Own the field, Celtic


Malmo manager Age Hareide’s press conference yesterday had a touch of the Kevin Keegan’s about it. As STV pointed out, Swedish journalists, writing for both Swedish and Scottish outlets, transcribed Malmo goalkeeper, Johan Wiland’s words, “They are pigs, all of them, that’s the way it is.”

Hareide didn’t like the coverage. I’m not surprised, he knows that it will be a significant motivator for Celtic, pinned to the proverbial dressing room wall, but his attempt to rebut reports as a failure in translation does not bear scrutiny. Not if it was Swedes who did the translating. Pigs are pigs.  Wiland gave Ronny Deila’s team talk.

While Ronny had an affirmative weekend, winning away at Tannadice, Hareide had to face up to his public defeated, increasingly unlikely to retain the league title. A run of three victories before visiting Celtic Park, has morphed into two consecutive defeats. A four point deficit became seven points, with nine games remaining. They are five points from a Europa League spot next season.  In short, Malmo are one bad result from the collapse of their season.

That’s not to say they are incapable of damaging Celtic, or Salzburg, we know that’s not the case, but there is an inherent fragility about them, which Celtic need to exploit.  They are a dangerous team who are punching above their weight, but there are no hidden reservoirs of strength.

This is what it’s all about Celtic.  This is the reason you’ve pulled your socks on each morning since your first joined a boys team.  The challenge is stiff but winnable, the prize, enormous.

Own the field.

Remember, there will be a collection of backpacks for Mary’s Meals on the Celtic Way ahead of the St Johnstone game on Saturday.  Bring anything you have along, it will be gratefully received and will be on the shoulders of a kid walking to school in Malawi, Kenya or Zambia in no time.  Thank you.

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    Apols for that,tried a c&p from one of our finest.



    I’ll try later,might have to type it out longhand,see you all on Friday then!

  2. Bmcw James Forrest and Efe need support not abuse. I like to consider myself a Celtic supporter and if others want to dwell on the negatives of our players,that’s their call. – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/malmo-worries-over-celtic-speed-and-height/comment-page-11/#comment-2661326 They won’t get it, nice try but. – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/malmo-worries-over-celtic-speed-and-height/comment-page-11/#comments

  3. Geordie



    The egg was nigh on perfect. I’ve yet to see a breakfast did so well. I’m a posh place kitchen mind, in Birnside!!!!!!!!!!



    Pre CL day was smokey bacon stack (bubble & squeak cake with smoked bacon rashers, topped with a poached egg & béchamel sauce)



    Ciao csc

  4. Very nervous. This is so big. This team will go to another level if we make it tonight. Another few players and maybe even keep Virgil. I have a feeling we will want it more than them.

  5. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    This could be this team’s defining European game, much like Amsterdam Arena was for the Martin O’Neill team.


    I hope Ronny is going up to the players and saying “you are a Champions League team – now go out there and show it.”

  6. BMCUWP,



    Good! That’s £20 gone to charity , then.



    I might try using that address!





    Repost from the last blog, if only for the “Dylan” tunes







    Haha! You have a good memory – that might well be dangerous for me if we ever do meet up and you let my views on Dylan be known!




    Thank you for the invite, it sounds good, however we are going on our family hols on the 11th, first trip abroad for 8 years and its a very early morning flight. Don’t think it could be a good combination!




    Something for the Dylanites, they’re not meant as a dig;








    Mr Zimmerman’s tribute to Lucky McLeish;








    I made that £10 donation to charity – I honestly never got the time to listen to the album you suggested, however I thought that counted as default on the bet on my part, so I paid up.


    Team for tonight



























  8. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    An opportunity tonight to earn the kind of experience that could mould a great team.


    A successful backs to the wall performance will do wonders for the identity of this team, and create a shared achievement, that can be drawn upon during future games (hopefully in the CL Group stages this season). Or a dream performance that blows Malmo away, and sets a new standard for both Celtic Away performances in general, and this Ronnie team. On a personal note, a chance for an individual moment that can galvanise and define a players entire career.


    Let’s step up to the challenge Celtic and grasp the opportunity. We can take a great step forward tonight, if we fail, so be it, we were not good enough, and let’s go hoovering up coefficient points in the EL, win the league, and go again next year. Nah, that sounds pash…… Heroes tonight please :-))

  9. The Battered Bunnet on

    It’s the 89th minute, the game is tied at 2-2, and a Celtic player is through one on one with the goalkeeper.



    Which player would you prefer to have the chance?

  10. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Just watching highlights of the Dundee Utd game right now on TV. The break for the 2nd goal is exactly the passage of play that we should aim to replicate tonight…… Own goal would do to.

  11. Afternoon Timland from a hot hun free mountain valley.


    It won’t be easy, but IF we don’t make any silly mistakes, we will go through.


    Efe will be MOM.



  12. Looks like we are going to be linked with a lot of CB’s between now and 01/09/2015






    Celtic eye move for Fulham defender Fernando Amorebieta – sources



    Fernando Amorebieta does not appear to have a future at Fulham.



    Celtic are eyeing a move for Fulham defender Fernando Amorebieta, sources have told ESPN FC.



    Amorebieta, 30, joined Fulham from Athletic Bilbao in the summer of 2013 and made 26 appearances in his debut season, but could not prevent the club from suffering relegation.



    The Venezuelan missed three months of the Championship season through injury and ended the campaign on loan at Middlesbrough, helping the club reach the playoff final with the winner in the first leg of their semifinal clash…

  13. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    We seem to be taking another big risk on a striker who has only played 13 games for Villa and is not recovering as well as he would like from a broken leg.Who picks these players for Celtic? I wish the player well but im not sure he is what we need.H.H.

  14. Just logged onto last blog, and was stunned to read about our fellow CQN-er, Danny. Why do people do things like this? What kind of mentality allows someone to jump on another human being’s head, inflicting potential life threatening injury on him. I just cannot understand this at all, and hope i never will.



    My thoughts are with you Danny, be brave and come out the other side stronger.




  15. Dharma bam sorry you can’t make hootenany I was bringing my Dylan collection for you. :))


    Bmcuw naughty bhoy :)))









  16. Just been with Tricoloured Ribbon..He had a good night..Able to talk a bit better and was out in the chair…Battered and bruised but his wit and spirit are intact…He is still in the assesment unit,so tests are ungoing..

  17. Coorslad



    Pass on my best. Horrendous stuff.


    Posted on the last article but I missed the cut as usual with a new one.



    Don;t care how Celtic get through tonight just get through. There is a man who needs his spirits lifted.




  18. Tbb,



    Real answer…gms or Griff.



    Dream answer…..but only if he scores, Efrum :)