Overwhelming benefits of being organised


St Mirren’s late goal at Ibrox yesterday was as welcome as it was unexpected, but it means little for us.  It was only the fourth league goal Rangers have conceded all season and Celtic almost conceded a fourth goal in the final minutes against Kilmarnock.  Four goals conceded in 11 games is championship winning form.

Rangers are certainly not a European-standard team at the moment but they are overwhelmingly organised.

We’re in trouble.

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  1. Vmhan who Supports Neil Lennon on

    BT ye asked yesterday ….. Father Murphy…… thats the 10/ 15 min song that the GB are doing by the bye.



    Boolavogue …. I’ll sing an up version of that for ye …. soon,






  2. Well spotted Bloke109 is Neil Lennon (21:10). Let’s have Andrew Considine in place of one of the Andy Websters then.



    I haven’t included or excluded people on the basis of any pro-/anti-Celtic attitudes, incidents or history… I was merely trying to suggest that we would probably benefit (domestically at least) form having a predominantly British/Irish line-up, with a bit more of an appreciation of what it means to play in the SPL, on Scottish pitches and in the Scottish climate… a core of players who know the importance of having to scrap for every single point.



    It would more than likely fail to improve on our dismal European record, but the primary objective for Celtic has to be to win the SPL, with the bonus of a few domestic cups thrown in.



    In European terms Scotland is slipping further out of the picture in terms of being serious contenders in either of the UEFA competitions, and we are unable to compete for good quality overseas players, so anything beyond Scottish shores has to be seen as a bonus with no expectation of more than token success.



    That’s just the way it is, and will continue to be, unless we can escape the SPL and get into a more lucrative environment.

  3. Vmhan


    As far as the Tic are concerned, I’m a crap gambler.


    Always vote with the heart



    Things tic ing along over here


    There’s a saying here


    “Never died a Winter,never ate the snow”

  4. From previous thread-


    notthebus says 16 October, 2011 at 17:04 THE EXILED TIM While you are at it , can you copy and paste Bada Bings admission that his source is peter Grant


    Bhoys dont be falling out, the source BTW is not Peter Grant.HH

  5. it cant all be Lenny’s fault. it cant all be the coaching staffs fault. is there something wrong with the players mentalities?



    i mean Dan is a Swedish international, he will be playing at the European Champonships 2012 – yet he looks like a startled rabbit when he pulls on the hoops



    Hooiveld is supposed to be playing very well in the championship for Southampton yet looked like he had never been introduced to a football before he joined us.



    it got me thinking are we too big a club for these guys and they cant handle all the stuff that goes with that?

  6. I really dont get the criticism and abuse of Lawwell and his supporters on here by some smart and respected posters along with others.



    The guy is doing the bidding of the club owners and is paid well to do this as best he can against their expectations.



    The main owners have dictated a strategy which is one of damage limitation, and milking to core fanbase whilst keeping costs under control.



    The strategy is flawed and limiting, in my view anyway. It is however the strategy he has to deliver and he is doing this in line with the main shareholders wishes.



    If DD and CT had a more ambitious strategy and aim for Celtic then it may be PL is not the man to deliver it.



    DD, CT wont change the strategy until it stops working for them and starts to lose them cash again or until the hit the jackpot with external factors forcing change.



    The tragic thing for me is that there are other options and with more focused strategic leaderhip, a different fiscal policy, and more ambition around the playing environment and generating change as well as incremental revenue oppotunities, then we could be in a very different place….



    This will only happen if DD & others are made a good offer or risk losing more by holding onto their stake as the whole enterprise deflates.



    None of above is good or new news. Only a change of ownership or ownership’s strategy will change anything significantly.

  7. Vmhan who Supports Neil Lennon says



    BT is indeed a complicated man he asked me for one direction tickets.

  8. SwanseaBhoy,


    if you’re still about. I’ll e-mail or phone you later in the week. Looking forward to meeting up.


    Same message to you Barrach if you’re lurking.

  9. Whitedog



    Yes, good point, not sure if they won the rugby league ?



    I remember Dario in Munich at the CL game in the old stadium there where we were gutted that we blew a 1 goal lead against Bayern……….How our expectations have changed since then ?



    Every game from Kaunas to MTK to Bayern to Anderlecht to Lyon to Teplice to Barcelona to Villareal that season was eagerly awaited and we really thought we could wint them all……and we really could have too ! …….The only ones I missed were Anderlecht away and Kaunas away and I tried like hell to reschedule….



    This week may not even watch the Rennes game and didnt watch the Athletico game on TV ? I am not alone and not proud of that but.

  10. Burnley78



    The current strategy will result in season tickets down to 20,000 soon. No CL money is limiting the club, which in turn means less of a spend which means less chance of CL money. Chicken and egg.



    What annoys me about the whole situation is that there doesn’t seem to be a plan. NL arrived and so did 10 new players. New players are a gamble, but 10 in one go is Russian Roulette.



    I’m fed up with the board not just for taking the easy option with the last 2 managers, but for the lack of optimism. Talking about financial constraints, and I don’t just think throwing money on the squad will make us better.


    If we downsize our expectations any more we’re in trouble.

  11. Some good points made earlier today about CFC in the period before Mr Stein arrived


    Many good individuals but never a successful team


    Similarities with today – we have some talented players but lack the organisation ushered in by a real professional in charge


    Mr Stein had coached our reserves before managing Dunfermline and Hibs


    Lenny has barely coached a reserve team



    Too many rumours of bust ups at Lennoxtown for it all to be nonsense



    Some has gone very wrong and Lenny lacks the experience to sort things




    No doubt the board and DD will do nothing until they are forced in to something by ether Lenny himself calling it a day or we suffer another St Mirren type result



    The only surprise result yesterday was the huns dropping points our result was only too predictable



    A good ten minutes at Killie should not be acceptable for any Celtic team




  12. CultsBhoy hates being 2nd on




    BT emailed me about Stepps reunion tour..thought it was a one off guilty secret..clearly not : )

  13. Vmhan who Supports Neil Lennon on

    Burnley78 says:


    16 October, 2011 at 22:28




    Burnley78 ….. I get it, the CFC supporters who have it in for PL are just like me Celtic through and through, yir mhan PL is without a doubt a Celt…… my problem is that PL is interfering in the running of our football team, he would be best served supporting our manager, if he was supporting our manager as a KPI then he’d be out of a job. DD is the person PL is working for… thats why we’re fucked and 3 leagues down IMO of course.



  14. Burnley78



    I have been saying that for long enough, the strategy we are on isn’t working, re trophys, the balance sheet is superb.



    PL has been co-opted on to the sfa, this is quite a major coup, having a man on the inside.


    After the goings on last season, and the capitulation of the sfa to a reform, PL and the club missed a chance to get it out into the open.


    In Poland they have a show after every round of games, and said show disects the officials, they tend not to make any mistakes, or they find themselfs demoted.


    We had scottish football by the short and curlies, we did nothing.


    A level playing field is what everybody wants, apart from the hun.

  15. Burnley78



    not sure abot the rugby league altough I love the game.


    I am a car fan and like the Moto GP especially as a good friend has a Ducati which he unfortunately came off a few weeks ago


    and did every rib down one side.


    my first game will be Rennes behind the lions seats -my expectations have not changed.


    Bet on 7.

  16. CultsBhoy hates being 2nd on

    On Lenny



    I’m supporting him for a number of reasons..



    1. He restored faith last season (against expectations – I was against his cheapo appointment)


    2. He has put his life on the line for Celtic


    3. He was the best we attracted (McGhee anyone?)


    4. Realistically, do we need 4 Managers in 4 years?


    5. Does anybody believe changing manager will change Board policy?



    I suspect if Lenny felt a better man was waiting he’d go – as he has Celtic interests at his heart – I doubt he’s doing it for the money.

  17. Vmhan who Supports Neil Lennon on

    whitedoghunch says:


    16 October, 2011 at 22:28


    Vmhan who Supports Neil Lennon says



    BT is indeed a complicated man he asked me for one direction tickets




    That BT bhoy is mad as a hatter, thats why I like him lol, I’m looking for Estadio’s phone no. can ye forward it please?






  18. Allgreen



    Any business that backs itself into a corner of relying on a small and decreasing group of consumers, in a small market, with a fan base succeptible to the econimic vagaries, in a very competitve market is very vulnerable. Clearly Celtic has survived the past few years by milking the emotional loyalty of ‘the football fan’, playing the ‘old firm card’ , ……they are all against us etc etc…..



    This is not sustainable, and sadly because of the lack of drive and initiative to build on our position of strength in 2003 when PL was appointed, we have been losing brand equity and milking the business since. Any business can have sucha strategy in certain makrets on certain brands for a time, but unless it has other growth plans for revenue generation for the enterprise overall then it is an ever decreasing circle….



    I dont see it as PL’s fault he is a well paid finance guy doing the owners bidding, no more no less. Why would he not take the money and deliver their plan and hope we actually win on the pitch.



    The owners plan was simple, hope to balance books, minimise risk, and a hail mary for a change of european football environment.



    Maybe if we all buy a lottery ticket then we might have more chance of that strategy delivering…..



    For me it seems we need a fresh strategy or maybe fresh ownership and a growth strategy for the new economic world……neither seems likely.

  19. SOAL



    As you grow old you learn to deal with all sorts of disappointments, upsets and whatever life throws at us.



    This is only football when all is said and done:o)

  20. clunks Is Neil Lennon...dont tell the meedja! on

    Things are not the best at Parkhead at the moment, of that there is no doubt.



    We are all putting out arguments against DD, PL, the board, Lenny, the players, the coaches……………even heard someone have a go at the fitness coaches warming up the players.



    We can debate until the cows come home.



    The main thing we are missing is a leader. Not off the park, not in the boardroom, not on the bench, not in the coaches or management.



    We can train, coach and work on formations and drill the players, work on their fitness and plan for every eventuality.



    If their are no leaders on the pitch………………………………………no amount of coaching is gona make a difference. Coz once they are on the pitch if no one is gona stand up, then its over.



    At the end of the day it took kids on the park to drag us back to a draw against Killie. Forrest and Matthews take a bow.



    We need leaders/fighters/will to win, call it what you will. Its severely lacking in our squad.



    No winners in midfield.



    No winners in defence.



    No one to drag the team through a rough patch in a game.



    Thats what we lack.



    We have the skill.



    We have the pace.



    We have the fitness.



    I also believe we have the team spirit………………..we just lack a focal point or mast head.



    A term for someone with the leadership skills or determination to go through the wall would be cajones.



    We do not have the CAJONES to drag us throught the SPL.



    As for Europe.



    Buy the leaders………………..buy the CAJONES



    Buy the league

  21. Vmhan who Supports Neil Lennon



    I don’t seem to have it my phone got wet the other night and has a mind of its own.


    somebody sent me my own number tonight may have been Estadio

  22. CultsBhoy hates being 2nd on




    SB is a 1/10 of the player of Kayal…


    Kayal may have had a stinker or two but he has also shown more in his short spell at Celtic than SB has in 3.5 years?



    Interesting dynamic if we are bringing in players on £2.5k/week who realise after a couple of training sessions that they are better than the top earners..this will be a recurring issue. Kayal’s head will be easily enough turned – not as if he spent his life waiting to don the Hoops..it’s just a club and money is money to most professionals.

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