notably against Arsenal.


    He may appear a bit lightweight,but I’d certainly pick him for this position ahead of Charlie,who is required at CB.


    Matthews and Mark Wilson do not look comfortable at LB.



    It is concerning that Lennie is clearly reluctant to place his trust in players from our Under 19 squad.He keeps referring to the fact that James Forrest is ‘only twenty’.Throw them in,let them sink or swim.


    Doesn’t seem so long ago that Malcolm Allison with his fedora hat was at Man C,playing 16y olds in the first team.

  18. As above from The Telegraph apologies for untidy reporting




    Beram Kayal – regarded by many as Celtic’s best player last season – is set to sign a new extended deal that will contract him to the Parkhead club until June 2015, Telegraph Sport can disclose.



    An Israeli source close to the player said on Sunday night: “Beral wants to know what the future is likely to hold and he has not perhaps been at his best for either Celtic or Israel recently, but his talks with the club have been encouraging and it looks as though a deal is now very close.”



    Kayal’s uneven form has certainly been one contributory factor in a Celtic campaign that came within 17 minutes of being derailed against Kilmarnock on Saturday.

  19. Cultsbhoy.



    Apologies. Just away admiring pics of the 3 of you I have on my wall.



    You know! Nightshift. Day shift. And Backshift Cultsbhoy.



    For one with such a good memory it was only 2 months ago you declined a date (ermm! Sorry. Drink). You declined quite vigorously and with a strong hint of aggression towards me (must be love). Ask your colleagues. One of them is SURE to remember.



    MWD Rennes and Derby day are good for me. Let me know.

  20. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Allgreen: 17 October, 2011 at 00:16



    His performance at Kilmarnock had nothing to do with a lack of form. I’ll give any player the benefit of the doubt over poor form – it happens to them all.



    But Kayal’s performance on Saturday was a show of petulance – there is a big difference.

  21. dunno what to think with kayal apparently about to sign a new deal; if anything it makes his conduct against killie all the more shameful; that we was playing bad to try and force celtic’s hand



    i’d still drop him this week, his performance v killie was beyond disgraceful

  22. bournesouprecipe



    What do you think of Beram signing on for 4 years?



    There are a lot more questions than answers here, I said earlier it is just as likely Celtic have been unfair to Beram.



    Neil needs backed to the hilt, and those who don’t within Celtic should be removed.

  23. If these reports are true and Kayal is going to sign on again he must buck up his ideas and perform the way he can.



    He is no use to us playing like he did on Saturday.



    We need the Kayal of the first game of this calendar year. He is the player we know he is.

  24. Allgreen,



    I haven’t listened or read anything from Hugh Keevns in a long time.



    My assessment of Kayal was based on what I witnessed at Rugby Park. I have no idea what Keevins thinks about Kayal.



    We have been in the trenches for a few weeks and Kayal opted out on Saturday when Celtic were desperate for three points.

  25. Kayal’s performance on Saturday was poor, and a wee bit strange.



    On balance I don’t think it’s very likely that this was deliberate on his part, maybe just a frustrated off day.



    If we tie him to a better contract, some of his unconscious angst might go away, and we can maybe claim a higher fee if he wants to leave.

  26. petec



    The Newspaper story is from a good reporting source in the Telegraph, and very welcome news indeed.



    He had a poor 45 yesterday and his lack of discipline is a Scottish referee’s dream.



    The hysteria from Celtic fans falling for Hunguffery over his alleged conduct, is just that, – hysterical.



    I hope he signs, buckles down and curbs his tendency to ‘fly in’ to tackles when it’s not needed.



    Good young player, and good business by Celtic if he signs on the dotted line.

  27. Auld Neil Lennon heid on

    CultsBhoy hates being 2nd says:



    16 October, 2011 at 23:12



    I saw you accuse me of being an idealist. Well I’m worse than that. I’m an enthusiastic idealist, the anything for a quiet life types worst nightmare.



    Even my kid’s eyes glaze over when I corner them on my latest project, whatever it might be.



    But the funny thing is people can be so surprising if they catch the enthusiasm virus, so watch out pal ;)

  28. Rascar Capac



    All I sense is the PLC kicking in.



    I would prefer Kayal was taught a lesson for his display on Saturday, if the issue was just about playing for Celtic.



    I know from a friend of Aiden how Celtic work, Aiden loves Celtic as much as anyone on this site.



    Neil needs total support from everyone and if that means putting a player out in the wilderness and losing a few millions, then so be it.



    Having no debt is exactly the right policy in these perilous times, undermining Neil Lennon would be even more perilous. If the PLC force Kayal into the team and he is not wanted then…..

  29. CultsBhoy hates being 2nd on

    If we are looking for players to get us back on track Kayal at his peak is a good start…






    M wilson


    K wilson


    C Mulgrew























    Give enough options



    Forget the rest

  30. Petec



    I don’t know what Kayal earns, but it will be way below what some others, like Broon, are earning.



    Is that fair?



    Giving the young man his place is important in creating a team.

  31. Just read this add on the net.



    It was in the personals.



    Seeking male Celtic supporter. Old enough to have a son. Must be an Alderney supporter of Celtic football club but unable to attend many matches. Must have visited hospitality at Pittodrie & Ibrox for free. Must know the history of Celtic football club and it’s players. Must be a little bit depressive and have it in for Celtic. Must be available 3/11/11 or 28/11/11. Salary negotiable. Contact Media House on 0141 666 1873.




  32. bournesouprecipe



    I always look for your longer posts, although not as funny they are invariably always spot on.



    I hope so m8, when Beram came into the team last year for Ibrox he was a star.



    I really hope Neil has Stood up for the player and that Celtic have let the Player down, still disnae excuse his performance Saturday though.



    Rennes – Bring them on and although its a real toughie, I fancy us to get something.

  33. Rascar Capac



    It is obviously not fair but contracts are contracts.



    If you are asking me if I wanted a fully committed Broonie or Kayal, then I would say Kayal.

  34. Had some thought about Bangura and came to the conclusion that he needs more game time but not as a striker might be best as a winger to find his feet aka henrik was a right winger before he went on to be a striker so might be best to try him there as for who to play with stokes well hoops needs a rest by the looks of him hes injured si i would bring in some youths sammy gotta go tatas he sould never wear the jersey again

  35. Many years ago, well about 30-35yrs I played in a charity football match along with others who included Eric Caldow, ex rangers, who shouted at me during the game,”Take your time son, just take your time”. He was immaculate during the game.



    However the standout player was a Father (joe, I think) Bolland who played centre half and won everything in the air and on the ground. He was the ‘cleanest’ footballer I I have ever seen or played with and won every ball in the air or on the ground with his arms straight down by his sides


    Afterwards we all raved about his performance and someone said his brother played for Celtic but it was thought Joe(?) was actually the better footballer. Can anyone shed any light on this or give me a bit of background.