Paddy time, Europa and Remembrance


Celtic recorded victories over Dundee and Hearts after their first two Champions League games but collected only one point from the two league games following the double header against Barcelona.  They also won after only two of their four Champions League qualifying games, so there is no reason to expect a convincing win against Inverness tomorrow.

Inverness slumped to a freak 1-5 defeat at home to Motherwell last week but that was their first defeat since the same team beat them earlier this season.  Like Celtic at the Camp Nou, they will be set on defending deeply at Celtic Park in order to prevent another collapse.  This could be an occasion for Paddy McCourt to prize them open.

I had a look at the Europa League group tables last night.  Udinese, who eclipsed us in the same competition last season, are bottom of their group this year, as are PSV Eindhoven, Sporting Lisbon, Athletic Bilbao (who beat Manchester Utd home and away last season) and Helsingborgs.  Other recent opponents Rapid Vienna and Hapoel Tel-Aviv are also bottom.

If you’re on Facebook there is a story on the CQN Magazine page about Benfica implying Celtic only beat Barcelona because of cheating.  Drop in and take a look.  On a related subject, I’ve some good material from Spartak in reserve for the days before their visit.

The Annual Remembrance Service, held by the Celtic Supporters’ Association, takes place tomorrow, in memory of Celtic fans no longer with us, with prayers offered for those departed during the last year, including Joe McBride.

The Mass, at St Michael’s at 1350 Gallowgate just up from Parkhead Cross, will start at 12:30 and should be over in around 30 minutes, after which refreshments will be available in the hall to warm you before you head to the game.  All are welcome to celebrate the memory of those who have gone before us.

Lost wedding ring alert! Someone found a wedding ring in Lisbon which was probably dropped by a Celtic fan. Let me know if you know who is walking around with their hand in their pocket this week.

Get your CQN Annual here, an enormous resource from the keyboards of Celtic fans!

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    I seem to remember summat about beards being banned in Albania when we played Partisan Tirana about 82.



    Kinda upset Danny McGrain’s daily regime as I recall.



    And from a t-shirt I have,it would also have upset Fidel’s…………

  2. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    Just switched over to see The Quiet Man only to find that John Wayne is playing Sir Sidney Rough Diamond with Victor McLaglen as The Khasi of Kalabar!



    Shome mishtake shurely?

  3. Big Nan



    14:42 on 23 November, 2012




    Big Nan



    I asked Paul 67 – a couple of weeks ago…


    “There has been a conflict in this country for 125 years between


    Celtic FC v’s The Freemason Handshake


    who’ll win ?”



    Paul 67 replied – “The Good guys will win !”



    We’ll wait and see – CSC

  4. Ol Enver was a card – He decreed all Albanian International games and Partizan Tirana European games will have an attendance of 100,000- Desmond White was not a fan.

  5. In his first 5 yrs as Chancellor the Raith supporter pursued a professional and successful policy against tax “avoidance.”


    His success rate was over 95%.


    One of the key components of his approach was to retain the best independent QC’s to act on the country’s behalf.


    As recently as 2007 he was close to putting together an agreement amongst the G20.


    This policy has been abandoned because there is not the political will to tackle the tax problem.



    There IS the political will to hound foolish teenagers for petty utterances. This political will is reflected from the bench “the extent of the hatred [Connor McGhie] showed took my breath away … Anybody who participates in this disgusting language must be stopped.’


    Who in Scotland would even raise an eyebrow at FTP and Fenian bees? Thirty years ago no self respecting prosecutor would have based a breach of the charge on such nonsense, far less demanded a prison sentnece.



    The judiciary ARE influenced by matters of class, religion and politics.

  6. Greenwells Glory on

    Hi Ghuys, Salve salve;-


    Does anybody think there might be a link between the FTT result and the return of “Walter” to the necropolis?




    Flamma fumo est proxima

  7. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on

    After reading BRTH’s article on the FTT I am absolutely stunned and sickened by the Scottish media,why arent they contrasting the result with the narrow parameters within which the case was fought not to mention the goldmine reported by Dr Heidi Poon?



    There must be at least some parts of the Scottish Media outside the sports sections who are prepared to demand a public inquiry into the wider scope of how any company could possibly get away with such a scam?



    Why,HOW on earth is it possible for there not to be an inquiry into the dissent in the decision,as tax payers we should be demanding that HMRC appeal as well as having a publuc inquiry.



    The whole thing is an absolute joke to the point that you have to believe only something like Freemasonry and its suspected favour culture could facilitate such an outcome.



    You wonder if the two dissenting judges would dare show their faces among their peers ever again,how can anybody ever aspire to the legal establishment with such crass practices?



    The real crime in all of this is going to be the reaction from Scotland,its media,its politicians and its public,to what is so obviously a stitch up that has denied the public purse and the spirit of fair play within our national sport.



    We await the media reaction.



    BRTH,take a bow.




  8. quonno-The stick to beat the shameless huns is with the unpaid millions outwith the FTT, as you say my friend the MSM will not be interested as their club has been “punished enough “.HH

  9. P67


    I wouldn’t be too fussed if P McCourt never played for us again. Given our injuries I think that he will but I haven’t seen much change out of him for over a season.



    Greenwells Glory


    Yes. I had similar thoughts myself although I can’t see how it changes the situation. Maybe it doesn’t. Remember we are not dealing with rational people.

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Greenwells Glory



    15:42 on 23 November, 2012



    Does anybody think there might be a link between the FTT result and the return of “Walter” to the necropolis?



    Yeah – they locked the panel in a room with DVDs of Walter’s UEFA Cup games and said they would only let them out if they returned a ‘not guilty’ verdict.

  11. Sorry lads I’m with Kev, sick of talking about Huns FTT, in the long run it changes nothing. It won’t sway Nimmo, its not worth a cent to Sevco it didn’t cost us a cent. I think I’ll mount a one man boycott of CQN until ye start talking about Football again.





    Des Whyte was the WORST chairman in our history.



    He was the prick whose ego was bigger than Jock’s legend,and couldnae wait to sack him.



    He was the eejit who told Davie Hay that if he wanted Stevie Clarke so badly,he would have to sign him with his own money.



    He was the twat who reckoned that a few bob from a replayed match-from 3-1 down,remember-against Rapid was a good idea.



    He was the choob who emblazoned The Celtic View every summer wi stories about our latest £1m up-grade to the sadium. For the fans to discover some yellow lines on the steps,and a repainted barrier or two.



    Aye,he’s a great chairman,like Keevins is a great journalist.



    I’l leave Murdo out of it,in deference ONLY to his on-field performances for us.



    But one thing I will say for DW.



    I doubt he’s as much of a twat,prick,choob or eejit as your good self.



    At times……….

  13. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Its good to see we are bringing young International players in on trial and we are told Lennie would like to sign the young American striker who is a Celtic park at the moment.In my opinion this is the way forward I have no doubt we will lose one or two of our current squad to the premier league in the not to distant future so we need quality replacements to be in place before anyone leaves.H.H.




    try and let it out fella,


    holding it all in will only serve to cause you grief



    was desmond from ardrossan or summat?

  15. Greenwells Glory on

    GlassTwoThirdsFull , Doctor Whatfor , Salve salve;-


    Gosh two replies to one of my posts whew :- I’m away for a drink, cause I’m in a clique.






    Exegi monumentum aere perennius

  16. Reading back , see that broony is in contention for the game tomorrow.


    Personally, for his sake, he should have his op immediately and get


    himself sorted. Said before, fear for his future, early retirement stuff.

  17. Gretnabhoy



    Trust me. I’m a doctor. I know about pacemakers. South American revolutionaties? Not so much.

  18. No Doctor, I apologise it was Gerry, who had his greatest night at Celtic Park at the Liverpool game HH

  19. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on




    I would like to think that Nimmo Smith has half a brain because if he has there can be no way he cant rule against the huns and for the sake of his own reputation I dont see why he would forsake that for 5 poxy spl titles.








    As CHE says,let it out.



    He’s a bugbear of mine,a bete-noir,being pleasant.



    I even forgot to put in a typo,though the spongey key syndrome struck wi sadium.



    I’m glad that PARKHEADCUMSALFORD agrees with what was a fairly vitriolic post-I’d hate to be alone with feelings THAT strong!



    And I’m REALLY glad that I had the presence of mind to add the last two words to it.



    Red mist,Kev. Sorry.



    I stand by what I said about DW,but apologise for the dig at you at the end.

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