Paddy the wizard, Paddy the athlete, he’s going all the way


We like Patrick Roberts; all of us do. He’s the kind of player who gets fans out of their seats, an entertaining throwback to a time when wing wizards were wanted by all. But Patrick is more than that.

I spent a bit of time with him last year at an Adidas ‘Backed by Messi’ event. He was very chilled for most of the day, before becoming sharply focussed, “I need to eat.” “I need to eat” was said several times. It had an urgency, the time for shooting the breeze was over, within minutes, a meal was needed to keep physiological objectives on plan.

Patrick wasn’t seeing many first team minutes at that time, but focus was complete. This is an athlete who plans to go all the way in the game.

He’s at Celtic because he wanted to be here. Manchester City were looking for an incredible figure for his transfer, well over double Celtic’s previous highest transfer fee, although perhaps not so incredible given the market in England. Without Patrick’s patience, City would have found a buyer, but Patrick knows where he and Celtic are going this season.

Great to have you back, Paddy.  You’re going to love playing centre half.  Ask big Nir, it’s an absolute blast!


CQN’s latest Podcast is now available for you to enjoy.

Paul John Dykes recorded Episode 10 of ‘A Celtic State of Mind’ at Andrew Milne’s first ‘Celtic AM’ event of the 2017-18 season.

A Celtic State of Mind offers an insight into the culture of Celtic Football Club, the city of Glasgow, and fans of the reigning invincible Scottish champions.

Each episode includes interviews with ‘Celtic-minded’ figures from the world of sport, music, film, art, broadcasting, literature or politics, and this week’s guests include:

* Aidso Digney from the Éire Go Brách CSC, who discusses his late friend, Kidso Reilly;
* Professional boxer, Gary Murray;
* Centenary hero, Joe Miller;
* Music from Keith Murray.


70,000 Celtic fans can’t be wrong…

Connect with A Celtic State of Mind @PaulDykes and @CQNMagazine.


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  1. I see Southie have bombed Northie.




    Dinny think we are going to get the chance to see Paddy nutmeg a mermaid again in the hoops.




    Kim is determined to stop 10 in a row.





  2. saltires en sevilla on

    Celtic teams thrive on wingers’roles,



    That’s why we score lots and lots of goals;



    When you stop and make a tally,



    Most are made by Scott, James and PADDY!!

  3. Interesting story on news now Celtic regarding Gary McKay Stevens, there was a fight where Gary received around 8 punches before ending up in the river Kelvin. much more to read but I don’t want to put the story on here.

  4. Team Amerika…Wurld Polis….we’ll b fine ;-))……



    Well seen I puked this morning…..first time in a while ;-()




  5. So these 3 donkeys are better than CalMac, unbelievable.



    Scotland assistant Mark McGhee says in-form Celtic midfielder Callum McGregor was overlooked for the latest national squad because West Bromwich Albion’s James Morrison, Crystal Palace’s James McArthur and Sheffield Wednesday’s Barry Bannan are the players in possession and seasoned performers at the top level. (The Scotsman)

  6. 21-5-79 on 29th August 2017 10:05 am



    We should know from his time at Celtic that Strachan is stubborn and will stick with his favourites irrespective of ability, form etc.


    Ultimately it results in his downfall, as I suspect it will again come Friday.




    I’m ok just trying to get fit enough to have a wee dram in the BV before the game next week,Maybe see you there for a couple of drinks before the game.





    I read about it too,it has more than a suggestion of attempted murder about it.



    Also seems that “bystanders” are driving the narrative. That GMS was giving it The Big I Am.



    A more unlikely person to do that I cannot think of.



    Either way,I’m glad he’s on the mend. Always liked the fella,had the skill for us but maybe not the mindset.

  9. Nice to have Paddy back, would have preferred a permanent deal but we don’t know the ins and outs of the situation regards his contract and the sell on clauses with Fulham. If however Citeh were looking for £10-15 Mio for him, we should have broken the bank for him, in my opinion.



    The nightshift, wow……………. there should be a cyber equivalent of a breath / drugs test on here at times before you can post ;-0)

  10. I always want Scotland to win but, first and foremost, I am a Celtic supporter. We know the value of CM. We appreciate him. If WGS can’t, shame but not the end of the world. Having him and Paddy fit and fresh for the CL is far more important in my book.



    If I haven’t mentioned it already, a belated happy birthday to Cathach. You’ll soon be catching up with that auld brother of yours, C.





    You should have seen it before the mods got to work!




    I had the same thoughts as you,I don’t believe that he’s that kind of guy,Pity that SA hadn’t taken him home before he ended up in the river, as you say there’s more to this story,





    I know you’re not trying to make light of the subject,but the three main areas threatened by NK nukes are Japan,S Korea,Guam.



    Seoul,with 25 million-aye,really!-in its conurbation is a stonesthrow away.



    We all know the horror visited by nukes upon Japan.



    Here’s an article about the lesser but still significant horror visited by nukes upon Guam.



    By its own side,natch.






    Took me a while to find one without photographs. Don’t go there.

  14. MOONBEAMSWD on 29TH AUGUST 2017 9:45 AM


    I see Southie have bombed Northie.





    Dinny think we are going to get the chance to see Paddy nutmeg a mermaid again in the hoops.





    Kim is determined to stop 10 in a row.










    I can’t find any news on this. When did it happen? Where did you read/hear it?

  15. Paul67, Paddy is a great addition to a great team when all return from injury. This team will surprise Europe. Hats off to the Board. Keeping finances right has brought us to where we are now.



    Macjay1, Bigyinmilan



    When I started paying ther ewere a range of athletes from different sports playing with Steamboats, including a well known Scotland 100/200 yds champion. Also a boxer, don’t know his name. Gerry Duffy, John McGrory played also Tony C. ran the team at that time.



    I took over when Tony stepped down as it would have been a shame to let the team disappear. We eventually had to change our name to Govanhill Utd. The league had expanded into 3 divisions and they wanted to do away with the fun names like Mistral, AC Milanda etc. Though they entertained a team called sons of william.



    I should know Jimmy Mears as that was my time. Greenpark were a new big team that joined. I am sure they played in the hoops, and won leagues.


    Long story.



    LURKINTIM Thanks, I am in good company then.





  16. MIKE IN TORONTO on 28TH AUGUST 2017 10:58 PM



    “can I make a request … for the weekend of the 15th, is it possible for everyone to wear nametags that say ‘hi my CQN blog name is ___, but my real name is ____’ ”






    “Hi, my SPFL name is Rangers, but my real name is Sevco”, that kind of thing, Mike?

  17. After reading Paul’s leader it looks like Man City were wanting around £15m for Paddy’s services ? so we were never really at the races but I assume we would have been had the fee been around £6-7m let’s just hope that money is still available for a striker and CB.

  18. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    CATHACH on 29TH AUGUST 2017 10:34 AM



    Gerry Duffy I knew.


    Played with us.

  19. OT67,



    No game on….


    but a meet up…..probs 16th Sept….mini Hoot….welcoming MIT back home….;-))





    I’m jealous at missing out. Hope yeezaw have a belter.



    Which I don’t doubt…

  21. Bada Bing



    Thanks for the link. I knew about NK sending the missile over Japan last night but MWD’s post says that Southie (SK?) have bombed Northie (NK). I was looking for more info on this. That would be a significant ratcheting up the bluster

  22. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    James Doleman Retweeted


    AIRLIVE‏Verified account @airlivenet 2h2 hours ago




    ALERT South Korean fighter jets dropped eight MK-84 bombs near the border in response to North Korea’s missile http://ift.tt/2vnAeOU

  23. BMCUWP,



    It’s an appetizer (American spelling)….will c u on 11/11….;-))




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