Paddy time, Europa and Remembrance


Celtic recorded victories over Dundee and Hearts after their first two Champions League games but collected only one point from the two league games following the double header against Barcelona.  They also won after only two of their four Champions League qualifying games, so there is no reason to expect a convincing win against Inverness tomorrow.

Inverness slumped to a freak 1-5 defeat at home to Motherwell last week but that was their first defeat since the same team beat them earlier this season.  Like Celtic at the Camp Nou, they will be set on defending deeply at Celtic Park in order to prevent another collapse.  This could be an occasion for Paddy McCourt to prize them open.

I had a look at the Europa League group tables last night.  Udinese, who eclipsed us in the same competition last season, are bottom of their group this year, as are PSV Eindhoven, Sporting Lisbon, Athletic Bilbao (who beat Manchester Utd home and away last season) and Helsingborgs.  Other recent opponents Rapid Vienna and Hapoel Tel-Aviv are also bottom.

If you’re on Facebook there is a story on the CQN Magazine page about Benfica implying Celtic only beat Barcelona because of cheating.  Drop in and take a look.  On a related subject, I’ve some good material from Spartak in reserve for the days before their visit.

The Annual Remembrance Service, held by the Celtic Supporters’ Association, takes place tomorrow, in memory of Celtic fans no longer with us, with prayers offered for those departed during the last year, including Joe McBride.

The Mass, at St Michael’s at 1350 Gallowgate just up from Parkhead Cross, will start at 12:30 and should be over in around 30 minutes, after which refreshments will be available in the hall to warm you before you head to the game.  All are welcome to celebrate the memory of those who have gone before us.

Lost wedding ring alert! Someone found a wedding ring in Lisbon which was probably dropped by a Celtic fan. Let me know if you know who is walking around with their hand in their pocket this week.

Get your CQN Annual here, an enormous resource from the keyboards of Celtic fans!

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  1. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    BRT&H great summary. We all know and see it stinks.. The Sevco righteous chests are being puffed out in defiance at laws and democracy..



    I believe there are a lot more dark days ahead for Sevco..



    Sally and MSM now intimidating dual contract situation..



    Disgusting ..






    Their club are dead..



    God bless Celtic..

  2. Been thinking for a while that Paddy at CM in post-europe CP games might be a winner.



    Bums on seats, rest the CL terriers, and best of all some golden memories.



    Play the genius!

  3. Can anyone recall when Paddy McCourt made a meaningful contribution to a CFC performance



    IMO his best performances were a couple of years ago



    Sorry not a fan , time has one and gone for Paddy

  4. Sally says “common sense should prevail” and drop the dual contract investigation.That will be ok then.

  5. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    You have to ask why are so many Sevco/ex-Sevco men demanding the enquiry be dropped. Surely if you had done nothing wrong you would want to allow the enquiry to take place and clear you, rather than have it stopped and have a permanent air of suspicion around you?

  6. Europa ?.



    Some evidence that things are changing ———



    Watch Europa League games and the teams that stick out are the likes of –







    Rubin Kazan


    Metalist ..



    Wee story re Metalist —- saw them on Ukrainian tele in the summer of 2011 . Was surprised by how multi national they were . Was very impressed by how good they were . Saw they were in that year’s Europa League —– Sicilian bookies were offering 66 /1 on them winning the cup . I stuck 20 euros on . They reached the last 8 . They have improved since then .

  7. The Celtic Way



    I can hear the Celtic sing their hearts are filled with joy


    Cause Neil Lennon has brought a pride and thunder to the boys


    Yes we won the league again tonight we’ll paint the town


    We’ll play the Pogues and God bless Shane MacGowan



    From New York to County Cork to Glasgow on the Clyde


    Even Whitehall’s London town is draped in green and white


    All the way from Galway Bay to Boston’s grand parade


    In Neil Lennon you know we’ll keep the faith



    So raise that league flag high


    We’ll drink to Neil Lennon tonight


    He brought back the thunder he brought the pride


    We’ll sing and dance and celebrate


    And we’ll do it the Celtic way



    Johnny’s down in Connolly’s bar and Tommy’s in the Crown


    And you can hear them singing all the way from Dublin town


    No you’ll never walk alone and we just can’t get enough


    And this grand old team you know we’ll always love



    So raise that league flag high


    We’ll drink to Neil Lennon tonight


    He brought back the thunder he brought the pride


    We’ll sing and dance and celebrate


    And we’ll do it the Celtic way



    There have been some days I know when things don’t go our way


    There have been some times when it all seemed so far away


    But I look down onto the crowd and I know it’s gonna change


    And we’re gonna keep the faith and we’ll do it in the Neil Lennon way



    So raise that league flag high


    We’ll drink to Neil Lennon tonight


    He brought back the thunder he brought the pride


    We’ll sing and dance and celebrate


    Cause the league flag is on its way


    And this is where it’s gonna stay


    And we’ll do it the Celtic way

  8. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    Anyone hazard a guess at the money Paddy McCourt picks up every week for playing for, err, for being a Celtic, err, player?





    from previous…..



    Thanks,bud,for clearing that up a bit for us. At one stage,I thought you were gonna agree with The Majority,and leave it a that!



    Looks like all it will take is someone to grow a pair at HMRC,unless they decide to let BDO loose to do their dirty work,which may include referring certain individuals for possible prosecution.






    I’ll need to ask PETEC and CANAMALAR what their understanding is re The Wisdom Of Solomon. On the basis of last night,they’ll be no more likely to agree than were The Minority and The Majority…….

  10. On Side Letters.



    Would players have signed any contract without a side letter? Clearly no or none would have been needed



    Could Rangers have risked a no answer from SFA as that would have torpedoed the object of the scheme?



    Thus side letters had to be kept from SFA not because they were not about payment but because SFA might say that they were under SFA rules.



    Thus Rangers could not afford to take the risk of asking SFA. In doing so they usurped SFA authority by deciding the matter themselves.



    How on earth such an important decision re the nature of ebt payments as the SFA would see them was not referred to the SFA from the outset is unbelievable, unless of course Rangers feared the answer they would get under the principles of footballing fair play the SFA rules were intended to uphold.

  11. BRTH



    Like many I am very impressed with your educated musings on the FTT outcome.



    I would therefore greatly appreciate if you could tell us what your opinion is on the following questions.



    Do you believe that Rangers will be stripped of SPL titles?



    If they are ,do you believe that these titles will be awarded to the teams who finished 2nd to them?




  12. Bada bing



    Interesting take on common sense …have the MSM asked him to comment on the proposition that he was responsible for thems going burst with his dismal attempts at gaining entry to European competition last season

  13. Paul , Paddy is a good shout , I hope we play a few of the fringe guys I would like to see more of Lassad , Miku , lets rest the guys who are not 100% fit.



    BRT&H excelllent piece with an interesting explanation for the way the judgement is presented . On the 35 cases they are paying tax on, I can see 5 in the judgement , where are the other 30 mentioned ?

  14. Busy day.


    Can anyone advise where to find BRTH’s post?


    I do value his reflection on most matters Deidco.




  15. Jim at 12:42



    Very interesting question, and not as easy to answer as it might first appear.



    Some canon lawyers interpret the vigil Mass as being from two pm onwards on Saturday afternoon. Others think it’s any time after noon on the Saturday.



    If the Mass in St Michael’s is a vigil Mass, it should have four readings (including psalm and Gospel), a Gloria (for the last time before Advent begins) and a Creed. Trouble is, if you have all of that, it’s unlikely to be over in 30 minutes.

  16. Yay! got my new password after forgetting/losing my old one.



    Not been on here for about 6 weeks…anything of any note happened recently?






    Absolutely superb piece of writing as ever…wish i’d stuck in at school!

  17. Common sense should prevail.



    If they’ve broken rules based on Prima Facie evidence that has been admitted to exist they should be punished.



    That seems clear to me.


    Oi,you lot!



    Leave our very own cult hero alone!!



    Paddy still has the ability to get me off my seat-which,of course,isnae allowed anymore-in a way no-one since Lubo has managed.



    PF AYR-never mind giving you a pint of light,I might put Ribena in it too,at this rate…….

  19. sixtaeseven: Wanyama! Watt!!! and a consolation goal for Messi on

    Fill in the blanks:



    ICT 1 Motherwell 5


    Servo 0 ICT 3



    Serco _ Motherwell _



    Fitba’ eh?


    Funny ol’ handshakes, erm, I mean game.

  20. Must say, the combination of BRTH’s interpretation and slowly re-emergent sobriety is helping this still vaguely paranoid Tim to comprehend what the hell was happening in the decision; at least I now have a credible explanation of why the accountant was doing better law than the lawyers; which is reassuring.


    However, does this mean that my burgeoning hero-worship of St. Heidi is not justified? Is she merely the mouthpiece of Mure and Rae ?


    Lordy, but this is all getting a bit Byzantine for me.


    I remain confuzzled as to why the majority appear to accept MIH’s submissions (despite noting Mr. Thornhill’s acceptance that the player’s agreements were contractual) whilst at the same time choosing to spend so much time arguing via La Poons that (for example) loans, real for juristic purpose, are evidently *not* real for commercial purpose…


    I doubt that I will ever be sober enough to follow the subtle manoeuvres of Mure and Rae (or should we now think of them as a latter-day Metternich and Talleyrand?

  21. GlassTwoThirdsFull



    Spot on.



    Chris Graham on Scotland Tonight saying they must drop it and his wee pal Gordon on SSB last night wanting it dropped and now McCoist, Jim Traynor can’t be far away to plead their case on the DR.

  22. ….PFayr-Or ask about the millions of unpaid debt outwith the tax.Ask why they offered £10 mil to settle the case,strange when they say they knew all along they done nothing wrong….

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