Paddy time, Europa and Remembrance


Celtic recorded victories over Dundee and Hearts after their first two Champions League games but collected only one point from the two league games following the double header against Barcelona.  They also won after only two of their four Champions League qualifying games, so there is no reason to expect a convincing win against Inverness tomorrow.

Inverness slumped to a freak 1-5 defeat at home to Motherwell last week but that was their first defeat since the same team beat them earlier this season.  Like Celtic at the Camp Nou, they will be set on defending deeply at Celtic Park in order to prevent another collapse.  This could be an occasion for Paddy McCourt to prize them open.

I had a look at the Europa League group tables last night.  Udinese, who eclipsed us in the same competition last season, are bottom of their group this year, as are PSV Eindhoven, Sporting Lisbon, Athletic Bilbao (who beat Manchester Utd home and away last season) and Helsingborgs.  Other recent opponents Rapid Vienna and Hapoel Tel-Aviv are also bottom.

If you’re on Facebook there is a story on the CQN Magazine page about Benfica implying Celtic only beat Barcelona because of cheating.  Drop in and take a look.  On a related subject, I’ve some good material from Spartak in reserve for the days before their visit.

The Annual Remembrance Service, held by the Celtic Supporters’ Association, takes place tomorrow, in memory of Celtic fans no longer with us, with prayers offered for those departed during the last year, including Joe McBride.

The Mass, at St Michael’s at 1350 Gallowgate just up from Parkhead Cross, will start at 12:30 and should be over in around 30 minutes, after which refreshments will be available in the hall to warm you before you head to the game.  All are welcome to celebrate the memory of those who have gone before us.

Lost wedding ring alert! Someone found a wedding ring in Lisbon which was probably dropped by a Celtic fan. Let me know if you know who is walking around with their hand in their pocket this week.

Get your CQN Annual here, an enormous resource from the keyboards of Celtic fans!

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  1. I dont understand why this enquiry is being reconvened, dont these guys read the record? theres no need for it,


    move along theres nowt to see.


    Did anyone read back overnight AFTER FFM’s offending posts had been removed?



    A CEILER GONOF RUST’s protests reminded me of the Irish version of Twelve Days of Christmas.



    You know-thanks,but you really must stop sending these things,etc.



  3. .



    Re; The FTT..(That thing l said l don’t Talk Aboot..)..



    I Used to Say waiting for the Result of the FTT Case was Like ..Watching paint Dry on Acid..



    All l can See is Crimsons..Red..Blues and took that Too far there..:O)



    Summa of TrippingTheLightBluesFantasticCSC

  4. Keith Downie ‏@STVkeith


    Celtic have taken Ghanian left winger Frank Acheampong on trial.



    Anyone know anything about him?

  5. I hope that the people in charge of running the stadium take a step back and realise that they would rather have the Green Brigade inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in and use whatever influence they have to curtail the excesses of Strathclyde’s finest, whose resources could surely be better utilised.

  6. Paul 67



    I’m impressed with the – Europa Lg statistics.


    I wouldn’t be surprised if thats where we end up btw


    but, heres hoping Neil and his Lion’s will make the last


    16 of Champions League.


    Now for the disagreement…..I’m glad that – Neil has


    recognized that – Paddy McCourt – will NEVER be a


    Celtic player. Unfortunately.



    I’m also glad that, despite some posters referring to


    Charlie Mulgrew as Charlie Muldidni…Neil knows that


    CM CANNY defend !


    THAT -imo- is why CM will always feature in the midfield area.


    CM has the tendency to become – Gary Caldwell – on occasion imo.



    Now all Neil has to do is…cotton-on to the fact that – Joe Ledley


    can go through a game and touch the ball 5 times, and despite


    Hugh Keevins best efforts to get back into Celtic park…Kris


    Commons distribution of the ball is dire.



    I was speaking to HK last week when, in his report of last Saturdays


    game v’s Aberdeen – KC’s distribution of the ball was far from magnificent.


    I beg to differ. My reason for this is that…we took 55 mins to register a shot


    at goal !



    No James Forrest in the team = nobody getting to the bye line and creating chances.

  7. Snake Plissken



    @stvkeith must be reading CQN that was posted on here hours ago.



    welcome Keith,


    you a Hun?

  8. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Great translation thanks.



    I think Paddy will be just fine in the centre of midfield

  9. Saw the ” wee fat Geordie ” doing his thing at last night’s Lazio –Spurs game .



    He looked positively anorexic and had that I’m on psychotropic medication walk . Commentator spoke of fragility , tragedy and addiction.

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    13:44 on 23 November, 2012



    BBC Scotland just announced that the enquiry will continue under Nimmo Smoth, much to the chagrin of the Jabbas of this world.



    I can just about hear his dulcet tones already – “Why are they wasting time doing this? Rangers are innocent. The game’s in a mess – surely they have better things to be doing than wasting their time on this nonsense”.

  11. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    snake plissken



    Knew exactly where you were coming from earlier, and I’m with you, bhoy ……… In all of this, and from the outset, my one aspiration was to see them fecked……Dooo Dooo ……. And the LL can go and take a running ……… to themselves…..TRUE justice has been ‘deivered’ via Liquidation ……….

  12. Looks like ‘Arry is close to taking over at QPR. Him and Tony Fernandes will be like my wife in the January sales when the transfer window opens.

  13. Kayal33



    Paddy was absolutely excellent v Hibs, as he was v Inverness.



    I groan when Paddy’s name is mentioned on here, in the knowledge that, sure as day, the usual suspects will line up to bore the arse off us about why in their opinion, he doesn’t meet the physical bleblahs of the blah.



    It’s been 2 years. We get it. You think he’s not good enough. Why don’t you get a sandwich board and stand outside his house?





    First time in ages I’ve moved my shift to 2am till noon.



    Missed all the fun and games.



    I do wish you would tip me off about these things.



    On the plus side,FFM will have less of an excuse for his regular habit of giving you a dizzy!

  15. Jim,



    The 12.30 Mass is NOT the St Michael’s Vigil (I think that’s at 5.30). Sorry to disappoint you. Fr O’Rourke has had a daily Mass at lunchtime (apart from Wednesdays) for years.

  16. Paddy doesn’t deserve the prize of a starting berth, a midfield of Ledley Kayal Mcgeouch and Commons would be a more likelier combination to prise them open





    With you on that,bud.



    Usually,when a player is dividing the support,I’m in the vanguard of the mineshafters.



    Wi Paddy,not so. But then,I too have had my say on it.

  18. What is there to say about BRT&H’s tour de force ?



    Nothing other than a grateful….. THANK YOU.

  19. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Be no good to you if your working, it’s a two bottle minimum, the day shift would be coming in to find your pish stained unconscious body sprawled across a table in the canteen. Naw pal yer better staying away :oD))))

  20. The Prince of Goalkeepers



    Chances are folk at the SFA knew ok but if officially they did not because there was no official attempt at clarification. This could be construed that Rangers did not want the SFA to make a ruling on what they were doing and that they should have been asked to do so.



    Nimmo should be asking the Rangers guy who decided there was no reason to approach the SFA why he took what was a footballing decision.



    The SFA might have agreed with him but were denied the opportunity. It matters not how ebts have been designated as a result of the FTT but how the SFA would have seen them under footballing fair play princiliples AT THE TIME.



    Further had the SFA given them the OK, then that news could have gone to all clubs.



    No by not appraoching the SFA Rangers obtained an unfair advantage over other clubs.



    Of course had they approached the SFA in 2001 the SFA would have checked with HMRC who would have said “we do not like it”. Can we have details please?



    Sons of Erin


    That defense runs the risk of third party payments. I hope it is used.

  21. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Anyone think that if the tax case had gone against them that all these Sevconians calling for the SPL investigation to be dropped would be calling for titles to be stripped because it automatically meant that they were guilty of playing improperly registered players?

  22. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Now I’d expect the good judge to be in control of whether any inquiry happens once he has been commissioned to preside. I’m just glad it is a judge whose competence has been questioned by both the offender and civil authorities.


    No room for mistakes this time :o)

  23. McCoist showing his ignorance again “The SPL clubs were well within their rights to vote us out of the league”. They didn’t the vote was to allow you in to the league ya clown.


    CANAMALAR 1417



    Worse than you think-drive for a living!



    That means I sit wi an abacus and a stopwatch to figure out how many I’ve had,how long I’ve been drinking,and how long till I’m driving again.



    It’s not rocket science-I’ve found that the answer is to stop bevvying at the precise moment that I’ve forgotten how an abacus and stopwatch work!

  25. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    People seem to be forgetting Martin Bain and Gordon Smith both had intimate knowledge of Dual contracts alledgedly and both served on boards of the sfa therefore by default the sfa knew about them



    Paddy will be fine in centre midfield

  26. I don’t post too often, but just back from a trip to Toronto and I’d like to extend a huge thank you to CQN poster Torontony. Tony went out of his way to take me under his wing for the Benfica game and we had a fantastic wee session, result aside, in McVeigh’s Tavern. Hopefully I’ll get back across sometime soon and be able to repay your hospitality. Drinks are on me next time big man!!! Hail! Hail!

  27. It looks like Doncaster (who is incompetent anyway) will be the sacrificial lamb,for the dual contracts whitewash,which is sure to follow now.

  28. Greenwells Glory on

    BROGAN,ROGAN,TREVINO & HOGAN 0941, Salve salve;-


    Thank you so much for your explanation of the judgement. It is great to be able to read this in language that is understandable. It is also great to see the kneejerk reaction and the emotion set to one side in favour of clarity. The difference between what is found in law and what is found in fact , I found


    to be particularly illuminating. Once more thank you very much indeed.





    Veritas Lux Mea

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