Overwhelming benefits of being organised


St Mirren’s late goal at Ibrox yesterday was as welcome as it was unexpected, but it means little for us.  It was only the fourth league goal Rangers have conceded all season and Celtic almost conceded a fourth goal in the final minutes against Kilmarnock.  Four goals conceded in 11 games is championship winning form.

Rangers are certainly not a European-standard team at the moment but they are overwhelmingly organised.

We’re in trouble.

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  1. Vmhan who Supports Neil Lennon on

    whitedoghunch says:


    16 October, 2011 at 22:56




    nae bother sir, I’m trying to arrange a wee bit o craic on the 29th, yir invited sir…… gog bless and good night . V HH

  2. Perspective



    Dan Wheldon has been tragically killed at the Indy Race in Vegas…..



    An unbelievable driver, huge British talent and a brave man.



    A wife and two young boys left.

  3. Sad but true but Truth 4767 has hit the nail on the head.



    The players Celtic have ARE good enough to be neck and neck with Rangers at best but are not showing what they are capable of and have not for a VERY long time.



    Celtic have played well twice this season for the entire game – Dundee United and Motherwell at home. We played well for 15 minutes on Sunday and Kilmarnock could not cope with our movement and desire. That is why something within the club is not right and has not looked the same since the Scottish cup final.



    There are MANY possibilities/ reasons for this and not all of them are fatal.



    1. Certain players have decided they are too big for Celtic and the SPL – Kris Commons, Ki, Kayal fit this theory and certainly Kayal has apparently taken the huff and allegedly knocked back a contract worth 18k a week all because we wouldn’t sell him for 2M to Bolton. Well if that is the case, then get rid ASAP. Ki was quoted as wanting a move in the Korean press during international week but how much of that is of the “would you like to play in England ONE DAY” variety of question I do not know. Kris Commons has perhaps taken a look at the SPL and decided it is garbage and wants out. All 3 are MUCH better players than they are currently showing. Neil said he would be glad when the transfer window closed as it was affecting some players – that is the most telling reveal from the manager. Clearly some players wanted out or wanted more money or both. Why else make such a comment? It seems likely that these 3 are who he was talking about.



    2. Neil Lennon has lost the dressing room theory – entirely possible based on the poor standard of performance. Rangers players did not play for PLG for a variety of reasons. Celtic players not playing as well for Neil Lennon as they once did fits this theory because they know they can get him the sack. Many of them certainly are playing like that. Perhaps there are cliques, there are at many clubs and they have some grievance with Neil Lennon. Kris Commons let the cat out the bag with his tweets about being fit and then having to go back over them. He is ONE player and Neil was very angry with him for the red card and said so. I think there is no love lost between the two but one player is not a squad.



    Neil has made 2 VERY stupid comments – “Zaluszka is only holding the fort” and “Samras is the kind of player who could get me the sack”. Neither thing is good for morale and it begs the question about why these two want to be there. As neither are so called key players this kind of thing slips under the radar of many. The Samaras comment is shocking from the manager and completely unfair as he wasn’t on the field the other day. If he can say that in public what does he say in private? Players should be able to take it but I think these comments were wrong but they are the only evidence of a lack of togetherness that can be measured.



    3. Fitness is an issue – Hooper is reportedly gaining weight and hitting the nightclubs, Commons has a history of putting on weight also – see his Nottingham Forest days. Again this is only two players. Hardly a huge number.



    4. Injuries have disrupted the team – undoubtedly and when you cannot play your best players, you struggle. This is a legitimate argument but there are players out there who can do better and fill those gaps – Izzaguirre aside. He cannot be replaced. This more than any issue has led to a different team being on the park every week.



    5. Certain players faces do not fit – Seems obvious. Paddy mcCourt when fit is never given the chances of other players, the same can be said for Thomas Rogne. Rogne was reasonably dependable and can be injury prone but he had ONE bad game against Rangers and has since been bombed out. He has height and athleticism to play in the SPL. He had a decent partnership with Dan but it was broken up for Charlie Mulgrew. Charlie has done well but is prone to daft mistakes too. Neil has done this too often as manager. Loovens was dropped after his personal horroshows against Rangers and St Johnstone last season – then he gets back in why? Samaras is bombed out for lengthy spells and then gets to be number one striker at the expense of Stokes in big matches against Rangers.



    6. The revolving Captaincy issue? There isn’t one. Scott Brown is captain and injured. Kayal was made Captain when Charlie was suspended wasn’t he, Charlie has had it given to him since for one game. Hardly a revolving armband.



    7. Neil Lennon hasn’t had the players he wanted. He apparently wanted a reliable commanding keeper, a centre half and a big strong striker – he didn’t get any of these – that is the fault of the CEO who wouldn’t go the extra mile for a man faced with being potentially murdered while on duty for this club. I’m not going to go over and over with this but it appears SOME players have been signed contrary to the manager’s wishes and in ONE case he didn’t even watch the guy play – the club had been looking at him for a year. Neil Lennon is not the club, Neil is the manager in name only if that is true.



    8. The players are mentally weak – VERY likely. They fold too easily when they lose goals and the heads go down. They didn’t believe when they went goals down in certain games that they could get back into it and they chucked it. Many of them suffer from this and it seems obvious. Anthony Stokes is a case in point in the other way – his mental strength and desire kicked in big time when he didn’t get that penalty and it galvanized him – other players should take note. Guys like Forster, Dan, Hooper and others of our range of defenders seem to hide when the going gets tough. Ki disappears in too many matches where he has to graft.




    It may be one of these things it may be a combination of some elements from the things cited above but it is obvious that this group of players are better than their recent performances suggest.



    I don’t know exactly what it is but it needs fixing pronto while there is still a chance of the league. technically should Celtic win their game in hand and beat Rangers twice at Celtic park we are 1 point behind and much can happen in between these two matches. The problem is can we trust players who may have some of the issues described above to get us into the position whereby we can be in Pole position later in the year?



    Should Hearts take anything from Rangers next week Celtic will have the chance to narrow the gap at home to Aberdeen. Usually a banker for Celtic in most seasons. If Aberdeen leave Celtic park with anything more than a beating then there are real DEEP problems but should Celtic win and Rangers lose, it is 7 or 8 points with a game in hand to come. I think we’d all feel much better if such a scenario comes to pass. Hearts passed rangers off the park at times in the first game of the season, let’s see if they can go one better. In Templeton, Skacel and others they can hurt Rangers. Lets see how they play.

  4. Burnley78



    As you’re around and mentioning perspective I very well recall the kind words from you when my daughter graduated back in June.



    The young girl Dr Lauren Connelly (sp) who recently died in a car accident on the way home from a night duty graduated that day with my daughter.



    Such a sad time for her family and all who knew her.

  5. CultsBhoy hates being 2nd on




    I’m sure Bjmac will confirm my intention to donate any bet won to charity of his choice…if you know him – get my email from him..there’s plenty I’d say to you ..but not on a public blog.



    You really are beginning to feel like a stalker..and are showing more than a little fascination with Huns again..

  6. brucecassavetes on

    Slaughtered the starting eleven on here after the game but anger over yesterday’s result gone now. Frustrated watching the game in the pub and having to listen to a few RFC cretins rubbing salt into the wounds.



    Might be a turning point – who knows? I’ve posted previously, until it’s mathematically impossible – it’s game on.



    Watched highlights again on Sportscene – Neil’s looking a bit strained. Let’s not add to this. No point in wanting another manager in the door. After last season, no manager with a worthwhile reputation will come anywhere near Glasgow.



    Also, hear the end of the Ibrox highlights? 10 points clear, two points dropped, mass chorus of booing – the Sons of Darkness are not home and dry yet. The tide will turn on them soon enough.

  7. Cultsbhoy



    Ah. The old charity disclaimer.



    Sad sad HUN.



    I’ve never met a Tim who’d ever bet against the Tic even for charity.



    As I’ve said in the past. I’d be delighted to meet for a beer and for you to prove me wrong. But if I remember right you declined.



    Still happy to chew the fat over a frothy cold one. Obviously you’d be paying.






    MWD just stalking copying & pasting your posts.

  8. Serious question, bhoys and ghirls- have Celtic applied to English League 2 or the Conference for admission?

  9. Vmhan who Supports Neil Lennon on

    Houl yer wheest says:


    16 October, 2011 at 23:03




    Every home game…….. listen up! are you in the hun end :¬)



    The GB are humming it not singing it, its easy to miss TBH…… pay attention next game.






  10. Paul 67



    Yes we are in trouble.



    We are tactically naive , open at the back and do nothing when we lose the ball.



    All these things can be corrected by strict management but we are disjointed on and off the pitch and if the rumour I heard yesterday is true then we are in real trouble (no doubt you will have heard the same one)…… we have reached the same stage as we have under previous managers (LB, TB, JB, TM) when the team start like a house on fire playing attractive football, other teams take a look at you and over time it falls apart because we are only being coached to go forward, nothing on defence , nothing on just being a tough professional outfit.



    This will end in tears and to avoid 5IAR , we need a root and branch re-organisation from the board down to the management team …….now please.



    An early warning sign for me this season was Kelvin Wilson playing a ball across our six yard line against Hibs in the first game of the season, it was nightmare stuff at that level of football, we have signed another ball playing centre half, for me it was a question of hope , reminded me of my first sight of Tebily….this may sound a bit petty but to me it just highlights a failed transfer strategy…..



    …..long term view needed and change required which has football fundamentals at his core, the strategy is knackered and is probably too smart alec to work,,,,…. we will sign all these ball players, from all over the world, under 23 throw them together in the mud heaps off an island in the north west of Europe, marshalled by a manager and backroom staff with no previous management experience ….. risky…..risky ….risky ……risky




  11. Burnley 78,


    Very sad news indeed about Dan Wheldon.


    I don’t think most of us realise how dangerous indycar is , or indeed motors poets.



    I had tuned in hoping to watch Dario win another title, but sadly this is now irrelevant.



    Very disappointed that Sky couldn’t adjust their schedule to show the drivers doing the 5 lap tribute.




    Apology accepted,



    However your manner over the last few days is not my cup of tea so best we scroll on by each other from now on.

  13. Vmhan who Supports Neil Lennon on

    Dexter says:


    16 October, 2011 at 23:17




    Dont think so. a 3rd or 4th division is more realistic….. the huns will be fucked and I could care less, who do you support?



  14. El diego



    That is awful news re your daughters colleague.



    As well as the thoughts and prayers for her family such tragic accidents make me count my blessings and cherish the things that are really important……and in my case challenge my faith a bit too !

  15. I’d rather the blog was occupied by outright huns rather than great Celtic supporters mentioning “rumours”.



    Rumours was a great album for me. Leave it there.

  16. Vmhan who Supports Neil Lennon on

    Good night and …… aw feck it it………. there’s a few on here that need to learn the craic , they need to become Celtic fans.



    My friends in Celtic, Night and hail hail#V



  17. Clashcity



    Yes re Sky, that is really poor, I am sure if the race had gone to the wire they would have.



    I would have thought even more reason to show this. He was a really great guy. I know Dario thought a lot of him personally and as a recing driver.



    Shocking is all I can say…………

  18. Vmhan who Supports Neil Lennon on

    Vmhan who Supports Neil Lennon says:


    16 October, 2011 at 22:17


    BT ye asked yesterday ….. Father Murphy…… thats the 10/ 15 min song that the GB are doing by the bye.



    Boolavogue …. I’ll sing an up version of that for ye …. soon,









    Clicks aye mate…… and for BT

  19. Snake Plissken says:


    16 October, 2011 at 23:09



    A very comprehensive analysis of our problems, it is down to neil and his mangement team to fix this quickly. We need to stop the rot immediately, it cannot go on ….




  20. CultsBhoy hates being 2nd on




    the next time you are in Aberdeen.. or possibly 3/11 against Rennes (depending on my son’s football commitments)..failing that, I’ll definitely be at the Hun game on 28/12 !!



    I have never been offered or declined a drink with you that I can recall…It will be your pleasure entirely….although to be honest, I’m expecting to see your face every time I open my front door…. : )

  21. Neil Lennon encouraged as Beram Kayal prepares to sign on for four more years at Celtic



    Main man: Beram Kayal (left) celebrates a goal for Celtic with captain Scott Brown


    Photo: PA


    By Roddy Forsyth


    Last Updated: 10:35PM BST 16/10/2011


    Beram Kayal – regarded by many as Celtic’s best player last season – is set to sign a new extended deal that will contract him to the Parkhead club until June 2015, Telegraph Sport can disclose.



    An Israeli source close to the player said on Sunday night: “Beral wants to know what the future is likely to hold and he has not perhaps been at his best for either Celtic or Israel recently, but his talks with the club have been encouraging and it looks as though a deal is now very close.”

  22. I am not repeating any rumours on this blog…… I got carried away in my diatribe and now wished I had kept my gob shut!

  23. Our team last season had Mark Wilson, Paddy McCourt who played a blinder at Ibrox at New Year, then Commons took over, all were excellent in the last campaign but none of these 3 players are getting a look in, there is definitely something amiss in our dressing room/squad, the positivity built up from last season has gone, there must be a significant reason for this otherwise things would be fine, ie normal, which they’re not.



    I find it difficult to believe that other posters haven’t heard the same stories that i have, i believe them as they come from a source who would know. Normally i’d sit on them and let it pass, let things take there natural course but due to our injury list, players who obviously want to move not performing and the stories i’ve alluded to earlier then maybe by saying nothing i/we are only prolonging our own agony,exacerbating a situation on the pitch that will only be rectified by players returning from injury and playing well, new signings now and in january and the huns being docked 10 points or more and maybe destabilised by the tax case etc, we’re between a rock and a hard place and i think we’re gonna try and tough it out, what worries me is that everyone’s not singing from the same hymn sheet at CP and Lennoxtown.

  24. CultsBhoy hates being 2nd on




    That would be very good news to me..he is captain without the armband when he’s on form.

  25. Burnley78



    Wrote a lengthy reply but thought best to bow out.



    Kerri and others who know Lauren are very upset.

  26. Snake Plissken says:


    16 October, 2011 at 23:09……



    SP, excellent post. Thoughtful, wide ranging, leaving room for others to have views….just the kind of post that used to make this blog great.



    Like all major disasters, our early season collapse is probably not the result of one single cause.



    I have no problem with the amount of money that we have been spending. Others will disagree. We certainly have not got value for money, however. Too many players are acquired with a view to selling them on at a profit. Too many average (or worse) players are being bought. That is certainly one part of the problem.



    That being said, with the players we DO have – we should be doing MUCH better.



    People find it easy to attack our fiscal strategy. As I said, there is little wrong with that. However, both the transfer strategy (how that money is spent) is a failure. The football strategy (how these players are being deployed) is also a failure.



    If Neil can get the dressing room sorted, he might be able to turn this around. If he can’t, then I fear another manager merry go round which will further set us back.

  27. Burnley 78


    Sorry about that typo in my last post where I talked about motor poets – it’s the auto spell check which I don’t know how to switch off !



    On a totally different matter, I am aware of DD’s shareholding, but , is there a list anywhere of who our big shareholders are ?

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