Overwhelming benefits of being organised


St Mirren’s late goal at Ibrox yesterday was as welcome as it was unexpected, but it means little for us.  It was only the fourth league goal Rangers have conceded all season and Celtic almost conceded a fourth goal in the final minutes against Kilmarnock.  Four goals conceded in 11 games is championship winning form.

Rangers are certainly not a European-standard team at the moment but they are overwhelmingly organised.

We’re in trouble.

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  1. Petec



    Contracts are contracts, but people are people.



    We need our players to be happy and hungry in their work, all pulling together like their lives depended on it.



    Stein, Ferguson, MacLean could all inspire this from their players.



    If Kayal feels valued he may relax and stop the rash challenges.

  2. Rascar Capac



    Kayal, when fully focused does Calculated challenges. I don’t buy this rash challenges problem in his game.



    Something has obviously happened behind the scenes, perhaps he was lined up to be sold in the Summer but when EI got his injury they couldn’t disappoint the fans losing both their heroes.



    Kayal is one of the smartest Midfielders I have seen in the hoops. That is why Neil kept picking him in front of Victor. Beram is a CM and victor is a CDM. ;)

  3. petec



    Thank you, you’re not so bad yourself in your late night well measured analysis either, and I try my best to dodge the he said, she said nonsense


    that permeates the Blog, especially after a bad result.



    Neil Lennon looked as shocked as I felt at half time on Saturday and their is no doubt it was virtually a career saving second half.



    Which brings me back to how we got it, so badly wrong in the first 45. Somebody mentioned the Stokes miss, and I tend to agree had he put it in


    we wouldn’t have lost the subsequent, Killie three. I can’t pretend we are a team playing a good system, NL’s serving an apprenticeship with no foreman, or tutor and how many can say, they had to do that?



    We’ll raise our game for Rennes, like we did against Udinese but frankly it’s an inconvenience, in the road to recovery against Aberdeen.



    Hail Hail



    p.s. comedy shorts – Serious Celtic a wee bit longer ;-)

  4. Petec



    Just watched the video you posted.



    As that guy ranted on I kinda zoned out a bit and just watched his aggression and body language.



    Very like some wee bloke from Austria a while back…

  5. Spiked you are a turd. Coming on posting links,to d-day and other stuff, what is your game eh?



    And what was that link to satisfaction all about, I don’t often say this but you are likely a bun.



    Please if your intention is to wind me up please desist, go to a BNP website or something, I don’t want you here.



    Know I know what it feels like to be Kitalba, he is still a stuck up know nothing however….

  6. The Singing Detective on

    I think that Wanyama looks an exciting prospect for us.


    From the little we have seen of him,he looks cool and composed. His timing in tackles is excellent,and his passing is crisp and accurate.His physique must be intimidating for the opposition.


    I have no insight into his personality,but we can only hope that his head doesn’t get turned,or he suffers as a result of inadequate coaching.



    I wouldn’t be in a hurry to slot him into the CB position…we may have a player in the mould of Patrick Viera,rather than Evander Sno,who spent more time on the pitch protecting his extravagant ‘hair extensions’,rather than our hard-pressed defence.



    Intriguingly,his tribal group appears to have distant Celtic connections.


    Linguists have been struck by similarities in his local dialect ,and Erse.


    Close study of the two languages reveal that they share as many as thirty everyday words ,suggesting a recent common origins.



    Genetic studies show that the DNA of his tribesman surprisingly share ‘markers’ typically present in the Irish population,particularily the presence of the Rory R1b1 haplotype.



    Anthropologists suggest that the Kikuyu are a long-lost Irish tribe,a branch of which settled in the Taklamakan Desert of Central China. Mummified ancient remains of the latter group,wearing long tartan kilts,and blessed with flowing red hair,are frequently uncovered by excitable Chinese archaeologists.



    Kojo will be pleased.








    A Warblin’ Gumshoe Presentation. ;-)

  7. yogiy



    The only player called Boland listed for Celtic



    Hailing from the small Ayrshire mining village of Muirkirk William Boland made just four appearances for the Hoops, all in the wartime Regional League Cup competition.



    The inside-right moved to Celtic in September 1944 from Muirkirk Hibs after a succesful trial match at Parkhead. Renowned for a powerful shot he made his debut in a 0-0 draw with Clyde on February 24th the following year. His first goal for the Bhoys was a winner at Partick Thistle on March 10th.



    He was to lose his starting slot to Patrick McAuley soon after though and after a prolonged spell with the reserves Boland was eventually freed in December 1945.



    celtic wiki

  8. Rascar Capac says:


    17 October, 2011 at 01:16



    I am always aware of machiavellian stuff. The fact the Ladies present never interrupted put up a wee flag of note.



    After all this is the MSM Acting like it cares. George Soros was probably Dining with the whole set the night before. ;))

  9. Petec



    From that clip, that man is a bully, and should never be anywhere near power.



    If I had to argue in his favour, I would go for he just not very bright and doesn’t realise how he comes over.



    What I think is he has no real sense of empathy, and doesn’t care how he sounds.



    A very dangerous person.

  10. The Singing Detective



    Victor is a CDM, if Neil tries to push him into a CB even I will be having doubts about Neil. :))



    Victor can play in CB as an emergency, there is no way you want to play this man anywhere else other than in the CDM position.



    Against Real quality players, Inter, he knew exactly where to be. He is also a decent midfielder also. ;)

  11. bournesouprecipe says:


    17 October, 2011 at 01:26



    Thank you very much for those details, at my age the memory is not what it should be so perhaps the comments were “His father used to play for Celtic”. This match was in Upper Nithsdale which is not far from Muirkirk and this would then make the years seem correct as Father Boland would have been about 30 -35 years old.



    I do remember Father was an outstanding footballer and as you would expect an absolute gentleman. I think he was the priest for Kirkconnel or Sanquhar and was moved to a new parish shortly after this.

  12. Rascar Capac



    Where did that Man bully anyone in the clip, incidentally?



    I didnae see it at all. All I saw was people unable to counter what he was Saying.

  13. Michael Collins on

    After Saturdays debacle it seems a real possibility that the league could be gone before Christmas. The club and team are in disarray and there seems to be little light at the end of the tunnel.



    The performance of Anthony Stokes however shown a bit of light in the gloom. After a shocking early miss and a disputed penalty claim not given, while many others around him were departing the ship, he dug deep and found within himself the character required to drag Celtic back into the game. If it wasnt for him things would look a lot darker this morning. He is far from perfect as a player but he has shown he has the necessary pride in his own performance and the jersey he is wearing that we are looking for from the whole team.



    If we are to salvage anything from this train wreck of a season, its guys like him that will do it for us. He should be first name on the team sheet from her on in.



    I would also give pass marks to Ledley and Wanyama when he came on and possibly Matthews but to be perfectly honest the rest you can keep.



    In particular Daniel Maijstorovic gave what in my option was the worst performance I have ever seen from a Celtic centre half and given that I cut my Celtic supporting teeth during the 80’s and 90’s and have witnessed some of the assorted diddies we seen at centre half during that period that is a damning indictment indeed. Quite honestlty he should never play another game for Celtic.

  14. Petec



    He was a large man physically, and very forceful and aggressive.



    He was also almost shouting when no one else was speaking.



    His audience was a couple of lassies.



    When you talk to a child, you moderate your voice, and put that wee person at ease.



    When you talk to an old person, you show respect, and maybe make sure they can understand.



    This is normal stuff.



    That guy in your video was completely inappropriate, shouting aggressively at a passive audience.



    Very unusual behaviour.



    I hope he has no real influence.

  15. Rascar Capac,



    That doesn’t really cut it, the guy was raging with the lies and deceptions of both political parties. It is obvious we are all being enslaved.

  16. Petec



    Ok. We see different things.



    I know your politics and religion are different from mine, and that’s fine.



    So let’s just leave this one.



    I enjoyed it anyway.

  17. petec says:


    17 October, 2011 at 02:04





    Would they let him get that far?






    probabaly not lol,



    but for me i thought he was very passionate and probably did get very loud but that was because of frustration at probably feeling powerless, and he let his emotion rip.

  18. Rascar Capac



    Stop bringing religion into all our conversations, it usually gets me responding.



    I am like you and I don’t believe in religion but I do believe in The Word.



    It is so very simple and uncomplicated.



    I respect you big style because you drew a template for late night responses.



    i.e lots of single sentences and space so all can be read easily by the late night revellers.



    Love you Big Chap.




  19. petec,



    it is shameful though that these things can go on and bankers can still get massive bonuses, and tax dogers can take trillions out of there countries, goverments know this but wont stop it because there fearful of not getting funds to get re elected again.

  20. Petec






    I drew a template…



    In other words, I was drunk!



    I write this way just cos I do, there is no plan.



    I find it difficult to read large blocks of text, I would rather handle wee short snippets.



    But then I am a right brained jakey actor type that will never amount to anything.



    Or maybe I will.

  21. petec,



    the real problem with politics and politicians is funding,


    this were the corruption is really at, big corprates via funding dictate who gets elected in most cases


    and want repaid, its that bloody blatant and simple.

  22. why do they always have to say the nationality of people like irish, italian before american,


    as in george soros hungarian american, is there anywhere else that this gets sort of idenification?


    is this why some refer to america as the bastard nation?

  23. danso_1888



    It is my concern that in 2012 the “solution” to the Global economic crisis will be a cashless society.



    This means total enslavement of humanity.

  24. im in the middle of watching an alex jones video about israel getting ready to bomb iran,