Paddy time, Europa and Remembrance


Celtic recorded victories over Dundee and Hearts after their first two Champions League games but collected only one point from the two league games following the double header against Barcelona.  They also won after only two of their four Champions League qualifying games, so there is no reason to expect a convincing win against Inverness tomorrow.

Inverness slumped to a freak 1-5 defeat at home to Motherwell last week but that was their first defeat since the same team beat them earlier this season.  Like Celtic at the Camp Nou, they will be set on defending deeply at Celtic Park in order to prevent another collapse.  This could be an occasion for Paddy McCourt to prize them open.

I had a look at the Europa League group tables last night.  Udinese, who eclipsed us in the same competition last season, are bottom of their group this year, as are PSV Eindhoven, Sporting Lisbon, Athletic Bilbao (who beat Manchester Utd home and away last season) and Helsingborgs.  Other recent opponents Rapid Vienna and Hapoel Tel-Aviv are also bottom.

If you’re on Facebook there is a story on the CQN Magazine page about Benfica implying Celtic only beat Barcelona because of cheating.  Drop in and take a look.  On a related subject, I’ve some good material from Spartak in reserve for the days before their visit.

The Annual Remembrance Service, held by the Celtic Supporters’ Association, takes place tomorrow, in memory of Celtic fans no longer with us, with prayers offered for those departed during the last year, including Joe McBride.

The Mass, at St Michael’s at 1350 Gallowgate just up from Parkhead Cross, will start at 12:30 and should be over in around 30 minutes, after which refreshments will be available in the hall to warm you before you head to the game.  All are welcome to celebrate the memory of those who have gone before us.

Lost wedding ring alert! Someone found a wedding ring in Lisbon which was probably dropped by a Celtic fan. Let me know if you know who is walking around with their hand in their pocket this week.

Get your CQN Annual here, an enormous resource from the keyboards of Celtic fans!

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  1. Big Georges Fan Club on



    16:25 on


    23 November, 2012


    Is it not about time for a remake of ‘The Quiet Man’?





    Naw, it isnae!




  2. thetimrieper



    There’s a good one in there with shampagne and shampoo but I just can’t get it. I need my dinner.

  3. Valentine's Day on

    New year’s huners list



    the cardigan will become a knight of the realm



    thus Rangers did nothing wrong official.

  4. The Prince of Goalkeepers on

    Cathedral View


    16:18 on 23 November, 2012



    I assume the 15 incidents at CP were all by away fans… ;>)

  5. BGFC



    How naw?!



    ‘The quiet man’ is one of my favourite movies.



    Just think it would be interesting to see a ‘modern’ re-make of it.



    Might turn out to be s****, but, at least, the original would still be there for us to enjoy and cherish!




  6. Unbelievable ! Apologies if already posted but this is from the BBC.




    A man has been arrested in connection with allegations that offensive material had been posted online relating to the Rangers tax case.



    Strathclyde Police said a 37-year-old from Glasgow had been arrested on Thursday by the national Football Co-ordination Unit.



    He had attended Helen Street police office by arrangement.



    A spokesman for the force said that a report would be submitted to the procurator fiscal.



    Arrest over ‘offensive’ online Rangers tax case material



    It was announced on Tuesday that the former Rangers Football Club had won its appeal against a tax bill over its use of Employee Benefit Trusts.



    The club, which is now in liquidation, used the scheme from 2001 to 2010 to make £47.65m in payments to players and staff in the form of tax-free loans.



    HM Revenue and Customs had challenged the payments, but a First Tier Tax Tribunal (FTT) ruled the payments were loans that can be repaid.

  7. Valentine’s Day


    16:48 on


    23 November, 2012


    New year’s huners list



    the cardigan will become a knight of the realm



    thus Rangers did nothing wrong official.



    Maybe not a knighthood but certainly some recognition of ahem his services to Rankers and football, i agree a dead cert

  8. On the dead huns


    BRTH – many thanks for explaining such a complicated matter in a way that even I could understand – well mostly


    IF you read this post – could you let us know if you think that the HMRC case was designed to fail by not calling the loans a “sham”?



    I would urge as many people as possible to spread BRTH’s blog


    I would post the link again but unfortunately my IT skills are non-existent



    Paul would you consider making a link to it from the front page or make it an article in itself


    – with BRTH’s agreement obviously!




    On CFC



    After tomorrow we need to give the team that will play against Spartak as much game time as possible IMHO


    On Broonie – I think that his long term health should be our biggest priority


    Qualifying for the last 16 would be ahuge achievement but it should not be put ahead of SB long term health



    Tomorrow we need everyone playing and supporting to give it everything they have



    The GB’s decision to stay away – is theirs to make and they have my sympathy over the way they are being targeted for political reasons


    However it will have the effect of turning the ground in to a bit of a graveyard


    Those still inside need to be positive in their support and stay behind whatever 11 is on the park






    PS the huns are still dead!

  9. Emeraldbee,


    Great article about Alan Brazil,if you listen to his shows you will know that his love of Celtic is unwavering,just a pity that he is big Tory supporter.

  10. The Prince of Goalkeepers



    Re. away fans being part of the arrest figures. Did Strathclyde’s Finest/Worst arrest anyone before the start of the Helsingborg game? Remember there was some sort of rammy before the game started and a sh*tload of stewards went flying in to settle it. Were any of ra polis involved at all? Does any of our readers from that end of the ground have any more info?

  11. Big Georges Fan Club on



    16:51 on


    23 November, 2012





    How naw?!





    Ach well – on ye go then, just for the craic.



    Who would be the Main Players?



    I’ll start the ball rolling with Kelly MacDonald as Mary Kate Danaher and Mark Wahlberg as yer man?



    (ye’ll be wanting to re-do Casablanca next).







  12. larson 80 There was a thread about this on a Hun blog earlier and they seemed to think the guy lifted was one of their lot.

  13. BGFC



    I wouldn’t know who to cast in a re-make of ‘The Quiet Man’, not being a film producer or a director.



    I will leave that to you to suggest – oh, you already have!




  14. Gretna



    Yes he was in same year as me at St Al’s. A real virtuoso on the organ and piano but quite a strange guy and a bit of a loner. I remember he was excused games on a permanent basis for reasons that were not disclosed.I can also confirm he had no interest in Celtic or football

  15. larsson80- A poster said it might be the bhoy who has been phoning all the main players in the huns demise,and winding them up big time.

  16. I remember the night ole EuroChamps67 and his mate JF from Burnbank, scoffed 6 tins of baked beans and recreated a two man rendition of the bean scene from Blazing Saddles.

  17. Big Georges Fan Club on

    Doctor Whatfor


    17:02 on


    23 November, 2012




    Kelly MacDonald looks nothing like Kate Danaher.:-)





    She’s not Maureen O’Hara of course, but she Irish, red-headed and can be fiesty – will do for me ;-))





  18. Big Georges Fan Club on




    First time I saw that (in the Coatbridge pictures, I think) it nearly ended me – one of the funniest scenes ever ;-)



    (Me and my bhoy are working on a tribute act)




  19. The Memsahib has arranged for a man to come and measure up our sitting room suite for new covers. He’s been in there for 90 minutes. He spent the first half hour regaling me with his family connections which include a meenister and a rector of a well known denominational school. He himself has all the charisma if Rev IM Jolly so I’ve taken refuge here in the kitchen with the laptop.


    Now, the question is, do I pay the deposit in cash or do I use my Celtic credit card?

  20. Would you believe that I am watching the Barca game and its 2-0 85th minute and I am biting my nails and wanting the clock to run down !!!!

  21. Breaking: Police have called off the match between Elgin & Sevco on Sunday because too many tickets have been sold.

  22. On the SPL Lord Nimmo led commision, couple of Laymans questions



    Has the FTT result now classified the EBT trust as a separate entity from Rankers, and if they are classed as a separate entity would any loans from them then be legally termed as payments from a third party



    Any legal eagles able to answer please

  23. Ah See In The Newspaper Article…



    Alan Brazil Is Claiming The Credit For Advising NL On His Personal Grooming…



    And Growing His Hair Longer….



    Rather Than Sporting An Aggressive Looking Close-Crop….



    Aye….Right Enough…!



    Everyone Knows That It Is My Dear,Dear Friend….Kojo





    Who Advises Oor Young Manager…..



    On Matters Of Sartorial Elegance….



    And Conduct Be-Fitting The Helmsman…



    Of Brother Walfrid’s Finest Institution….



    Is Twardzik The Midfielder Still Injured..?