Overwhelming benefits of being organised


St Mirren’s late goal at Ibrox yesterday was as welcome as it was unexpected, but it means little for us.  It was only the fourth league goal Rangers have conceded all season and Celtic almost conceded a fourth goal in the final minutes against Kilmarnock.  Four goals conceded in 11 games is championship winning form.

Rangers are certainly not a European-standard team at the moment but they are overwhelmingly organised.

We’re in trouble.

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  1. Forgot about that penalty miss!



    No way we would have lost those games if taken the lead.

  2. 100% correct Amigo. We know he signed to promote himself. Just over 4 months Jan-april was not what I expected. The boy was hugely appreciated by us. He is shi**** on us now. We were discussing the inevitability of him being sent off Yesterday. He tried to do so right at the end of the half. Trying to fleck us? Be careful who you mess with son!

  3. Som mes que un club on

    So James Forrest.



    Celtic defeat to make you annoyed, or Celtic win to maybe make you maybe





    Disgraceful comment earlier.

  4. James Forrest is Lennon on

    Som mes que un club says:


    16 October, 2011 at 20:20



    What “disgraceful” comment was that, then?

  5. Was chatting to my wee sister last night, she is probably lurking as I type Hi Sis, and she made a very valid point about how yesterday this could be a turning point in the season.



    The huns had a chance to absolutely hammer us into the ground after our result, all they had to do was win. A win would have put them 12 points clear, all be it with one more game played, but they could not hold on to a 1-0 lead and lost the chance to punish our lapse.



    We managed to turn around a 3-0 scoreline and managed to secure a 3-3 draw. So we got a point which in all fairness we had no right to expect, whilst the huns threw away 2 points and a potentially commanding lead over us. Her, my sister’s, point was whose “bottle crashed” first.



    Neill Lennon made the changes to the team and that revised team did what had to be done in what looked a hopeless cause. I have read some criticising Neil for mouthing “one more” at 3-2. Correct me if I’m wrong but you can only score goals one at a time in Association Football, at 3-3 maybe he called for “one more” again but the camera didn’t catch it.



    For those bigging up the Tactical genius that is Alistair McCoist catch a grip of yourselves, his team have been found wanting at every “must win” or high pressure game. The huns are not invincible, we have shortcomings at all levels of the club, no one could deny that, but we are certainly not out of this league yet.



    “Faithfull through and through” used to mean something to Celtic supporters now maybe it should have its own add on of “but only when we are doing well”.



    All of the above is not intended as a slight on anyone or a claim that I am a better supporter than others, it is just my response to the hysterical reaction to some dismal results. We can play better but can the huns keep on squeaking 1-0 wins without a little help from their friends.




    Back to lurking, bye sis.

  6. Snake Plissken



    Zaluska’s contract expires in June (December ?) next year. if I read signs correctly you will need two keepers.

  7. thefuturesmine on

    Any word on McFadden?



    I still can’t see a long term future for Neil. I truly want him to succeed tho. Heart v Head.



    In the short term he must go with the players he will get a shift from. He really backed Kayal and Hooper and to see them let him down is sickening.



    Watched the game again and Bangura wasn’t quite as bad as I first thought ( I suppose the pressure of the situation made every bad touch seem worse ). He slipped a few times and seems to be trying too hard in a really difficult time to make your first few appearances.

  8. The Honest Cover-up on

    Haven’t seen the incident with Kayal supposedly trying to get himself sent off and it isn’t in the pathetic 5 minutes allocated BBC highlights. Was it really that bad?


    Think Victor is due a run now. Beram could do with a few weeks in the stand to put him in place.


    Thought the boy looked premiership bound last season but he’d be lucky to attract Championship attention on his current form. Maybe the interest from Sir Alex has gone to his head. I’m pretty sure if we’d had a big offer he’d have been away.


    No such offer came in so he had better buck up his ideas if he thinks he is above our level.

  9. Bundoran Bhoy says:


    16 October, 2011 at 20:16



    Alright mate.



    I do not know for sure but I believe it might be down to having to wear it in a certain number of games for commercial reasons.



    Remember Man Utd. dropped their grey strip as every time they wore it they didn’t get a positive result…



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  10. prestonpans bhoys on

    When Killie scored their first goal I looked up at the East Stand’s floodlight’s and thought the lights are going out on our season – I had that Ross County feeling.



    However the second half was remarkable for the reaction of the fans, well those that stayed for the second half. I think the Killie fans scored an own goal because we reacted strongly to their taunts at attempting “I just can’t get enough” which raised our support to motivate the team and score three goals.



    One numpty in front of me told me, at HT,that he had binned his celtic gear at the back of the Chadwick stand. “Sorry you’ve dumped your Celtic scarf then came up the stand to support the hoops”??!!



    Some of our support are not the brightness…………………

  11. Snake Plissken



    Legia Warsaw got second best in Slovakia Dusan Kuciak. We got him for free in May. Tell big thank you to your mates from Slovakia for thier goalkeeper. He is winning us points.

  12. Vmhan who Supports Neil Lennon on

    SwanseaBhoy says:


    16 October, 2011 at 20:06







    aye on now amigo!



    I’m watchig x factor and I know theres a lot of CQN’ers whow are up themselves about the true live music….. but well if it gets a decent singer onto the stage then I’m good for that.



    I’m blethering …. had a few…… on strong dring noo :¬)




  13. bankie



    Our form has faltered so much we are in 3rd place as we speak.


    The answer, I wish I knew, what I do know is something is no right, too many testosterone fueled egos, possibly, Lenny has to sort it, sftb said last night that the fear of losing could be playing a part in what we are going through, I think he may well be right.



    As for the golf, tis the hardest game I have ever played in my life, which I am nearing the end of, but I still try and beat whoever is put in front of me, I never ever underestimate my opponent, maybe some of our superstars should pay heed about underestimating other teams.



    Still think we will win the league.

  14. The Honest Cover-up says:


    16 October, 2011 at 20:26



    Wanyama did very little wrong at Tynecastle the other week , yet he was dropped simply to accomodate Kayal…..for me Kayal can sit in the stand alongside Commons for a few more weeks and compare petted lips , they are not what we need right now .

  15. Re. The Trust consolidating appeals



    My reading of it, and I may be wrong, is that the are consolidating all the 27 appeals in order that they can deal with every issue raised and make sure they do not miss anything.



    Previously the complaints were handled by BBHun Scotland to consolidate all appeals looking at the 3 most relevant issues as identified by BBCHun Scotland.



    The Trust I believe are IMO engaging in a catch all process wereas BBCHun were engaging in a catch as little as possible process.



    From latest update on appeal progress:



    “As a result, we


    consider that all these appeals should be consolidated and considered


    together across the full range of the issues raised before making a


    decision on their admissibility to the Editorial Standards Committee.”



    I may be giving them too much benefit of doubt but of each point in my complaint and follow up comma are not considered I will take this further (of that is possible).




  16. Off topic.



    Can anyone tell me – if your driving license has expired is your car insurance still valid?




  17. Lennybhoy



    Yes, you’re right –



    Stats don’t tell the whole story. We have our own opinions, but stats sometimes help balance out some long-held beliefs.



    My opinion is that Dan and Charlie are both good defenders, but don’t work as a partnership – the evidence supports that theory. They have lost too many goals, many of which are directly attributable to their lack of awareness of where each other are on the pitch.



    Rogne/Dan always looked more comfortable together. As a matter of fact, I’ve always said Dan looks a better defender when he is playing left-sided. In my opinion, Rogne is the only player to play well on the right side, and I was staggered to find out that K Wilson was yet another left-sided defender – I felt sure Lenny would be looking for someone to play RCB (maybe he was).



    It is about combinations as well as players, and these two are simply not in harmony with one another. One must play AT THE EXPENSE of the other. Dan is declining, but if I were in Lenny’s shoes, dropping him now would be a big risk, as he has the experience Charlie lacks.

  18. bigjie says:



    16 October, 2011 at 20:33



    Agreed..rather go down fighting than with a buch of wee weans….this is the time to stand up and show what being a player and fan is all about. If players think they can get better elsewhere let them go, if fans don’t like what is happening then shout out from within not through newspapers or phone-ins…I only know one way and that is the Celtic way and I will ALWAYS BELIEVE in that way.

  19. ET



    I hear you, mon ami….



    3rd place is worrying.



    Hopefully the team will react now, they are running out of time, but there is still time for the proverbial twists and turns….



    I honestly have nae clue either, I just hope we win and beat Them. End of.


    I hope you keep enjoying the Gowf. I don’t have the head for it.




  20. MWD My first reading was the same as yours but derbyshirebhoys post raises doubts and I will go for clarification.

  21. Vmhan



    Sorry, I got distracted.



    Celtic_First reckons you phoned Man City about the next gen game tomorrow and it’s pay at the gate.






    He’s very, very old and I don’t quite trust him.



    Can you confirm?







  22. tommytwiststommyturns on

    L53 – you pensioners should give up on driving! ;-)



    Would imagine your insurance is ok, but clearly you can’t drive the car….




  23. The Ghood will prevail on

    At half time yesterday I thought Neil lennon was facing the sack, so I’m very glad for him that we managed to pull back to 3-3 , and then had an unexpected favour from St Mirren. If ever there was a get out of jail card that was it. Personally, I’m pessemistic that we can turn it around, but how i would love to be proved wrong. Realistically Neil is on his last chance. He knows as we all do that he has to win the league this season and if the gap widens again I can’t see any way back for us. Ok, most of us thought that if the league would be lost it would be in April or may, not in october (!), but things need to improve drastically right now.


    I’m a critic of the board and their strategy, but something else is wrong at the club at present, and I mean at the footballing side of things. Players like Kayal and commons, who were fantastic for spells last season, either aren’t playing or aren’t the same. I’m not going to speculate as to why this is, but it’s up to Neil and his staff to sort it out now. Remember – we actually played well for long periods last term, and the points tally would normally have been enough to win the title. We need to find that again fast.


    Neil must take this last opportunity. Bench the players who aren’t giving 100% and stop playing Mastorivic. He gives his all but he’s been a disappointment since he arrived and is too easily caught out by a ball over the top. Play Wanyama in front of Rogne (then Wilson when he comes back) and Mulgrew (and for God’s sake concenrtrate from now on Charlie!). Keep as regular a defence as you can. Sort out Hoopers attitude and give Stokes the chance he has earned to be a regular starter. Play Forrest and Brown. Let’s at least have a team of triers out there.


    Whether yesterday felt like a turning point for the players on the pitch or not, it’s now up to the coaching staff to try and make it feel like one.


    Backs to the wall.


    God bless you Neil.

  24. Seven Fishes Four Steaks on

    Lurgan53, my license runs out next, must renew mine tomorrow!!! How much they cost?




  25. emu



    I never saw the game yesterday, took the grandweans out, seen the goals, their goals apart from Charlie’s lapse were a product of fear, they didn’t seem to know what they were doing.


    Maybes Lenny is taking the fear of losing a tad too far, I don’t know.


    As for BK, whoever is in charge, be it Lenny on the football side of things, or PL who ultimatly sell him, they need to have a quiet word.


    Still think the league is ours.

  26. Steinreignedsupreme on

    bigjie: 16 October, 2011 at 20:33



    “Wanyama did very little wrong at Tynecastle the other week , yet he was dropped simply to accomodate Kayal”



    Hardly a controversial move from Lenny. Until yesterday I would have made Kayal my first pick in midfield as he is our most effective player at his best. My opinion of him changed considerably at Rugby Park though and maybe our manager will be thinking along the same lines as the rest of us who watched him on Sunday.



    “…..for me Kayal can sit in the stand alongside Commons for a few more weeks and compare petted lips”



    To be fair to Commons he did not play like someone with a petted lip at Tynecastle – and has never done so since he came to Celtic. That’s a bit harsh that. I agree that Kayal should now be left out of the team though.

  27. Neil Lennon has to be judged now on the football side of things all other emotive issues should be separate.We blew the league at Inverness, we are in terrible place at the moment,he has had more support than our last two managers.Celtic are no different from other clubs the manager carries the can.

  28. Som mes que un club on

    James Forrest is Lennon says:


    16 October, 2011 at 20:23


    Som mes que un club says:


    16 October, 2011 at 20:20



    What “disgraceful” comment was that, then?






    I miss out on many things, on wonderful moments, on glorious occasions, and it pains me to do it. I don’t feel a part of victories as much as I used to, but I feel every defeat as acutely.



    I torture myself with the decision and what it means. Other people questioning me doesn’t hurt as much.






    I suggest you find another pastime to following Celtic.

  29. Steinreignedsupreme says:


    16 October, 2011 at 20:48



    correct me if im wrong , but commons nearly tripped over his petted lip going up the tunnel after he sold the jerseys with his red card ……

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