Paris in the springtime


A quick glance at the eight Champions League groups indicate that three were won by German clubs, indicating the strength of the Bundesliga at the moment, but although Shalke topped their group ahead of Arsenal, they are toiling in seventh place domestically and sacked manager, Hubb Stevens, this week.  Bayern Munich are nine points clear at the top with Borussia Dortmund third.

Shalke would be an excellent draw.

Paris Saint-Germain were flooded with cash this year and despite a slow start are no top of Ligue 1.  We met their manager, Carlo Ancelotti at the same stage of the tournament six years ago when Gordon Strachan took Milan to extra time.  We came close to progressing and perhaps would have had the referee awarded Celtic a late penalty for handball.  Milan got the breaks against Celtic and went on to win the tournament.

Ancelotti knows he would face a stiff test if drawn against Celtic.

Juventus are Italian champions and sei seven points clear at the top of Serie A.  They eliminated the tournament holders in the last round and are a formidable opponent.

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Malaga are fourth in La Liga behind Barca, Atletico and Real Madrid.  They are clearly not in the class of Barcelona but any team within five points of Real in that league are clearly formidable.  Malaga breezed their Champions League group but a draw against un-fancied Celtic might present them with a few interesting challenges.

Manchester United are top of the English league and hot favourites to retain the title.  Games against English opposition tend to be hyped by the UK media but for fans lack the sophistication of a ‘foreign’ opponent.  They would present a difficult challenge without the sense of adventure others would provide.

Shalke or Malaga would be ideal but Paris in the springtime would be nice.

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  1. What will be will be,


    There will be fans of all clubs in our half of the draw on their blogs saying PLEASE LET IT BE CELTIC :)).


    Because of out magnificent travelling support and the experience of a champions league night in PARADISE.




    We will find out soon

  2. Had to sign in. Gutted.



    I have to agree Paul but I’ll be happy with any of the above.


    I keep saying anyone but Dortmund but tbh I wouldnt even mind them.



    I want to see the best at Celtic Park and I want us to progress. Need to get the big guns to keep doing that.



    I’m just hoping I get out my meeting doesnt last too long as I’m itching to get a travel destination.



    Son Of.



  3. Paul, pedant point; Manchester United may regain the EPL title but they cannot retain it as last season’s wiiners were City, as you know.

  4. Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand on Twitter: “Champions League draw…..who we wanting?? Celtic for the British rivalry? Real for the @Cristiano factor? Milan for the history? Love the CL draw day!”




    Whoever we draw it will be a fantastic occasion.




  5. this is more exciting than christmas day……;-)))))))



    just hope we get a team we have not played in the CL


    also love that we are at home first



    wembleyyyyyyyyy here we come




  6. the bottom line is we beat the best team on the planet at CP, had it been a knockout game we would have gone to extra time with them, we shouldn’t fear anyone because we are capable of beating anyone, we’ve already proven that this season

  7. I`d like to avoid Bayern and Man U.


    Dortmund would be a fan-fest but they have terrific players. I suppose the bonus is that it can`t be Barca!


    I suppose they are all wanting Celtic (be careful of what you wish for!) :-)

  8. The Champions League draw is a little over 30 minutes away in Uefa headquarters in the Swiss city of Nyon. General Secretary Gianni Infantino and director of competitions Giorgio Marchetti will pair together the runners-up and the winners from the group stages together for the round of 16.

  9. Not bothered who we get.



    And I can’t help thinking it’s not worth the effort to try to win the Champions League.



    We should just buy a title from Barca or someone. That seems to be the way football honours are acquired in Scotland..



    Maybe we could do a swap with Man Utd. Big Victor for a CL title.

  10. No two sides from the same nation can be drawn together so the two Premier League representatives Arsenal and Manchester United will be kept apart, but Scottish champions Celtic and United could come together to ensure that at least one British side will progress to the quarter-finals.

  11. So excited.



    Feels like the real action is about to be announced, and once again we’re there to put on a show.



    I’m between not caring who we get, and of course trying to go throught the teams to see who we’d like.


    In the end up??







    We’re the famous Glasgow Celtic and we’re off to Wembeleeeeeeeey




  12. Gene's a Bhoys name on

    Santa I know you’re lurking can I please have Schalke. Malaga or PSG



    I’ve been a very good bhoy this year




  13. Nuclear Bovril and a Half Munched Pie on

    Doubleplus Good



    CQN annual thuds onto floor and CHAMPIONS LEAGUE DRAW!!!!!!!

  14. Germany calling, Germany calling!



    But I have a feeling we’ll be heading there but maybe not to the team that we want!


    Hopefully wrong on that one though.





    /Bishop B

  15. Hearts raise £1m plus from share issue




    Puts into perspective how pathetic the response from ‘the peepul’ really was…

  16. ‘Tic fan:


    Dear Santa,


    I’ve been a good bhoy this year – or tried to be, don’t ask the wife, ha ha.


    A wee domestic treble would be lovely.


    Midfield playmaker in the windae, and naebody leavin.


    A kind draw in the CL, and we’ll take it from there.


    Thanks, Santa and all the best!



    Sevco fan:


    Dear Satan, …… …… ……

  17. If anyone wants a punt on PSG direct flights from Glasgow to Paris on the Tuesday, returning Thursday are currently £40, including taxes.


    Question is which week will be be playing? Thinking of doubling up cos prices will rocket as soon as draw is made.

  18. Herky jerky sound on CelticTV.


    I’d rather watch the draw thereon than elsewhere on the stinkin’ msm where, if we get any plaudits at all, it’ll be of the damned with faint praise variety.


    I understand prejudice, I understand oppression, but I just don’t get how ,in 2012, the msm agenda is SO pro-sevco, and so sleekitly sneering towards us.


    Is it coz we is green?


    However, once again I’m like a kid on Christmas morning. Thank you, Celtic F.C!



  19. Said all week I would take PSG. I have a feeling Celtic would like Malaga. We seem to be getting the measure of Spanish teams…

  20. Paul 67



    I think we should take a leaf from – Murdo Macleod’s book !


    Murdo said that – “Whoever Celtic get in the last 16 draw, the players should look their opponents straight in the eye without fear having already beaten the BEST side on the planet at CP and, came within 15 seconds of getting a miraculous draw in the Nou Camp !”



    I say we adopt the – Macleod mindset !



    Only saying.



    Hail Hail

  21. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    I’ll be very disappointed if we dont get Malaga



    Magic innit :oD))))

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